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Krissy’s Katwalk

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Hey Ya’ll and welcome to the second installment of Krissy’s Katwalk!!! First off, Id like to thank EVERYONE for the enormous response to this column. I have often questioned how much my opinion really means to anyone- but you seemed to really enjoy the 1st “Katwalk” so much! Needless to say Im really thrilled about this being a weekly venture for all of us! This week Im going to start with the Knockout’s since last week I started with the Divas’s…

Impact this week was a little uneventful in my opinion, I always want so much to see all of the women on the roster utilized- but unfortunately that is usually not the case. Amazing Kong had her usual “destroy a girl” match with this one being slightly different. I recognized this cute lil ol blonde that was standing face to face against the killer “Kong”. This was a girl whom I have seen pics of within the last year or two and said to myself “now that girl is gonna go somewhere”. I know- superficial of me to judge based upon a photo but this is Entertainment, it is Television and most of the time “Attractive” is a good thing. In fact, out of sheer curiosity I you-tubed this blonde cutie-pie(a while back) and was pleasantly surprised that she is a “trained” wrestler and a good one at that. Athletic with a great “look” is hard to beat. However, she didn’t stand much of a chance against Amazing Kong but her showing, in my opinion, was enough to put her on the radar. Dubbed “Madison” (something or other i forget) I think TNA could benefit greatly by having her on board. Kong was brutal and glorious as usual and made us all feel sorry for “poor lil Madison”. I hope we see more of the both of them in 2009.

The next Knockout segment was a promo with “Sarah Palin” and “The Beautiful People.” This was quite entertaining I have to say! I think “Sarah Palin” aka Daffney “The Scream Queen” is doing a fantastic job as the “vice presidential candidate”. I would like to see her start to become a little more bitter though about her candidacy loss, like the real Sarah Palin. Whew, has she been on the soapbox here lately blaming everyone but herself for her unsuccesful candidacy. I used to LOVE Sarah Palin (i really wanted a hot vice-president) but recently that ungrateful hussy has been moaning and groaning to anyone who will listen! Whining and complaining about her loss. Oh Boo Hoo Honey- Bless your heart! I’d like to see TNA’s “Palin” do the same. It’s really obnoxious! Best part of the night when Angelina and Velvet fell in the “poo”… hilarious. Bless their Hearts too!

I missed TNA’s Genesis in Charlotte NC, TNA officials apparently FORGOT that I live in North Carolina and apparently FORGOT to invite me and send me my official backstage pass… Bless their Hearts:)

Now on to Smackdown and the Diva’s. We are not starting out on a good note on this one… Sigh. I love the Smackdown girls and was really disappointed this week. I truly believe that the only thing that even kept my eyes on the television during this match were the Bella Twin’s in their sparkly gold outfits! Best outfit choice they have made thus far and I think they should stick with the gold theme. They looked beau-tee-ful! My only suggestion would be to add a few accessories. Gold arm bands or a belly chain would have been a nice touch(and sexay whoo). Also they could do splashes of color with the gold such as pink and teal like they have worn in the past. I think they should capitolize on the fact that they look like goddesses and use it to their advantage!

Ok back to the match… Awful from beginning to end. As a trained wrestler I was confused as to why each girl was doing what they were doing from one move to the next. They also looked confused and like they were just going thru the “motions”. I cant imagine what “great mind” put this together and I believe in my heart that Finley nor Steamboat was behind this one. (they couldn’t be NOOO) I don’t know what happened but it’s like my mama always told me “Krissy, if you don’t have something nice to say about something then you just don’t say anything at all”. Im gonna take her advice on this one! The push up’s in the match were incredibly “indy-riffic”… Ooopssss!?!?! SORRY Mama– that one slipped! As far as how the Smackdown Diva’s looked… Victoria got best hair of the night!!!! It was incredibly shiny,bouncy and voluminous. Her outfit was cute, but nothing to write home about. Michelle looked great. Her gear was nice(better than the shorts) and she looked really pretty. I wish she would come up with a different type of ring gear though. Is it just me or does it seem to be the same as Beth Phoenix’s gear except with the strip down the back -instead of front panel??? I do like the new bangs tho. They look amazing!!!! Alot of people dont realize this, but adding bangs can take up to 10 years off and replace the cost of Botox! There is your lil “Trick of the Trade” this week! “Bless the Heart” of the person who helped these girls put together this match! I pray for better next week.

Raw this week was quite good. I have always enjoyed Stephanie McMahon’s on air persona and she makes an interview interesting.The tones in her voice go up and down at just the right spot’s to keep you interested. I think she’s classy, womanly and well spoken, my kinda woman! I like an intelligent business woman who is put together.I thought she looked great in the all black suit and her make-up and hair was “to the nines”. She’s slimmed down and looks fantastic. You go Steph with yo “bad self”! Ok, well, you know what I mean…

Next we get to see Jillian, Beth, Melina, Kelly Kelly and a crazy photog! What, who could that crazy photog be???? Is TmZ here… what’s going on??? Someone save Melina! HELP… beatdown by Jillian and Beth on poor lil Melina and Kelly Kelly.. Danggg you photog- you put my Melina and Kelly in harms way! We shall see if you can stand toe to toe with the Diva’s of Raw. They are the best of the best. Always looking amazing, stellar wrestling, with really great hair and outfits to boot! We shall see photog… Come out of hiding- show yourself and bring the best of what you’ve got. I can never say ANYTHING about the Raw girls… GRRR boring– C’mon, somebody wear something ridiculous or have a bad hair day! No “Bless Your Heart” once again! Unless I can do it to the photog… Nah, she hasnt gotten a fair shot yet! Stay away TMZ!!! You crazy fools! Stay away!

And last but not least on ECW Alicia Foxx and Katie Lea Burchill impressed again. They didnt do a whole heck of alot but what they did was good. Not as good as last week but definitely not bad! Oh- name check from last week– DJ Gabriel is the name the former Steve Lewington is now going as on ECW. Sorry about that ya’ll my mistake! The girls looked great once again with great outfits and fantastic hair. They both looked gorgeous and athletic. Some of the moves were not as smooth as last week but last week’s showing would’ve been really hard to beat! I think Alicia Foxx may grow to be one of WWE’s top “good” girls. And Katie Lea is coming into her own. Im excited to see what will happen with these two in the future.

I would also like to CONGRATULATE one of my very close friends and former Smackdown Diva Kristal Marshall!!! She recently won the prestigious title of Ms. Bikini America 2008. Since this was her first ever fitness competition EVER, I was quite impressed but not surprised. (i knew she was bad to the bone!!!) I expect to see huge things this year for Kristal and wouldn’t be shocked to open up an Oxygen or Women’s Fitness magazine and see her as the spokeswoman for this product or that. Kristal is looking better than I have ever seen her look! She can now be contacted for bookings/ appearances on her myspace page. You can find her here Awww –she is just pretty as a picture. Go Kristal!

So that’s all for this weeks edition of Krissy’s Katwalk and remember “Pretty is as Pretty does and if your not being pretty Krissy’s gonna Bless Your Heart!” I hope everyone has a great week!

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