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Complete WWE Judgment Day Results – May 17th, 2009

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WWE Judgment Day Results – 5/17/2008
Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois
Report by: Richard Gray of

* A WrestleMania video package is shown.

* Mickie James beat Beth Phoenix prior to tonight’s WWE Judgment Day pay-per-view. Rosa Mendes was standing at ringside and was booted by Mickie. She reversed a hold on Beth to pick up the win.

WWE Judgment Day 2009 is now live on pay-per-view. Cue the opening promotional video. We’re live in the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois! The pryos explode and the cameras pan the crowd. 14,822 fans is the announced attendance as Jim Ross gives us the formal welcome.

CM Punk vs. Umaga

Punk is out first followed by Umaga. Crowd is hot and very pro-CM Punk who is from Chicago. The bell rings and we’re underway. Punk plays to the crowd with elbows on Umaga. They don’t have much affect as Umaga pushes Punk down. Punk uses kicks but Umaga whips him off the ropes. Punk counters with a cross body but Umaga slams him down to the mat. Umaga picks Punk up and puts him in the corner. He lands stiff right hands. Loud Punk chants. Punk fights out with right hands but goes off the ropes and into an elbow from Umaga. Kicks from Umaga on Punk as he sends the MITB winner into the corner. He whips him into the other side then works the back of Punk in the middle of the ring. Umaga applies a nerve hold on Punk’s trapezoid but Punk starts to counter. He gets to his knees then the ropes. Umaga works the left wrist of Punk when he puts his hands on the ropes. Punk gets sent shoulder-first into the steel ring post in the corner. Umaga applies a submission hold on Punk in the middle of the ring. It’s the nerve submission on Punk’s trap. Punk kicks Umaga to try and counter out but Umaga grabs his arm. CM Punk works hard to get to his feet, the crowd still heavily behind him. Punk gets to the vertical base and lands some right hands. Punk counters but Umaga hits a side slam, sending the MITB winner to the mat. Huge knee from Umaga for a two count.

Umaga puts Punk on the apron and kicks him off with a stiff boot. Punk hits his head on the crowd control barrier on the outside, they show a replay. The referee starts counting Punk out. Umaga works on him on the apron but Punk counters and rolls into the ring. He goes for a pin attempt but Umaga lands a big splash. Umaga goes off the ropes with another splash. Punk grimaces in pain as he crawls to the bottom rope. Punk counters another big slam and goes for a scoop and a slam on Umaga. He finally picks him up but Umaga lands on him for a near-fall. Umaga applies an arm submission hold on Punk on the mat. Punk gets back to his feet and hits right hands on Umaga. He goes off the ropes but right into an upper cut from the Samoan Bulldozer. Umaga goes to the middle rope for a big diving splash. Punk gets out of the way. Double count out is underway. Punk works on Umaga but Umaga puts him in the ropes. Umaga runs at him but Punk lowers the ropes and sends him out. Suicide dive from Punk on Umaga to the outside. Punk gets in the ring, leaving Umaga on the outside. Count out starts. Umaga gets back in and Punk hits several of his kicks followed by a nice heel kick. Umaga sends Punk into the corner, Punk counters. Umaga hits his head on the ring post off a miss-timed splash. After a bulldog headlock attempt by Punk, Umaga counters. Punk counters again, lands a bulldog off the middle rope and gets a two count. Umaga sends Punk to the apron in a counter but Punk counters and goes off the top ropes. Two count for Punk. Punk attempts GTS on Umaga, he’s too heavy. Umaga reverses and hits the Samoan Drop. Punk kicks out at two! Umaga teases Samoan Spike. He misses and Punk lands three kicks to his temple. Punk gets Umaga up for GTS but he drops him. Umaga kicks Punk in the face and splashes on him in the corner. Samoan Spike by Umaga and the three count victory.

Winner – Umaga

Richard Reacts: Based on that, scratch Punk possibly ‘cashing in’. Good opener that was well-booked. Umaga was dominant throughout with the hometown CM Punk gaining momentum during the match. Just when it looked like Punk had a chance, Umaga put him out and got the three count. The crowd is very hot tonight!

