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AR’s TNA Final Resolution 2012 PPV Review

By : andyravens Posted on

James Storm Def Kazarian
A unadvertised match that didn’t last too long. Im ok with this as im a James Storm fan but atleast plug it because James Storm is some what of a draw. Giving the Promo before the match helped it setup a match & gave James Storm a win. Ok match 1.5-5


X Division Title Match Rob Van Dam (c) Def Kenny King
No Surprise here that RVD won & retained his Title. RVD is doing a good job as X Division champion & keep the belt on him for awhile won’t hurt them any. Having a experience guy working with up & coming talent while growing the X Division isn’t a bad thing at all. Kenny King has the potential to be a good X division champion but i don’t see him going over that role.

Tag Team Title Match: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c) Def Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan
Not a fan of this feud at all just because of the elements involved  You have the tag team champions who are ok then what feels is a thrown together tag team because creative cannot come up with something better for both guys. Joey Ryan has the potential to be a star but please get him out of this 1970′s Gimmick that he has forever in the indy scene. Matt Morgan never a fan but can be a heel of a monster if created to. When the rumor of him going to wwe i was happy because he would be pushed as that. Now is a Hulk Hogan wanna be from the 1970′s im a missing something because when he talks he is a monster heel but when is standing or wrestling he looks like a look a like hogan from back in the day. A ok match 2-5


Austin Aries Def Bully Ray
Im a fan of the matches these two can put on but the Hulk Hogan With Brooke Hogan involved not a fan of. If they wanted to do this feud with the Love trangle im ok with but we just had to deal with this a couple of months ago with Daniels , Dixie Carter & AJ Syles. Alot of heat is going on with Hulk Hogan bring his Daughter in but me she ain’t bad to look at & i like the Two Wrestler in this so nothing bad from my end. The finish made sense & we will see how it turns out of impact. Good Match 3-5


Knockouts Championship Match: Tara (c) Def Mickie James
A decent match between these two but pretty much a bathroom break for me. Seeing these two feud again is a repeat but Mickie James back in the picture is a good thing for the knockout division. I am against the hole Hardcore Country gimmick but shes a country musician. Decent Match 2-5


Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff Def Aces and 8′s
A swerve with no pay off & i was hoping one of the Baby face of team Angle would turn on angle. I think Garrett or Wes will down the line but the aces & eights needs a new push to continue the story line  Its rumored to continue for some time & needs some help. The match was pretty much your basic 8 man tag match. Decent 2.5-5


Daniels Def AJ Styles
Im so glad to see this feud end but another great match. This feud lasted more than & year & i think alot of people are glad to see it come to an end. Mike Tenay said there was over a 100 matches with these two & its shows if your a TNA fan for awhile like me who has been watching since 2004. Good match & sorta a surprise that Daniels goes over AJ but it goes together well thinking of the current stage of Aj styles.


World Title Match: Jeff Hardy (C) Def Bobby Rhode
A good match that had some time but the crowd was pretty much dead the entire time & after the Daniels Vs Styles match they were done for the night. The story goes & pretty predictable going into this ppv who was gonna win this one. Jeff hardy is the champion right now because of his Contract Expiring soon so expect him to have the strap for awhile which as a fan of him isn’t a bad thing. I think & hope this feud will continue.


Thanks for watching along with me.
What do you think leave it in the comment area below & you can follow me on twitter @AR_official_94

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