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Hogan & Bischoff: TNA to stay TV-14 & More

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Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff were on the Bubba the Love Sponge show Friday talking about TNA’s product direction, Vince Russo, the WWE and more.  Below is a transcript courtesy of

Hogan and Bischoff joined the show 30 minutes after the advertised start time. Bubba said Bischoff called him yesterday and said he was going to be in town visiting Hogan, so he invited them to appear on the show.

-Hogan played a nasty phone message he got from his ex-wife. He said every once in a while he’ll be driving and will think momentarily that he’s headed home to her and the kids. He said he snaps out of it quickly and then plays the message Linda Bollea left to keep him grounded.

-Bubba made a crack about not being able to do what he wants to do on TNA Impact. Hogan joked about Awesome Kong knocking him out.

-The cohost asked for clarification on the rumor that TNA is thinking about bringing in Honky Tonk Man. Hogan said Honky actually owns the name “Linda Hogan.” Bischoff said he would “rather drive a rusty ice pick through my thigh” than work for Honky Tonk Man. Bischoff also stated that Honky “couldn’t draw flies if he were rolled in horse shit.” He definitively added, “There’s no truth to that at all,” Bischoff said regarding the rumor that Honky started on his website.

-A caller asked about Dixie Carter saying she’d like to promote a more family friendly product. Hogan said she won’t get her wish and that they plan to “keep pushing and pushing and pushing.”

-Bischoff said he wasn’t aware of whether TNA Impact will really go live on March 1. Hogan said he has a wish list and the beginning of March works for him.

-Hogan said he’d love to bring in Randy Savage to manage Jay Lethal.

-Bubba brought up the Orlando screwjob and said it came together last night with the followup. Bischoff said wrestling is a soap opera for men. He said dissecting one show is like taking one page out of a book and trying to say you know what a book is like.

-A listener asked what the pecking order is regarding TNA creative, specifically as far as Vince Russo is concerned. “Eric gets an overview of the shit and then he fixes everything,” Hogan said. Hogan added that he and Eric also get together to discuss it. “Eric is straightening the shit out because he knows I can’t do that.” Hogan said Eric comes back to him and he says whether he likes it. Hogan said he hasn’t changed any of Bischoff’s ideas. Bischoff confirmed that Hogan hasn’t changed any of his writing thus far, but joked that it’s still early. He said Hogan has also had some great news.

-Hogan took offense to Russo writing about “fake wrestling.” He said he there are wrestlers who have ruined their lives and families. When Bubba mentioned Russo’s book, Hogan asked, “Who the f— is going to read it?”

-Hogan put over Lacey Von Erich. He said she’s “like one of the boys.” Bischoff said she has a great character and a great personality, and added that they can teach her how to work.

-A caller asked about Desmond Wolfe. Bischoff praised his work and said he’s high on him. Hogan and Bischoff agreed that “something has to be dialed in, but he’s close.” Hogan praised the valet Chelsea and said she’s like a Bond Girl.

-Bischoff said he knew the Orlando screwjob would get people talking about the product one way or another.

-A caller asked whether TNA would be opening a developmental territory. The caller also wanted to know how to become a pro wrestling writer. Bischoff said there’s no developmental territory right now. He put over Brian Knobbs’s school. He said there’s also a group in Los Angeles that has quality talent. He said he hopes they can develop their own developmental territory, “but we’re not there yet.”

-Bubba said he loves “The Black Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. Bischoff and Hogan put him over. Hogan said he’s tired of seeing him get beat. “We love him,” Hogan said.

-Bubba also put over Abyss. Hogan said Abyss is his favorite. “He’s my next John Cena,” Hogan said. Bischoff praised Abyss for having a great attitude and having a larger than life character. “He’s magic,” Bischoff said.

-Hogan said he’d love to have Florida Championship Wrestling owner Steve Keirn. Bischoff said he doesn’t know what the contractual relationships are, but they are always looking for new talent. Hogan and Bischoff both said they have heard from wrestlers in WWE who are in the tail end of their contracts. They did not elaborate.

-Bubba asked about Sting working limited dates and something about a no-show. Hogan said that totally screws them up. He said he doesn’t know how anyone could be used if a guy can’t make the big events. Bischoff said everyone has to make a commitment. He said that guys have to be 100 percent committed or it probably won’t work out. He said everyone has to step up now that they have new opportunities with Spike TV and potentially going head-to-head with WWE on Mondays.

-A caller asked if there’s a chance we’ll see Hogan vs. Ric Flair on TNA pay-per-view. Hogan joked that he doesn’t think Flair can keep up.

-Another caller asked if the Hulkamania Tour will be released on DVD. Bischoff said it’s unlikely because there was a problem with the promoter and a television network. He said they have the right to approve or decline the DVD rights. “What if we get the rest of the money out of Australia?” Hogan asked.

-A caller labeled Hogan one of the biggest scum bags in the wrestling business. The caller said Hogan shouldn’t be criticizing other wrestlers when he hasn’t had a good match since 1989. “I didn’t have a good match before 1989,” Hogan cracked. Funny. The caller said everyone in the business hates Hogan. Bischoff asked the hyper caller “how much blow” he’s been doing. The caller said Steve Austin and The Rock made more money than Hogan and still put people over. Bubba pointed out that Hogan put over Rock in Toronto. Bubba actually mentioned Hogan doing a job for Billy Kidman.

-Another caller asked why they didn’t do the Orlando screwjob for pay-per-view since no one believes they would air that on a taped show. Bischoff said it’s part of the story. Bubba said no other TNA angle in the last six months has got people this pissed off or interested. Bischoff said it’s no different than when he went on television five minutes before Raw and give away the results. He said the minute-by-minute ratings show that people like it.

-Hogan claims “inside sources” claim the original plan was for Bret Hart to face Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania.

-Bischoff praised Vince McMahon and said you know where you stand with him and he knows what he wants. However, he said he doesn’t think Vince is that great creatively. He said he feels Vince gets a lot of credit for creative that he doesn’t deserve.

-Bischoff said history has repeated itself in that WWE has gone family friendly, whereas TNA can now cater to the 18-34 demographic because that’s what Spike TV covets.

-A caller asked if they were interested in hiring Ricky Ortiz now that he’s a free agent. Bischoff cracked that free agent is the same as being unemployed. He said he wasn’t familiar with Ortiz.

-Bubba asked which two WWE wrestlers he wishes he could hire. Hogan said John Cena and Randy Orton. Bischoff ripped Big Show and said he’s always been lazy. Hogan said he was a different guy when he trained for boxing. Bischoff said Chris Jericho would be right there with Cena and Orton. He referred to Jericho as a “phenomenal talent.” He said he likes Jericho as a person and as a talent. Hogan also praised Jericho.

-The final caller asked why they even acknowledge Vince McMahon on television. Bubba answered that everyone knows Vince is number one, so there’s no reason to act like they’re not aware of him. “You can’t win a fight if you don’t throw a punch,” Bischoff said. “We’re throwing punches and we’re going to win the fight.”

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