Backstage with Vickie Guerrero. Chavo Guerrero comes in and tells Vickie John Cena is officially medically cleared to return tonight. Vickie says the match is officially on as she turns to Big Show on the couch. Big Show tells Vickie she’s already lost Triple H to injury and tonight she is going to lose John Cena as well. Show says he know a lot of people came to cheer for John Cena but they are going to be bitterly disappointed. Loud ‘Cena sucks’ chant. Vickie says who takes Cena out will take his place. Edge walks in and Big Show greets him with an intimidating ‘hello’ as Edge says he needs to speak to his wife. Chavo walks out and leaves them alone. The cameras cut to the announce table.

Christian (c) vs. Jack Swagger
ECW Championship

The following match is for the ECW Championship. The challenger, Jack Swagger, comes to the ring first. Josh Mathews and Matt Striker are on commentary. The ECW Champion, Christian, comes out next to a good pop from the sellout crowd. They’re having the announcers play up the sellout of 14,882 as Mathews repeats it for what seems like the 4th time tonight. Tony Chimmel does the formal in-ring introductions for the bout. The bell rings and the ECW Championship match is underway. Both size each other up as they go for opening control. Christian lands a couple of right hands on Swagger. Swagger counters a whip off the ropes and Christian ends up on the outside. Swagger chases him out there as Christian gets back in. Swagger follows and goes for an overhead press slam. Christian lands on his feet and attempts the Kill Switch. Swagger gets Christian up for a belly-to-back suplex and rolls around on the mat with him. Christian gets back to a vertical base and fires elbows at the challenger. Swagger gets the advantage by countering. It doesn’t last as Christian ends up tripping Swagger over the rope and to the outside. Christian hits a dropkick from the inside. Christian jumps on the middle rope and to the outside onto Swagger. Very nice spot.

Swagger clears the count on himself and goes back to the outside on Christian. Swagger throws Christian into the steel ring post on the outside. Swagger stomps the throat of Christian on the outside and rolls him back into the ring. Swagger gets a two count. Swagger applies a leg scissor submission hold. The crowd is dying off during the mat wrestling big time. Christian reveres the hold on the mat but Swagger goes for the ropes. Swagger stomps the chest of Christian but Christian counters with right hands and chops. Christian goes off the ropes but Swagger meets him with a shoulder block. Two count for Swagger. Scoop and a slam by Swagger on Christian. He goes off the top ropes onto Christian but he gets his knees up. European uppercut off the top rope onto Swagger. Swagger is down as Christian gets to his knees. Christian greets Swagger with right hands but Swagger counters and picks Christian over his head. He runs with him but Christian counters and gets a near fall. Swagger counters but Christian ends up going off the top rope. He misses and Swagger gets a one count. Swagger attempts the Gutwrench Powerbomb. He throws Christian to the apron who goes off the top rope. Christian goes to the outside then gets on the apron, he goes to the top rope. Swagger meets him there and throws him off to the middle of the ring. Two count for the Challenger.

Small package by Christian out of nowhere, two count. Clothesline from each, sending them both down. Swagger lands offense and sets Christian up on the middle ropes. Sunset flip in a counter but Swagger rolls through and gets a two count. They’re working in the other corner as Christian lands more offense and gets another two count. Swagger picks Christian up and drops him face-first on the top turnbuckle. Two count for Swagger on Christian. Christian stumbles back up but still goes for the Kill Switch. Swagger reverses with a big suplex. Swagger goes for the Gut Wrench powerbomb, Christian counters. Christian grabbed the tights of Swagger and defeated him to retain.

Winner & still ECW Champion – Christian

Richard Reacts: Good match, especially with the time it was given. The crowd died off during the mat stuff by Swagger but I thought both looked very good. Could a Christian heel turn already be upon us with Christian using the tights to win?

Backstage, Chavo has his ear to Vickie Guerrero’s office door. Chavo asks Edge what is going on in there. Edge said it was private for him to be talking to his wife. Chavo says they aren’t even living in the same house any more. Edge tells Chavo he is a coward for letting someone refer to his wife as a pig without doing anything about it.

