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Complete TNA LockDown Results for April 19, 2009

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TNA LockDown Results – 4/19/2008
the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Report by: Richard Gray of

TNA is currently introducing the announcers. Hector Guerrero and Mike Tenay get pops, Don West gets heat. Dixie Carter is walking around on the floor greeting people. Footage is shown of Jeremy Borash welcoming us from the Temple University campus from the crowd which was taped earlier today. We are then shown Danny Bonaduce arriving at the venue in Philadelphia, PA. Borash says we are going backstage to Lauren but instead Mick Foley vs. Sting footage is shown.

We go backstage with Lauren who is with Danny Bonaduce. Bonaduce says they’re in his hometown in Philadelphia and all he has to do is do his best. Bonaduce has Johnny Fairplay’s tooth around his neck, as he said he broke his jaw and took his tooth. Lauren asks Danny what he’s done to prepare. Bonaduce says he’s worked on his bumps and wrestled as much as possible. He says he never promised he would win but he did promise he would do his best. The feed stutters as Dave Penzer announces Danny Bonaduce to ringside. Bonaduce takes out a fan at ringside. Eric Young comes out next.

Danny Bonaduce vs. Eric Young
Dark Match

The bell rings and we’re underway under six sides of steel. Bonaduce is in tights as he swirls Numchucks. Lots of heat on Bonaduce as EY hits a dropkick. Young tosses him into the steel cage and follows with stomps. Young lifts Bonaduce up for a suplex and bounces him off the cage. He finally drops him and gets a two count. Young follows with stomps. Bonaduce counters and goes off the top rope on Eric Young for a two count. Young gets back up and clotheslines Bonaduce to the mat. Big powerbomb by Young on Danny. EY goes to the top rope but misses on a moonsault. Bonaduce counters but finally Young gets him in a small package for the roll-up pin and the win.

Winner – Eric Young

After the match, Young and Bonaduce shake hands. When Young turns his back, Bonaduce takes him out from behind. He wraps the Numchucks aroud Young’s neck and says he’s going to kill him. Rhino comes out and makes the save. Bonaduce eats Gore as the crowd pops.

TNA is currently airing the Smashing Pumpkins entrance video leading us into the pay-per-view.

We’re live on pay-per-view and shown footage of Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles arriving at the venue in Philadelphia. We are then shown images of Sting, Scott Steiner, Booker T, and Kurt Angle arriving. Team 3D are show in Philadelphia with the IWGP Tag Team Championship belts. Brother Ray tells Brother Devon this is the city we got our start in. Ray says this is the most hardcore violent city in the world. He cuts a promo on Beer Money. Brother Devon joins in to conclude the promo, warning Beer Money. He says when everything is said and done they’ll be no more arguments or nothing left to say other than Team 3D is the best tag team in this business. Cue the opening video. We’re live in the arena as the cameras pan the crowd. Mike Tenay gives us the formal welcome. The pyros go off at the top of the ramp and Smashing Pumpkins plays on the speakers. Don West signs on as the cameras continue to pan. They’re opening with the X Division Championship match.

Suicide (c) vs. Black Machismo vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Consequences Creed vs. Kiyoshi
X Division Xscape Match For The X Championship

Jay Lethal is the first participant to ringside. Kiyoshi is the second person to ringside. Consequences Creed is next out to a pop from the crowd. Sheik Abdul Bashir comes out with more heat than Kiyoshi. Suicide is the last participant to enter as they drop him in the center of the cage. As far as I know, Suicide is Frankie Kazarian tonight. Suicide has the X Division Championship wrapped around his wait as he goes on the offense. He takes the belt off and everyone is working. Creed going at Bashir, Kiyoshi at Lethal. Suicide is re-grouping after being double teamed. Bashir works on Creed, the other participants are down in the ring. Heel kick from Creed onto Bashir, two count. Suicide lands an inverted atomic drop on Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi counters and gets a two count. Lethal Consequences takes out Bashir with a double team in the corner. Dropkick by Lethal corner clothesline from Creed. Creed goes off the top with Lethal having Bashir up in a press slam. Suicide then falls victim to their double team. Creed picks Kiyoshi above hie head and Lethal goes off the top ropes onto him with the elbow. Kiyoshi is eliminated via three count. Kiyoshi is eliminated. Creed is working with Bashir, Lethal and Suicide are working. Bashir is getting hit with rights in the corner by Creed. Lethal Consequences double team Bashir and Lethal gets a two count on him. Suicide is double teamed by Lethal and Creed.

