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AR’s Cold Truth:1/21/13 WWE Raw Ice Breaker Blog

By : andyravens Posted on

We get a Martin Luther King Video Package Because of course its his holiday Today.


Vickie Guerrero comes out with Paul Heyman & she says doing the right thing isn’t always the right thing  when your talking about the rock situation. Heyman kiss Vickie’s ass with saying she is the best Gm they have. She brings up a highlight from last weeks Rock concert when he is making fun of Paul Heyman & Vickie Guerrero. Vickie says she is embarrassed & bans him from the arena. Then adds he will be arrested if he enters the arena. The rock is shown & is mad that he cannot be in the arena. The Rock says She is screwing the peoples. He says there is nothing that will stop him from being in the middle of his ring. He says they should arrest CM Punk , Paul Heyman & Vickie, he makes fun of them while doing it. He says he will be in the ring & he guarantees it. She makes fun of the rock with his catch phrases.


AR’s Truth: An okay segment by vickie & Paul. Vickie is i guess being back to being a heel? Heyman did what he does best with not saying to much but what he says makes an impact. The rock did some classic stuff that got his point over. Him saying he will make it into the arena is ok but interesting to see how he does it.


Through out the night they will have beat the clock challenges to see who has the fastest time & they get to choice there Royal Rumble Spot.


AR’s Truth: An interesting way to get tonight’s show a gimmick & still hypes up the Rumble PPV.


Beat The Clock Challenge: Randy Orton Vs Antoino Cessaro
Basic Stuff to kick it off with takedowns then Antonio cinches a headlock takeover and gets a pair of two counts. Antonio with a shoulder block for a one count. Orton counters a headlock, but Cesaro with a body shot and an uppercut, but Randy comes back with the Thesz Press. Cesaro blocks a suplex into an inside cradle for two. Orton with a dropkick for two. Orton takes down Cesaro on the outside and rolls him back in for a two count. Cesaro backs off from Orton. More or less a feeling out between the two, which may not be the right idea as the clock keeps ticking and we go to break. Back from Break, Antonio with shoulder thrusts to Orton in the corner, with the clock at 6:50 and counting. Orton counters a superplex attempt and pushes Cesaro off, but he comes right back and knocks Orton to the floor. Cesaro rolls him back in for a near fall. The dead-lift gutwrench gets a two count, then Cesaro hooks both legs for another near fall. Tilt-a-whirl slam get another near fall for the US Champ. Orton fights out of a chinlock, and fires up with clotheslines and a big powerslam. Orton primes for the DDT, but Cesaro jackknifes him for a near fall. Orton gets lifted into a BIG uppercut for another near fall. Cesaro drags Orton up and drills him shoulder first into the ring post. Cesaro tosses him back in, glances at the clock then Rko out of nowhere 3 Count


Winner: Randy Orton – Time: 11:36


AR’s Truth: An long match for Beat the clock match but not bad at all. I do feel like they book these guys way too much on Tv but that’s just me. Not the best way to get a guy over when he is trying to be a heel & to defeat another heel. Solid Match – 2.5-5 Stars*


We get a Video Package of Mick Foley for the HOF.

We get a Video Package Of The Shield.

Big Show Vs Zack Ryder
Show just beats him down, not even allowing Ryder to take off his Title. Brad Maddox is on Commentator Duties then Show Hits the knockout Punch For the win.

Winner: Big Show

After the match Big show Does a promo & saying this is what will happen as he counts to ten. In the middle of it he goes off on the crowd because they kept saying what?


AR’s Truth: Very short match, Maybe a minute. I like they made show have a very short match but not over Ryder as i am a mark for that guy. The cool thing is he had he’s internet Championship. Show was really strong until He tried to do a counting promo but just then lost everything when he stopped in the middle & screamed at the crowed.


We see paul Heyman on the phone but Brad Maddox breaks that phone call up & he is talking to a Camera saying he will do anything to make he’s dreams true. Heyman says if Maddox stays with him he will make him famous.