Shelton Benjamin vs. John Morrison

Shelton Benjamin comes out first with Charlie Haas. Morrison comes out next and struts down to the ring. The bell rings and the match is underway. Shelton picks Morrison and hits an exploder suplex. Benjamin works on Morrison but Morrison counters. Shoulder block from Shelton when he goes off the ropes. Morrison counters with right hands and throws him into the ropes. Benjamin rolls out of the ring to heat from the crowd. Morrison goes for the suicide dive but catches himself when Shelton moves. Morrison does a 450 splash on Benjamin to the outside. Incredible spot. Morrison goes to the top rope on the inside but is kicked off by Shelton. Haas rolls Morrison back into the ring. Shelton works on Morrison in the corner. Shelton has a seated abdominal stretch on Morrison in the ring. Haas shouts him encouragement from the outside. Morrison backs Shelton down with elbows but Shelton covers and gets another cover. Benjamin works Morrison over on the mat, whose face is down. Shelton applies a crossface-like submission on Morrison. He goes down into a sleeper.

Morrison works to get back to a vertical base. Benjamin stops the counter and sends Morrison to the mat. Benjamin locks in a sleeper. Morrison refuses to go down but eventually goes to his knees. Crowd doesn’t seem to be into the bout. Morrison is sinking down to the canvas. Shelton wrenches back on the hold tight, resulting in Morrison turning beat red. Morrison is able to get back to his feet and send Shelton off the ropes. Morrison goes for a submission but Shelton sends him off the ropes and they bang heads, sending both to the mat. Morrison runs into an elbow in the corner from Shelton. He hits a dropkick as a counter and follows with a clothesline. Morrison hit an innovative side Russian leg sweep. Benjamin counters with a base inverted backbreaker. Two count from Shelton on Morrison. Morrison takes Shelton down and gets a two count. Shelton catches Morrison who leaps at him and sends him down to the mat into the turnbuckle. Shelton gets a two count. Drop toe hold from Morrison on Benjamin in the corner. Morrison takes out Haas on the apron and Morrison hits the flying drop kick followed by Starship Pain. Morrison goes for the cover and gets the three count.

Winner – John Morrison

Richard Reacts: Great match. Morrison is something special and got over in a big way with the crowd. Excellent ring work from both, especially Morrison with some really good stuff.

The Miz/Alfonso Soriano

The Miz comes with a mic. He says before he gets started he wanted to recognize the winner of the last match. He says to give it up for Marty Janett… as he cuts off and says John Morrison. Miz calls out Cena and responds to the crowd (who is chanting ‘What’) by saying they sound like a bunch of ducks and to shut up. Loud ‘you suck’ chants from the crowd cause him to stop and say ‘like I haven’t heard that one before’. Miz says he’s going to challenge someone else tonight because Cena is disappointing and is like a lovable loser like the Chicago Cubs. Miz says speaking of the Chicago Cubs, look who we have in the crowd tonight. He points out Cubs center fielder Alfonso Soriano who is in the front row. Miz asks him why he does the Cena hand gesture when he hits an HR. He says it means you can’t see a World Series ring for as long as he plays for the Cubs. Soriano is standing up as Miz dogs on the Cubs for not winning a World Series title in so many years. Miz says if he has a problem with something he says he can do one of two things. One, win a World Series, but that isn’t going to happen. He asks him to take Cena’s place and step up if he wants. Soriano doesn’t get in. Miz says he is getting a phone call… he takes out a phone and says ‘really’ into it. He says it was Lou Pinella (manager of the Chicago Cubs) and he’d rather him get his yearly injury on the field – not off. Miz declares himself the winner and says Miz 4, Cena 0. Miz tells the crowd to be serious and calls them ‘Cubbie fans’. Santino Marella’s music hits and he comes to the ring.

