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Kaz & Storm exchange some words before the Match.
Kazarian vs. James Storm
Storm takes Kaz down to the mat and hits him with a series of rights, but he lets up for a bit and turns around into a big clothesline from Kaz. Kaz chokes Storm against the middle rope, standing on his back, before choking him with his boot in the corner. Kaz hits Storm with a neckbreaker that’s good enough for a near fall. Kaz wrenches Storm’s neck, but Storm fights to his feet before being yanked to the mat by his hair. Kaz picks Storm up to his feet and tosses him through the ropes out to the floor. Kaz follows and hits Storm with a series of elbows to the back of the head before taking him over to the barricade, going to the apron, and leaping off with a double axe handle smash.
Kaz brings things back into the ring for a near fall before focusing in on Storm’s head and neck. Storm is able to fight out of the hold and hits Kaz with a series of clotheslines and a big flying forearm. Storm hits a double underhook suplex to put down Kaz for a two count. Kaz rolls to the apron and leaps back in with a huge DDT to put Storm down for another two count. Storm gets up and catches Kaz with a huge Alabama slam before hitting Kaz with closing time. Storm hypes up the crowd, clapping and getting ready for the last call. Kaz pulls the ref in front of him to avoid it, and almost connects with fade to black. Storm fights out and hits the last call superkick out of nowhere to put Kaz down for three.

Winner: James Storm
TNA X Division Title Match Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Kenny King
King and Van Dam lock up and RVD locks in a head lock. King pushes him away but ends up right in another head lock. King fights RVD down to the mat, but RVD fights out and goes into another head lock. King fights out of it, but RVD takes him down to the mat in a chin lock. King fights back up to his feet and clamps on a head lock on his own. King and Van Dam flip around each other for a bit, leap frogging, until RVD hits an enzugiri, and King responds with one of his own that sends RVD to the outside. RVD takes his time on the outside before getting back in. RVD blasts King with a kick to the back of the leg, and then another before whipping him to the mat with a dragon screw. King fights RVD away and puts on a hammer lock before hitting a Japanese arm drag. Both men miss spin kicks, but RVD kicks King in the lower leg to take him to the mat. King runs into a boot in the corner, but when RVD heads to the top, King blasts him with a kick to the side of the head that sends RVD crashing to the outside. King heads to the outside to grab the champ and bring things back into the ring. King locks in a modified seated abdominal stretch. RVD fights out of it with a knee to the face. RVD tries for a pin, but King is able to kick out easily at two. RVD picks King up to his feet and sends him into the corner, charging in with a big spin kick, but it’s still not enough to keep Kenny down for three. RVD and King traderights in the middle of the ring, but King is able to lock in an arm bar, bringing RVD down to his knees. RVD fights out with a series of kicks before sending King into the corner. King catches RVD running in and crotches him in the top rope before hitting him with a big kick to the back that’s good for another two count. King and RVD trade rights again, with King picking RVD up and planting him with a sidewalk slam. King heads to the apron and comes in with a slingshot body press, but RVD is (kind of) able to get his knees up and in the way. RVD hits King with a big right before sending him into the ropes and eating a kick to the chest. RVD lays King out with a clothesline before sending him into the corner and monkey flipping him out. RVD hits rolling thunder and heads to the top rope. King and RVD fight to the top rope and King flips backwards out of the corner. RVD leaps out and catches King with a big kick, but when he goes up and tries for the five star frog splash, King moves. King tries for the royal flush, but RVD counters into a pin and rolls King up for the three count.
Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Rob Van Dam


