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Taz is in the ring talking about hurricane sandy & how we can help the people on the east coast. Bully Ray & radio host bucket head comes out. Bucket head wants to set a record for texting the red cross on a ppv. We get a video package hyping the ppv.


TV Title Match: Samoa Joe (C) Vs Magnus

They trade shots to kick it off, magnus thrown outside the ring as brawl around the ring. Magnus is thrown into the ring barrier until he brings the blows to joe. A back rack followed by a headlock but joe throws him in the steps and back into the ring. In the corner magnus is as joe takes the strikes to him followed by a wiping take down , kicks & knee drop for a count of 2. Joe puts the shots to him with strikes & then a flying knee drop. Joe headbutts him but gets clothesline by magnus to change it around.  Magnus pounces on him with the strikes in the corner then a big knee to the face. Magnus gets thrown into the corner & joe hits him with a knee followed by a big kick to the face that leads magnus to the outside of the ring. As magnus is outside the ring he grabs a chair then when joe goes for an outside dive the chair is thrown into the face of joe. Magnus puts an elbow in the back of joe followed by a knee drop for a count of 2. Magnus puts the shots to him then a big boot but when coming of the top joe catches him then a big knockdown. Joe hits a snap suplex for a count of 2. Joe powerbombs him for a count of 2 then a STF submission but magnus gets the ropes. Magnus gets thrown into the mat but then magnus puts in a elbow submission & into a arm bar but joe puts it into a count for a pin but for 2. Joe hits a big strike to drill him down. Joe goes for muscle buster but magnus blocks it so joe goes up tope but magnus knocks him down with a knee followed by a diving elbow for a count of 2. Magnus gets kicked in the face & elbow but goes for a suplex but blocked then they trade shot until magnus hits a power slam. Magnus goes back up top & hits an elbow drop for a count of 2. They trade shots until magnus is thrown to the mat of the ring. Magnus to the outside of the ring to grab the chair but joe dives to the outside to land on him. Back in the ring we go as joe puts him on the top rope for the muscle buster for a close count of 2. Joe brings the punches until he locks in the rear naked choke for the win.

Winner & Still champion: Samoa Joe


Tara and Jesse vs. ODB and Eric Young
The bell rings and it looks like ODB and Tara will be kicking things off. Tara begs off before locking up and backs into her corner. She consults with Jesse before tagging out. Jesse makes his way in and is rolled up. Jesse kicks out, and ends up getting caught with an atomic drop. ODB and EY both hit Jesse with rights before ODB rubs Jesse’s face into her chest. EY tags in and we get some double team action from ODB and EY. EY takes Jesse into the corner, but ends up whipped across the ring. He’s able to turn things around with a big hip toss. EY tags back out to ODB, who comes in and whips Jesse across the ring, coming in after him with a bronco buster. EY sets himself up in the corner and asks for one for himself. ODB sets up, but she’s shoved from behind by Tara. EY tags back in and stalks Tara, getting attacked from behind by Jesse. Jesse chokes EY in the ropes before hitting him with a back drop for a two count. Jesse hits EY with a couple of clubbing blows to the chest before tagging out to Tara. Tara goes for the pin but can’t keep EY down. Jesse tags right back in and beats down on EY, stomping away at his head. Jesse tries for a belly to back suplex, but EY lands on his feet. Jesse is able to come up with a powerslam for another two count. ODB comes into the ring, but it only allows a distraction for Tara to come in and double team EY. The dirty tactics don’t work for long as ODB makes her way into the ring to break things up and allow EY to make the tag. ODB comes in and wipes out Jesse with a Thesz press and a series of punches to the head. Tara tries to break it up but she gets a slap for her troubles. ODB hits Tara with a couple of shoulder blocks before taking her out with a TKO. Jesse attacks ODB from behind, but EY makes the blind tag. ODB slams Jesse down to the mat and EY leaps off the top rope with a huge elbow drop that’s good enough to score the three count.

Winners: Eric Young and ODB

X Division Title Match: Joey Ryan vs RVD (C)

Before the match Ryan does a promo about winning the title tonight. Rvd takes him down but ryan huddles in the corner. They tie up until rvd gets a quick pin attempt then hits some strikes until rvd puts him in the corner & kicks him in the face. We go outside the ring for a second but backi n the ring where rvd kicks him & goes up top rope but is thrown off ti the ring apron. Back in the ring for a count of 2 for joey. Joey puts some strikes then a big ddt off the top rope for a count of 2. They exchange shots until rvd misses the monkey flip then on the top rope ryan hits a neck breaker for a count of 2. Ryan puts in a submission but rvd battles out of it & kicks him in the chest followed by clothesline , kicks & rolling thunder. RVD hits a standing moonsult for a count of 2. Joey goes for a roll up but the referee says no then rvd kicks him i the face & goes for frog splash for the win.