Santino gets in and The Miz asks him what he wants. Marella does his usual great mic work, saying he can’t let him to continue to talk like that no more. Marella says Soriano is a fellow Italian. As he goes on Miz cuts him off and says this is Miz time. Santino says WWE superstars are starting to resemble animals. He says Vickie looks like a pig, Vladimir Kozloz looks like Sam the Eagle. Marella says Miz is a jackass then starts mocking him. Miz says Cena may not be out here but he has no problem beating him down. Marella says he brought some guns and flexed. Miz takes him out, Santino reverses. They go back and forth with right hands. Miz finally hits a stiff DDT. Miz mocks Santino, grabs his hat, and heads to the back. Chavo comes out and gets into the ring to confront Santina who is doing in the middle. Chavo goes to the top rope and hits the Frog Splash. He berates Santino in the middle of the ring as his music hits and he goes to the back.

Backstage Segment: Chris Jericho

Josh Mathews is backstage with Chris Jericho. He asks him about Jericho feeling their is a controversy against him. Jericho calls it a conspiracy and talks about being robbed at challenging for the World Heavyweight Championship. Jericho says he is the most talented worker in the business. He cuts a big heel promo on Mysterio. He guarantees no 619 tonight and guarantees an IC title change.

Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Chris Jericho
Intercontinental Championship

The following match is for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Mysterio, the Champion, comes out first with the belt over his shoulder and gives a fan at ringside the necklace he is wearing. He only has the mask he works in tonight. Jericho, the challenger, comes out next. The bell rings and the Intercontinental Championship match is underway. The crowd is hot. Jericho goes at Mysterio and he sets him up for 619. Jericho goes to the outside as Mysterio looks on, teasing a dive. Mysterio goes to the corner but the referee pulls him back. Jericho gets back in and gets Mysterio in the face. Jericho lands a right hand on Rey. He bounces the IC Champion’s face off the top turnbuckle. Mysterio counters Jericho’s offense but runs into an elbow off the ropes. Mysterio hits the mat as Jericho throws him to the outside. Mysterio lands then goes into the ring. Jericho goes out and Mysterio lands a baseball slide type double kick. Mysterio jumps out onto Jericho. He works him over on the outside but Chris throws him into the barrier.

Mysterio gets back in the ring, Jericho follows. Jericho gets tangled in the ropes as Mysterio connects on a leg drop from the top rope. He gets a two count and nearly retains. Mysterio whips Jericho but he reverses it. They counter each other but Mysterio ends up getting pushed off the top rope. He falls to the apron as Jericho goes to the corner. Jericho goes off the middle rope, lands a springboard dropkick on Mysterio that sends him to the outside. Jericho works on him on the outside then brings him back to the ring. Two count for Jericho after a splash off the apron. Jericho locks in a side headlock on Mysterio on the mat. Mysterio ends up getting to his feet and backs him off with elbows. Jericho lands a right hand shot to the heat of Mysterio. Mysterio lands a head kick to Jericho in the corner. This sets him up for 619 but Jericho counters and ends up getting a near fall two count. Mysterio goes to the outside to regroup. He gets on the apron and is greeted by Jericho. Jericho pulls him in and Mysterio goes off the top rope. Jericho counters on an overhead Lucha Libre maneuver followed by a two count. Jericho is furious over the count. Jericho catapults Rey in the ropes and gets another two count.

Jericho kicks Mysterio on the mat, belittling him with words. They work on the top rope as Jericho tries to unmask Mysterio. Mysterio is sitting on the top rope as he fights off Jericho. Mysterio goes off and onto Jericho. Mysterio hits a springboard cross-body block off the ropes. He gets a two count. Side kick from Mysterio on Jericho for a two count. Jericho throws Mysterio into the corner and goes off the ropes but Jericho catches him. They exchange counters but Jericho ends up hitting a backbreaker followed by a two count. Jericho follows-up on an attack on Rey with a headbutt in the corner. The crowd chants 619 as Jericho mocks them. Jericho goes for a bulldog but Mysterio counters. He sets Jericho up for 610 but he gets out of the way. Rey goes for a hurricanrana but Jericho counters and goes for the Walls of Jericho. Mysterio throws him into the ropes and nearly connects 619. Jericho catches him and locks in the Walls of Jericho. The crowd is on fire! Mysterio screams in pain but does tap. He goes for the ropes, Jericho pulls him back. Mysterio catches him in an inside cradle and gets a two count. Mysterio goes for a hurricanrana on Jericho but he counters into a powerbomb-like slam followed by a two count. Jericho regains control with stiff right hands. Jericho throws Mysterio in the corner. Mysterio hits a drop toe hold in a counter. Mysterio counters and hits 619 on Jericho, springboards into him, and him Jericho for the win.

