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RAW Report 4/26/10 Richmond, Virginia

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This week’s RAW starts with King and Cole talking about the Draft. Striker has joined them at announce.

Justin announces the Unified Tag Team Championship Match. Out to the ring comes Sho-Miz. Big Show is wearing a huge Big Show shirt. They pose in the ring together. Miz has a mic. He says last night at Extreme Rules they were forced to fight three tag teams in three matches. As a result the Hart Dynasty was handed a title match tonight. “You suck!” chants. They’re only where they are because of Uncle Bret. Dynasty? You’re only a Dynasty of you win. They were trained by Stu Hart? Trained by an 80 year old man. Did he train them to work against a seven foot giant or a technical master? No he taught them how to be losers! Bret’s the biggest loser of them all. They had a deal and Bret lost! He then called out Bret to declare Sho-Miz the greatest tag team in WWE history. Then he can stay out and watch them prove it because they’re Sho-Miz and they’re… Miz is cut off by Bret’s music. Striker cut on Bret’s wearing his sunglasses indoors. Bret stopped on stage and says he’s the man of his word. He does declare Sho-Miz is the greatest tag team of all time. He also declares The Mountie was the greatest IC Champion. And he also declares David Arquette was the greatest WCW Champion of all time. He can say anything he wants. He can say Miz is a horse faced idiot. That’s about as close to the truth as he can get. The truth is, talk is cheap, it’s all about results. Tonight they’ll have no other choice but declare the Hart Dynasty the new Unified Tag Team Champions. The Hart Dynasty comes out to the ring.

Miz and Kidd start off with a lockup. Much pushing, break and then lockup again. Side headlock on Miz. Arm bar on Kidd. Kidd hit’s a low dropkick to the side of Miz’s head for two. Smith tags in and puts Miz in a really long delayed suplex, one hand off to call for more love, then Miz down hard. Miz from the ring and faced Natalya. Miz then turned around into Smith.

- Commercial

Chinlock from Miz on Smith. Big Show yells into Miz, egging him on. Smith to his feet and out. Forearm to the back of Smith, but Smith suplexes Miz. Both are down. Both tag out. Kidd on Big Show, but runs into a bit boot. Big Show gets Kidd up high by his head and slams him to the mat. Big Show grabs Kidd and throws him in a corner. Big slap to Kidd’s chest while Big Show stared at Bret. Big Show stood on Kidd’s back. A foot on Kidd’s back and Big Show pulled Kidd’s foot back, high in the air. Again Big Show tosses Kidd across the ring by his head. Big Show out weighs Kidd by 300lbs, so says Cole. Miz tags in. “You suck!” chants. Kidd starts to fight back and manages to rode around Miz’s body and take him down for two. Miz fights back and takes Kidd down for two. Chinlock on Kidd in the center of the ring. Kidd to his feet and kicks out, but Miz grabs a foot. Miz ducks an enziguri, but then is kicked off. Smith tags in and on Miz hard. Miz up on Smith’s shoulder, biz slides off and takes Smith down for two and then two again. Smith Powers out of a backslide and then hit’s a power slam on Miz for two. Smith then ran into a big boot. Miz has his feet on the ropes in the pin. Bret pushes his feet off and that breaks the pin. Striker screams for a DQ. Big Show rushes around and gets taken down by a flying Kidd. Smith rolls Miz up but can’t seal the deal. Kidd takes the tag. Smith gets Miz up high and Kidd flies in with a big clothesline. Kidd then locks on the sharpshooter. Miz taps out as the arena goes bloody wild!!!

- Winners: The Hart Dynasty – New Unified Tag Team Champions

Everyone into the ring. Kidd and Smith pose while Natalya and Uncle Bret share a touching hug in the ring. Video of the ending moves of the match. Hands up across the ring, Bret and Natalya between Kidd and Smith. Bret spoke quietly to Smith during the celebration.

- Commercial

Video of Cena retaining last night.

King and Cole talk about Cena embarrassing Batista last night.

