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Linda’s Thoughts – Adamle GM?

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Can we talk? Hey last night’s Raw was like watching a three-ring circus. Sure there were a few good things on the show, but it was like hey let’s just make put whatever out there, it was a show that did not flow and of course the ending was not only a total flop for the live, Washington, DC crowd, but it was an absolute disappointment for me too. I want to tell you what appealed to me, but more importantly there were many things that were just so off, and one had to do with a guy that I am a big fan of, but last night on the mic this guy totally bombed, so of course I want to talk about that as well. So quickly here’s what worked for me last night.

Santino and Beth Phoenix definitely added something to the show. Finally when Santino wrestles I find myself interested, unlike when he was with Carlito and their matches really didn’t go anywhere. But now not only is Santino working with Phoenix, but having D’Lo as Santino’s enemy seems to be working out, at least for now. I thought Kelly Kelly did a good job in this tag team match against Beth Phoenix and Santino, but of course the match was just part of what made this a good segment, again the sexual tension between Marella and Phoenix was a riot and I loved watching Santino react to another one of Beth’s kisses. This might not be the best thing going on Raw but it’s right up there. My match of the night without a doubt was CM Punk vs. the returning William Regal. Regal certainly came back ready to go, and I was just very happy with what I saw here. Of course the injury to Punk was something you hate to see but these two guys worked their asses off and at least the DC crowd saw a 5 star match.

I thought Chris Jericho had a very good promo. I loved the video showing highlights of some of Jericho’s funniest moments and when he closed his eyes and told Shawn Michaels to stay home and move on with his life I thought Jericho really did an awesome job on the mic. I can’t say that this segment was perfectly done because I felt it went on too long. Jericho had the crowd at the beginning but the more this went on the more quiet things got. But all in all I still liked this segment and I love the new MR. SERIOUS JERICHO, and it looks like they have finally found something for Lance Cade to sink his teeth into. And finally Mickie and Jillian and a decent match, but I especially loved the attack on Mickie by Katie Lea and her announcement that she is going to be the next women’s champion and her “brother” Paul Burchill will be the next IC champion. So these were my highlights of the show, the rest was either fair to total garbage. Let’s start with Raw’s opening.

I mentioned in the opening paragraph that I am a big fan of a major star and that star is Dave Batista. I’ve always liked him, maybe because more and more he’s showing me so much in the ring and even on the mic. Well last night he stunk. Hey he’s entitled to have a weak moment and hopefully what we got last night will never happen again. I was so disappointed with Batista’s interaction with Cena. Each time Batista laughed it sounded so forced and it seemed like an effort for him to even deal with Cena. Batista not only looked bad but he didn’t do Cena any favors either. When they were going back and forth about going against Punk, Cena came off like a mid carder to Batista. I may not be explaining it right but Cena didn’t look like a top guy. Plus he had to start out with the same crap about a mix reaction and that’s he’s not perfect, and I say way to go CREATIVE TEAM your giving Cena the same old garbage to say. I was very disappointed in the opener.

I also think enough is enough and it’s time to move Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes away from the “old” guys and get them into a program with some guys in their age group. While I didn’t hate the tag team match with DiBiase and Rhodes making Lawler and Michael Cole look like crap, I think we get the point and now it’s time to get some really good tag team action. Jamie Noble vs. Kofi Kingston’s match was way too short to get into and I just wish more time would have been given to these two guys. And less time would have been given to JBL. Again he was all over the show last night, it’s unfortunate that JBL is much more important than World Champion, CM Punk. For that matter you can add Cena, Batista and Kane to that list as well. After a brilliant match with William Regal, JBL entered the ring and went after Punk and then Kane came in and for a few seconds I was thrilled when Punk kicked Kane, but that thrill was cut short because just like the week before JBL clothes lined Punk, and Punk was down and out of the picture so that the focus could be on Kane and JBL. Oh yeah it’s becoming obvious to me that even though Punk has the title it means absolutely nothing. Punk is nothing more than a mid- carder on Raw and it pisses me off because as I said he’s playing second fiddle to JBL of all people among others. Oh and by the way how many more times do we have to hear JBL say the same thing about how rich he is, how he writes books and so on.

Again the creative department must be napping because just like with John Cena they don’t give JBL new material it’s the same old stuff. He bored the hell out of me when he was at the announce table. So I was totally put off with all the JBL segments and the way the champion was used. Also did they drop the ball already with Kane? Sure he came out with that sack but after a few cool weeks of him ranting and raving all we get now is Kane causing trouble in the ring. I hope this isn’t all we are now going to get, I mean they have something good here and it seems to be on hold again. Do I need to tell you I didn’t think much of the backstage segment with Batista and Cena talking about how they don’t trust each other, oh yes we’ve heard this a million times before. And finally the main event with Batista and Cena vs. Kane and JBL was okay but I would love to know why Cena got the pin on Kane and not the hometown guy Batista? But more importantly the show ended on a very bad note when WWE’s dancing machine Shane McMahon came out and introduced the new GM. Not only was naming Mike Admale a shock, but it was also done in such a lackluster way that the crowd absolutely died when Adamle very calmly announces that Batista will face Cena at Summer Slam. There wasn’t any hype to setting this match up; there was nothing major about it.

The ending was just a disaster. And for the most part so was the show. As I said it was all over the place and it left me with a bad feeling. You know some are saying that this Adamle GM role is just going to last for a week, but I wouldn’t put it past Vince to keep this going with Adamle. God knows how this is all going to play out, but I really hope next week’s show comes off so much better than last night’s Raw. Well the show didn’t wow me but hopefully ECW and Smackdown will. And over the weekend I will be back with thoughts on Smackdown. Now that we know it’s Taker vs. Edge at Summer Slam I wonder if Taker will show up, and I can’t wait to see Khali and Hunter interact, hey that was sarcasm. I don’t know if Triple H will be on the show, yesterday Stephanie delivered a baby girl, so he might be a no show. But I’m sure Edge and Vickie will rock the show Friday night. Okay one of my readers sent me the following item. There’s a video that has gone up that’s been causing some interest among wrestling fans. It’s labeled as some sort of contest but everything’s being kept top secret. Here’s the link on You Tube:“ The website forum has recently just re-opened after some severe technical difficulties. If you’ve ever wanted to join an online community and be part of a wrestling forum, now’s the time to jump in. TWA is an acclaimed wrestling forum that has some of the best wrestling discussions out there in addition to many interactive features such as our matches of the week, wrestling pool, et cetera. Currently, TWA is holding an interactive feature where members will vote on their favorite wrestlers of all time and in the end, TWA will count down the top 100. People who participate in this contest will receive a free DVD-R of some famous matches of the top 10 or 20 wrestlers on the list. In addition to all of this, TWA also has a very active Off Topic section of the site for random discussion, movies, music, graphics, and of course, TWA has an ever-growing multimedia section on all wrestling and all other media as well. is just waiting for you to make its mark on it, so why not join up today?


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