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WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 PPV Ice Breaker Predictions

By : andyravens Posted on

WWE Title Match: The Rock © vs. CM Punk (Title will change hands on countout or disqualification)
This is of course the rematch from the royal rumble ppv main event which saw the rock become an 8 time WWE champion. There is belief that the rock will walk into WrestleMania  as the champion & I believe that. Here is the problem if you’re an cm punk fan as myself. The rock is now a movie star who brings in more press or media outlets who look to cover the rock & more into the wwe. The rock wanted to be a world champion and that’s what he got. I see the rock defending & retaining his world title at the E.Chamber PPV. It makes no sense to have the rock lose a title just a month after winning it & losing it 2 months out from the biggest show of the year for wwe. Could the shield get involved into the match, well yeah but I don’t think they will. They have their own match on the card of this ppv. It wouldn’t make sense if punk went over. There is rumors that the undertaker will take on punk at WrestleMania 29. If that’s not the case then they could easily have a triple threat match between The rock © , John Cena & Cm punk.


Winner: The Rock © Retains 


World Heavyweight Title Match: Alberto Del Rio © vs. The Big Show
The big show has been pushed as a monster heel for some time now & the way he’s been looking on the tv shows ( Raw & Smackdown) he will lose the title match against ADR. Here is why its simple Wrestling booking. If you build up a heel as a challenger for a title then he will lose at the big pay off match. WWE is really high on ADR as there world champion. I can’t really get into the ADR babyface character right now but maybe in some time I will. We been hearing for a couple years when he was a heel that he was better than everyone else & now sense he is a face he says that he is just like us. Now has ADR done a good job as champion yes. Do I think Big show needs to be champion right now NO!. ADR finds a way to win the match.


Winner & Still Champion: Alberto Del Rio ©


Elimination Chamber Match: Jack Swagger vs. Chris Jericho vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Kane vs. Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton
Honestly this is one of the best E. Chamber matches with a stacked superstar list on paper. How they will do on Sunday is a different thing. Let’s just go through the list of guys in the match. Kane & Daniel Bryan who are the tag team champions. Look I like these guys & im glad there in the match but do they need to be in there no. They have their own program right now & you can eliminate them from winning the match. Randy Orton has been rumored & reported to become a heel in the near future & they could do that at this ppv but I don’t think they will. Could you have Orton be a heel & face Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania yes but I have someone in mind who will win it so were going to eliminate him from the match. He has be in & out of the wwe with the suspension & then all the injury’s, Personal Time off. Will they reward a guy like this? Who knows?. Jack Swagger coming back I have liked but to throw him a world title match right as soon as he has gotten back is not necessary. Him losing this match doesn’t hurt him at all so why have him win. Chris Jericho In this I would like to see him back in the world title picture but he has lost so many matches sense being back it wouldn’t make sense for him to. I do think he needs to get a winning streak going fast to have the fans take him serious to win a match. This leaves the world’s strongest man mark henry left. Sense returning he has been on a mean streak & destroying everyone in his way. He is a heel so it would make a lot of sense winning this match & going to WrestleMania where he could grab his world title back. I think if he loses this match it would cut off all of his momentum. That’s why I’m picking him to win.


Winner & #1 Contender For the world title at WrestleMania 29: mark Henry


Quick Picks


The Shield (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins) Def Ryback, John Cena and Sheamus
United States Champion Antonio Cesaro © Def The Miz
Divas Champion Kaitlyn © Def Tamina Snuka
Pre Show: Team Rhodes Scholars Def Brodus Clay & Tensai 

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