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Complete WWE Raw Report for June 30th, 2008

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RAW this week starts with a video replay of Vince’s accident last week.

Shane is on the screen, out back talking about Vince’s accident. He might be the chairman but he’s also a private person, so they won’t talk about his condition. He asks the wrestlers, trainers, refs, etc to pull together in this time of uncertainty.

Music and pyro.

JR’s music and he comes out to the stage. He holds his hat high to the huge pop he gets. King is talking about sitting with Cole but watching JR come out to give his farewell speech. JR gets in the ring and raises his hat to the fans again.
He grabs a mic and has to wait for the fans to quiet down. “JR” chants. He seems a bit choked up. He says it’s an honor to be there in that ring tonight. He says it’s damn sure good to be home. He’s excited about his new journey on SD! – this gets huge heat. He says he hopes that as they have in all the years since he started on RAW, that we’ll join him on his journey. He’s going to raise hell on SD! and taking it to where it’s never been before. It’s an honor to work with Foley. For over a decade his traveling companion, his driver, his friend, his older brother – King – thank you. Going into the HOF with him made it that much more special. He knows Cole will do a great job on RAW – heat. Cole’s always been in his corner and his friend. He wants the fans to give him the respect they gave JR. The first time he saw wrestling live at the Stockyards. Some nights involved the fallen chairman, Vince. He’s not one to throw salt in someone’s wounds when they’re down, but he’s most likely a Longhorns fan. But he can’t help himself.
He’s so happy to be surrounded by his friends, family and fans. In closing he hopes they’ll load the wagon, get on the Sooner Scooter and ride it to SD! It’s great to be home and on RAW. He’s excited about his great adventure. He wants people to eat a little more BBQ, but is then cut off my Edge and his Edgeheads coming out.
Edge and his cronies get in the ring with JR. The fans are not happy and yell, “You suck” chants.
Edge says he had to make an appearance at JR’s farewell because his arrogance never ceases to amaze Edge. Who thinks anyone cares about JR or the Sooners, his relationship with King or Cole and never did. He calls JR BBQ Boy. See, now JR can truly start his HOF career on SD! calling Edge’s future HOF career. Instead of ‘Stone Cold, Stone Cold, Stone Cold’ it will be ‘Edge Wins, Edge Wins, Edge Wins’.
JR drops the mic in refusal. Edge comments on JR finally being speechless. He has the Edgehead escort JR from the ring area. The fans are pissed. JR walks out with his head held high.
Edge says he did have an ulterior motive. This flagship Show is missing a few things, like a GM. His Show has the best GM in history, the love of his life, Vickie. She’s resting comfortably, thanks for asking. This Show is also missing Taker. Then again the whole WWE universe is missing Taker since he banished him. One other thing the Show’s missing is a World Champion. Cena, HBK, Batista, Y2J and the others will never have a shot at his title. They can challenge HHH, but never Edge. Unless it’s a draft Show, we’ll never see Edge on Monday nights again. The fans really seem to like that.
Edge leaves the ring. He basks in the heat. He backs up the ramp. When he gets to the stage Batista’s music hits. Edge turns to see Batista and runs. Batista chases him. Edge trips at the side of the ring and Batista catches him. Batista beats the hell out of Edge. Edge is slammed into a ring post then tries to escape through the crowd. Batista pursues and beats on Edge some more. Back in the ring area Edge is slammed hard into the announce table a couple times. Edge is then slammed into the stairs so hard they break loose and fly.
In the ring Batista hits a Batista-bomb. Batista stands over Edge and glares for a moment before leaving the ring and going up the ramp. He gets to the stage and Punk’s music hits. Punk has his briefcase and a ref. Edge is trying to crawl from the ring but doesn’t get far.
The bell rings and Punk grabs Edge from behind and lifts him high. Punk hits his GTS finisher on Edge and covers for three.

- Winner: Punk

RAW now has a big title strap back! Punk cries, jumps around and celebrates in the ring with his new belt. Also, every person who won MITB has gone on to win the title belt.

- Commercial

Video replay of Batista’s attack on Edge. Then Punk came out and used his MITB and beat Edge for his title.

Mickie comes bouncing out in yellow. Jillian comes out singing in a lavender halter top and white pants. Mickie looks on wide eyes with her fingers in her ears until she stops singing.
Mickie takes Jillian down. Jillian leaves the ring. Mickie hits head scissors from hanging on the ropes outside the ring. Back in the ring Jillian kicks Mickie’s knee and takes her down in a corner. Jillian goes after Mickie’s shoulder that was injured last night at NOC. Jillian slams Mickie down and tries to slam into Mickie but Mickie moves. Mickie tries to get the upper hand but Jillian goes after the shoulder again. Jillian goes to hit a handspring back elbow but Mickie gets her feet up to Jillian’s back. A mic-kick and Mickie covers for three.

