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Attaboy Factor – 1/17/09

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Welcome wrestling fans to the “Attaboy Factor”. Here we are once again. I wanna thank all of you who have read this, and Welcome all future readers. Before i get to TNA this week, i have to appologize for not getting to see Smackdown. My parents recently cut their package down, so now i dont get it, so im going to have to watch it at my buddies house.

Ok so Here We Go. Thursday nights Impact! was a overall decent show. It made me laugh a few times, but there is truly work to be done to push TNA to “WWE TYPE” status. First lets start with the opening segment with the Main Event Mafia. The segment was decent only because nobody touched the Mic except Kurt Angle. Kurt cut a great segment,which he’s been known to do in the past. I couldnt help but notice a fans sign in the audience, it read “I Flew 6000 Miles to see TNA”, my first reaction,well my first thought was “What a idiot!”. I dont see myself driving a hour to see them. Just when you thought Angle was done talking about who the Mafia was gonna beat up,Hernandez came out, and said he was trading in his “Feast or Fired” match(a money in the bank rip-off) to face World Heavyweight Champion “Sting”. The match was decent but not a classic by any means. The Mafia end up attacking and then Homicide came out,got beat up, Styles came out,got beat up(do you see a pattern here?) Finally The Dudleys came out, Bubba Ray made his return. I noticed Bubba Ray,sporting a brand new Mo-Hawk, must have paid a horrible barber to cut his hair. Is it me or did Bubba remind you of a smaller version of “One Man Gang”? So my question is: Mo-Hawk or No-Hawk? Bubba get rid of the hair. Team 3d put Angle through the table, and i couldnt help but laugh as a “Prone” Sting pulled Angles body outta the ring after it was said and done. What a opening Segment!

Beautiful People, I have to thank you. What might be the Thank you for? You have Inspired me(dont restart your computers for Virus protection,i did just type that) Angelina and Velvet coined a phrase last night. “Above and Beyond Annoying”, Velvet uttered it, so i will be doing a “Above and Beyond Annoying momments of the night” for all shows. Beatufiul People are good for something after all. “Obama Yo-Mamma”? Wow! we are living in the 90s still. Billy Gunn(Kip James to the TNA crowd) What are you thinking? Billy is a talented wrestler, but as of the last few years has been thrown into “Lame” storylines. Is it me or is this the most “Non-Straight” storyline hes been in since the inception of “Billy and Chuck”? The whole Sarah Palin storyline is stupid. This is why TNA(which ive renamed Total Nonstop Annoying, will never get to WWE status.

Kongtourage!!! I really like the idea of that. Kong is the most dominant force in Pro Wrestling(Females) today. I might even go as far as to say in the history of the business. Kong vs Chyna, Joanie come back and make it happen! I wonder sometimes if Vince Russo writes for TNA(Russo circa 2000-powers that be edition). Terry “Red Rooster” Taylor is the talent scout, so Rooster have you gone and plucked your feathers? The Talent in TNA is diminishing. Jim Cornette(annoying as ever) should be let go. Heres what we have brewing for a PPV(Against All Odds) it will more then likely be the following Sting Vs Bubba(world title), Dvon Vs Angle, Matt Morgan vs Abyss, Creed & Lethal vs Beer Money(Tag titles) and a few more matches. WoW! what a Pay Per View, im going to write them and ask them for it for free. Highlight of the Night: Hands down! The return of Petey”Maple Leaf Muscle” Williams. Petey came back to cost Scott Steiner his match is Styles.

Ok wrestling fans i will be back in 2 days for the Monday Overview. Then the “Morning After Pill” will feature my predictions for the “Royal Rumble”. I will be introducing the use of my new ratings system. The Next week as far as the “Attaboy Factor” is concerned is gonna be big. Once again, if you have Questions/Comments/Suggestions get ahold of me ( or check out my myspace( Where i drop my views on all sports.Until next time…….Take Care!

~Josh “Attaboy” Atterbury~

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