Winner & still WWE Intercontinental Champion – Rey Mysterio

Richard Reacts: Excellent PPV match. This pay-per-view has had some very good ring work. So far this is my match of the night and gives me a reason to DVR SmackDown every week. Good work guys!

Randy Orton (c) vs. Batista
WWE Championship

The following match is for the WWE Championship. The WWE Champion, Randy Orton, comes out to the ring first. The challenger, Batista, comes to the ring next to a pop from the live crowd. The pyros go off at the top of the ramp and Batista is all-business on his way down. Batista gets in the ring and pumps up the crowd from the middle rope. Lilian Garcia is in the ring for the formal introductions. The bell rings and Orton immediately retreats to the outside. Orton gets back in the ring as they lockup. We see stitches above the eye of Batista, Lawler says he got 8 after a backstage altercation. Batista sends Orton down to the mat first. Orton goes to the outside to regroup. Orton gets back into the ring. He gets Batista and sends him into the turnbuckles. He ends up eating a clothesline and suplex in counter. Two count from Batista on the WWE Champion. Batista lands offense on Orton.

Batista throws Orton so hard into the turnbuckles he falls down. The Animal is in control in the early going. Orton counters out of nowhere and sends Batista to the apron. He lands a standing dropkick on Batista on the apron, sending him to the outside. Orton goes after Batista. He lands a clubbing blow to his back and follows it with a suplex on the barrier. Orton rolls Batista in and gets a two count. He follows up on offense with Batista on the mat. Orton covers Batista and gets a two count. Side headlock and the referee checks for submission. The WWE Champion is in control now but Batista is getting to his feet. Batista tries to break the hold, pulling hard on Orton. He breaks it and sends Orton off the ropes. Orton counters with a knee to the back and gets a two count. Orton back in control. Orton stomps away on the challenger in the ring. He grabs Batista’s right arm and stomps him towards the face. Heat on Orton from the crowd. Orton applies a side headlock on Batista on the mat. Orton wrenches back on the headlock but Batista counters out with a suplex. Both men are down in the ring.

Batista works on Orton who ends up hooking a sleeper on Batista. Batista counters but Orton hits another beautiful standing dropkick. Batista goes to the outside then gets on the apron. Dave buries his head in the midsection of Orton but ends up eating a DDT skull first back into the ring. Batista kicks out at two. Orton stalks Batista in a diabolical stare down. Orton has Batista setup for the punk but Dave counters with a spear. Both men are down. Orton and Batista exchange punches in the ring. Batista works Orton over in the corner, driving his head into the Champion’s chest. Batista picks Orton up and slams him. He follows with a two count. Orton ends up going to the outside. He acts like he wants to get counted out. Batista goes to the outside to get him. Orton runs from him, eventually hugging the ring post. Finally they both get back in and Batista explodes with a clothesline and a two count. Orton rolls back to the outside. Batista grabs him by his head and tries to pull him back in. Orton takes him out and grabs a chair. On his way back in the ring with the chair, Batista knocks him off the apron. Dave bounces Orton head off the announce table then goes off the top rope with a shoulder block. Orton is down for a two count.

Batista goes for the Batista Bomb but Orton gets out of the ring. Now Orton grabs the WWE Championship belt and heads to the back. Batista chases him up the ramp. He drags him back down and rolls him in the ring. Spinebuster from Batista when Orton tried to use the title belt as a weapon. Batista Bomb attempt but Orton blocks when he gets up. Orton goes for the RKO but it’s countered. Batista charges Orton but Orton gets out of the way and Batista goes through the ropes and hits his shoulder on the steel ring post. Orton sizes Batista up and goes for the RKO when Batista gets up. He throws him into the referee in the corner. Orton smacks the referee and gets himself disqualified.

