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Jerome’s 10/1 IMPACT Hi’s, low’s & more

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This week’s IMPACT was a better show than last week. I watched it on commercial free as I always do. It is normally posted sometime on Friday or Saturday. I did not read the spoilers ahead of time.

I am not exactly sure what TNA creative is doing with Mick Foley. Back in the spring we see him turn heel and then in the summer he is a face again, now he is a heel. Creative needs to make up their mind and keep him either a face or a heel. I like the in ring work of the heel Mick Foley and enjoy comedic face part of Foley. If I had to choose between the two, I think I would go with the heel Mick Foley, as I like the Foley heel in ring work. I still liked the in ring mic work with both guys and I am sure they are going to do some wild and crazy stuff at BFG that will make you cringe at times.

I still am not sure what TNA’s purpose is with Lauren and her ‘attraction’ to Abyss is. It has been going on for a long time now. Unmask Chris Parks and let’s do an in ring wedding between two…NOT!

I am glad to see Hernandez getting a singles push, but I still miss the heel LAX. Hernandez is showing he can be a future main event star and maybe get a run as the X-Division champion. I do like the way Angle helped Hernandez go over in some spots, although I would have liked to see the match go longer and at least have a winner by either a pinfall or submission.

I like the X-Division. I just wish TNA would give these guys more TV time, by going back to the old X-Division matches. I like ladder matches just as much as the next fan, but if you are going to a ladder match, you need to use it more, as it should be the focal point of the in ring action. The hi spot I guess was Creed spitting up when his face hit the mat. I hope next week’s match with Red and Joe is not a squash and has a bit more TV time. Red is a great talent. Joe retains.

The one thing TNA has done very well is women’s wrestling. I have never been a big fan of women’s wrestling. I like Kong and Tara and respect ODB for sticking it out and waiting for her chance as the Knockouts champ. She does deserve it. I sense a three way dance coming at the Pay-Per View for the title. I do hope Tara turns heel at some point in the future. I liked the psychotic Victoria character that feuded with Trish Stratus doing her WWE tenure, but I think they may keep her face due to the fact that she has had some ‘war of words’ with Kim Couture, and maybe do a cross promotion with MMA like Bobby Lashely. Although I could have cared less about the Battle of the Playboy bunnies match. That is old WWF attitude era has been stuff. I fast forwarded it, rather than yelling ‘boring’ chants at my laptop screen.

The backstage segments with the Mafia and the World Elite are good in the sense that it shows mid-carders can stand up to the main event guys, but I am not sure what creative has in store for two heel factions feuding with each other. I enjoyed the backstage and in ring brawls between these two groups, as it took me back to the old NWA and even early WCW days just after Turner took over. I do miss those old school days and hope that TNA will incorporate a little more old school into their product.

Mike Tenay has always been a good sit down interviewer. A.J. and Sting has done some very good mic work with their program for their match at BFG. It should be interesting in the weeks ahead where this goes and what kind of match they will have at BFG. As reported here on Wrestlingdotcom, it looks as if Sting may stay a little longer with the company.

I still think that the Beautiful People have the best ring entrance music in the business. Lacey Von Erich is no Angelina Love. Yes she is the daughter of the late Kerry Von Erich. Besides the claw, I want to see what else she can do, although I have heard she is still ‘green’ when it comes to in ring performance. I liked the way she came in, but I expected a little more. I think Velvet will do most of the talking for the group. Wrestlingdotcom reported that Lacey badmouthed Angelina Love in an article posted in the Miami Herald and then on her Twitter page, praised her. If she can keep her mouth in order, she could be an asset to the Beautiful People and TNA. Hopefully Lauren Williams (aka Angelina Love) can work out her VISA issues and come back to TNA, start a program to eventually kick Lacey and Madison out of the group. My prediction for BFG, Wilde and Sarita retain the Knockouts Tag Titles even though no one really cheers for them. TNA should turn Wilde heel in my opinion.

Matt Morgan has greatly improved on his in ring work. He did very well against Eric Young. When TNA came to my area for the very first time this past June, Morgan and Young wrestled in a match. I laughed as Eric was the face in the match and was way over with the crowd, but was being booed for beating up Jeff Jarrett on TV the week before. Morgan has always been a great talker, now he can do both well. I hope that one day TNA will give him some kind of title run.

Team 3D and Bobby Lashley against the British Invasion. This was a predictable match. I still think Rhino is being miss used. He is a great talent both on the mic and in the ring. I knew something was up when Lashely was at ring side with the fans, and out of nowhere comes Joe and attacks Lashely. This makes Joe look like a credible heel and I hope will lead to a great feud. With Lashley’s MMA career in a bit in question, TNA may or may not give Lashley the X-Division title. I enjoyed the commentary with James Storm, but still liked the in ring action.

And finally: Number one, the Motor City Machine Guns having people audition for new in ring entrance music. Give me a break! Dixie, Jeff, Russo, TNA – these guys are better in the ring. They great under used talent and still deserve at title run as TNA Tag Team Champions. Number two: TNA means total non-stop action. I know IMPACT is not a pay-per view, and they have commercials, but IMPACT needs less matches that go longer, like 10 minutes with the main event at least 15-20. I remember Dixie Carter saying on TNA Today when IMPACT got their two hour time slot, she said the one thing the fans wanted more of was longer matches and it was harder to do it in one hour.

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