Creed gets a two count on the X Division Champion. Creed works with Bashir, now they try to take them out at the same time. Suicide gets Lethal up and takes him down, Bashir takes out Creed. Big DDT from Bashir on Creed for a three count. Consequences Creed is eliminated. Lethal chops away at Sheik Abdul Bashir but counters. Bashir counters and Suicide gets involved. Suicide works with Creed in the corner then picks him up. Suicide takes out Lethal with a clothesline on the mat. Suicide gets a two count on Lethal. Lethal kicks Suicide in the face off a counter. Suicide counters. Bashir ends up eliminating Jay Lethal after Suicide takes him out. Jay Lethal has been eliminated.

Bashir and Suicide are working in the ring. Suicide throws Bashir into the steel cage and the door pops open. Suicide pulls him back in by Bashir buries his head into his midsection. Off a counter, Suicide gets to the top of the cage. Now Bashir and Suicide work on the top rope. Bashir bounces Suicide into the steel. Top rope backdrop suplex from Bashir onto Suicide to take them both down to the mat. Good spot as both men are down in the ring. Suicide hits a stunner-type maneuver on Bashir, bouncing his head off the middle turnbuckle. Suicide tries to escape, Bashir tries to cut him off. They go to work on the top of the cage. They’re sitting on the top of the steel, battling it out exchanging blows. Suicide hits a headbutt on Bashir, sending him to the mat. The crowd pops as Kiyoshi rushes out to ringside. TNA security pulls Kiyoshi off the cage. Suicide dives off the top of the cage onto security on Kiyoshi to win the match. Awesome, awesome, awesome spot. Absolutely insane!

Winner & still X Division Champion – Suicide

ODB vs. Madison Rayne vs. Daffney vs. Sojo Bolt
Six Sides Of Steel: Queen Of The Cage Match

Madison Rayne is out first followed by Sojournor Bolt. Daffney is out next looking as freakish as ever followed by ODB with Cody Deaner. The bell rings and we’re underway. Sojo and ODB are working in one corner, Daffney and Madison Rayne in the other. Daffney its an early counter on Sojo but Rayne makes the save. Sojo and Rayne double team ODB. ODB lands a double clothesline on them. Daffney jumps on ODB’s back but ODB counters and slams her to the mat. ODB gets taken out by Rayne and is double teamed by Sojourner Bolt. Crowd is dead as Sojo takes out ODB. Sojo and Rayne catapult ODB into the steel. Now Daffney goes to work on ODB but gets taken out by Sojo. Sojo works with ODB but Daffney pulls her off and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Daffney climbs to the middle rope and goes off with an elbow shot on Madison Rayne, she misses. Deaner pours ODB’s some of her flask into her mouth. ODB gets fired up and cleans house with clotheslines.

ODB hits a splash on Madison and Sojournor in the corner. Side slam by ODB on Rayne for a two count. Sojo kicks ODB in the face and goes for the cover. Double sledge from behind from Dafney. Dafney takes out Sojo but Madison Rayne goes to work on her. ODB cleans house again and stalks Sojo. She spits from her flask in Sojo’s face. She hits a powerslam and pins Bolt for the three count.

