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Attaboy Factor – “Look Ma I’m On Top of The World!”

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Welcome wrestling fans to the 7th edition of the Attaboy Factor. Boy! Do i have a lot to talk about this week as far as TNA goes. Impact this week started off with a decent fatal 4 way between Alex Shelley Bashir,Sabin, and Sonjay. I really like Bashir, he is so better then the WWE allowed him to be(davari).This match like i said was a decent match. Shelley retains his covenant X division title.

Im gettin feedback (not from fans) but from my own friends, telling me that im too hard on TNA, and too hard on WWE sometimes.I say that i am a pro wrestling fan(20+ years) and i know good Booking/Storylines when i see them. So now that iv’e cleared that up. Booker T’s segment backstage with Shane Sewell, Is it me? or did it look like Book was tryin to recruit Sewell into pullin a “Nick Patrick” and help them(read later what happened).So far into the show, i was pretty impressed(So Far).

Main Event Mafia Segment-Kurt Angle worked the mic quite well once again, which i always give Kurt credit for.Angle addressed Petey Williams and even commented that “This aint Oz” and called him a “Munchkin”.Is it me or does Sting seem like he doesnt wanna be there? Angle proceeded to address their PPV matches and said he wouldnt be facing Dvon and Sting wouldnt face Bubba. Sting cut Angle off and said “Whoa Mr. Godfather” and told Angle that “No one tells him who hes gonna wrestle”. Angle then exchanges whispers with Sting. At this point Cornette interrupts and makes the PPV match a Fatal 4 way for the TNA heavyweight title(Angle vs Sting vs Dvon vs Bubba) end up being a decent promo.Bubba and Dvon can work together to win, but will have to face each other, they could have a Romo/T.O. result come PPV.

Petey WIlliams had a quote i must laugh about and quote him “If you have a foot in yesterday and a foot in tommorow, that means your pissing on today”.SoJo Bolt!!! Im very impressed with this girl, she totally kicks rear and takes names. I would love to see her tear apart the WWE “Divas”. I believe she could “Skin a Cat or Two” and im betting you will see her in the “Squared Circle” one of these days. ODB i really dont like her character, she is too trashy and her gimmick is weak. “Sarah Palin” is definately a funny character(shes pretty cute too, she could holla at me). But the beating she took on Impact, was very similar to the beating her “running mate” John Mccaine took in the Election. I didnt know the Beautiful Bimbos could fight.

Next up,Matt Morgan/Abyss segment.WOW! what a bad show of mic skills but a overall funny segment. Morgan seemed “Soft” in his appology to Abyss, his “Best Friend” Bff forever.Morgan Begged for forgiveness from “Abby” and the two hugged.WOW! “Abby” said that the two should go to therapy together and he could get a “2 for 1 discount coupon”. “Abby” said “Its a glorious day i get my Family Back and my Best Friend”. Morgan and Abyss would Team against argueably “The Best Tag Team in TNA” Beer Money Inc. in a first blood match. Pretty physical match but Morgan did what i thought he would do, attacked “Abby” ending there friendship like a episode of “Dallas”(not the tv show,get your popcorn though).The low point of the match was when abyss laying face down”didnt conceal the fact he cut himself with a razor” you could see this was total obvious.

The Main even on Impact! was a tables match between Angle and Styles. A decent match. It went back and forth between both athletes. Kurt got dropped “groin” first on the table and Mike Tenay says “Mr. Godfather just turned into a Soprano” which i found stupid and funny at the same time. Angle end up pullin it off with the “Angle Slam” through the table. Afterwards he stomped Aj’s leg with the chair and pummeled AJ. The show ended with Kurt standing on top of the announcers table and saying “Next week we take out everyone. TNA is over. Look Mom im on top of the world!” WOW! what a IMPACT! i give it 3.5 outta 5 stars.

Josh “Attaboy” Atterbury

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