Video from during the commercial. In the ring Big Show punches Miz out. They showed it in slo-mo and it was quite the punch.

Cole and Striker talk about HHH and Sheamus. Video of them from last night. Striker says we’ll hear from Sheamus later. Not sure how long HHH will be out, much nerve damage.

Josh is backstage with Swagger. Josh asked how he feels about successfully defending. Swagger says what he did screams World Champion. He went toe to toe with the viper and bit his head off. He’s not only the most naturally gifted Champion ever, he’s the smartest. He has a GPA of 4.0 in Finance. If he was on Wall Street this country wouldn’t be in debt. Edge is there and says to not worry about the national debt, worry that he beat Jericho last night. He’s talking about a GPA of 4, if he’s not drafted to RAW, that’s how many more days Swagger will be Champion. Swagger just shook his head.

Michelle McCool, Layla and Vickie out to the ring together. The wrestlers in blue ring gear and white hoodies.

- Commercial

Slam Of The Week – Two weeks ago on RAW Eve beat Maryse and won the Diva’s Championship.

Eve comes out in silver and gunmetal. Maryse is with her in camo. They’re tagging. Maryse blew by Eve on the ramp and then posed in the ring. King and Striker explain the Draft – inter promotional matches. The winner of the match gets a Draft pick for their show. Basically the same as last year (or was it the year before?).

Eve and Layla start. Layla did jumping jacks and got kicked in the gut. Shoulder block to Layla for two. Side headlock on Layla, then a punch. Layla whipped but gets a foot up into Eve’s face. Kick to Layla’s gut and then she’s whipped again. Eve clotheslines Layla in a corner. “We want ____” chants (couldn’t hear what they wanted). Arm bar on Layla and Eve went for a tag but was kicked in the gut for it. Eve went out and attacked Maryse. Maryse slammed into the barrier. Eve back in to a low dropkick for two. Striker calls Layla his ‘little English muffin’, where’s my Striker-isms counter when I need it? Michelle tags in and clotheslines Eve hard for two. Michelle screams at Eve then slams her down punches while she’s down and hair pulling. Michelle taunts Eve and then chokes her on the second rope. Behind the ref’s back Layla chokes Eve. Reverse headlock on Eve on the mat. Michelle talking smack and yelling the whole time. Michelle gets Eve up but Eve reverses it slamming Michelle. Both down but Eve was able to get a pin for two. A number of dropkicks to Michelle, then a neck breaker for two. Maryse then stole a blind tag pissing off Eve. The ref makes Eve leave the ring with Maryse talks smack. One kick to Maryse’s face and Michelle pins for three.

- Winners: Michelle McCool & Layla

Layla jumped into Michelle’s arms and they celebrated. Vickie into the ring too.

A horrible graphic of faces flashing on the screen making me dizzy. Then it’s Kelly Kelly drafted to SD! She comes out in a red dress to wave and smile.

Backstage Punk and the Straight Edge Society head for the ring.

- Commercial

Evan Bourne out to the ring. Punk and his Straight Edge Society come out to the ring. Punk shows off his head full of hair that he retained last night.

They lock up and Evan’s backed into a corner. Knees to his gut. Kick to his gut in the center and he’s down. Punk runs the ropes and Evan flies up into head scissors than kicks to Punk. Punk reverses more head scissors into a backbreaker. Kicks to Evan’s back as he holds the second rope. Kicks to Evan’s side, the third one is used to take Punk down for two. Evan ran into a dropkick for two. Punk shows off his hair with a smile. Striker’s arguing with Cole like a child. Evan up but is able to get out. Evan up then out with a knee to Punk’s head. Kicks then a knee to Punk’s face. A couple of sliding kicks to Punk’s head for two. Dropkick drops Punk who rolls from the ring. Evan’s about to fly out onto Punk and Gallows but Serena gets in the way and stops him. Evan then flies over her to take them down. Punk sent into a corner then a knee to Punk’s face in the corner. Evan up, Serena distracts when that mysterious person pushes Evan off the corner. GTS and Punk gets the three.

