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Krissy’s Katwalk 1/28/09

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Hey Ya’ll and welcome back to the Katwalk. Where you get you weekly dose of Krissy Vaine and DISH on the women of wrestling. This week I decided to do things a little different. To be perfectly honest I didn’t watch any mainstream wrestling this week and I make no apologies about it! Just because I have my own column, doesn’t mean I have to be obsessive and watch everything start to finish!!! I do have a life you know. Team Blondage has been in the press a bit this week. It seems that most everyone is pretty excited about the COMEBACK and I am too! To be honest, I was really nervous about stepping back into the world of wrestling. I didn’t know what type of a reaction I would receive…I left abruptly and shockingly and I did not discuss my departure, except only in the most “politically correct” way. The WWE gave me the respect to not talk about it, so I felt like it was my obligation to do the same for them. Rumors will always fly, but I decided to sit back and let bygones be bygones. I turned off my computer for nearly a year because it broke my heart to read what was being said about me.

The past year I’ve lived a very normal life. I moved back home to North Carolina and I rebuilt my business from the ground up-I sold it a few years ago upon signing with WWE. I enjoyed my life with my family and friends and I lived and I laughed and I didn’t worry, but most of all I didn’t step foot in a gym or pay attention to a calorie count! I enjoyed southern BBQ, Hush Puppies and Cobbler LOL- how my waistline didn’t pay for these things I do not know! But it was great year!!! However, it is my belief that when you are a performer by nature, you can’t take that out of you or make it go away, it is in your blood. I also believe that a “star” is always gonna shine- no matter into what situation in which they are put.

Although I had a really nice year off, I began to get the “itch” a few months ago. I have been on the stage since I was 15 years old starting my career as a theater “geek”. I then ventured into modeling and then last but not least wrestling at the tender age of 19. I thought maybe I could “scratch that itch” by getting back into modeling. It’s great money and always fairly easy work- Krissy Vaine has never met a camera she did not like! I got myself a great agent and I have booked some really cool jobs, but walking a catwalk and “working” a live crowd from inside of the squared circle, don’t even begin to compare. There is nothing like the rush you get when you make a crowd either love you or hate you in the blink of an eye. There is nothing like it….

To make one thing clear I am not getting back into wrestling in hopes to make it to the “bigtime”. I’ve been asked this over and over again. I can’t say that the bigtime will never happen again but that is not my goal. As far as I am concerned I have already been there and done that. Taking out Torrie Wilson upon your arrival on Smackdown is not too shabby! I do this because I love it and I’m good at what I do. I’m not the most athletic, nor am I the prettiest (well maybe the prettiest) TEE Hee hee- there I go again! But seriously I’ve got something that makes people care about what Krissy Vaine. And I don’t believe that there is ANY reason why I shouldn’t continue to be a part of this business in someway, shape or form.The best times of my life were wrestling independent shows and seeing the world with some of my best friends, prior to ever signing a contract and it becoming my “job”. Don’t get me wrong I had a great life experience during my time with WWE. I believe sitting back and watching the McMahon’s made me into a shark of a business woman. They are brilliant business people and just being around that kind of success, if you sat back and absorbed you could learn a thing or two. I tried to sit back and be sponge-like. I knew I could learn lessons of greatness by just sitting back and watching them in action.

I chose to take the road less traveled and it has worked for me. I wasn’t a WWE reject. Thankfully, I don’t know if my ego could’ve handled being FIRED! And I was one of the few to actually “make it”. This is something that I’m very proud of to this day. I’m also proud of the decision I made to leave the company. Sometimes things don’t work out, even though a year before I would have sworn on my life that being a WWE Diva was the “End all, Be all” in life. But “life” sure is funny and the people who end up shaping your life and becoming influences on you is even more amusing. The decision I made was not one that came easily or hastily for me. I teetered back and forth for months. I knew I wasn’t in the right place for me, but how do you “quit” something that you have worked so hard for? What would I do for money, where would I live and how would I start over??? Call it an ego or call it just plain “stupid” but I believed I could conquer the world if I really wanted to. And I was extremely lucky to also have a soul mate who believed the same. Fortunately for me, I was released of my contractual duties, before a three week tour overseas, penalty free. How this happened I’m still not sure….

Did I look undependable? YES!!! Did I look like an IDIOT to the naked eye, wrestling fan or my coworkers for that matter??? YES!!! Am I any of these things??? I hope not. I believe anyone who knows me well would say definitely not. All I can say is that I had so much going on, I may never talk about in detail. It was a dark period in my life for many reasons and frankly it’s none of anyone’s business but my own and those close to me. Not to be a jerk or disrespectful, but most of us don’t like to bring up dark chapters in our lives.

In the end, for once in my life I made a decision not based on just myself but based on other’s in my life who are important to me- I guess you could say I took a “leap of faith”. I came home to NC with my AMAZING fiance and I took care of other people and I struggled. Struggled to pay rent, struggled to pay bills, struggled to start over, but eventually things began to happen. These chapters in one’s life build great character and one day life began to look up and it’s been looking up ever since. I had been concentrated on “Krissy” for way too long and it was time to give back to those who had been giving to me for years. I am a true believer that time heals everything and over time all the questions and all the unknown began to dissipate. Everything always seemed to work out and life just happened. I now run a successful business, I am a part- time model, a part- time writer, a full time wifey and an indy wrestler——- and I couldn’t be happier. Believe it or not there is still tons that I want to do in my life. Goals to attain, life to live… I do what I want to do on a daily basis and I run my company and my life how I want to run it. I am in charge of my own destiny and don’t have anyone telling me what is the “right way or the wrong way”. I just do it Krissy’s WAY and as far as Im concerned that is the right way! Ask anyone who knows me if that’s not the truth!!! LOL!!!

Would I like another run on television??? Maybe one day, but on my terms and not on anyone else’s. (so Hell may freeze over before you ever see me on the big screen- hee hee) But I am OK with that! I hope 2009 will continue to bring lots of happiness and lots of RASSLIN (that’s how we say it in North Carolina) Even If I am just an “Indy Diva” now- That’s my title and I’m stickin to it! I’m now stepping off my own Katwalk and I want all of you to remember that “Pretty is as Pretty does” and if your not being pretty than I’m gonna “Bless Your Heart” on the Katwalk!!! Hope you guys enjoyed! See ya next week!

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