Winner – ODB

The Motor City Machineguns (c) vs. No Limit vs. LAX
Six Sides Of Steel: New Japan Jr. Tag Team Title Match

LAX is out first with their Feast or Fired briefcases. Tetsuya Naito and Yujiro Takahashi, No Limit, come to ringside next. The New Japan Jr. Tag Team Champions, the Motor City Machineguns come out last with the small belts around their waists. Tornado tag team rules apply in this match. All six men go to work in the ring. Hernandez is working with Chris Sabin. Tremendous cross-body by Naito onto Shelley. Shelley counters on Naito in the corner. Hernandez has Sabin on th emat. Homicide is working on Yujiro. Yujiro counters with a powerslam on Homicide but Homicide counters back. Sabin gets pushed by Hernandez then counters with ring hands. Hernandez attempts a Border Toss on Chris Sabin but he counters with his speed. Sabin attempts a octopus-like submission but Hernandez gets out. Hernandez hits a huge shoulder block on Sabin into the six sides of steel. Alex Shelley tries a suplex on Hernandez but he counters and holds Shelley up. Sabin comes over and chops him down. The Guns double team Hernandez but he ends up hitting a double suplex with a good spot.

No Limit double team Chris Sabin but Hernandez and Homicide interrupt their celebration. Fall away dropkick by Homicide as Hernandez lands offense as well. A pin attempt on one of the members of No Limit is attempted by Homicide but Shelley makes the save. Shelley and Homicide work on the top rope. Sabin comes over for the save. Nice double-team work by the Guns. They double team Hernandez, then go at Homicide. The Guns put Homicide on the shoulders of Hernandez as Sabin hits a missile dropkick off the top rope. Tornado style DDT on Homicide by Sabin. Yujiro makes the save on the pin attempt. No Limit and LAX all land shots on Alex Shelley. LAX are the only two on their feet. Big belly-to-belly overhead release suplex by Hernandez on Shelley. Homicide goes to the top rope with Hernandez holding Yujiro positioned on the top rope. Homicide gets a two count but Yujiro kicks out. Sabin goes off the top into the arms of Hernandez. Hernandez tries to land offense but Sabin counters. Hernandez picks Sabin up and connects on a belly-to-belly overhead release suplex into the cage. Running Border Toss by Hernandez on Sabin into the cage. Naito and Homicide work followed by a No Limit double team on Hernandez. Yujiro gets a two count on Hernandez.

Yujiro hits a powerslam on Sabin then goes off the top with a diving headbutt. He misses. Naito goes off with a twisting moonsault attempt but misses as well. The Guns both climb to the top rope. They go off together on Yujiro. Hernandez makes the save. Half nelson suplex on Shelley. Homicide goes off with a dropkick on Yujiro. The Guns wait for their opportunity and clean house. Naito is double teamed by The Guns in the corner. Shelley gets the three count on Naito after a double team.

Winners & still New Japan Jr. Tag Team Champions – The Motor City Machineguns

Abyss vs. Matt Morgan
Six Sides Of Steel: Doomsday Chamber Of Blood

The following match is a Doomsday Chamber Of Blood match. The Blueprint comes to the ring first. The bell rings and we’re underway. Morgan has a chair with him inside the cage but Abyss knocks it out of his hands. Abyss pounds away on Morgan with ring hands. High knees from Morgan on Abyss. Abyss feeds Morgan a clothesline followed by a splash in the corner. Abyss throws Morgan into the steel. Morgan battles out with right hands. Big boot to the face of Morgan. Side slam from Abyss onto Morgan. Abyss pauses before grabbing the steel chair. Morgan uses Abyss’ hesitation to his advantage and connects a big boot into the chair into Abyss’ face. Morgan grabs the chair and climbs the ropes and throws the chair out of the ring. Morgan lands right hands on Abyss. Abyss is now bleeding. Morgan throws Abyss into the steel as color has been added. Morgan gets a two count on Abyss. Lots of heat on Morgan as he continues his assault on Abyss. Nice dropkick by Morgan onto Abyss. Blood is all over Morgan as he gets a two count on Abyss.