Winner by disqualification – Batista (Orton retains WWE Championship)

After the match Legacy hits the ring and starts beating down Batista. Ric Flair’s music hits and he comes to the ring. Batista hits Orton with a Batista Bomb as Flair takes out Cody Rhodes. Batista takes out Ted DiBiase as the crowd pops loud. Flair celebrates with Batista.

Richard Reacts: Another well done match. The finish was dirty but it had to be done to setup the return of Ric Flair. It also kept a ton of heat on Orton. I was a big fan of how the bout was booked with Orton acting as cowardly as possible. Flair aligning himself with Batista only helps in Triple H’s inevitable return to this program. Good show so far.

Big Show vs. John Cena

The Big Show is first to the ring. Loud pops for John Cena. The bell rings and we’re underway. Cena kicks Big Show in the chest as there is a loud 50/50 crowd here in Chicago. Show clubs away at the rib cage of Cena in the first real offense in the match. Show attacks the lower back of Cena as well as the ribs. Slow in the early going but that’s to be expected from a Big Show match. Show tells Cena his career ends tonight as he screams and lands another punch. Cena starts to fight back with right hands. He goes for a shoulder block off the ropes but he bounces off Big Show back down to the mat. Big Show steps in the ‘injured’ midsection of Cena. Show picks Cena up and throws him to the canvas. Cena lands right hands on Big Show in a counter. He walks right into a side slam. Two count for Show on Cena. Big Show lands a headbutt on Cena, sending him to the mat. Big Show goes for a big boot on Cena but he moves. Show ends up throwing Cena over the top ropes and to the outside. Big Show goes to the outside and picks Cena up. He drives him stomach side first into the steel ring post.

Show puts Cena back into the ring. He stands above him as Cena is helpless. Cena counters and goes for a bulldog but Big Show counters. Show slaps the chest of Cena, sending him to his knees. He works on Cena in the corner and whips him coast-to-coast. Cena goes off the middle rope for a double axe handle clubbing blow but Show catches him in a bear hug. Cena tries to power out of the hold. He ends up breaking it as Show sends Cena back down to the mat. Show slams into Cena in the corner, sending him back down to the mat. Show throws Cena into the turnbuckles and Cena melts to the mat. Show goes for another splash in the corner but Cena battles out. Shoulder block and a neckbreaker. Show is down, Cena stands tall to a mixed reaction. 5 Knuckle Shuffle tease. He hits it but Big Show gets up and goes right for the chokeslam. Cena counters with a DDT and locks in the STF. Before he can lock it in, Big Show moves. Show lands a clothesline on Cena. Cena is down in the corner as Big Show goes to the middle rope. Show goes off and lands on Cena for a two count! Show walks over Cena then goes for a splash in the opposite corner. Cena gets out of the way. Cena goes for the STF, he has a heck of a time locking it in. Show counters and sends Cena to the outside.

Show, inside the ring, picks up Cena but he counters once back to the ring. Cena hits his leg drop off the top rope. He tries for a third time for the STF. Show counters out and kicks Cena hard in the midsection. Big Show drops Cena face-first from seven feet in the air. Show motions for a chokeslam. Cena, out of nowhere, lands the Attitude Adjustment. He follows with a three count for the win.

Winner – John Cena

Richard Reacts: I’m sure the John Cena haters are fuming but that was an impressive site watching him hit the Attitude Adjustment on Big Show. The match wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad either. Show has to work a slower pace and has to be booked to be dominant because of his size. Cena didn’t land much offense at all and ‘overcame the odds’ to win. After the match he hugged Alfonso Soriano as they went to replays.

Edge (c) vs. Jeff Hardy
World Heavyweight Championship

The World Heavyweight Champion Edge comes to the ring first. The following match is for the World Heavyweight Championship as the pyros explode at the top of the ramp as Edge makes his way down. Jeff Hardy, the challenger, comes out next. Justin Roberts does the formal in-ring introductions. The main event referee is Scott Armstrong (don’t tell the announcers). Armstrong calls for the bell and Hardy goes for an early submission hold. Edge ends up sending Hardy to the mat but Hardy counters with arm drags. Hardy works the left arm of Edge, who is on the mat. Edge gets back to a vertical base and hits his head on the top turnbuckle. Jeff isolates the arm and re-applies the submission hold on the mat.

