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“Attaboy Factor”-Tuesday 1/13/09

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The Morning After Pill – Tonight on Raw, John Cena and Shawn Michaels Faced off in a Wrestlemania Type” bout. It was back and forth and actually made me smile,something WWE hasnt made me do since DX dropped you know what on the McMahons.Michaels showed me that he can still go the distance.With JBL standing in Michaels corner, watching the action, one woulda thought there would be interference. There really wasnt a lot of interference more then just a cheerleader on the sidelines that just happens to be John Cenas Opponent at the Royal Rumble.JBL did assist HBK in getting to the ropes when Cenas STFU almost had Michaels tapping. Cena nailed the FU but was too tired to gain the immediate pinfall. Cena looked poised once again to win the match. Shawn though pulled it out, with some visual distraction by JBL, scoring his 2nd Sweet Chin Music of the match, and the pinfall.

Lets Rewind the Night and Start from the Beginning. Chris Jericho, “Y2J “,”The Ayetola of Rock n Rolla “or whatever you call yourself,when are you gonna learn to shut your mouth?! Stephanie McMahon stole a page outta her fathers book(who by the way is back next week!) and uttered the famous 2 words “YOU’RE FIRED!”. Now i know wrestling fans out there actually believe “All” of what goes on. But with the recent cut back in the WWE roster, I just dont see Y2J being on that list. Even though his hair cut is just as annoying as his mic skills, he sticks around. As far as the Intercontinental title match, I just wanna say this, Do Away with the IC belt. Ive grown up watching Kerry Von Erich,Honky Tonk Man,Curt Hennig,Bret Hart,Davey Boy Smith,Owen Hart,Shawn Michaels,Scott Hall,The Ultimate Warrior(yeah i said it),And hell even Chyna! With all that ive seen growing up, and even before me. The Intercontinental title is now a joke, you might as well compare it to the European title(even though HBK,Owen,HHH,and Davey wore it) or the Hardcore Title(Rip Crash Holly). William Regal is a poor champion and i really dont care for CM Punk. These guys are stinking up the joint. Get rid of the Title that was once contested in front of 80,000 fans at Wembley Stadium in 1992, now its DQs and gimmicks to decide who wins.

On to Randy Orton, and the future of the business. With The return of Ted Dibase tonight. It looked as though Dibase and Rhodes with Snuka and Manu would destory the Legend Killer. Dibase though shocked the crowd and turned his back to Manu and Snuka, alligning himself with Rhodes and Orton. I really like the angel with the guys. They almost remind me of 2000 when WCW had the Newblood, which was the freshest idea since the nwo(dont get too excited) i mean the nwo in 1996 not 2002. Orton did have a impressive win, but a wrong count by the official, to beat Kane.

Hats off to the Texas Rattlesnake for being inducted into the 2009 Hall of Fame. I still say Austin has a few good years in him. Steve should come back and atleast have one more match. It was so much fun watching him and Brian Pillman(Rest in Peace) growing up. Watching Steve develop from a excellent Tag star, to a Media Explosion. Steve was a marketing Giant, and Vince ran with it. Vince has had some good ideas in the past and some bad(Mae Youngs birth to a hand,The higher Power,Muhammad Hassan,etc….)ideas. But Vince has made some good decisions.

I really liked the Rey Mysterio/Miz match. Rey really has still got his A game intact. Miz is a character and makes a great Heel. Not too much to say about the contest,except im not really feelin the mask Rey wore. Not much into the divas, they kinda bore me. I would love to see Awesome Kong come to the WWE. Boy that was a random thought. Oh yeah and TNA had a PPV. and for the umpteen time, “Big Sexy” had a pre PPV injury. I didnt order it due to the fact, that they shoulda gave it to me for free(Hey if they can give free tickets to put fans in the seats,why not me?) I also just before next week(which i make my Royal Rumble predictions) i wanna emphasize that i believe Christian Cage will be at the Rumble and maybe instrumental in his “Brother” Edge regaining the gold from Jeff Hardy(hey its a thought right?)

All is well where Im At. Im thrilled at the shot to do this writing for the best site on the net for wrestling news I will continue to atleast 3 times a week (1 for monday morning overview,1 for the morning after pill tuesdays, and 1 for Smackdown/Ecw and maybe a little bit of TNA). I am available, you can leave me comments on my myspace.………or you can email me comments(good or bad) or Questions to

Thanks and enjoy another exciting week in Professional Wrestling.

~Josh “Attaboy” Atterbury~

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