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Krissy’s Katwalk – February 5th, 2009

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Hey Ya’ll and welcome to this week’s exciting edition of “The Katwalk” with your’s truly the one, the only Krissy Vaine. This has been an exciting and super busy week for me. Team Blondage had it’s first official photo shoot of 2009. We shot nearly all day long on Sunday.Whew, is it exhausting being so photogenic…Needless to say Amber and I were pooped by the time we finished. Our photographer Ray, whom we have dubbed the “Hugh Hefner” of North Carolina really outdid himself this time. Ray has shot many beautiful women over the years and is known for his great work, but these pics are mind blowing. Not to take away from the effort that Amber and I have put into the “new look” We have been working on the creation of the new and improved Team Blondage for months now. We feel sure that no one is going to be disappointed. Except maybe some of the girls in wrestling business. OOOP’s, did I just say that?!?!? Bless My Heart!

I guess you could call this the LAUNCH PARTY. I now have my own OFFICIAL website which can be seen here Team Blondage also has a brand new OFFICIAL myspace . And LAST but not least my buddy Travis has made me my own official fansite!!! You can see that here . It’s been a BLAST putting all of this together so far and I could not have done it without the help of my friends Summer, Elias and Travis. Without these three I’m like a 28 year old untrained Diva Search reject behind the computer. Thank You Guys!!! The return of Blondage means so much to me because this is another creation by myself and my beautiful tag partner Amber Oneal. We pride ourselves on our ORIGINALITY and always being different from the crowd. This is a completely NEW and IMPROVED Blondage and its nothing like the wrestling business has ever seen. We single-handedly brought back the popularity of female tag teams in 2004 and we are going to up the ante’ in 2009. We are excited and hope all of you are. Watch out Blondage is coming through!!!

So enough about me, though I could go on for a while-hee hee, let’s get down to business starting with last Thursday night on Impact. I have to tell you that ODB is not what I would consider my normal “taste”. I tend to like blonde hair, well kempt, nicely groomed girls in the wrestling biz, but I have to say she breaks my mold. The backstage interview that she did with Sharmell was absolutely HILARIOUS. her character, or lack their of, is so entertaining, so ghastly and so shocking that you have to LOVE it. Grabbing her breasts and crotch is so offensive to my lil ol sheltered eyes, yet I cannot stop staring. To ODB: you Dirty Ol’ Bitty, I say “Bless Your Heart”, but only in the best way possible- keep up the great entertainment! I do believe that I would have looked fantastic in that backstage promo standing next Sharmell she just looked like the prettiest picture you have ever seen. I could have worn my pageant dress and gloves too and we would have been quite the sight!

The female match on Impact was Kongtourage vs ODB. As usual outfits were a miss, even Sojo who I had mentioned had managed to do so well for herself minus a personal stylist last week. Though I believe she and Kong were the only ones who had on real gear, I do not like the animal print short set she sometimes wears. Its very much “Me Tarzan, You Jane”. Nix that one honey, you’re entirely too cute and talented to faux paux like that. The gold and black is a much better for you! I believe the match featuring “The Beautiful People” was a web only match. It was on youtube for this week and to be perfectly honest that is how I catch up on all the women and their “do’s and don’ts” of the week. TBP wore different outfits this week that featured the slogan ” GOT MILK” I mean MONEY, ooops hee hee, across their chests. I had to giggle to myself. Im interested to see where this gimmick goes or if it was just another random fashion statement. I hope they go with it and do something fun! There is no need to waste a slogan like that, otherwise it was a poor choice in outfits for the week. Put it to good use girls– Got MILK? I mean Money????

Smackdown was uneventful this week in my opinion, I saw a backstage promo. I think that was it. How is is possible that Michelle McCool is the only girl who manages to make it on to Television weekly????(insert internet rumors HERE) TEE HEE HEE I love having my own column! Eve Torres is a pretty girl who seems well spoken. Honestly though, I really need to see my Maryse or my Twins so that I have something to look at on Smackdown. Otherwise Im so BORED!

Now onto Raw where Finally…. Finally, I get to “Bless Your Heart”. I’ve been waiting for a Raw Diva flub and this week I finally got it! Oh, Candice Michelle, how I love thee, but that jacket those feathers!?!? WHY? This was Candice’s first appearance on Raw in a while and she must have just forgotten that those girls always bring their fashion “A” game. Candice’s ring gear was actually quite nice, but the ring jacket sent her right over that fine line that’s sometimes easy to cross. She went right from Glamorous to GAWDY so very quickly. Now I like gawdy. Everyone knows I love me some Dolly Parton, big jewels and big hair- but big feathers??? Nope, this was just too much. Lose the jacket, keep the red pants set. It was loud enough on it’s own. “Bless you Heart Candice” Ahhhh, that felt good and has been weeks in the waiting! This match was decent and I think the rest of the girls looked good as usual. I really couldn’t see past those darn feathers– LOL… On a side not Mickie James had an intergender match with her opponent being Layla. Mickie LOOKED fantastic and I loved her outfit. She gets the “Best Overall Look of the Week”. You go girl!

The women of ECW have not been getting much face time as of late. “Bring them Back, Bring them Back, Bring them Back!!!” I enjoy watching Alicia and Katie Lea. They are always pretty to look at and put on a good show. I hope to see them next week!!! Well I guess that’s all for the Katwalk this week. Thanks for coming and remember “Pretty is as Pretty Does and if your not being pretty Krissy is gonna Bless Your Heart”.

***** Also remember to join us for the launch party of Team Blondage all day today!!! Here are the links******

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