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Complete RAW Report for 2/16/09 from Spokane, Washington

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RAW this week starts with Lilian announcing Vicki Guerrero. Vicki comes out to the stage and announced – to huge heat – the new WHC Edge. Edge comes out, takes Vicki’s hand and they walk part way down the ramp. Pyro. They walk hand in hand to the ring. Edge poses in the ring while Vicki claps. Edge gets huge heat from the fans when the music goes off. He asks if the fans want to know what the ‘R’ stands for? Remarkable, resplendent or really, really smart since he’s now here. When he lost his title he could have packed up and gone home. He could have looked for sympathy. He says they fans are all big, fat failure turtles who would have curled up in their shells. So he took matters into his own hands. Yes, he heard them when he left that they called him a loser. But they’re all wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong! He went around outside the ring and told individual fans they were wrong. Then he flopped on the mat in the ring and again said everyone was wrong. Last night he competed in two ECs and is wonderful. Vicki then got on mic and said that those who did not see NWO last night, huge heat for her. She said when Steph accompanied Shane to the hospital she was the highest ranking person in charge. When Kofi couldn’t compete she had to find someone deserving… “You suck!” chants. She said no one was more deserving than her husband. After speaking with the Board Of Directors, Edge is the new WHC. More ‘excuse me’ from Vicki when the fans got ugly at her. She said they might not like it, but each and everyone one of us will accept it. They then made out in the ring again – blecht! Cena’s music and he comes stomping out with that goofy smirk on his face and trying not to laugh. To the ring and he had to pause and collect himself before entering. “Cena” chants, so he waited a moment. He thanked the fans for it, but isn’t sure they’ll like what he says next. He congratulates Edge. Cena says a lot of people might sue, shut it all down and say no WM, but that’s not Cena. How Edge got into the match is one thing, but he won. Cena again congratulated him and said he’s the new WHC. The ‘R’ stands for a lot – remarkable, really really lucky, right place right time – and Cena’s favorite – rematch! Edge says Edge competed in two EC matches. No one has ever done that! Edge says he’s not competing tonight, or possibly a week. If he wants to see him ad his lovely wife, they’ll be on SD! Cena says he wants Edge healthy. He said to tell Festus and Funaki hello, they (Edge and Vicki) do what they do. Cena stopped and said he saw something and threw up a bit in his mouth. But Cena does have a rematch. Edge says they do have a history, like when Edge cashed in the MITBLM to beat Cena. Or when he went through Cena’s childhood home and took down Cena’s father. Edge says they champ is here and did Cena’s ‘you can’t see me’ thing. Edge tries to walk by. Cena grabs him and says if Edge tries to hide, Cena’ll find him. Edge tries to run, Cena’ll catch him. Cena then lets Edge go. Edge and Vicki back up the ramp while Cena poses in the ring.

Out back Shane proposes to meet Orton in the ring tonight until one of them isn’t moving. No ref, no rules, no Legacy. They end it tonight.

- Commercial

WM promo.

Cryme Tyme in the ring. Punk comes out to join them. Video of Punk pinning Regal last week. Regal comes out with Layla. Priceless come out to the ring together.

Cody and Punk lock up. Hammer lock on Cody. “CM Punk” chants. Reverse the lock on Punk. Bitch slapping between Cody and Punk. Punk takes Cody down hard. Ted rushes in and takes Cody out to ringside to revive him.

- Commercial

Back kick to Regal form Punk through the ropes. Ted mounts Punk and throws punches. Big punch drops Punk. Regal tags in. Knees to Punk’s head. Regal pins Punk for two. High knee to Punk’s face. Cody tags in and stomps Punk for two. Ted tags in and stomps Punk in the gut. Knees to Punk’s head while in a headlock – sadly some knees hit Ted’s own arm in a very obvious way. Cover to Punk for two. Cody tags in but gets an enziguri. Ted tags in and clotheslines Punk from the ring as JTG gets a blind tag. JTG takes them all down. Shad also comes in to help until he and Regal go outside fighting. Priceless double teams JTG and Ted gets the three.

- Winners: Ted, Cody & Regal

Steph is berating Shane out back. Steph says they were in the hospital last night and Shane wasn’t cleared to fly. Shane says Orton’s hurting too and this ends tonight.

Video clips from last night’s PPV.