- Winner: Punk

Gallows and Serena into the ring to celebrate with the hairy Punk. Video of the hooded figure pushing Evan off the corner and Punk getting the win.

The same graphic of the flashing faces and Big Show has been drafter to SD! He comes out with his fist high in the air! Punk looks on warily.

Backstage Sheamus is heading for the ring.

- Commercial

They run through the drafts so far, Kelly and Big Show both are going to SD!

Backstage Teddy Long sees Big Show and is happy he’s coming to SD! He can’t wait. Long extends his hand, but nothing. Long asks if he can help him out. Big Show glares. A big arm around Long and a big smile, no problems. Big Show leaves and Long dances and sings that he’s got a winner.

Sheamus out to the ring with a smile on his face. Sheamus says the good news is HHH will not be drafter to SD! The bad news is HHH will never wrestle again. He’s sure HHH would like to leave the WWE on his own terms, but he underestimated Sheamus. The match and his career ended with kicks to the head. Now he’s moving on. Now he wants the WWE Championship. So John Cena… he’s cut off by Orton’s music. Orton comes out and stares Sheamus down as he stalks to the ring. Orton stares at Sheamus in the ring as the fans go wild. Orton tells Sheamus that nobody has despised HHH the way he has. He’s done terrible things to him and his family, but when it came to WM he met him face to face, like a man, didn’t jump him with a pipe. He got the job done, but don’t think he deserves a title shot. Sheamus says he does? He had his shot last night and he lost. Sheamus tells him to get out of his ring before he puts Orton on the sidelines like he did HHH. Orton has a better idea of hitting an RKO and then punting his head off. Sheamus says sorry, he doesn’t deal with losers. He’s facing Cena and there’s nothing Orton can do about it. Cena’s music. Cena comes out and says they have a bit of a problem. They both think they should be number one contender. Well, he can’t think of a better time to introduce tonight’s guest host. Cena does the Shane-O-Mac dance, then says tonight’s guest host… his cell rings, it’s WWE Global, this is why he wrestles in jeans shorts, by the way. He acts like he’s on the phone. No guest host? He went to the other Draft? Holy flucking mustard! Yes, they both think the should be number one contender. Yes, he’s looking at them right now. Yes, he’s pretty pale. No, it’s weird, he’s even whiter than that. It’s like a jar of mayo with a ketchup haircut. Sheamus’ not impressed, this is serious business. Cena says he was told at the beginning of the night that the only person who could name the number one contender was the WWE Champion. No free shots. Better hope neither are drafted. It’s going to be Sheamus versus Orton. Sheamus about looks like he’s going to cry. Orton looks introspective. Sheamus went after Orton with the big boot, Orton reverses it into the RKO, Sheamus gets free and rolls from the ring. Sheamus backs up the ramp, Orton in the ring – serious eye contact.

Backstage Kane, R-Truth, Rey, Drew and Shad are all in blue SD! shirts. They’re all heading for the ring.

- Commercial

Justin in the ring Announces a Ten Man Duel Branded Battle Royal, winning team gets three Draft picks. Rey, Kane, R-Truth, Drew and Shad out to the ring. King, Cole and Striker talk about the three Draft picks at stake. MVP, Henry, Yoshi, Santino and Ted DiBiase.

Both teams in the ring. Santino face to face with Rey and bows up. Santino turns around to his team and turns back to see Kane. The fighting ensues. Drew tries to toss Yoshi out, but it didn’t work. Yoshi then tosses Drew out. Yoshi then tossed by Shad. Santino beating on Shad who ignores him, then send him into a corner. Henry stands on Rey in a corner. R-Truth trying to throw Santino out. Henry taps R-Truth on the shoulder. R-Truth turns and gets a head butt for it. Rey almost eliminated. MVP and Henry work on Kane. Rey on Ted. Ted has Rey up, but he’s fighting back. Rey to the apron but his legs are so short he’s no where near out.

