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AR’s Review Of TNA Bound For Glory 2012 PPV

By : andyravens Posted on

X division title Match: Rob Van Dam Def Zema Ion (c)
A fun match with zema getting the majority of the offense. I am surprised that rvd got the strap but its was a good way to kick off the ppv with that kind of match style & title change. We just have to see how rvd does with the x division title. I thought that zema did a good job as champion. This feud will continue to the next ppv. solid 2-5


Tv title Match: Samoa Joe (c) Def Magnus
A tough match that had alot of back & forth action. A typical Samoa joe but a good hard fought win. They could keep this feud a float but i still think the tv title should stay on tv only not ppv. good 2.5-5


Street Fight: James Storm Def Bobby Rhode
Wow what a war, a very violent war. both guys bloody. This one had everything a hardcore fan would want. a great match by these 2. a fun but brutal match. As of right now this is match of the night & one of the best matches of the year in TNA. This should have ended this feud, only time will tell. 4.5-5 great match.


Joey Ryan Def Al Snow
A basic match with nothing too special too talk about except matt morgan returning. He & Joey ryan are a group i guess. A very predicted outcome but a nice finish to get us a Surprise. Matt Morgan is what people are gonna talk about in this match. Snow did a decent job of working but i was never a fan. Okay match 1.5-5

Tag Team Title Match: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez Def Kaz (c) & Daniels (c) &  Kurt Angle & Aj Styles
What a very wild match, i was doing play by play & it got crazy. They did some awesome spots in this one. Alot of high flying & they did some cool stuff. It was a great match but it didn’t have the drama of the street fight match. It was very close to that match but still give it to all the guys in this match. good 4-5


Knockout’s Title Match: Tara Def Miss Tessmacher(c)
A actual solid knockouts match with a surprise finish. Tara getting the strap is a swerve for sure. I think the only reason for her winning is to setup Big brother star Jesse to make his tna debut. He is a muscle guy & will see how that works out. It did take away from the match but it storyline terms makes alot of sense. He will be a manger type i believe. Solid 2-5


No DQ: Aces & Eight’s Def Sting & Bully Ray
An okay match with a shocker that devon is revealed as one of the members of aces & eight’s. I couldn’t believe that devon is back. Its cool that he is back & i guess he signed a new contract with tna. He is one of many members of aces & eight’s. The predictable outcome once again. I think nobody was thinking this was gonna be a 5 star match but that outcome/ finish was what people looking forward & was interested in. There is so many ways they could go with this so it will be interesting to see what will happen on Impact this Thursday. 2-5 okay.

World Title Match: Jeff Hardy Def Austin Aries (c)
A good back & forth action in this one. The fans was red hot for this match as it was split between both guys. Austin aries being a heel AKA bad guys is what he needs to be. It was another predictable finish but the fans was booing that hardy won the strap. Hardy contract is running up so this makes tna have brownie points in there favor. The match was good but not tho the quality of the street fight earlier in the night. good match to say the least 3.5-5


Overall PPV Rating: This ppv lived up the hype of a bound for glory event. Most of the matches was ppv quality. For the biggest ppv of the year for ppv it did its self justice. I would recommend checking out this ppv. One of the best ppv of the year for tna. a good showing for an live out of Orlando crowd. the crowd helped this ppv alot. They were great the hole night. It was a fun ppv to cover & tna is the best product so far. It will be interesting to see what goes down Thursday night on impact. PPV Rating is 8.5-10.


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