Winner & Still Champion: RVD

After the match Matt Morgan lays RVd out with carbine foot print.


DOC vs. Joseph Park
Park charges DOC, but he’s taken down to the mat in a front face lock. DOC teases Park, avoiding him before locking in another front face lock and launching him across the ring. DOC tries to hit Park with a right in the corner, but Park avoids it and hits DOC with a right of his own. DOC charges Park, but can’t catch him. Park heads to the outside and DOC follows. DOC won’t allow Park to head to the back, grabbing a chair and swinging hard. Park ducks and DOC connects with the ring post. DOC charges and tries to punch Park, but Park moves again and DOC connects with the ring post. Park slams DOC’s hand into the ring steps. DOC chases Park around the ring, but Park moves again and DOC crashing into the barricade. Park brings things back into the ring, but runs right into a shot to the gut from DOC. DOC tries to use a belt, but the ref pulls it away from him. DOC heads to the outside and goes under the ring to grab a hammer. He scares off the ref, but he’s taken to the mat by Park, who rains down with punches. Park grabs the hammer and looks at it, but DOC attacks from behind before he’s able to use it. DOC mounts Park and pounds away before it’s broken up by the ref. DOC continues the assault, beating on Park with rights, and stomping away at the big man. DOC rips at Park’s face before dropping a big elbow and pinning Park for a two count. DOC drops a couple of huge right hands to a prone Park before choking him against the middle rope and taking advantage of the ref’s count. DOC hits the ropes and splashes Park, getting another near fall. DOC calls for Park to stand up, taunting him and peppering him with rights, telling him to stay down the whole time. DOC blasts Park with a series of right hands, but Park refuses to stay down.
DOC hits a big kick to Park’s chest before laying in with more right hands. DOC plays to the crowd for a bit, but when he turns around Park is standing back up. Park tells DOC to bring it on, ducking a clothesline and coming up with a series of rights and lefts. Park hits a couple of kind of shoulder blocks. DOC is able to grab the studded belt and use it to blast DOC out of the ref’s sight and Park is busted open. Park notices the blood and looks at his hands. He goes into a trance, turning around and charging DOC. He hits a big clothesline, then a running clothesline in the corner. Park sends DOC into the ropes and hits the black hole slam. Park looks angry, then confused, then he snaps out of it. He turns around and DOC is laid out. Park leaps into the cover, but he’s only able to get a two count. DOC hits Park with a right that sends him to the outside. DOC continues to try to attack, shrugging off the ref. Park grabs the chair and whacks DOC across the back. Park tries for the cover, but he still can’t get three. DOC grabs Park around the throat and hits him with a chokeslam out of nowhere for the three count.

Winner: DOC

after the match DOC beats down parks until Bully ray makes the save.

Tag Team Title Match: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez (C) vs Daniels & Kaz
Daniels & Chavo kicks things off with the tie up then they eachchange until Kaz is tagged in & they double team chavo. Chavo gets the upper hand as him & Hernandez double team him with big knockdowns. Hernandez suplex kaz then chavo hits a splash. A double team splash followed by a count of 2. Hernandez hits a slam then chavo goes for the frog splash but Daniels moves kaz out of the way. Kaz beats him down , Daniels is in now off the double team. They each change until kaz is in for more double team work. Daniels kicks him in the chest. Eventually chavo battles back but quickly the challengers are back to double teaming. Chavo battles out of it & tags in Hernandez for the hot tag. Hernandez hits a slam followed by a splash for a count of 2. Hernandez goes for border toss but eats a drop kick off the top rope by kaz. They double team him in the corner but he double clothesline them followed by a back breaker on daniels & tackle on kaz. Hernadez gets kicked in the face by daniels then they hit there double team finisher for a close count of 2. some how he double suplex them & chavo comes in with the hot tag. He hits 3 suplex. Chavo goes for the frog splash but kicked. Hernandez gets clothesline by daniels then goes for a suplex on chavo off the top until Hernandez lifts him up & chavo cross body on daniels for the win.

