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Attaboy Factor – “RKO’s long road to WM 25″

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Welcome fans to the latest edition of the Attaboy Factor. Tonights Raw Originated from Cleveland.Many ?’s were needing to be answered with the dust still lingering from last nights Royal Rumble. How would the Mcmahons react to Randy Orton winning the 30 man affair?Whats next for his “Legacy”?(who last night were quite “Priceless”).Many things were looming when Raw kicked off in nearby Cleveland(I say nearby because my office is located in Indiana).What a show!

Opening segment, begins with Randy Orton and “Legacy” coming down to the ring with Randy’s “Lawyers and Therapists”.Orton says the WWE is a part of him and that he suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder(i.e.d.).I checked on the internet and folks it does exist but he said it affects 16 million, i only read that it only (in a study of 10,000 people in 2005) had a 7.3 % ratio of episodes(WOW what useless reading I know).He appologized for the “Trama” that Mcmahon and his family have suffered from last weeks events.”You Suck” chants break out.He says he’s a man of honor.Orton did excellent mic work, as usual.A mad Stephanie Mcmahon sets backstage and watches as Orton walks to the back. What a opening to RAW!

Miz and Morrison faced Cryme Tyme. Cryme Tyme are a great duo, fun to watch and can cut promos pretty good.The match was decent,The teams work together very well.Morrison hits”The Moonlight Drive” to pin Shad and retain the titles.Elimination Chamber/No Way Out package is shown.JBL came out and says HBK will have a Elimination Chamber qualifying match on his behalf(If HBK wins,JBL is in).Then he says HBK would face none other then World Heavyweight Champion John Cena!

Next up Kofi Kingston faces Kane(come on now you know how thats gonna go or do we?) in a Chamber qualifying match. Kofi started off with kicks but the Big Red Machine was too much.Kane just overpowered the younger Kingston.Kane hit a big boot, then a clothesline off the top rope, attempted chokeslam and then Kofi countered with a kick. Kane catches him one more time for Chokeslam only to be countered by Kofi into a sunset flip and pinned Kane. WoW! What a upset.

Royal Rumble Recap showed, ending with showing Matt Hardy hittin Jeff with chair to cost him the WWE title.

Chris Jericho comes out and proceeds to talk about “The Wrestler”. The WWE shows the footage of the movie(which i dont seem to think could be that good).Jericho says Ric Flair that Flair rated it great. He said that Flair cant stay away.He then goes on and on about Mickey Rourke’s comment(and it shows the footage of Rourke saying “hes coming for Jerichos ass”).

JBL backstage with HBK.HBK says he did everything humanly possible to make sure JBL won the title at the Rumble.JBL needs to watch it, in the past Michaels has kicked his best of friends in the face, what makes Layfield think HBK wont do it again?

Wrestlemania 25 commercial, showing Wrestlemania footage and how it started.

JBL comes out with HBK,ready to face Cena.Cenas music hits and out comes the champ, to a decent crowd ovation.Why was Cena in this match i asked myself(Hes the champ why is he in it?does it make sense?).Quick staredown, then fists fly!

ECW Commercial for Matt Hardy shows, then resumes the match.Cena and Michaels, who always have great matches continue to go at it.JBL stands at ringside and stares down his “Employee” and Cena.Cena hits his shoulder block and then Cena taunts HBK with “You can’t see me” and HBK grabs him in a crossface.Keep in mind Cena injured his kneck and had to have surgery.Cnea fights out of the hold to set up the F-U, HBK counters.Cena locks in the STF-U. HBK close to ropes, as JBL watches.HBK reaches ropes,break.Cena creeps behind Michaels for F-U,Michaels counteres attemps a roll up, kick out.Michaels hits a clothesline and both men are down.HBK slams Cena.JBL yells “Superkick him” and HBK goes to top rope and JBL gets on apron, Cena hits JBL which propels Michaels off the turnbuckle, Cena hits F-U and gets the pin.Cena goes to the back as JBL stands over a hurt Michaels.Great Match!

Ortons kick showed again(their really gettin annoying with this).

Stephanie Mcmahon backstage. Steph says “there will be actions, to his face and publicly”.

Melinas win at the Rumble shown.Melina comes out with her newly won title.Kelly Kelly joins the Womens champion to face Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall with record setting Santino by their side(he lasted 1.9seconds in the Rumble,beating warlords record) Santino doing commentary said “I wasnt even ready” “Stupid Kane”.The match was decent until the interference from Rosa Mendez to Melina.Beth Phoenix pinned Kelly Kelly.

Wrestlemania Package shown again.With Wrestlemania 21″goes Hollywood” shown.The Rise of the “Rated-R” superstar.

Footage shown of last weeks Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Mike Knox.Mysterio comes out to face William Regal in a Chamber qualifying match.Regal took his Rumble frustration out on Mysterio(CM punk eliminated Regal at the Rumble)Rey in the end was too much for Veteran Regal.Rey hits the 619 for the pin.

Santino and Rosa backstage.Rosa says “I hope i did the right thing” Phoenix comes up and says “we can keep her”

12 Rounds Trailer shown.Looks Promising.CM Punk vs Chris Jericho announced next. The last qualifying match-up of the night, and the main event(sigh).

CM Punk comes out(i really dont care for him, its documented).Jericho joins him.This match was ok, but not main event status.Jericho hits a badly put together “Code Breaker” to get the pin on Punk.

Ortons kick showed again(This Is stupid).Steph/Orton split screen shown backstage gettin ready for Stephs address.

Stephanies Address: Steph says just because Orton won the Rumble doesnt mean he’s off the hook.Orton comes out and says “Do you wanna go through this?”.Lawyer takes the mic(not bad work for a “Lawyer”).This is bad Storyline.Orton says he will file a injunction so that there will be no Wrestlemania this year.All the Raw wrestlers come out.Orton says “What are you lookin at?”.Orton says “Fire Me,Fire Me,Fire Me”.Steph says “firing you would be easy”. Shanes music hits.He comes down to the ring,Shane spears Orton,Legacy holds him back,he fights em off and spears Orton again.Is it me or does Shane look outta shape?The Raw locker room pull Legacy off shane.Orton gets backstage,while shane screams “Where is He?”. The show goes off the air. What a Raw. 4 outta 5 stars.

~Josh “Attaboy” Atterbury~

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