- Winner: Mickie James

Rey is out back heading for the ring.

- Commercial

King and Cole talk about the draft picks and how things are changing. Rey was the first draft pick and seemed very shocked by it.

Rey comes out to the ring. Rey poses on corners in the ring. He has a mic. Rey says he wants to congratulate Punk and bringing back the World Heavy Weight Championship to RAW. Up until last week his entire life was SD! He was shocked when he was drafter to RAW. It was a good thing though. Now that he’s here he likes it, he’s excited.
Santino’s music cuts Rey off. Santino comes out to the ring. Santino says Shane said to pull together and act as one, so he’s here to welcome Rey. He doesn’t see what the big deal is. A man who hides behind a mask is incredibly ugly, incredibly stupid or Batman. And Rey is not Batman. He doesn’t under Rey’s popularity. He doesn’t like Rey on the cover of WWE Magazine. The problem he has with the cover is that Santino submitted a photo himself but it was not selected. On the tron is a picture of Santino in skivvies, on a bed with a pink rose. If it was a poster everyone would have one on their walls. Rey’s on RAW because all superstars shine. Rey should stay quiet or it will be very bad for him. If Rey has something he will allow Rey to speak, but say it in a language we will all understand.
Rey says that he will if he insists. Rey hits Santino with the mic and then beats on him. Rey hangs Santino up in the ropes and his a 619. The fans love it.

King says that we’ll be hearing from Punk next.

- Commercial

Cole talks about how Punk is now the new World Champ. Video of Edge backing into Batista and getting his butt kicked by the Animal. Then Punk came out and hit the GTS for the win. King pays homage to JR by saying, “Punk wins, Punk wins, Punk wins!”

Grisham is out back with Punk. Punk is grinning ear to ear. Punk says there’s so many people he has to talk to and thank. He has to get Edge’s name off the belt. He has to thank Batista for the assist and call his little sister.
JBL comes up and asks if Punk is joking about celebrating. He says Punk beat a defenseless man. Punk says he is proud.
JBL says Punk can step up and step in the ring with greatness by putting the belt on the line tonight with JBL.
Punk agrees.

- Commercial

Cena’s music and he comes bouncing out. Cena grabs a mic and has to wait for the women and children to quiet down. Some heat from the men. He told us all that his match with HHH would be a classic moment. He did not win the match, but it’s a loss he takes with pride. Last night’s match proved one thing, that they’re the best in the business and it will go down in history. Just like tonight is a touch of history. Years from now they will be able to look back and say they were there when Punk won the title. He’s not happy about JBL bullying his way into a title match. Cena likes this kid, he’s got guts and brains. It could have been anyone, including Cena and Punk would have said yes. Actually, he thinks it’s a good idea that he should go after a title shot. Punk should be the one to choose who he faces. He knows Punk just won, he’s going to give him some help with the largest crowd every assembled in Oklahoma City.
He asks if they think JBL should have a title shot – the fans give huge heat. He then asks about himself facing Punk for the title and the fans go wild. He tells Punk the choice is his. He tells JBL he should take his limo, his longhorns, his Mamajuana and drive it back to…
JBL’s music cuts him off. JBL comes out to the stage to huge heat. “You suck” chants. JBL says Cena will not be wrestling Punk tonight for the title, it’s his. As of right now JBL is declaring martial law on RAW. He’s going to become Champion tonight which is his God given destiny, but he can’t have Cena in the building. A bunch of security comes out. He says this is not WWE security, this is JBL’s bought security. People rule things with money and with Vince gone that means JBL is running things around here. He’s going to become Champion tonight. He tells security to show Cena the door.
Security heads for the ring with JBL behind them. Cena takes of his shirt as they surround the ring. JBL motions and they all rush in and he tries to fight back. They hold him while JBL beats Cena down. All the security get Cena from the ring. On the ramp Cena knees one of the guys in the face. The six of them get him off the ramp to the side and he briefly breaks free, but they get him again. The fans are pissed and express it loudly.
Cameras follow out back and Cena’s still struggling the six guys and they drag him from the building. JBL is behind them screaming to get him out of his sight, out of his building and make sure he doesn’t come back.

- Commercial

Slam of The Week – NOC, when Cody turned on Holly to tag with DiBiase and win the Tag Title Belts.

Cody and Ted come smiling and dancing to the ring together. A no name tag team is in the ring with them.
Cody and one kid start off. Cody backs him into a corner and gives a clean break. Ted tags in and takes the kid down. Ted drops an elbow and tags Cody in. Cody (poorly) drops a knee on the kid. They other kid starts to enter but Ted attacks him from behind to stop him. Cody covers for three.