Winner & Still Champions: Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez


Triple Threat #1 Contendership For World Title: Bobby Rhode Vs James Storm Vs Aj Styles

Storm & Aj tie up then they exchange until rhode pulls storm out to the ring but aj flys over the top rope to the guys out there. Aj & rhode battle in the ring with aj hitting a back breaker then a slam followed by a knee drop. Aj goes for the pin but storm breaks it up & storm beats down styles in the corner but aj puts the chops to the chest of storm. Aj is thrown to the outside of the ring as storm beats down rhode. Aj hits a forearm in the corner & hits a back drop on rhode. Aj misses in the corner & flys to the outside of the ring. Rhode & storm go at it with strikes. Storm kicks rhode in the back of the head until aJ drop kicks him. Rhode is thown to the outside as AJ puts the kicks to storm. Aj puts the figure four leg drop until AJ breaks it to attack rhode then hits a knee drop & another submission on storm. AJ is thrown into rhode who is on the apron then for a roll up then a Alabama slam by storm for a count of 2. Storm goes for a slam but rhode hits a DDT for a count of 2. Rhode puts the boots to both guys Rhode hits a suplex on AJ for a count of 2. Rhode throws storm into the corner & hits a neck breaker followed by a count of 2. Aj is thrown into the steps then back in the ring rhode goes for a spear in the corner until storm hits double knee jaw breaker then a forearm by aj. Rhode beats down storm & styles. Storm & rhode double team Aj but storm hits a slam for a count of 2. Rhode puts the boot up but then aj Hits a hurricanronna off the top on rhode then Aj hits a DDT on storm for a count of 2. Rhode hits a neck breaker for a count of 2. Aj hits the palay on rhode then clothesline storm out of the ring. Aj went for the 450 splash but missed the rhode hits the spear for a count of 2. Rhode puts in an crossface but aj rolls it into a pin for a count of 2. Rhode hits a slam for a count of 2. Rhode hits a spine buster then storm hits the back breaker on rhode then hits the last call super kick on Aj for the win.

Winner: James Storm


Kurt Angle Vs Devon
Kurt is all over him with strikes, early on it looks to be a fight. Devon battles back with some strikes. Angle hits a shoulder block then puts the boots to devon followed by a suplex. Angle misses a spear in the corner & goes to the outside of the ring. Devon puts a submission on angle but angle battles then devon hits a splash in the corner but angle hits a elbow followed by a drop kick. Angle hits a suplex for a count of 2 but devon battles back then angle hits a back body drop. devon hits a knockdown then angle gets the upperhand & locks in the ankle lock. but devon gets out of it. Devon goes for a powerbomb but boches it until angle hits the 3 german suplex for a count of 2. Angle goes up top but devon hits a powerbomb off the top rope for a count of 2. Devon goes to the top rope but misses the head butt then angle hits the angle slam for a close 2 count. Here comes Aces & eights to the ring as they stare at him allowing devon to hit the spear for a count of 2. Out of nowhere Angle locks in the ankle lock for the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle
World Heavyweight Title Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy (C) vs Austin Aries
Aries throws hardy out of the ring then goes for the ladder but aries beats him down. Aries hits an elbow then throws him in the corner back to back until hardy throws him to the outside. Hardy goes to the outside of the ring then they fought over the ladder. Aries is thrown into the steps, hardy climbs the ladder for the belts but aries hits a neck breaker off the top rope. Aries sets up the ladder on ring / barrier, he puts hardy on it then a knee drop. Back in the ring aries is knocked off the ladder then hardy uses the ladder on aries with it set up upside down. Hardy is knocked down then aries grabs another new ladder but decides to hit a suicide dive to the outside onto hardy. Aries puts hardy in the ladder then smashes hardy with the steps. Hardy goes for the belts as aries is distracted but aries pushes him off & lands nasty on the ladder to the mat. Aries climbs up but hardy goes up there two but hardy is pushed off but the ladder is broken. Aries throws hardy into the ladder which is setup in the corner followed by a drop kick onto the ladder. Aries goes for a brain buster but just fell then hardy goes for twist of fate but blocked. Aries is thrown into the corner followed by a slam. Hardy hits a weird splash off the top of the ladder. Hardy tries to set up the ladder but its broken, by the way its the second one. A third ladder which is fresh is now in, hardy climbs but aries hits a drop kick off the top rope onto hardy knocking him off the ladder. Aries hits a drop kick with the ladder on hardy chest. Aries hits the brain buster & throws hardy to the outside of the ring. Aries moves some ladders around & sets one up then climbs it but hardy is right there as well. They exchange strikes then hardy hits the twist of fate off the ladder. Hardy hits the swantom bomb then climbs the ladder but the belts gets raised up out of hardy reach but aries moves it up by control. They brawl  a bit but hardy gets a taller ladder then they both climb the ladder & exchange strikes then they fall on a ladder on the ropes then hardy hits the twist of fate on the ladder. Hardy climbs the ladder to get the belts for the win.

Winner & Still World Champion: Jeff Hardy (C)

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