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Krissy’s Katwalk – March 4th, 2009

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Hey There all you crazy Kat-walker’s!!!! I write this session of the Katwalk with great enthusiasm and vigor! I have been waiting for this week since the inception of this column–a week I have been dying to talk about in the world of women’s wrestling and the fashion do’s and dont’s that happen in it. The Knockout’s FINALLY hit a home run or maybe I should say a “no hitter” last week on Impact. I was so excited I could barely wait until Wednesday to write this article. My heavens, I was like a proud mother watching her child get on the bus for the first day of kindy-garden. They all looked fan-tab-u-lous and I was so happy to see them all looking uber GORGEOUS. These girls were hot to trot- every last one of them- for the first time since I started writing this column. Some weeks were good for some and bad for others but not once, until now has everyone looked like the stars that they are on the same TV taping!!!! Aw, it brings a tear to my Lil ol’ eye. “Bravo, Bravo my little fashionista’s. My standout Knockout extraordinaire this week was Raisha Saeed! Congratulations Darlin! Now alot of you maybe thinking Raisha Saeed?!?! But we can’t even see her??? Well, that is exactly why I chose her. If you looked closely she was so nicely accessorized with the glittering bangles and her eyes(which is all you can really see of her) were divine- mysterious and sexy. Her eye makeup was done so beautifully that it made you want to see who is underneath that black sheath. It made ME want to see her at least… I believe the red sequins on the black outfit were also a new touch. I think she truly made the most of what she’s been given as a gimmick. She has a really difficult character to pull off and has to get “over” solely based on her wrestling/promo’s. Not being able to use her looks in any way would be a difficult task and many women would probably not be able to pull it off, myself included. Raisha Saeed you get the “You Go Girl” of the week. Keep rockin’ with yo bad self!

I thought Madison Rayne and Taylor Wilde were really cute as tag team and I was disappointed when they turned Madison into a “bad girl”. I’m not sure in what direction they are going with her but I hope it’s not to put her with The Beautiful People. God, if it is I may faint and fall over from lack of creativity. Taylor and Madison could have been viable opponents for TBP and I think they need some competition. Two cute Lil spark plug blonde’s would have been good. Otherwise why do TBP go around acting like witches all the time if there is no one to fight with???? It takes their heat away and they are really good at what they do. TNA needs to find a team for the fans to fall in love with so they can “hate” Velvet and Angelina even more. C’mon creative!!! Your girls are your highest rated segment put some serious thought into them;) And what happened with the whole Sarah Palin thing??? She was great but I believe that the whole “Palin” bit was tired. But why not have the reveal, I mean it’s not like anyone really thought that was really Sarah Palin, so where is the pay off? Daffney(of WCW fame), the woman playing Palin, would be a great addition to the Knockout Division and is a great character and wrestler herself. You don’t believe me? You-tube when she wrestled against Miss Elizabeth in Elizabeth’s first match ever. The three circles around the ring(like a dog circles a tree) upon entrance is enough to make you go “What in the world?” It’s fantastic-highly entertaining and different. If i thought my lungs could handle it I’d steal it and run circles around all of the women I have to wrestle against. Confuse ‘em or make em dizzy whichever happens first and roll ‘em up 1,2,3! Anyhoooo this is all just my personal opinion and what do I know? (Hee heee hee) But it’s my Katwalk and I get to say whatever I wanna say. Neener neener neenerrrrrrr…. Oh before I forget, I hate the cursing in the promo’s pretty ladies. Have some class- would you kiss your Mama with that mouth???

Onto Smackdown…I think it was pretty uneventful this week. The Bella’s were on for a short period of time coming out mid match in the Carlito/ Primo match against Morrison/ Miz. They looked pretty as usual and were dressed in spanish seniorita’s garb which works for them. Im not sure if it was this week or last but there was a vingette that aired on Smackdown hyping(but not really) Gail Kim’s return. It looked like there was very little if any thought put into this video and I hope it’s not a sign of what’s to come. Im sure when Gail made the decision to return to WWE she was made BIG promises. I hope that her decision to leave her top spot in TNA doesn’t come back to bite her in the rear. She has been in limbo for quite a while now and I think WWE likes to make “examples” of TNA stars. She has a ton of talent and could be a top Diva, but she doesn’t fit Vince’s mold. And we all know that the WWE has a mold and doesn’t stray far from it. Hey, it’s his company and he can do what he wants. “BLESS YOUR HEART Vincent Kennedy McMahon”. I totally understand though- Krissy Vaine loves her some blue eyes and blonde hair too! (LOL) I’m hoping that I’m totally wrong on this one, keeping my fingers crossed for Kim. We shall wait and see…

Raw was pretty exciting this week and was the home of a few steller outfits. Maryse and Melina looked flawless at the announce table. The girls match was good pitting Kelly and Mickie against Jillian and Beth with Rosa on the outside. I liked everyone’s gear except Jillian’s. It was an odd brown color and really plain but everyone get’s one “by” so this is her week. It wasn’t terrible just not great. And she had on black boots- with a brown outfit. Major faux paux, but as I said we have all been there, done that! I had my major faux paux when I was on television taking out the hottest woman in the wrestling business! Talk about embarrassing!!! (ha, ha) But we are all forgiven by the fashion police once and life goes on. The rest of the Diva’s looked good. Maryse and Melina definitely made it hard to concentrate on the match though, they both looked so stunning. Great Bodies, Great Hair and Great OUTFITS I couldn’t decide who looked best.

Last but not least ECW. Lately they haven’t had the girls on that often, so it is exciting when the girls have a match. I was glad to see Natalya make the move from Smackdown where she was being extremely under-utilized. She wrestled one of my new favorite Diva’s Alicia Fox and the match was OK. I’m a big believer that you don’t have to be the best wrestler to be entertaining. I know Alicia Fox is fairly “green” but I enjoy watching her. I think she and DJ Gabriel bring out the best in one another character wise. Natalya proved to be the ring “leader” and I thought she looked good and was noticeably more blonde this week. It looked good though and the pink ends make her stand out. I got excited when she broke out the sharpshooter. Something with some history and meaning behind it! YAY!

So that’s all for this week my sugarplums. I’m stepping off my Katwalk and remember ya’ll…Pretty is as pretty does and if your not being pretty, then Krissy’s gonna- Bless Your Heart! (under construction)

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