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Krissy’s Katwalk

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Hey Ya’ll! Welcome to the Katwalk… This week I’m gonna start with the return of mwahhhh-lil ol me- to the World of Professional Wrestling!!! You see, the “RETURN” has been in the works for months now. Amber O’Neal and I who formed the legendary, “often imitated but never duplicated” Team Blondage in 2004, had decided that in 2009- Blondage should RETURN!!!! We have been diligently working on a new look, new gear and a grown up attitude. Unfortunately, the debut came a little impromptu this past weekend. I was at an CWF Mid Atlantic show in Burlington, NC and my best friend Amber was visciously attacked by another female wrestler after their match. Dressed in patent leather leggings, a minidress, and wedge heels i was most definitely NOT geared up for the occasion, but nonetheless, I refused to watch my best friend be beaten to a pulp. I attacked her aggressor and had the Commissioner of the company keep her away so that I could tend to Amber. After making sure she was ok… I grabbed the microphone. Feeling the emotion welling from the pit of my stomach– I knew this was the beginning. After a long hard year, this was it, I was opening that “can of worms”. Team Blondage was coming back and so was Krissy Vaine. You know when you get that lump in your throat and you know your gonna cry but your trying to hold it back… I think I held back for about three sentences. It was overwhelming. To have not stepped foot in a wrestling ring for almost a year and half, to be standing there facing my best friend, my fiance watching backstage, and all my friends from my “home” there to support me. It was a tearful reunion and there was nothing “fake” about it. Truth be told I was embarassed. I didn’t want to cry, I didn’t plan on crying but it happened, and it was real. The crowded arena was in a standing ovation by the end, Amber had to take over on the mic because I was too emotional. Thank God she did because I was a blubbering mess. Bless Your Heart Krissy Vaine- You are back! For booking info you can go here Oh and we also did not get to debut the “new look”. I will keep you posted on that!!!!

As far as women’s wrestling this week I’ll be honest I didn’t watch like I normally do. I had to youtube some stuff. Im not sure why I fell down on the job this week, but I promise I’ll do better next! I did see Victoria’s Retirement match on Smackdown. All I have to say about this match is POTATO, POTATO, POTATO!!!! This was fantastic watching Victoria clobber McCool. I do believe that if Victoria had wrestled with this tenacity and vigor every match she would’ve been more “over” like she has always wanted. Instead of standing in the shadows of the Diva Search “rejects”. I assume that there was no stepping on eggshells this time because there was no worries about backstage re-percussions- like normal. She was on her way out so really… Who Care’s??? At least that’s the perception I got. I so wish Victoria would’ve adopted that attitude a long time ago. In my opinion Victoria could not have had a better showing for her last match with the WWE. She looked beautiful, her gear was rocking and she showed everyone the she could def still go! We will miss her greatly! Bless the “Styles Clash” being used on Smackdown! Boy, that will be awkward if those two ever run into each other!!! (LOL)

On Impact this week it was the KongTourage vs Taylor, Roxxi and ODB. This was good from what I can remember. To be truthful, I really couldnt get past all the black girls on one side and all the white girls on another…. WEIRD! Bless your Heart TNA for being based out of Tennessee! HaHaHa—but seriously this match was good. What stood out to me was the promo with the Kongtourage before the match. I was really impressed with SoJo on the microphone and I like her as the mouthpiece of the group. She also looked really good in an outfit that MATCHED and looked like ring gear. Hair was also nice. Kudo’s to you SoJo for being totally put together in my opinion!!!! Honestly, before this showing I didn’t get it with her, but now I do! She’s an asset. Everyone else just seemed to have grabbed whatever was in their gym bag and threw it on hoping for a hit!!! Taylor Wilde, I’m especially disappointed in you since before this I considered you “Best Dressed” in TNA!!! I will give you your fashion “by” this week! However you were great on the mic! Much improved since I last heard you!!! Knockout’s “Bless your Heart”- get some nice ring gear! It makes all the difference in the world! I’ll hope for better next week. And I will be watching!!!

Raw this week was not that exciting. Beth Pheonix had an uber short match against Kelly Kelly. Kelly was popular in Chicago and the crowd was definitely behind her! Other than that both Beth and Kelly looked good. I’ve seen Kelly Kelly better tho. She decided to wear a jersey type shirt this week. I understand it was based on the location of where they were but still… Im not a fan of going to the ring in streetwear. Unless it’s a run-in, however I think she could wear a paper bag and make it look good so there ya go. Later on Jillian came out and sang— I love this, it’s soooooo AWFUL! But it’s supposed to be and therein lies the greatness of it. She and Melina had a really GOOD match!!! Then Rosa Perez attacked Melina again. I hope this leads to a “but I had the black hair with blonde hi-lites look first” fued. That would be Glorious!!! I don’t know where they are going with it but we will all just have to watch and see!!!

That’s all for this week on Krissy’s Katwalk and remember… Pretty is as Pretty Does and if you’re not being Pretty than Krissy is gonna “Bless Your Heart”!!!!!

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