AR’s Truth: Very interesting? will Brad Interfer in the WWE Title Match? 

Ryback Vs Heath Slater
They tie up but the heath throws a help then a kick but not for ling as ryback knocks him down then htis a spine buster. Ryback hits the meat hook clothesline but the rest of 3mb interferes but is quickly taking out. Ryback finishes up with heat with the Shell Shock for the win.


Winner: Ryback


After the match ryback says he’s job is fun the says The Royal Rumble match was made for him & that it will lead him into the main event of Wrestlemania.


Backstage: The rock is still back there trying to talk the cops out of not letting him in the arena but technically he is in the arena right? Vickie says arrest him but the cops say they cannot. She says the wwe champion will be in the ring next then She wants him to apologize to her but he says he won’t.


AR’s Truth: A short/ Jobber Match that made Ryback look good & got some promo time. Good stuff there. The rock now looks smart & not Very cartoonish. He talked the cops into something so its still interesting. Also they are standing into the arena so why they keep saying he isn’t makes no sense.


Cm Punk & Paul Heyman comes out, Punk says the wwe Title is the most important thing to him. He says that the wwe title is prestigious but to the rock its the fans. He says in 6 days that he will still be the WWE Champion.


AR”s Truth: Honestly decent stuff from him, He is sometimes the best promo guy there but he’s promos are getting a little old but you have to compete with the rock so its not far.

Beat The Clock Challenge: Dolp Ziggler Vs The Miz
Miz hits a drop kick for a count of 2, a roll up for a count of 2. Dolp tries to take him down but miz puts on a headlock but a shoulder block for a count of 2 by miz. They exchange roll ups but then Ziggler puts in a headlock but miz puts up a elbow for a count of 2. The out of nowhere Dolp hits a drop kick for a count of 2. Dolp hits a neck breaker followed by a count of 2 that is followed by a headlock by miz fights out of it. Miz Takes him down then throws several punches then kicks followed by a knee tackle. Miz works the knee then goes for a figure four leg lock but is blocked & miz is thrown out of the ring. When is out there Big E langsten throws him into the apron of the ring. Dolp throws him back in the ring for a count for 2. Back form break with Dolp having him in a headlock but miz fights out. Dolp goes for a neck breaker but blocked then they exchange roll ups until Miz hits a kick for a count of 2. They exchange shots until Miz throws bombs then hits the clothesline & hits a ax hammer for a count of 2. Miz goes for the scull crusher final but is blocked & Dolp hits the Big DDT for a count of 2. Miz throws a elbow then goes for a neck breaker but is blocked then puts in the Figre four leg lock but AJ distracts the referee & big E drags Dolp Arm to the ropes. Miz goes for the roll up but is blocked then Big E distracts Miz allowing Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag for the win.


Winner: Dolp Ziggler - Time: 10:56


AR’s Truth: A very good match but the memo of the beat the clock challenge was thrown out the window. It felt like one but lasted & only knocked off a couple seconds but it doesn’t bother me at all because that was a hell of a match. Good match – 3.5-5 Stars*


Team Hell No have there Anger Management Graduation time. They go back & forth about who is gonna give a speech but then DR Shelby want them to hug so they go on a chant for everyone to hug each other. Then all three guys hug it out in the ring.


AR’s Truth: Personally i been a entertained by this anger management thing so i like they had a ending to it. Not much here but they Graduated & Hugged it out. Nothing bad but simple comedy & give it up to Daniel Bryan for fixing his hair that was worth the segment by itself.

Kaitlyn vs. Alicia Fox
Alicia starts out with a kick to the midsection and rams Kaitlyn into the turnbuckle. Kaitlyn comes back and flings Alicia to the outside. Kaitlyn with some hard rights to Alicia. Alicia with a pair of hair pulls, misses the axe kick, but gets a clothesline for two. Alicia locks in a rear naked choke. Kaitlyn snapmares out, but gets an elbow to the corner. Alicia misses a corner kick, and Kaitlyn hits a spear for three!