- Commercial

Rey kicks MVP then flies out onto him. MVP catches Rey. MVP eliminates himself when trying to get rid of Rey. Santino saves Ted and eliminates R-Truth and Shad. He celebrates big but is then choke slammed by Kane for it. Henry gets Kane up on his shoulder. Rey hits 619 to Henry’s gut and Kane eliminates Henry. Ted then pulls the top rope low and eliminates Kane. It’s Rey, Ted and Santino. Rey on Ted but then Rey eats a clothesline. Rey fights hard with punches and kicks. Rey up on his shoulder and then to the apron. Seated senton on Ted. Both out to the apron and Ted’s feet almost touch. Both back into the ring. King can’t believe he’s rooting for Ted. Rey up top in a corner then over. Head scissors and both are almost out, but on the apron. Rey ducks Ted but then eats a big boot. Rey eliminated.

- Winner: RAW – Ted & Santino

Santino celebrates big. Ted hits dream street on him.

Draft visual and Morrison comes to RAW. He comes out to pose for the fans. The next pick is R-Truth. He comes bouncing out. Big hugs between the boys. The third Draft pick to RAW is Edge! Edge comes out and the fans go wild for him. Hand shakes between the three faces. Ted stares at Edge smirking. Edge stares back.

- Commercial

Double Down Showdown – last Tuesday Heath Slater faced Jericho. Slater actually rolled up Jericho into a small package for three. Jericho threatened to have the ref fired.

Jericho out to the ring. Jericho says at Extreme rules he was a victim of a merciless attack by the obviously deranged Edge. He didn’t deserve it. He doesn’t care who does it, but Edge must be suspended immediately, he demands it. He’s too good to lose to anybody in this entire arena. He does have to put a little of the blame on himself. He was off his game from losing to a rookie on NXT. He’s still the best in the world at what he does. He’ll never lose to an unaccomplished nobody again. This Heath Slater, the unaccomplished nobody owes him an apology for costing him the match to Edge last night. Come down and let him make Slater famous. Get out there now! Slater actually comes out, by himself. Slates says Jericho wants an apology. He’s sorry Jericho wasn’t able to beat Edge or him. He’s not going to beat Christian either. Jericho talks smack off mic. Out comes Christian to face Jericho. Slater tosses Jericho from the ring. Slater flees as Jericho comes back in after him. Jericho screams at the ref.

Christian on Jericho with punches and kicks. Christian telegraphs but comes back tripping Jericho and slamming his ankle down. Jericho rolls out. Low dropkick through the ropes on Jericho.

- Commercial

Chinlock on Christian in the center of the ring. Slater outside the ring is trying to get the fans cheering for Christian. Christian rolls Jericho up for two. Jericho hit’s a clothesline for two. Jericho argues with the ref about the count. Jericho chokes Christian on the bottom rope. Jericho send Christian up hard into the bottom rope. Jericho talks smack out at Slater. Punches to Christian, then a scoop slam. Heat for Jericho. Lionsault but Christian moves out of the way. Punches to Jericho’s head. Forearm to Jericho’s head, then a back elbow. Slater plays cheerleader. Christian tries for the killswitch, but Jericho gets free. Jericho lands on the ropes, Christian stands on his back, then outside with an upper cut. Christian up and flies, Jericho grabs him and tries for the walls, but Christian gets out. Jericho hits an enziguri for two. Jericho slams Christian’s face to the mat a couple times. Jericho stomps Christian then whips him. Christian ducks the bulldog and slams Jericho back for two. Christian gets the fans clapping. Christian goes for the killswitch, Jericho reverses it and tries for the walls but ends up sending Christian into snake eyes. Christian rolls Jericho up but Jericho rolls through. Jericho is able to lock on the walls. Christian screams in pain and tries to get to the ropes and makes it. Jericho thinks he won, didn’t know Christian made the ropes. Jericho rushes Christian and eats a punch. Christian climbs and lands in the poorest excuse for a code breaker I’ve ever seen. Jericho pins for three.

- Winner: Jericho

Slater in to check on Christian but is attacked by Jericho with kicks. Code breaker to Slater.

