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Krissy’s Katwalk – March 19th, 2009

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Hey there fellow Katwalker’s sorry I’m a little late this week… better late than never right? (WINK,WINK) This week I had to youtube everything so I seemed to have missed some things… Forgive me if I missed a major faux paux and by all means let me know. I’ll be posting this in my blog on myspace also. Feel free to leave your thoughts on my opinion. My Team Blondage tag team partner Amber O’Neal did last week and she didn’t hold back one bit- just like I dont! We are spreading that southern charm all over this world wide web:) We have been super busy as of late and I’m so excited about this coming up weekend because I actually have it off! Unfortunately, I have to do my taxes so that is not so much fun—- BOOOOOO! On a good note my fiance and I have tickets to go see “Chicago” on Friday night so I’m super excited about that! I loooove musicals and stage plays so I am beyond pumped about it. Next weekend Amber and I are off to Florida for a weekend of reality taping Team Blondage Media Style. Expect lots of surprise guests, lotsss of goofy girls and lots of Blondage! If anyone is interested in radio interviews or appearances in the Tampa area let us know, we have one interview lined up so far but should have a lil extra time so hit us up! I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and fun in the sun!!! I will link all the contact info at the bottom of this article. Now on to the serious stuff…. will it be a good week or a bad week for allll the women of wrestling on the Katwalk????
Impact- Mediocre outfits short match… I have to say the week before on Impact “The Beautiful People” looked the best I have ever seen them look. One had on red and the other had on pink. They were so darn cute I wanted to sop ‘em up with a biscuit! I also think I said I’d fall over if creative put Madison Rayne with them. Well I just fell over… Why put a cute young blonde with an already established team full of hotness and heat??? They dont need any help and she looks like a jobber standing there while they are doing their entrance. The only way that this will be good is if they have plans on bringing someone else in later to tag with Rayne and they fued with Angelina and Velvet. Rayne turns back into a “good girl” and you have a great story of good vs evil. TBP don’t need any help from anyone. They are just fine on their own!!! Rayne also is fine on her own. She could easily be the top babyface that company has if they just let her be. I had written myself a side note about Roxxi and how she seemed beyond lost in the mix. Immediately when I see her I think “why is she not doing a GI Jane gimmick”? If I was rockin a sassy, short haircut like that and I had to deal with it until it grew out- I’d be so oiled,tanned and jacked you might as well just call me “Demi”. She’s sexy with the short hair and it works for her but there is nothing there. No spice, nothing to connect with- I wanna see this girl come out and start doin pushups. Jacked,oiled up, bronzed and rearing to go against any Knockout who comes her way. Cargo’s and a torn wifebeater tank- Now that would be something I would wanna watch!!! Otherwise she is just some random girl out there in a strange plaid outfit with no explanation. Fans have to have something to connect with whether its something to love or hate… Another side note- Taylor Wilde had great hair at the PPV. It was smooth and sleek but was teased at the crown- big in all the right places. Like I always say “Big Hair equals Small Waist” LOL – it’s a true fact!

Onto Smackdown there was a Diva’s tag match and I also saw a Bikini Blowout but I’m not sure if that was on Smackdown or not(remember I youtubed- hee hee hee) The tag match was ok. None of the outfits were stellar this week. Last time I was so impressed with Melina and Maryse that I’m not sure that they can ever outdo that moment!!!! All of the girls looked good. In my opinion Michelles bangs are too heavy but remember what I said a few weeks back they do take the place of Botox and are definitely a cost saver(we are in a recession you know). Her outfit was probably the best of the four of them. Maria came in a close second, she got point’s deducted for wearing just a bra top. For some reason I always think just a bra top to wrestle looks weird… like you forgot your shirt or something. Had she just added a tiny top to go over the bra it would have been perfect! Maryse as always was the hottest. The bikini blowout was interesting to say the least- I thought WWE was going totally PG? BOOOOOO to the bikini blowout-it’s embarassing! Thank goodness those classy Bella’s didn’t have to do it! They looked adorable in their green and black this week!

Raw hosted a 6 woman tag match, however it seemed that Mickie and Beth did all of the wrestling…. Im not sure that the other girls did one single move. Anyways what they did was good, but nothing that I really remember distinctly( and I just watched it 5 minutes ago on youtube) lol– Im being evil this week. But it’s true, nothing stood out other than only two of the girls actually wrestled. Melina coming out with the feather’s – I remember that!!!!! See this is what I’m telling you ladies- it’s all about the “gimmick” I don’t remember one move that was done in this match but I do remember this chick came out with feathers— it’s BRILLIANT and let me tell you Melina get’s it. I didn’t state whether I like the feather’s or not that is irrelevant. What matter’s is that I remembered that she had them. Melina know’s what the deal is and she know’s what to do to get herself “over”. You go girl- you have got it going on!!! Oh my gosh I havent “Blessed anyone’s Heart” this week… HMMMM let me think…. who can I bless, who can i bless??? I have an Idea! You tell me this week who’s heart you would bless? I just can’t decide.. Leave your comments!!!! Im linking all of my projects below! And remember “Pretty is as Pretty does and if your not being Pretty than Krissy Vaine is gonna “Bless Your Heart!!!!!”

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