- Commercial

Jericho is in the ring. He asks members of the Academy to not vote for Rourke. It could send a terrible voice to the Legends who are leaching for one last ounce of success. Jericho’s the only one with the courage to tell them it won’t happen. We enable them because, like them, we’re all weak, shallow, insecure human beings who need to be shut up for our/their own good. Jericho says everyone can boo him as he’s honest. Jericho is shut up by bagpipes. Piper comes out looking annoyed. He gets in the ring and said he’s going to shoot with him on this one. Piper’s voice doesn’t sound right. He sounds out of breath from moment one. He really doesn’t sound right! Piper says he’s watched Jericho’s entire career and liked him. He said what’s on his mind then had the guts to back it up in the ring. Reminded him of someone he knows. What happened? Now he’s on TV and running his mouth, calling Piper out, Flair out, the other legends out. Jericho used to be entertaining. He judges them, patronizes them. Tells them what they should and shouldn’t be doing. Using Jericho’s quote – please, shut the hell up! Jericho tells Piper to dance on a string and make the fans cheer. Piper cuts him off and says he not done. Rourke’s his friend and he wanted the movie and cried. The movie’s not about old timers. The movie is about the honor and respect they have for everyone. The movie is about the pain, physically and emotionally. Most of all, most important – for the thrill of performing. Flair was right, they live for this. “Wooooo” from the fans. People come up to Piper and remind him of when he too out Mr.T. And fans remind him of when he shaved Adrian Adonis’ head. Jericho wants to bury these moments. These moments should be celebrated. Last year Piper was in the RR. People jumped to their feet and he felt like he was in the first WM. That was a thrill for him. “Rowdy!” chants. Piper says he has one hip and hurts all the time. As long as these folks say so, he will crawl down on his hands and knees to give them one more moment because old school’s cool. Jericho decked Piper with a mic and then pushed him down. Jericho yelled, off mic, for Piper to crawl. Kick to Piper’s gut and then Jericho left the ring yelling.

Grisham out back with Orton. Grisham says they’re all abuzz over Shane’s announcement. He said he has no problem with it, but that Shane said he needed Priceless. They were not there when he almost punted Shane. If he wants someone not moving, he can make that happen.

- Commercial

WMIX, 1993, promo. They were all in togas, JR’s fist night with the WWF. Hogan beat Yokozuna for the WHC.

Jamie Noble is in the ring. He says WM is a beautiful thing. He says everyone knows how big the night after NWO is. He’s never been in the MITBLM and he’s never danced with Liberace, God rest his soul. But… Then Kane’s fire cut him off.

Jamie is pushed back into a corner but gets his feet up. Jamie runs out into a chokeslam – for three!

- Winner: Kane

King and Cole talk about the JBL and HBK match from last night. HBK is now free of JBL. JBL is out back heading for the ring as King and Cole laugh about him.

- Commercial

King says Orton has accepted Shane’s challenge for an Unsanctioned Fight.

JBL’s music and his limo comes out as far as it can and he walks the rest of the way. He looks extremely pissed off – more so than usual! He also has a blackened left eye. JBL says that as of last night HBK is no longer his employee. He had his people write HBK a very large check and he’s paid in full. He keeps his name and is financially stable. JBL could care less. He has more money that HBK will ever have and more than any of us will ever have. He hired HBK as he thought he had a date with destiny in his former home state. But after last night he had an epiphany. He realized those goals are too small. His goals are grander and are about immortality. His goal is to end ‘The Streak’. Known as two words, 16-0. He will go to WM and end ‘The Streak’ and will be known as the greatest wrestler of all… HBK’s music and he comes bouncing out with that huge smile back on his face! He’s all full of it and looks like he’s ready for some DX type fun. Huge “HBK” chants from the crowd. HBK says that last night he had an epiphany too. He can’t spell it, but he had an epiphany too. He’s not longer HBK, employee of the month. You’re looking at the Heart Break Kid, The Head Liner, The Show Stopper. And mostly Mr. WM. Free at last, free at last, thank God all mighty, I am free at last. Taker told HBK that it’s hell to get to heaven. So HBK realized there’s no better person than the one who revolutionized the Ladder Match at WM. The match of the year last year at WM with Flair. And the show’s too short for all his credentials so he’ll stop there. He thinks he should face Taker! JBL says getting his life back gave him some guts, but beating Taker at WM is JBL’s destiny. HBK says JBL can’t tell him what to do any longer! So next week they will face off and the winner will challenge Taker to go after ‘The Streak’ at WM. JBL accepts. HBK says they’re doing business one more time. HBK says this time will be a little different. HBK pokes the heck out of JBL’s chest. HBK says this time he pushes back. HBK says it will be him facing Taker at WM. HBK walks away then walks back and pokes JBL some more and asks if he hates when people does that! HBK then walks off and up the ramp grinning the whole way.

Video of Orton and his recent history with the McMahons, the lawsuit threats, attacking Vince, yelling at Steph to fire him, Shane showing up and attacking Orton. Orton won the RR. Orton tried to attack Shane, but Shane was prepared. Orton attacked Shane and Steph out back. Orton was about to punt Steph, but Shane took the kick to the ribs. Then, last night they faced off in quite the match.

Out back Shane’s getting ready to face Orton.

- Commercial

WM promo.

Rey comes out to the ring in black with a sleeveless hoodie on and looks rather thug-like. He handed his hoodie to a young guy with Downs in the second row. Knox comes out to face him.

Kick to Rey’s gut, then a punch to the head. Rey in a corner then kicked to the gut. Rey on his shoulder but wiggles out and hits some punches. Below a big boot but then Rey runs into a hard clothesline that looked a little high. Rey is whipped but gets his feet up. Rey is lifted high then dropped. Rey is tossed then slid out under the bottom rope, then slid on the mat outside!

