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So here it goes, 2009. A new year, a new writer, a new chance for a new set of wrestlers to make a name for themselves by capturing the hearts of the fans across the nation. I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. Hi, I’m Dolph Ziggler. But seriously I am not claiming to be the most esteemed writer, but I will offer a fresh point of view from a lifelong fan of the best era in wrestling. People in this era should feel happy and they should take that happiness and invest it into tuning in to every wrestling show that is offered to them throughout the week. And I’m here to make it easier on them.

What I plan to do, week in and week out is break down wrestling for you, the people of the wrestling nation. I’ll give you the best storylines, I’ll bring that spark that you thought you lost long ago, and I will force it into submission until it has to come back, stronger than ever. You’ll occasionally get the rants and raves of a suppressed wrestling fan, but more often than not you’ll get a pretty accurate breakdown of every good and bad idea the wrestling writers have to offer to us, the avid fans. I’ll make it easy on everyone, addressing the single star storylines first and gradually ease into the good stuff. The best for last always seems fitting. But since it’s a new year, I’m going to mix it up a little bit and give you my TNA Genesis picks before getting into the juicy stuff. Enjoy!

Grude Match: Referee Shane Sewell vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir
For starters, I actually really enjoy this storyline, because Shane Sewell is a beast. I hope he pounds Bashir into the ground, but I also hope he goes back to the ranks of the refs. One and out, Shane, there’s not much room for you on the talent roster in TNA. Maybe the Mafia’s ref? Sewell will get the victory.
Pick: Shane Sewell via pinfall.

TNA Knockout Women’s Championship: Awesome Kong (c) vs. TBD-Lumberjack Match
No Christy Hemme. How sad. The one reason I really cared to watch this match. Hey, at least it’s a lumberjack match. That almost makes me want to pick whoever this mystery Knockout happens to be. Sorry, mystery woman. Kong is a woman beast, and she’ll have her personal lumberjacks at ringside in Saeed, Khan and Bolt.
Pick: Awesome Kong via total domination, or pinfall

TNA X-Division Championship: Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley
This match intrigues me. The Motor City Machine Guns have been running their mouths for too long about how they would be the finalists in this tournament and it looks like all the talk paid off. I sure hope this doesn’t lead to the split of the Motor City tandem, as I find them both to be rising stars in the ranks of TNA. Both of these guys are on the same level to me, although Sabin has always struck me as the quiet leader of the Guns, so I will have to go with my instincts.
Pick: Chris Sabin via pinfall

TNA World Tag Team Championship: Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed (c) vs. Beer Money vs. Abyss & Matt Morgan
Going into this week on TNA, I would have picked Abyss and the Blueprint, just because of how much they have been losing lately at the hands of Beer Money. And then TNA threw the curveball and let the Lethal Consequences steal the titles from Beer Money. They can’t just let these guys be one hit wonders. They are the only title holders in the Frontline.
Pick: The Lethal Consequences Tandem via pinfall

Mick Foley, AJ Styles, & Brother Devon vs. Scott Steiner, Booker T & Kevin Nash
The Mafia is the definition of hard, but can they really keep this winning streak going. They’re bound to lose one match one of these days and it is the return of Mick. I’m going to go out on a limb and say tonight is the night the Mafia’s losing streak comes to an end.
Pick: TNA Frontline via pinfall

TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett vs. Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle
Writing this column every week, it’s going to be very hard to get me to pick against Kurt Angle ever. Too bad I don’t really have to even think about it this week, as Angle is going to dominate this match.
Pick: The Mafia’s Finest via complete and total domination

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Sting (c) vs. Rhino
As much head of steam Rhino has coming into this clash going into the PPV, it would not feel right at this time to let the Mafia lose the Heavyweight Championship. Plus, I feel Sting should lose his title to a more prominent member of the Frontline, or one of his fellow Mafia members. Although Rhino has the clear advantage in the match, I’m going with the Stinger.
Pick: The Icon via breaking down The War Machine

Hope everyone tunes into the first TNA PPV of the new year, because it looks like it’s going to be a good one. Now I’ll give a quick breakdown of the best to worst in the drama we call sports entertainment.

Worst Storyline of the Week : Rating:*
Is it just me, or does the whole Beautiful People/Palin storyline the worst thing TNA has come up with so far? Please get rid of this soon, so we can go back to seeing the Beautiful People and more importantly, their pre-Palin camera shots as they were entering the ring.

The “At Least They’re Trying” Storyline: Rating: **
The Kane/Kelly Kelly storyline is a little bit creepy when you really stop to think about it. What is his deal? But at least he’s making it interesting with the creepiness. But if Kane isn’t wrecking havoc, he’s usually terrorizing a Diva and it might as well be Kelly Kelly. At least he’s over Katie Vick.

This One Could Actually Work: Rating: ***
With a little work, Jack Swagger from ECW might stand a chance if they push him on ECW and don’t try to move him up early. I forgot how really cool the gut wrench powerbomb was until this guy started using it. He seems like a big guy, so Vince must be loving that, and his charisma seems to me like the best thing they have had in ECW for awhile. It at least has me tuning into ECW next week to see if he captures the ECW championship from Matt Hardy. I believe he could be the one to finally dethrone the ECW Champ.

Almost the Story of the Week: Rating:****
Wow. I knew when the Main Event Mafia first declared themselves a group that they would be the real deal. But after their continuing dominance they inflict on the TNA roster seemingly at every turn, it must be addressed if they have a chance to stand within the ranks of the infamous stables of the wrestling world. If they can find a way to keep all of their egos in check for long enough we may be comparing them to some awfully decorated company. The Mafia is a very vocal group and it was good to hear Sting on the microphone asserting himself as a member, as in recent weeks it seemed like he was drifting away from the group. Watch out TNA Frontline, the way things are looking, it looks like you are fighting a losing battle.

The Can’t Wait Til Next Week Story: Rating:*****

I wish I could say there was just one, but Randy Orton’s Legacy and the ongoing saga of HBK and JBL has captured my attention with the same intensity as storylines of the peak of wrestling popularity. I can’t say I thought the HBK storyline would even be that good when it first started but it has turned out to be a part of RAW that I actually enjoy and look forward to seeing. I just hope it ends with Sweet Chin Music to the jaw of the loud-mouthed Layfield. As far as Orton’s Legacy, I can say nothing more than Orton is a cold-blooded fool that makes enemies quick, and that’s why I like him. Manu and Simmy Superfly Snuka are going to come back to bite Orton, and who knows what will happen when Dibiase decides to grace us with his presence. Only time will tell.

So now that you’ve read my very first column for WrestlingDotCom, you have a better idea of what’s going on in the major wrestling companies. Hope everyone can tune in to the TNA Genesis PPV and until next week if you don’t know about wrestling, well. Now you know.


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