Right hands from Morgan to the face of Abyss. Morgan grabs a bag of broken glass and empties it in the ring. Morgan tries to rub Abyss’ face in the broken glass. Abyss is losing a tremendous amount of blood as it flows from his head into the broken glass. Morgan picks up a piece of broken glass and taunts him with it. Morgan tries to drive it into his head but Abyss blocks. Abyss is able to get the glass away from Morgan and hits a shoulder block off the ropes in a counter. Abyss throws Morgan hard off the cage, trying to bust him open. He cannot go for a pinfall or submission unless he’s bleeding. Abyss hits a powerbomb and goes for the cover, but no pin can be made until Morgan is busted open. Abyss argues with referee Andrew Thomas. Abyss is weakening from the blood loss. Morgan goes back on the offensive as he climbs to the top rope. Abyss gets up but moves out of the way, Morgan lands a shot on Andrew Thomas off the top rope. Abyss picks up a broken piece of glass and hits him in the face with it. Abyss is very bloody as Morgan grimaces in pain. Morgan uses the time to blade in the corner. Both are bleeding as they exchange blows in the center of the ring. Black Hole Slam from Abyss on Morgan. He goes for the pin but the referee is down. Referee Slick Johnson runs out and counts the two count but Morgan kicks out.

Abyss opens up the steel cage door and gets out of the ring. He grabs the chair at ringside – the one Morgan tossed out. Dr. Stevie comes out and takes the chair away from him. Stevie is revealed as Stevie Richards. Morgan feeds Abyss the Carbon Footprint and gets a two count. E-C-W chants from the crowd as Abyss counters on Morgan. Abyss begs Richards for the chair. Richards says no more violence. Abyss goes under the ring and grabs a bag. Abyss staggers in the ring and empties out a bag of tacks. Richards rushes in the ring and takes off his jacket. Richards slaps Abyss repeatedly in the head. This allows Morgan to hit the low blow from behind followed by a powerbomb onto the tacks. Morgan drapes his arm over Abyss and gets the three count. Richards retreats to the back.

Winner – Matt Morgan

Awesome Kong (c) vs. Angelina Love vs. Taylor Wilde
Six Sides Of Steel: TNA Knockouts Women’s Championship

Angelina Love comes out first with Velvet Sky. Don West says they have the two greatest butts he’s seen in one place at one time. Here comes Taylor Wilde. Awesome Kong, comes out last with Raisha Saeed. She looks furious as she gets in the ring. Kong goes to work on Angelina Love first. Taylor Wilde follows up on her. They didn’t change the ring canvas with all the blood on it. Kong takes out Love as her and Wilde work together. After a brief moment of working together, Kong drops Wilde down to the mat. Kong goes back to Angelina. Knife edge chop from Kong on Angelina. Kong picks Angelina up but Angelina counters out of a sitdown splash. Love and Wilde work together. Angelina gets a two count, Wilde pulls her off and gets a two count. Angelina and Wilde get in each other’s face. Wilde is able to pin Love for a two count. Love reverses and gets a two count followed by a clothesline. Kong picks Taylor Wilde above her head and flings her into the steel. Love works on the legs of Kong, trying to trip her up. Kong picks Love up and slams her hard to the mat.

Giant Swing from Kong onto Angelina Love. Kong steps on Love’s hair while lifting her up. Kong throws Angelina down to the mat. She then tosses Wilde down. The crowd is dead. Kong hits a chokeslam on Love. Kong climbs to the top rope. Kong goes off with a somersault splash! She misses but my gosh that was awesome! Angelina Love gets a two count, Wilde makes the save. Now Wilde and Love work together as Kong is down. Now Love starts to tie Kong’s hair to the cage. Velvet Sky helps her from the outside. Saeed chases Sky around the ring. Wilde goes off the top rope with a cross-body block onto Love for a two count. Kong’s hair is tied to the cage. Wilde applies a submission hold on Love. Kong kicks Wilde down as she goes over to check on Kong. Love pins Wilde after the kick for the three count.

