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September 10th TNA IMPACT hi’s, low’s & more

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By Jerome Wilen

During the week as I was other websites, I saw a banner ad that said not to miss the first five opening minutes of IMPACT. As I began to watch it Friday night (I watched it online this week) the show opens up with the action already in progress in the ring. The last time I can remember seeing that was back during the Monday Night War days on WCW Monday Nitro with Sting (the short bleached blonde hair Sting) outside the ring beating up his opponent, but I can’t recall who it was. I actually enjoyed the IMPACT opening segment this week. I almost read the spoilers to find out what it was, but I did not let my curiosity get the best of me.

With the new creative team, they again are starting to fill in the holes. The storyline with Matt Morgan, Kurt Angle and rest of the Main Event Mafia this week was great with Morgan turning on Angle. I am glad that I did not read the spoilers, because the Homicide swerve with him joining the World Elite was definitely a surprise. He has been a bit forgotten since losing the X-Division Title to Joe and Hernandez has been getting a big push. I think this is a good move and hope to see two square off in the future, but I will miss the old heel LAX tag team.

I have never been big on women’s wrestling. Both Alissa Flash and Serita have great potential to be a TNA Knockout Champion. The one thing TNA has done well is women’s wrestling and now they have been degrading that title with the absurd Cody Deaner storyline. ODB has the credentials to be a credible champion. I hope she wins at No Surrender. I do hope also that Angelina Love can come back soon as reports had indicated that the Beautiful People were suppose to be the women’s tag team champions. My guess is that either Angelina Love will return at No Surrender (highly unlikely at this point, but this is wrestling, never say never) or TNA will put the women’s tag titles on Tara and Christy Hemme.

I think TNA has done well with D’Angelo Dinero (aka Elijah Burke). He reminds me of Ron Killings and I am glad the X-Division is getting attention again. The Motor City Machine Guns were very entertaining having their own commentating table, but they are better served in the ring wrestling. Now with the break-up of LAX, it is the Guns turn to shine and have a run with the TNA Tag Titles.

TNA still has a lot of work to do, and I think they are continuing on the right track. It will be interesting to see what changes both externally and internally come after the No Surrender Pay-Per View on what direction they will continue to go in, although I think the most notable changes will be announced after Bound for Glory. I think that Taz and Mike Tenay are starting to have good chemistry. Again, nothing against Don West, but the announce team change has been good and makes for an overall better TV product in this area.

Final thought: I think that Matt Morgan turning on Angle leading up to the pay-per view was great as well as Homicide joining the World Elite. TNA needs more swerves and surprises. That is what made a live Nitro so great as you never knew what would happen next. With their new TV deal, TNA has the green light from SPIKE for limited additional original programming over the course of the next three years beginning October 1st. I do agree with Mosh and Blade, hosts of the long time running internet radio show, Monday Night Mayhem, if TNA can pull it off with that special programming they should do a special live IMPACT on Thursday and have the storylines continue on the following Monday with a special two hour IMPACT that starts an hour before RAW. Dixie Carter has made it public, she wants to compete with RAW. The industry needs another Monday Night War. It would bring out the best of both Vinces.’

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