‘Hardy’ chants from the crowd as Edge is able to get to his feet. He breaks Hardy’s hold and hits right hands in the corner. Hardy counters with head scissors and another arm drag. He re-applies his submission hold on the World Heavyweight Champion on the mat. Edge ends up getting knocked off the apron to the outside off a reverse mule kick from Hardy. Hardy flips over the top rope to the outside onto Edge with a somersault flip. Jeff rolls Edge back in the ring and misses more high-risk with Whisper in the Wind. Hardy is on the apron as Edge throws him into the ring post then knocks him off with a spear to the lower back. Hardy is down on the outside. They work on the outside as Edge puts Jeff Hardy back in the ring. Edge takes out Hardy then stomps away at the lower back of the challenger. He drops an elbow and follows with a two count. Edge locks in a hold on Hardy in the ropes. Edge works the spine of Hardy and gets another two count. Edge puts his knee into the lower back of Hardy in a submission hold. He uses his head as well, Hardy grimaces in pain. The crowd cheers Jeff to his feet as he powers out and goes for Twist of Fate. Edge counters to the lower back on Hardy and takes him to the mat. Two count for Edge on Hardy.

Edge hits Hardy with a right hand. He throws him off the ropes and Hardy hits a cross-body in a counter. Two count for Hardy as he follows with a jawbreaker. Hardy drops Edge on his face with a face plant suplex. Hardy goes to the top rope but misses on Edge. Edge gets up and pulls Hardy to the middle of the ring. He gets a two count. Edge picks Hardy up by the head and clubs away at his back. Edge throws Hardy off the ropes he ducks and counters. Lots of offense by Hardy on Edge. Two count for the challenger. Hardy works on Edge, whipping him coast-to-coast. Hardy ends up on the outside then on the top rope. He goes off with a cross-body on Edge for a two count. Hardy throws Edge into the ropes but Edge holds on and Hardy crashes and burns. Edge goes off the ropes but gets caught in an inside cradle for a two count. Hardy applies the Sharpshooter on Edge in the middle of the ring. Edge goes for the ropes, grimacing in pain. He makes it and the referee orders the hold broken. Twist of Fate by Hardy followed by a two count. Hardy bounces Edge’s head off the top turnbuckle and follows with a clothesline. Hardy rips his shirt off but Edge counters, Hardy counters and nearly wins the title in another near fall.

Hardy goes to the top rope, he takes too much time. Edge gets on the middle to work with him. Hardy clubs with right arms. Hardy rolls Edge off from the top and gets a two count. Hardy kicks Edge in the head out of the ring. Hardy clears the SmackDown announce table. He throws Edge around on the outside. Hardy goes off the security wall but Edge lands a Spear from the announce table. The referee starts the count out on Hardy as Edge is back inside. Hardy gets back in right at 10. Edge stomps Hardy down back to the apron. Edge sizes Hardy up for a Spear but Hardy counters on the apron. Twist of Fate on the ropes as Hardy hits a leg drop back in. The referee starts the count but Edge had his foot on the bottom rope. The count was stopped. Whisper in the Wind from Hardy into a two count on the World Heavyweight Champion. The fight goes back to the outside as Jeff Hardy crashes into Edge in the corner of the security barrier into the crowd. Matt Hardy comes out of the crowd and takes Jeff out. Edge grabs Jeff and rolls him back into the ring. Edge pins Hardy but only gets a two count.

Edge runs at Hardy for the Spear but Hardy gets out of the way. Hardy tries to go to the top rope. He can’t stand as Edge gets up and hits the Edgecution superplex. Edge follows with the three count for the win.

Winner & still World Heavyweight Champion – Edge

Richard Reacts: Very good match to polish off a pay-per-view that featured some great ring work. Edge and Hardy can both go and worked a style complimentary to their own tonight. Hardy started with submission holds but ended up hitting all his high risk stuff. Edge did the same, using some more high risk stuff than usual and hitting his normal arsenal. This concludes our coverage – goodnight everyone!

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