Winner & new TNA Knockout Women’s Champion – Angelina Love

Beer Money, Inc. (c) vs. Team 3D (c)
Six Sides Of Steel: Philly Street Fight – Title vs. Title

The following match is a double championship match as the IWGP Tag Team Championship and the TNA Tag Team Championship are on the line in this Philadelphia Street Fight. The TNA Tag Team Champions, Beer Money, Inc. come out first even though the graphic said they were the IWGP Junior Tag Team Champions. The New Japan Tag Team Champions, Team 3D, come out through the crowd. They don’t receive a tremendous reaction. The bell rings and we’re underway. Roode works with Brother Ray, James Storm works with Devon. Ray hits a splash on Storm. Roode is knocked to the outside early. Storm is tossed to the outside, the crowd wants tables. Devon and Roode are in the crowd as are Storm and Ray. We’re split screen which makes it hard to watch, much less cover. Storm hits right hands on Ray as Ray follows him up the stairs. Devon has the upper hand on Roode up the stairs.

We go back to one picture where Storm and Ray are exchanging blows in one of the luxury boxes. Ray has the upper hand and gets the crowd into it. Ray fights with Roode who has joined the fight with Devon. All four men are in the same area up by the top concourse of the arena. Beer is spilled as Ray drops Roode crotch first on the rail. Security tries to work them down the stairs. Devon bites the head of James Storm. Roode bounces Ray’s head off the rail. Stiff right from Ray onto Roode. Beer Money start to counter Team 3D who uses the crowd to fuel their offense. Storm spits beer in the face of Devon and works with him back at the ringside area. Storm throws Devon into the guard rail. Storm and Roode throw Ray into the cage door that is open. Roode sets up the ring steps and then go for a table. Storm sets the table up with Roode. Beer Money suplex on the stairs, through the table on Brother Devon. The table breaks. Ray has added color and is bleeding from the head. Beer Money gets Ray back in the ring where they assault him with right hands and stomps to the face.

Roode gets a two count. Brother Devon is outside the cage as Beer Money continue to double team Ray. Ray fights off Roode and then Storm but they’re still too much. Ray eventually hits a double clothesline. Scoop and a slam on Roode from Ray. Ray goes to the top rope but Storm is following. Now Storm and Ray are working on the top rope. Storm falls after a blow from Ray. Now Roode is up working with Brother Ray. Bubba Bomb on Robert Roode from the top rope. Great spot as they show a replay. We missed the pin attempt during the replay as Roode kicked out. Storm hits Ray in the face with something and gets a two count. Devon finally gets back in and takes out Storm. They double team Roode and Ray gets a two count on him. The crowd chants for tables. Devon goes off the top with Storm on Ray’s shoulders. He kicks out. Now Roode goes on the offensive but not for long as he runs into Devon’s elbow. Slam by Ray on Roode. Devon goes off the top and connects on What’s Up.

Beer Money is down and Team 3D are standing tall. The crowd erupts for tables as Devon goes to the outside to fulfill their request. Devon puts one in. Storm hits a baseball slide kick on Devon as he tries to get back in. Beer Money double teams Brother Ray with a backdrop suplex. They throw Devon into the steel. Roode gets a two count on Devon. Roode goes to the top rope, Storm does the same in the opposite corner. Roode misses a diving headbutt, Storm misses a somersault off the top. Spine buster from Roode on Ray. Then a neckbreaker on Devon. Storm is outside of the cage. Roode signals for Storm to throw him in the cage door, it back fires as Storm shuts Roode in it. They crash Roode through the table in the ring and pin him for the victory.

Winners & new TNA Tag Team Champions – Team 3D

Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Booker T, Scott Steiner, & Kevin Nash) vs. Team Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, & Christopher Daniels)
Six Sides Of Steel: Lethal Lockdown Match

Kurt Angle is out first for Team Angle. Christopher Daniels is out for Team Jarrett. They will start the match out for their respective teams. The bell rings and the co-main event is underway. The opening session is 5 minutes. Daniels takes Angle down then steps on the back of his head. Daniels stomps Angle’s neck on the canvas (that’s awful risky given the shape of Kurt’s neck). Chain wrestling from both, Angle locks in a submission hold on Daniels on the mat. Daniels now has Angle in a side headlock in a counter. Angle tries to throw him off the ropes but Daniels has it locked in. Angle powers him down with a suplex in a counter but Daniels holds onto the hold. Angle finally gets out and throws Daniels into the steel. Daniels is whipped off the ropes, he finally connects on a dropkick on the leader of the Main Event Mafia. Daniels bangs out Angle’s head off the top turnbuckle. Daniels takes Angle to the mat with a high risk maneuver. Daniels sets Angle up on the top turnbuckle. He throws him over his head to the mat.

