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AR’s 10/22/12 WWE Monday Night Raw Review

By : andyravens Posted on

#1 Contenders For WWE Tag Team Titles: Rhodes Scholars Def  Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara

A different way to kick off raw which is a good thing. Kind of a surprise of who won the match but it makes a basic wrestling booking. The champions are the babyfaces & the challengers are the heels. This match of Cara & mysterio losing doesn’t hurt them as much as team scholars. Nice way to start raw. good match 3-5

Kofi Kingston Def Micheal McGillicutty

A short match that kofi got beating down the entire thing. I like mcgulcutty but if he is gonna be pushed but him as his real name joe henning & re package him. My onpion is that a champion should be the one squashing a mid carder not the mid carder squashing the champion. Miz on commentary is a nice touch though. 1-5 squash match.

John Cena Promo & Cm Punk segment

A good way to get ryback over without talking. Cena compares ryback & punk which a good way to get more hype for just two weeks. Punk promo got over with him saying he is the best in the world & list the reason why. The tension between punk & cena leads me to believe punk retains this sunday.

Justin Gaberial Def Antonio Cesaro

A decent back & forth action match but a couple of weeks back to back is getting old. It looks like a push or atleast a match for gaberial coming his way. It wouldn’t suprise me to see a match between these two at the HIAC PPV just because gaberial got a win over the champion. 2-5 decent match.

Aj No longer being Raw Gm/ Vickie Guerrero Being Supervisor

A good job by aj to tell a sob story but hard to buy into. Also a nice tease by heyman being raw gm but come on wwe doesn’t like us that match. One guy who we would want to be that raw role isn’t. Vickie is the right choice for right now. WWE did have a plan for new gm & it looks to be back on. This will last until the wwe-tna lawsuit is over.

Ryback Def The Miz

A perfect match to build up ryback, there was no botches & got the point over for ryback. He needs a made guy but a former champion & someone who needs to be built up to make believe miz can win back the strap against kingston at hiac ppv isn’t the way to go.  This sunday is gonna be very interesting in the main event. 1.5-5 squash match.

Dolp Ziggler Def Daniel Bryan

A really good back & forth action match. Ziggler needed the win more but i am suprise they gave it to him. Throughout the match they kept reminding us that Ziggler will cash in his MITB Briefcase this sunday. I hope this happens but it seems like ziggler will lose or not cash it in. Only time will tell but good match 3.5-5

Kane & Daniel Bryan Game

What was that? , Look they have some weird comedy routine with team hell no but im looking forward to the tag team title match this sunday.

The Big Show Def Kane

A short match that got the challengers for the world title aka the big show & for tag team title challengers team rhode scholars over. Straight to the point Right ?. 2-5

Alberto Del Rio Def Zack Ryder

A quick match that got adr over then attacking ryder makes adr strong & with Randy Orton not being there ADR has all the hype going into this ppv. I think ADR vs orton should be in the hell in a cell. overall this match 1.5-5 squash.

Lumber Jack Match: Cm Punk Def Sheamus

A long match for wwe Tv standards which felt like a fight feel. A good back & forth action but we just saw these two go a couple of weeks ago which hurt the match for me. The end doesn’t hurt sheamus at all & ryback laying out punk makes ryback really hyped up. When a champion looks down & out he is the most dangerous. Some how & some way i think punk retains at HIAC. Ill be posting my WWE HIAC PPV Predictions later this weeks so ill go more in depth.

Overall Rating: The first hour they did a god job but from there it wasn’t a bad show but a decent show. It had potential but didn’t live up to the hype. In my opinion they did two very important things. 1. Built Ryback into someone who you can easily believe he will beat punk this sunday & 2. They built up the tag team title match.

What do you think leave it in the comment area below.

Thanks for watching along with me & will see yeah next week.

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