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Free Live PBP Coverage TNA Bound For Glory 2012 PPV

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We get a video package hyping all the matches on the biggest PPV for TNA.

Mike Tenay & Taz welcome us & Hypes The main event.


X division title Match: Zema Ion (c) Vs Rob Van Dam

The crowd is hot for rvd & they tie up to start things off. Rvd is in control & kicks zema in the head to knock him out of the ring. Back in the ring zema beats down rvd that follows with a headlock. A kick to the leg of rvd then in the corner we go he hits a spinning move for a count of 2. Zema gets thrown on the rope & rvd off the top rope kicked in the chest. Rvd plays to the crowd but zema hits a shoulder to the gut twice. A big ddt by ion that follows with a count of 2. Zema beats down rvd in the corner then Irish wiped in the corner but rvd is blocks he gets up top & knocked to the outside flooring. Zema flys over the top rope to the outside dive. Back in the ring zema goes for a pin attempt but only gets 2. Zema chokes rvd on the middle rope as he continues the beat down of rvd. An Irish wipe in the corner & rvd goes for monkey flip but zema blocks it. Zema hits a drop kick off the top rope that is followed by a count of 2. Rvd trying to fight back but can’t then zema puts a submission move. Rvd fights out of it then they exchange blows but a big drop kick by rvd. that is followed by an rolling thunder then a frog splash for the win.

Winner & New Champion: RVD


Tv title Match: Samoa Joe (c) Vs Magnus
They tie up & a take down by magnus that is followed by some mat work by both guys. They tie up again then magnus is Irish wiped in the corner that is followed by a big kick to the face. Joe takes some punches to magnus in the corner. As Joe was distracted by the Referee magnus takes the advantage. A big clothesline, couple of knees but joe battles back with strikes but not so fast magnus hits him with a knee. Magnus chokes joe on the middle rope then a elbow to back into a pin attempt but just a count of 2. An uppercut by magnus but more strikes by joe but wait a big scope slam that is followed by a count of 2. Magnus kicks joe in the face but when he comes off the top rope he hits a splash into a pin attempt. A slam by joe for another count of 2 & they exchange blows as magnus goes for a leap frog he gets caught & slammed with a powerbomb. Joe Puts in a cross face submission but he gets to the ropes to break the count. Joe goes for the muscle buster but then goes to the top but magnus gets knee to the face. Magnus comes off the top rope & hits a elbow for a close count of 2. They exchange blows while joes gets pumped up then a rear naked choke by joe then out of nowhere a roll up. Joe puts the rear naked choke but is blocked & the knee is taken out. Magnus goes for a submission but is caught & joe hits the rear naked choke for the win.

Winner & still champion: Samoa Joe


Street Fight: James Storm Vs Bobby Rhode
They trade some words then start brawling to kick this one off. James hits a clothesline then a slap to the chest that is followed by a big back body drop. James is thrown over the to rope but james hits a big boot to Rhode. Were outside the ring & james takes bobby’s head driving it to the apron of the mat. Bobby gets in the face of king mo & James clotheslines Rhode. Bobby’s head meets Mr steel chair but he wipes james into the steel barrier. James goes for the eye of the storm but rhode hits an elbow to the face of storm. James gets launched to the ring post & bloody. Bobby gets some weapons & throws them to the ring. Bobby uses the steel chair on the back of storm then punches the bloody face of storm. Back in the ring as the crowd chants we want tables. Bobby gets introduced with a kendo stick to the midsection of rhode. Bobby is the corner & hit with a kendo stick. Storm is thrown over the top to the ramp.Rhode gets shoulder blocked through the ropes then a ddt on the ramp by storm. Storm is a bloody mess as he grabs a Cain from the fans & hits rhode with it. They exchange shots with trash can lids but storm gets the better of the two. A big shot with the trash can by storm but a big spine buster by rhode on the ramp to even the playing field. A frying pan is smashed over the head of rhode as Storm takes a drink of beer. Rhodes head is smash on the announce table then there on top of the table & rhode spears storm off the table onto the one next to it. Back in the ring rhode goes for a pin attempt but its only a count of 2. Rhode gets in the face of the referee but king mo steps in the way he pushes rhode then storm hits double knees. Storm goes for the last call but only for a count of 2. Storm goes for another last call kick but is thrown in the corner followed by a roll up. Rhode puts storm up on the top rope & he grabs a chair then uses it on the back of storm. He grabs & lays out thumb tacs in the middle of the ring. He goes for a suplex but is pushed off into them then storm hits a elbow drop for a count of 2 Ouch. Rhode hits a low blow then grabs some beers, he drinks some then he goes to hit him with it but storm low blows him. Storm grabs a beer & smashes it over the head of rhode. Storm last calls rhoode into the tacs for the win.