- Commercial

Back kick to Knox’s gut, but he can’t get ahead! Knox covers for two. Chinlock on Rey. Rey to his feet during a “619″ chant. Rey starts fighting back with punches and kicks but a huge spinning back breaker gave Knox two. Clubbing blows to Knox’s back but then Rey is whipped and hits the mat hard. More “619″ chats. Stomps to Rey and then Knox covered with one foot for two. Bear hug locked in on Rey. Rey out of the bear hug into a hurricanrana. Then a bulldog. Rey sets up and hits the 619 to make the fans go wild. Rey slingshots but lands on Knox’s shoulder. Knox hang Rey upside-down in a corner. Knox kicks Rey but is backed off by the ref. Knox goes back after Rey but eats the ring post when Rey sits up. Rey comes out and covers Knox for three.

- Winner: Rey

Video of high points in the match.

Out back Santino and Beth walk along with Rosa. He demands Rosa’s attention as this is such a big match for her. Santino is not paying attention.

- Commercial

Melina comes out to the ring in blue and black. She does her normal ring split. Beth comes out in her normal black jumpsuit, but with red, green and white (Italy’s colors) edging, with Santino and Rosa in tow. Rosa ticks off Beth by blotting her with a towel on stage. Beth grabs it and tosses it away.

Beth quickly grabs Melina and beats the heck out of her. Beth bounces Melina off a corner then off the top rope and to the mat for two. An arm hold on Melina that looks fake due to Melina’s flexibility. Back elbow to Beth then kicks. Melina goes for a bulldog but Beth reverses into a back breaker! Melina is tossed to the apron and got a forearm in, but then Melina to the floor. Rosa kicks Melina but suddenly Kelly, Mickie and Candy are there attacking Santino to keep him out of it. Mickie attacks Rosa too. Back in the ring and Melina rolls Beth up for three.

- Winner: Melina

Rosa apologizes to Beth in the ring. Beth can’t see straight she’s so mad.

King and Cole talk about the HOF. Austin was the first announced. Tonight they announce Dory and Terry Funk will be inducted. Very nice video about the brothers. Dusty is inducting them!

- Commercial

King and Cole talk about how Edge lost and then won titles last night. Then how he wasn’t happy by what Cena had to say about a rematch. Video from earlier tonight between them.

Steph, out back, on the phone saying that Shane’s match is next and where is that person? They better get there fast! She loses the person on the other line and throws the phone down.

- Commercial

Shane-O-Mac’s music and he comes out bouncing – not as much as usual, but still bouncing! Orton comes out slowly when his music hits. He waits on the stage glaring before coming down the ramp, flexing and pumped – but very slow.

Shane leaves the ring to attack Orton. Decent punches from Shane. Looks like Orton’s ahead, but Shane came back. Clothesline of Orton over the barrier. Then Shane hits a flying clothesline from the barrier. Orton’s head is bounced off a wall in the crowd and then kicked in the ribs. Shane opens a water bottle and hits Orton over the head with it. Punches to Orton’s back. Shane is bounced face first off the production table. Orton sends Shane over the barrier to the ring area. Shane face first off the announce table then off the steps. Kicks and punches to Shane. Orton rolls Shane in the ring. Knee to Shane’s head then he stomps his way around Shane. Forearm to Shane’s back and then a punch to Shane’s face. Shane rolls from the ring. Shane is slammed back first to the barrier. Orton slams Shane back first again. Shane then tackles Orton onto the table and over. Shane beats the heck out of Orton behind the table. Shane grabs the ring bell. Orton stands up and eats the bell. The fans are quiet but yelling to Shane – not any chants or cheers, just comments. Shane rolls Orton into the ring and sits him in a corner. Ring bell to the back of Orton’s head. Shane grabs a chair and enters. Shane sets up the chair in front of Orton’s face. Shane, sweating like a pig, climbs. Priceless come out and attack Shane. They work him over beating the hell out of him in the ring. Cody hits his finisher on Shane to “you suck” chants. Orton is on his feet, but shaky. He has hands on Cody and Ted to hold himself up. Shane is on his belly trying to get up. Orton punts Shane’s head off! Orton stands over Shane grunting and seething in anger. Steph gets in the ring and cries over her Brother while people look Shane over. Orton, Cody and Ted stand back watching. Orton creeps close to look down over Shane and Steph. They lock a neck brace on Shane while Orton bends low over them. Steph gets up and talks in Orton’s ear. Without a though he hits an RKO on Steph. Suddenly Orton falls into the ropes in shock at what he’d just done. He’s visibly freaking out until the fans cheer. Legacy quickly leave the ring. HHH slides in the ring to clear them out and immediately goes to Steph. He checks on her and holds her hand. Hh is all over Steph, checking on her. He then starts to shake and seethe. He looks up the ramp directly at Orton. Orton’s eyes bug out of his head when he realizes just how deeply he’s dug his hole. HHH looks down at his wife and Brother in-law, then back at Orton. It’s on!

Biggest pop

Biggest heat

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