Winner: Kaitlyn


AR’s Truth: Short to the point & ok match for divas match. Kaitlyn is very over but her title run doesn’t mean anything because who is she gonna feud with?

Paul Heyman comes out & talks about how he will explain what Cm Punk was talking about in simple way. Heyman says that Vince McMahon is a mark for the rock & that the rock needs to be focus on Cm Punk not Paul Heyman. The Rock comes out & says thank you for the ticket from the police department. He makes fun of & tells Paul Heyman to get out of the ring. The rock is standing alone & tall in the ring. He starts the promo saying Cm punk has done everything he says he has. The rock says he will whip the face off of punk. The rock says he will become WWE Champion once again & he promises that he will beat him this sunday. The lights go out & the shield is beating down the rock. they lay him out with the powerbomb. Punk says that rock needs to wake up from his dream & there is only one guy at the top.


AR’s Truth: A decent promo by heyman but the rock came in, delivered & was great on the mic getting his point over. From this point the rock has gotten the better of punk on the mic but then the lights went out & the shield laid him out. I love the shield storyline & we all know they are with Punk but was it necessary to cut all the momentum from under the rock? Maybe but Punk has all of it going into this Sunday PPV.


Beat The Clock Challenge: Sheamus Vs Wade Barrett
They tie up, sheamus hits a headlock followed by a take down then a shoulder block but wade takes him down & puts in a headlock of his own. Wade kicks him then rams his head in the corner but sheamus kicks him then shoves him in the corner. Sheamus hits a knockdown then a rolling senton for a count of 2. Wade is on the apron & uses the ropes to use on the ropes but then wade knocks sheamus to the outside of the ring. Back from break with Wade kicking him in the gut for a count of 2. Wade hits a suplex for a count of 2. Sheamus fights back but wade throws some punches then sheamus hits a ax hammer then a knee, clothesline then throws wade to the outside of the ring for the clubbing blows. Sheamus hits a suplex into the ring for a count of 2. Wade throws sheamus in the corner then goes for his finisher but blocked then sheamus misses the probe kick & wade hits a huge kick for a count of 2. Wade comes off the top rope for a elbow for a count of 2. Wade goes for his finisher but sheamus blocks it & hits white noise. Sheamus goes for probe kick but AJ Distracts Sheamus & Wade hits the winds of change for a count of 2. Sheamus hits the probe kick but the time runs out.


AR’s Truth: A Very physical Match but a good one. Back & forth match with false finishes with some time to do so. The finish makes sense & plays right up the ally for BTC matches. I like that Ziggler one the right to pick his entrance Spot & could be a upset. Good 3-5* star match.

Alberto Del Rio Vs Tensi
Tensi is on the attack first with punches then a shoulder block. He works the shoulder in the corner then throws him in. Tensi hits 2 splashes for a count of 2. Tenis gets kicked in the face & ADR hits a hurrican Followed by a german suplex followed by the kick in the corner. He hits a moonsult for the win.


Winner: ADR


After the match ADR counts to ten in Spanish.


AR’s Truth: an ok match but what the hell was up with counting to ten in Spanish? just cause there in san jose? ill never know. Ok match 1.5-5* star Match.


John Cena comes out & talks about Sundays & kids. He does a stupid Comedy joke over playing Xbox. He talks about the different ways on sundays but except for this sunday because its the royal rumble ppv. Cena says he will win the Royal Rumble then Sheamus comes out saying he will win the rumble match. The prime Time players , Randy Orton , Miz, Team Hell No, Antonio Cessaro, 3MB all say they will win the Royal Rumble Match then the other 20+ guys comes out & a Huge brawl Breaks Out to end Raw.


AR’s Final Truth: A very very stupid promo by cena then the end was very predictable but makes sense & they ended the show with the selling point of selling the Royal Rumble Match & PPV. A Decent show that really featured the Rock, Cm Punk & Paul Heyman which i liked. The BTC matches was fun & different but in the end was pointless with Ziggler gonna be #1 or #2 in the rumble match. Overall Show Rating: 6.5-10.

Thanks for watching along with me.
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