Winner & one bloody dude: James Storm


Joey Ryan Vs Al Snow
Some mind games by al snow, he is on all fours then they start to grapple on the mat. Al gets on all fours again but caught the kick then slaps joey in the face. A knee & he Irish wipes Ryan in the corner. Snow elbows, 2 slams that is followed with a big elbow drop. A side headlock take down that is followed by a headlock. Al argues with the referee & that give the opening to Joey as the beat down starts. Joey hits a slam that is followed by a pin attempt. Joey continues the beat down with strikes in the corner. Al hits clothesline then a elbow & a back body drop. Al hits some head butts then a chest hair claw that is turned into a brain buster for a count of 2. The fans chant we want head & snow goes under the ring & grabs head. A signature thing with al snow back in the 90′s. As al is arguing with the referee ryan pushes snow into the referee & knocks down the referee. Ryan throws the head but misses a baseball slide to the outside of the ring. Al gets head back but out of nowhere Matt Morgan kicks snow in the head then ryan covers him for the win.

Winner & newest addition to the TNA roster: Joey Ryan


Tag Team Title Match: Kaz (c) & Daniels (c) Vs Kurt Angle & Aj Styles Vs Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez
Styles & Chavo start this one off, they tie up. Chavo takes down styles down with an arm drag then a shoulder block that is transfer into a headlock. Aj takes him down then a headlock of his own. A shoulder block by aj then Kurt Angle is in & he hits a couple uppercuts then some nasty kicks in the corner. Kurt hits a slam but Daniels tags angle so he is in now but kurt shoves him into aj which now aj is the legal guy but hernadez is tagged in by chavo. Keeping up? , a big slam then a tag to chavo who sling shots in but hernadez is back in with some slams then a diving splash. Kaz tags himself in & beats down AJ but AJ hits a drop kick. Angle is now in as the double team that is followed by a suplex. Chavo is in after tagging kurt and he puts the boots to kaz. Hernadez is in for chavo & he hits a big knee drop, Chavo is back in after the double team leg drop to lead to a count of 2. Daniels is in for kaz has he is met by a kick. Aj is in now for chavo as he beats down Daniels. Daniels hits a drop kick but aj misses in the corner with a splash then kaz hits a clothesline. Daniels hits a spring board elbow & kaz spring boards leg drop. Daniels puts the boots to aj but kaz is the legal guy with some double team moves. Kaz has aj in a submission & aj fights out of it with chops & he hits the paylay to tag in angle. angle & Daniels are the legal people. Angle hits some clothesline & german suplex to the tag champions. Angle goes for the 3rd one but Daniels hits a roll up but angle puts the ankle lock on but kaz interferes. Angle goes for a spear in the corner but misses then some how jumps off the top rope. Kaz hits a ddt but Hernandez clears the ring until aj knocks him down. everyone but Daniels is in the ring but Daniels does a spring board moonsult to the outside of the ring to kurt angle. Hernandez comes jumping over the tope rope onto Daniels. Aj hits a shoulder block to chavo then spring board front flip to the outside of the ring to hernadez & Daniels. Wow back in the ring chavo hits three suplexes on kurt angle but on the 3rd angle blocks & hits angle slam. Kurt goes to the tope rope Hernandez grabs him but Aj tagged in & they double team suplex on super mex. Angle is thrown outside then kaz hits hits finisher on Aj then Daniels hits Moonsult for a very close 2 count. Chavo goes flying to the outside of the ring to Daniels & angle. Aj hits a ddt on Daniels then aj gets knocked out of the ring. Hernandez hits a shoulder block then chavo hits frog splash for the win.

Winner & new tag team champions: Chavo Guerrero & Hernadez
Knockout’s Title Match: Miss Tessmacher (c) Vs Tara
They start brawling then a head scissors by tess. They run around the ring then tara is hiding behind the ref to get the advantage. A big baseball slide then bounces tess head on the apron. Back in the ring we go with tara beating down tess. Tara is choking tess then shoulder blocks in the corner but a roll up by tess. That is shortly lived, Tara puts in a submission then followed by a count of 2. Tess hits a big ddt, they brawl a bit. Tess hits a big clotheslines then a elbow. Tess goes to the top rope and hits a hurrican ronna but tara gets things going. She puts the champion on the top rope but tara is pushed off. Tess goes for a elbow drop but tara rolls out of the way. Tara goes fro widows peak & hits it for the win.