- Winners: Cody & Ted

Cody has a mic and says we all want to know why he did what he did to poor Hardcore Bob Holly. When you grow up the son of Dusty Rhodes, you learn how to do things the right way. He took that advice and applied that advice and where did it get him? He had to carry Bob on his back. He couldn’t focus on his own career. So why wouldn’t he seek out Ted? Why not offer him a partner that’s just like him. Cody says he’s not a patient person. When you’re this talented, you don’t pay dues.
Ted takes the mic and says people of their generation don’t have the spine to do what they do. They upload a video on YouTube or Show at Hot Topic. Anyone under 30 are just sheep. Unlike everyone else it makes them – priceless.

- Commercial

Katie is talking to her brother about how she should have won last night. He said he’s going to do all he can to help. He has to go do something and will be right back. He tells her to stay out of trouble. She says she sees trouble.
Jamie Noble comes up and introduces himself. He says he was a big deal on SD! and will be on RAW. He said he’s going to go up to the biggest guy on RAW and challenge him to a Prison Rules Match.
Katie says he has a chance to do that. He turns around to find Kane.
Jamie says now that Vince is gone they’re equals. He doesn’t want to see Kane going into his stuff and pulling out his Larry The Cable Guy tapes and listening to them. He talks more smack, looking at Katie for support. He turns back into Kane’s fist.
Jamie runs with Kane on his tail. Jamie comes out to the ring and hides with Cole and King, but they make him leave. Jamie hides behind the ring when the red fire hits. Jamie gets on the ring and flies at Kane before he can enter the ring. When they get in the ring Kane gains control. Jamie rolls from the ring. Kane choke slams Jamie onto the announce table and that’s the end of it.

Out back Y2J is heading for the ring.

- Commercial

Y2J comes out to the ring looking mighty pissed. Video of HBK coming through the crowd last night and distracting Y2J last night giving Kofi a chance to win. After the match Y2J attacked HBK on the ramp. Y2J has a mic and says last night called him y2Jaded. Why shouldn’t he be jaded after being swindled out of his title last night by HBK and Kofi. He heard HBK is not here tonight. He was told the same thing last week and last night, but it was a lie. But every time HBK comes out he’s left flat on his back. He has an eye injury. He has a serious problem with his eye. “HBK” chants. He has a serious eye problem but keeps coming out to placate his ego or the fans? He’s willing to challenge HBK to a one on one match at TAB. HBK took something very important away from him. Tonight he’s going to take his title back from Kofi. Kofi’s music and he comes down to the ring.

- Commercial

Y2J has a head lock on Kofi in the center of the ring. Kofi somehow gets out and rolls Y2J up for two. Y2J slams Kofi down. Kofi takes Y2J down a couple times and then hits a double leg drop to Y2J’s gut. Y2J then quickly rolls Kofi up for two. Y2J gets whipped but gets his foot up. Lionsault from Y2J for two. Cade looks on from outside the ring. Y2J grabs Kofi who then rolls down Y2J and pins, holding the tights, for two. Y2J reverses the pin and holds Kofi’s tights in both hands. The ref sees it and calls for the bell.

- Winner: Kofi

Y2J attacks Kofi from behind. Y2J rakes the heck out of Kofi’s eyes.

- Commercial

Cole and King talk about the Show has gone to anarchy with Vince gone. (Video) It started with Edge interrupting JR. Then Batista beat down Edge. Following that Punk used his MITB to beat Edge for the title.

Outside Edge is blaming the Edgeheads for the loss of his title belt. He wants to know where they were earlier. He makes them get in the car and they drive away.

JBL’s music and he comes out in his limo.

- Commercial

JBL is pacing the ring. JBL gets huge heat when Lillian announces him. Punk then comes out to huge pop. He has his name plate on the belt.
The bell rings and JBL’s private security comes to surround the ring. JBL backs Punk into a corner then stomps him. “Punk” chants. JBL slams Punk down, drops an elbow and covers for two. Side headlock on Punk. Punk pushes out and hits a hard arm drag. JBL is tossed from the ring. Punk follows and gets hit with a hard clothesline outside. Punk is slammed onto the announce table. Back in the ring JBL covers for two. “Punk” chants. Side headlock on Punk. Punk punches out but then runs into a sleeper. Punk wiggles to his feet and elbows out. Punk runs into a shoulder block. JBL rushes Punk in a corner but gets a boot to the face.
Punk uses his feet to JBL’s head to take him down. Punk nails a knee on JBL in a corner then takes him down for two. Punk goes for a cross body but gets grabbed and slammed down. JBL covers for two. Punk climbs and hits a flying clothesline for two.
Cryme Tyme and Cena come out on the stage to huge pop. They stand there for a moment. They run down and the brawl starts.
In the ring Punk hits the GTS on JBL for three.

- Winner: Punk

Punk flies out over the top to jump into the brawl. The four of them beat down on the security guys.

Biggest pop
Cryme Tyme (at the end with Cena)

Biggest heat
Cody & Ted

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