Snap suplex from Angle on Daniels in a counter. Angle applies a sleeper on Daniels. Daniels fights it off with elbows. Angle goes off the ropes and runs into the Koji Clutch from Daniels. The time expires and Booker T comes out and breaks the hold. Angle is down in the ring as Booker T goes to work on Daniels. Daniels fights off Booker with a dropkick. Crowd is not into this one yet. Booker kicks Daniels in the face after Angle hit a European uppercut on him. The Mafia is back in control as Booker and Angle double team The Fallen Angel. AJ Styles is out next for Team Jarrett. AJ takes out Kurt then helps Daniels take out Booker. Nice double team with Daniels on AJ on Booker. Styles stomps away on Booker T as Daniels works over Angle. Big suplex on Angle from Daniels. The crowd is booing Daniels to death. Angle fights off Daniels who counters with a clothesline. Styles and Booker are at work in the corner. Big Poppa Pump is out next for Team Angle.

Steiner gets in and takes out Daniels and Styles with Steiner Lines. Daniels gets a belly-to-belly from the middle rope from Steiner. Steiner sets Styles up on the top rope. He lands right hands then the Frankensteiner. Daniels and Styles are out numbered and out matched. The Mafia is in control and the crowd is dead. Steiner and Booker do push ups in the ring with Daniels down. Samoa Joe is the next participant for Team Jarrett but he’s no where to be found. They split the screen and Joe is seen talking to someone backstage. Joe finally makes his way to the ring. He takes out Steiner, then Booker. Now Angle. Joe cleans house. Belly-to-belly overhead release suplex on Angle. He slams Booker then Steiner lands offense. Joe counters and starts to even things up. Kevin Nash is out next with the hockey elbow pad over his elbow. Joe kicks the cage door as Nash tried to get in. Joe goes to the outside where he lands rights on Nash. Nash counters and throws Joe into the steel ring post. Big Sexy gets in the ring where AJ and Daniels are in control. Nash takes out Styles then Daniels with a side slam. Joe gets back in and goes back to work on Nash. Daniels and Booker are working, Steiner and AJ as AJ hits the Pele kick on him. Team Jarrett has the advantage. Best Moonsault Ever from Daniels on Nash. Angle hits a big suplex on Joe. Bodies flying everywhere, Jeff Jarrett’s coming in last.

Jarrett races down to the ring and gets in the cage. The top of the cage is dropped over the the ring as the lights go down. Jarrett hands his team members weapons. Jarrett hits Nash over the head with a trash can lid. They split the screen to six shots which is terrible. Joe uses a trash can as Jarrett hits Steiner with a kendo stick. Kurt Angle is on top of the cage. Styles follows Angle. Folks, AJ and Kurt are on top of the structure. Here we go, they exchange blows. Angle teases a suplex, AJ holds. Styles fights off with right hands. Angle is wobbling at the top of the cage. Angle is draped over the cage, he gets back to a vertical base. Angle rakes AJ’s eyes and lands a low blow. Angle goes back into the ring. Styles is still on top. Angle Slam on Jarrett. Styles just went crashing through the top of the cage and onto Steiner and Booker but he botched it. Styles landed really nasty. Angle and Daniels are working in the ring, Daniels takes Angle down. Steiner hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Daniels. Muscle Buster from Joe on Steiner. Spin-A-Roni from Booker but AJ gets back up. Booker misses the axe kick on AJ as Angle gets a two count on AJ. Dissension between Joe and Jarrett. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Joe, Daniels makes the save. Daniels plants Angle and gets a two count. Jarrett tried to hit Styles in the head with a chair. Jarrett gets his guitar. Jarrett points at Booker then AJ. Jarrett lands the guitar shot on Booker as AJ pins him.