TNA Tag Team Title Match: Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (c)
Chavo and Ryan look to kick things off for their teams. When the bell rings Chavo chases Joey around the ring into the ropes. Ryan catches Chavo with a big right hand before fighting him into the corner and choking him with his boot. Chavo fights back with a series of rights before blasting him with a couple of kicks to the face. Chavo tags in Hernandez who comes in and catches Ryan in a bear hug before releasing him with a giant overhead suplex. Chavo tags back in and comes in with a slingshot senton on Ryan. Ryan fights back with a couple of big clubbing blows before tagging out to Matt Morgan. Morgan tosses Chavo around the ring a couple of times before letting Hernandez tag in. Morgan asks for a shoulder block, but he just shrugs it off. Morgan hits Hernandez with a shoulder block, and Hernandez down the same thing. A flying shoulder block from Hernandez, and a second still don’t take Morgan down, but a giant discus clothesline from Morgan stops Hernandez. Morgan tags out and Ryan sneaks in with a quick cover for two. Ryan tries for a suplex, but Hernandez easily reverses things, holding Ryan high for a good while before dropping him to the mat. Chavo tags back in and hits Ryan with a low dropkick, then a belly to back suplex for two. Hernandez comes back in and takes Ryan to the mat before tagging back out to Chavo, who comes in with a double axe handle smash. Ryan runs into a boot from Chavo, but Morgan picks up Chavo from behind and slams him head first into the corner turnbuckle. Ryan makes the tag to Morgan who comes in and chokes Chavo with his boot in the corner. Morgan changes gears, choking Chavo against the bottom ropes before whipping him across the ring and catching him with a side slam on the way back. Ryan tags in again and goes for the quick cover, getting a two count. Ryan wrenches away at Chavo’s neck. Chavo begins to fight back, but Ryan catches him with a really nice dropkick for a two count. Morgan tags back in and catches Chavo with a running boot to the stomach. Morgan chokes Chavo against the top rope, using the full count before dropping him. Ryan tags back in and goes for another cover, getting another two count. Chavo begins to fight back, but Ryan drops him to the mat with a right to the side of the face. Ryan takes Chavo into the corner and buries his shoulder in Chavo’s midsection. Ryan is able to keep Chavo away from making the tag, but Chavo hits a headscissors out of nowhere, sending Ryan into the corner and making the tag to Hernandez. Hernandez comes in with a couple of clotheslines before hitting a giant back drop on Ryan. Hernandez teases interaction with Morgan before taking Ryan to the mat for a two count. Morgan comes in and suplexes Hernandez before suplexing Ryan on top of him for a two count. Hernandez hits a backbreaker on Ryan, but he’s caught with a head butt from Morgan to the back of the head. Morgan comes in but he’s dropkicked to the outside by Chavo. Chavo heads to the top and hits Ryan with a frog splash and then goes for the pin. Morgan pulls the ref from the ring and the ref calls the match off. Chavo leaps over the top rope and he’s caught by Morgan and driven into the ring post. Hernandez leaps over the top and wipes out Morgan.

Winners and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

Austin Aries Vs Bully Ray
AA circles the ring until they get in the ring & they tie up. After that for a second AA slaps Ray in the face. AA continues to play mind games with Ray. Eventually after all that Ray throws him followed by a slam & some shots in the corner. Ray throws him in the corner hard followed by a clothesline then a big back body drop. AA goes for a roll up but Ray picks him up goes for the finisher but AA elbows him then a drop kick off the top ropes. AA hits a neck breaker for a count of 2. AA puts the boots to the back of him then a elbow for the count of 2. AA chokes him on the ropes & then a spring board slam for a count of 2. AA knees him in the face , couple of shots until AA puts him in a neck submission & a kick to the face. AA hits a leg drop for a count of 2. Ray chops the chest of AA three times followed by a big press slam followed by a splash for a count of 2. Ray misses a clothesline to lead to him failing out of the ring then AA flys to the outside but is kicked in the Face!!! for a count of 2. Ray motions for the end & misses the Bubba Bomb as AA hits the Crucifix. AA hits a drop kick in the corner then when going for the brain buster Ray out of nowhere hits the pressed Bubba Cutter for a count of 2 as AA gets the ropes. The crowd chants we want tables then Ray goes after AA he gets Steel Steps to the Face. AA comes off the top ropes with an elbow followed by some punches to the bloody face of ray. AA goes back to the top rope as Broke Hogan comes out to the Aid of Ray. She checks on him as AA grabs her but with his back to the Ray then ray throw him to the outside. Hulk Hogan comes to the ring as he gets her but with the focus on her. From behind AA low blows ray then rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

TNA Knockouts Championship Match: Tara vs. Mickie James
Tara puts on a head lock, taking Mickie down to her knees. Mickie rolls out of it and clamps on a head lock of her own, taking Tara down to the mat. Tara fights out locking Mickie’s head between her legs. Mickie gets to her feet, but Tara kicks her in the gut and goes to work on Mickie’s arm, pulling her in for short shoulder blocks. Mickie tries to fight out of it, but Tara pulls her to the mat by her hair. Mickie retaliates by doing the same thing before tossing Tara across the ring by her hair. Jesse standing on the apron to check on Tara, and it lets Mickie score a quick two count with a roll up. Mickie hits a Northern lights suplex for another two count, but Tara comes back, backing Mickie up into the corner and beating on her.
Mickie comes back with a hurricanrana, but when she calls for the DDT, Jesse pulls Mickie out of the ring. Mickie hits a dropkick through the ropes, wiping out both Mickie and Jesse. Mickie sends Tara back into the ring, but she’s caught with a kick to the chest when she heads back in herself. Tara heads out after Mickie and drops her face first on the ring apron. Tara brings things back into the ring and stomps away at Mickie, wrapping her up by her hair and lifting her off her feet before dropping her to the mat. Tara tries for the widow’s peak, but Mickie reverses into a roll up, but Jesse is distracting the ref. Tara hits the spider web sidewalk slam, which is good for a two count. Tara locks in a body scissors, but Mickie is quick to fight out of it. Tara yanks Mickie down to the mat by her hair. Mickie kicks Tara away and gets to her feet, hitting Tara with a series of rights, then clotheslines and a running elbow. Mickie hits Tara with a kick to the gut, and a big enzugiri. Mickie crawls over into the cover, getting a two count for her efforts. Tara pushes Mickie away, but Mickie tosses Tara to the outside into the waiting arms of Jesse. Mickie heads to the top and dives out to take out Tara with a Thesz press. Mickie takes Tara back into the ring, hitting Jesse with a kick on her way back in. Tara catches Mickie with the widow’s peak, covering her and getting the three count.

Winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Tara

Aces and 8′s vs. Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff
Devon and Joe look to kick things off, and Joe immediately chases Devon off and to the outside. Angle tries to calm Joe down, sending him out of the ring. Devon attacks from behind, hitting Angle with a series of rights and fighting him into the corner. Devon whips Angle across the ring but runs right into a back elbow, and then a big clothesline from Angle. Angle slams Devon’s head into the corner before suplexing him over hard. Angle pins Devon for two. Joe tags in and Devon makes his way out of the ring quickly, tagging out to DOC. DOC and Joe trade rights with Joe getting an immediate advantage, jabbing DOC into oblivion in the corner. Joe whips him across the ring and charges in after with a splash, and enzugiri combo.
Garrett tags in and DOC tags right out to the Armbreaker takes it to Garrett until Garrett comes back with a shoulder block. Wes tags into the ring and double teams Armbreaker with Garrett, leaping off Bischoff’s back for a splash in the corner. Mystery Man tags into the ring and runs into a flapjack from Wes. Wes tags out to Joe who comes in and kicks away at MM, dropping him to the mat. Joe hits MM with a snap mare, chop to the spine, and a knee drop. Joe goes after the other members of Aces and 8′s and ends up jumped on the outside. Devon tags back into the match and fights of an offensive flurry from Joe with a poke to the eye. Devon tags out to DOC who comes in with a splash, then repeatedly elbows Joe in the chest. MM chokes Joe against the ropes while the ref is distracted, then DOC takes Joe into the corner only to suplex him out. DOC clamps on a rear chin lock, leaning on Joe. Joe fights to his feet and out of the hold, but he runs right into a giant back elbow that’s good for a two count for DOC. DOC takes Joe into his corner and tags in Devon. Devon hits Joe with a couple of punches to the gut before taking him to the mat and clamping on a nerve hold. Joe fights to his feet, but he runs right into a big leaping shoulder block from Devon. Devon is able to make the tag to Armbreaker, who comes in and beats on Joe in the corner, dropping him down with a series of clubbing blows. The big man tags out to Mystery Man, who comes in and watches as his partner eats a boot from Joe. He runs in, and ends up eating an STO out on top of his partner. Angle tags into the match and he hits MM with a clothesline, taking him out with a cross body. Angle hits DOC with a belly to back suplex before hitting MM with a belly to belly suplex. Things break down as everyone begins fighting around the ring and Angle and DOC fight in the ring. Angle eats a chokeslam from DOC. Brisco hits a cross body on DOC, but eats a big boot. Joe hits Devon with a big boot, then hits MM with a head butt before leaping through the ropes with an elbow suicida to Devon. Angle suplexes MM before locking in the ankle lock. DOC’s gits a hammer, but Garrett stops him. Brisco spears him to the outside and Angle lays out Armbreaker with an Angle slam, pinning him for the three count.

Winners: Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff


AJ Styles Vs Daniels
Here we go for the final time. They tie up until AJ puts in an arm submission but Daniels hits a clothesline. They trade some headlocks & then some mat wrestling until Daniels hits a shoulder block two times but AJ goes to the outside of the ring for a second. Back in the ring AJ goes to test there strength but Aj hits a clothesline followed by a kick to the back then a huge drop kick. AJ chops the chest of Daniels then some shots to the chin but Daniels knocks him down until Aj flips him. AJ throws them into the corner & clothesline him. AJ puts in a headlock followed by a leg submission. Aj elbows him in the face followed by a suplex on the apron. On the other side of the ring Daniels slams AJ on the apron of the ring. Daniels throws him into the steps then moves them & suplex Aj on the steps. BAck in the ring Daniels back body drops him for a count of 2. Daniels puts in a headlock until AJ fights out of it then they hit a mid air collision which opens up AJ. Aj hits a forearm followed by clotheslines , kick for a count of 2. Aj goes for the styles fclash but blocked then a flip by aj. Styles heads to the top turnbuckle and tries for a Styles clash from the second rope, but Daniels reverses into a hurricanrana. Daniels hits a Styles clash, and pins AJ for the three count.