Winner & newchampion: Tara
After the match tara talks about how inspired to win the title & her boyfriend motive her. She introduces him. Big brothers Jesse comes out & they make out.


No DQ: Sting & Bully Ray Vs Aces & Eight’s
They have Joesph parks handcuffed to the barrier & that’s win the brawl starts. Everyone brawls around the outside of the ring. Ray & sting double team elbow drop on one of the guys. A piece of table was smashed over the head of aces guys. Ray was thrown into steel steps & sting misses a stinger splash to the barrier. Back in the ring sting is getting beat down by aces guy. Aces guys slams sting down then the other aces guy is in. By the way both guys are huge so no way of telling them apart. They double team splash in the corner by aces. A big boot to stings face that is followed by a count of 2. More double teaming by aces & eight’s. Aces guy misses a leg drop & that leads into a Sharpe shooter. That is broken up but sting hits scorpion death drop. Bully ray is tagged in & he clears house. Ray hits a neck breaker then coming off the top rope with a shoulder drop. Ray gets kicked in the back. Not so fast he hits a clothesline that is followed by a splash. Aces & eight’s are in control. Aces guys grabs a chair but ray kicks him in the face. Out of nowhere a guy form aces & eights attacks ray. Joesph parks breaks out of the handcuff & attack the other aces & eight’s guy. They brawl to the backstage area. Back in the ring aces & eight’s beat down sting & ray. Ray hits a electric chair as sting hits a clothesline off the top rope. They hit double stinger splashes on the other aces & eight’s Member. They motion for the tables & ray gets a table from under the ring. Another member from aces & eight’s puts Bully ray throw a table for the win.
Winners: Aces & Eight’s

After the match all the members of aces & eight’s beat down sting & Bully Ray. Hulk Hogan comes to the ring He attacks them one by one on the ramp. One last member is in the ring but hogan hulks up & puts the boot to him. They go to take off the mask & its Devon. Devon leaves the ring as the hogan, sting & Ray are in disbelief.


World Title Match: Jeff Hardy Vs Austin Aries (c)
They tie up with the crowd split between both guys. Aries takes down hardy, followed by a headlock but hardy fights out of it. They tie up again but aries pushes hardy & hardy kicks aries then throws him in the corner. Aries gets out of it & puts him in a headlock. Aries misses a kick & hardy pounces on him with kicks. Hardy hits a roll up but is quickly drop kicked in the face of hardy. Aries is in full control & playing to the crowd,. Back in the ring aries goes & lays in the corner but hardy looses it & is all over him. Hardy hits a brain buster for a count 2 then a baseball slide. A double sledge to the outside of the ring by hardy. Hardy throws aries into the steel steps & barrier. Hardy goes flying over the steel steps into aries. Back in the ring we go with hardy going for a pin attempt for a count of 2. Hardy misses whisper in the wind & aries hits a elbow of the top rope for a count of 2. A knee to the back of hardy that is followed by a pin attempt for only a count of 2. A elbow by aries then beats down hardy in the corner. Hardy misses a splash off the top rope after kick to the face of aries. Aries hits a back breaker followed by a pin attempt for a 2 count. A submission that is broken up by hardy. Aries kicks to the chest then shoulder to the ribs of hardy. Aries comes off the top rope with a drop klck to the back of the head. Aries  goes for brain buster but blocked & hardy hits a front suplex. They exchange blows but aries knees him in the chest followed by a spinning corkscrew for a count of 2. Front face lock by aries then hardy hits a front throw power bomb. Hardy throws some punches then a forearm shot but aries puts a knee up. It does bother hardy who splashes for a count of 2. Hardy throws aries in the corner then a whisper in the win for a count of 2. Hardy throws aries out to the ring then he kicks aries in the face. Hardy misses a sling shot cross body but aries hits a suicide dive. He does another one & gets a count of 2. A front face lock by aries then One of aries submission moves but hardy gets to the ropes. Hardy gets Thrown to the ramp & aries misses a brain buster but clotheslines hardy between the ropes. A neck breaker on the ramp & Aries comes off the top rope with a missile drop kick. A kick to aries face then they exchange blows. Hardy hits twist of fate for a count of 2. Hardy goes up top but aries knocks him down & aries hits a hurricanronna off the top rope. Aries hits a drop kick & brain buster for a close count of 2. Aries puts hardy in the corner but mises the double foot stomp. Hardy hits twist of fate then swantom bomb for the win.

Winner & New Champion: Jeff Hardy

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