Winners – Team Jarrett

After the match the lights go out as Team Jarrett stands in the ring. Music plays and here comes Bobby Lashley. Lashley looks to the ring and the lights go back out. We’re backstage with Lauren as they’re having bad production problems. Lashley’s music is playing over the backstage segment with Sting.

Sting (c) vs. Mick Foley
Six Sides Of Steel: TNA Championship Match

Mick Foley is out first with barbie. The following match is for the TNA Championship. We’re shown a shot of Sting walking to ringside with the belt around his shoulder. Cue the promotional video. Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the official introductions. The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 60-minute time limit. At 280 pounds from Long Island, New York, the challenger, Mick Foley. At 250 pounds from Venice Beech, California, the TNA Champion, Sting. Referee Earl Hebner takes barbie away from Foley. Slick Johnson locks the cage door. The bell rings and we’re underway. Foley starts to punch himself in the face, to the point where he exposes the wound above his eye. Foley takes Sting to the mat and kicks him in the face.

Foley kicks Sting down on the mat. Blood is streaming down the face of Sting. Foley tries to climb out. Sting meets him at the top rope and knocks Foley down to the canvas. Sting jumps down and attacks Foley. Sting rubs Foley’s face into the steel cage. They exchange blows as Foley starts to re-gain control. Foley takes Sting back down to the mat. The crowd boos Foley as he starts to climb up the steel structure. Sting meets Foley at the middle rope and pulls him off. Hebner counts Sting’s two count on Foley. Mick works with Sting in the corner, driving right hands to his face. Foley chokes Sting and climbs in the corner. Stinger Splash on Foley in the corner, hooking Foley’s leg in the top turnbuckle. Sting works the right ankle of Mick Foley. Foley tries to grab the ropes to get up, Sting continues his attack. Foley tries to climb the cage as Sting clips him off to the mat. Sting rubs Foley’s face on the steel structure. Foley counters and throws Sting off the cage. Foley kicks Sting in the face, but goes down in the corner to regroup. Sting is in trouble as Foley pounds on his own knee to try and regain circulation. Neckbreaker from Foley on Sting. Two count for the challenger.

Foley climbs to the bottom rope but is favoring his left knee. He kicks Sting in the face and sells his injuries. Foley botches a double arm DDT. Yikes – two count for Foley and you could hear a pin drop in the arena. The crowd boos Foley as he goes for the Scorpion. Foley locks it in but Sting fights him off. Foley motions that they open the cage door. He pushes Hebner down and starts kicking at the door. Slick Johnson refuses to open it. Foley kicks Sting in the head and continues to limp around the ring. Foley kicks the cameraman through the hole in the cage. Foley tries to escape through the camera hold but Sting connects the Scorpion. Foley asks the cameraman to give him barbie. Foley’s got the barbwire bat in the ring. Sting stops in his tracks when Foley teases a shot to the head.

Foley swings the bat but never connects. Sting takes him down with right hands. Sting tries to escape as Foley connects with the bat to Sting’s knee. He connects again, dropping Sting off the cage onto the mat. Foley and Sting are down in the ring. The crowd gets into it as Sting hits a drop toe hold on Foley. Blood is streaming from Foley’s hand from the bat. Sting picks it up and hits Foley in the gut twice. Sting hits Foley over the head with barbie. Sting rakes Foley in the eyes with barbie. Foley counters with a face shot to Sting. Heat on Foley as Hebner tells him to stop. Foley drops the bat on Sting again. Sting is busted open. Mr. Socko is on the hand of Foley as he wraps barbwire around it. Foley lands right hands to the face of Sting. Foley drives the bat into the face of Sting. Foley and Sting are both climbing out of the cage, Foley is able to get out first. New TNA Champion – Mick Foley.

Winner & new TNA Champion – Mick Foley

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