Winner: AJ Styles

World Title Match: Jeff Hardy (C) Vs Bobby Rhode
Roode takes Hardy back into the corner and buries his shoulder in Hardy’s gut. Roode takes Hardy down to the mat and stomps away at him repeatedly. Roode covers Hardy for two before taking him into the corner and continuing to work over Hardy’s ribs. Roode whips Hardy across the ring hard which is good for another two count. Roode mounts Hardy and hits him with a couple of punches before drilling him with a right when he stands to his feet. Hardy fights back, dropping Roode in the corner, and hitting him with a big headscissors. Hardy hits Roode with a clothesline in the corner, then a big back body drop. Hardy hits Roode with a big Manhattan drop that sends him to the outside. Hardy dives over the top rope and wipes out the challenger. Hardy brings things back into the ring and goes for the pin, getting another two count. Hardy kicks away at Roode before mounting him in the corner and peppering him with right hands. Hardy gets sent into the corner where Roode kicks him in the gut. Roode backs Hardy into the corner and sends him across the ring, hitting him with a big clothesline. Roode pins Hardy for another two count. Roode stomps away at Hardy’s arms before suplexing him. Roode backs away and drops a knee across Hardy’s forehead. Roode stands on Hardy’s back in the corner, wearing him down. Roode kicks away at Hardy’s midsection, standing on him and pinning him for a two count. Roode drops an elbow on Hardy’s heart before transitioning into a rear chin lock. Hardy looks to be fading, as Roode pulls him down closer to the mat. Hardy is able to make his way back to his feet, but Roode slams him back down to the mat. Roode drops a knee in Hardy’s back, then drops a double axe to Hardy’s back. Roode slams Hardy head first into the turnbuckle. Roode charges and splashes Hardy in the corner before hitting a snap mare, and leaping over snapping Hardy’s head and neck on the way over. Roode locks in another rear chin lock in an attempt to wear down the champion. Hardy fights up to his feet and eats a back elbow from Roode. Roode chokes Hardy with his boot in the corner. Roode picks up Hardy to his feet, slamming him down to the mat before heading up to the middle rope. Hardy gets his feet up, and Roode is stunned. Hardy and Roode trade rights, with Hardy sending Roode into the corner before hitting a Russian leg sweep that’s good for two. Hardy ducks a couple of clotheslines, but he’s thrown to the outside hard, crashing out to the arena floor.
Roode heads to the outside where he throws Hardy into the ring steps hard. Roode brings things back into the ring and he goes for the pin, getting another two count. Roode puts Hardy in another rear chin lock, continuing to work over the champ. Hardy fights, trying to get to the ropes. Roode breaks the hold to hook on a body scissors. Hardy reverses into a pin for two. Roode and Hardy trade right hands again, and Hardy hits a flying forearm, then an atomic drop, and a low leg drop. Hardy hits Roode with his boots, then heads to the middle rope, hitting a big splash for two. Hardy tries for a piledriver, but Roode reverses into a slingshot, sending Hardy into the corner. Jeff grabs on and hits the whisper in the wind, wiping out Roode for another two count. Hardy tries for a suplex, but Roode is able to reverse into a roll up. Hardy drops Roode with a back kick. Hardy hits a sit out front face suplex before heading up to the top for a big backwards leaping splash. Hardy gets another two count, but can’t keep Roode down for the win. Hardy tries for the twist of fate, but Roode fights it off and is able to connect with the giant spinebuster for two. Roode picks Hardy up to his feet, where he’s surprised with a twist of fate out of nowhere. Roode saves himself by rolling to the outside. Hardy heads to the apron and leaps out with a giant clothesline to Roode. Hardy tells the fans at ringside to back away. He pulls the steps out a bit and backs away. Hardy charges at Roode, leaping and launching himself off of the ring steps. Roode moves and Hardy crashes down into the barricade. Roode goes out into the crowd to bring Hardy back into the ring. Roode goes for the pin, but Hardy is still able to kick out somehow.
Roode seats Hardy on the top rope and goes up after him. Roode tries for a superplex, but Hardy pushes him off and down to the mat. Hardy hits the swanton bomb, but he can’t go right into the cover. Hardy gets to his feet and turns around into a spear from Roode for yet another two count.
Aces and 8′s are shown walking out from the back. Roode tries to get the ref’s attention and distract him. Roode calls in someone from Aces and 8′s, but no one budges. Roode turns around into a twist of fate from Hardy, who pins him for three.

Winner and STILL TNA World Champion: Jeff Hardy

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