Then person drafted to SD! is Kofi Kingston. Kofi comes out boom, boom boom and then runs to the ring. Trouble in paradise on Jericho and then Kofi poses in a corner!

Backstage, split screen, Swagger and Morrison head for the ring.

- Commercial

Video of Bret keeping Miz from cheating, then the Hart Dynasty winning the Unified Tag Team Championships. Big Show took Miz out with one right.

Striker, King and Cole talk about who’s been drafted where.

Swagger out to the ring. John Morrison out to the ring with his slo-mo entrance.

Lots of dancing around before they lock up. Swagger gets JoMo down, but JoMo kicks out. Swagger gabs JoMo and backs him into a corner, no clean break. Lock up and JoMo gives knees to Swagger. Swagger reverses it and works JoMo over in a corner with punches and knees. Swagger takes JoMo down to the mat and really grapples. Swagger’s background is more obvious than ever as he works holds on JoMo then slaps around the back of his head and up. JoMo is pissed and on Swagger hard. Kick to the head and JoMo pins for two. Armbar on Swagger in the center of the ring. Swagger tries to throw out but JoMo holds on and keeps the hold. JoMo up for a scoop slam, then an elbow drop from Swagger. Takedown on JoMo and Swagger keeps him on the mat with a neck hold. JoMo has his shoulders down a couple times for two. The side headlock is held on, but pretty lightly from how JoMo moves. The fans are quiet and getting restless. JoMo up and elbowing out. Shoulder block drops JoMo, but he nips up and dropkicks Swagger from the ring. JoMo corkscrews from the ring onto Swagger. Back in the ring JoMo pins for two. Swagger has JoMo hanging by his knees backward from the second rope. The ref gets Swagger off and JoMo is left laying on the apron to recoup.

- Commercial

Swagger has JoMo back on the mat in an arm bar. JoMo kicks Swagger in the head a couple times and then up. JoMo ends up on Swagger’s shoulders and rolls him up. JoMo on the apron, Swagger uses punches to get the upper hand. Swagger uses the ropes in a brilliant hold. He holds until he has to break. Huge heat on Swagger! JoMo up in a corner. Punches and then stomps as the ref yells at Swagger. JoMo tries to fight back, but is set up top. Punches from JoMo. Swagger reverses out of JoMo’s move. Punches and kicks to Swagger. JoMo hit’s a code red standing shooting star (so said Striker) on Swagger. Head butt to JoMo and then JoMo tossed across the ring. Swagger about to splash but lands on his feet as JoMo moves. Swagger launched into the corner. JoMo rolls up for two. JoMo kicks a flying enziguri to Swagger for two as Swagger gets his foot on the ropes. Swagged oozes out of the ring. JoMo tosses Swagger into the barrier a couple times, then back in the ring. Swagger tries for his gut wrench but JoMo holds the ropes and then hit’s a side Russian leg sweep. JoMo sets up for starship pain but Swagger counters and is able to hit his finisher for three. Striker is still making odd comments, carried over from last night?

- Winner: Jack Swagger

Video of the ending high points of the match.

The next person drafted to SD! is Christian. Christian came out and motioned to Swagger that he wants the belt.

- Commercial

Next week Wayne Brady is Special Guest Host.

King, Cole and Striker are still talking who’s been drafted.

Backstage Carlito and Ted are talking. Ted says Carlito’s way isn’t working. If he takes Ted’s offer, he doesn’t’ sit on the sidelines. Carlito says he’d rather sit on the sidelines than take his offer. Ted then goes up to R-Truth and says he’s looking for someone to watch his back, carry his bags. R-Truth says Ted wants a Virgil. Ted says he’s nothing like his father. Ted says they’d have a different relationship. Ted says he’d tell him what to do, he’d do it and Ted would pay him a lot of money. R-Truth says he needs time to think. Ted agrees. R-Truth bitch slaps Ted HARD and says he don’t play that!

Cole talks about military appreciation and how nobody shows it more than John Cena. Video of Cena with the troops, talking about how much he cares about the troops and what they do. Then it goes to music and clips from Tribute To The Troops. More Cena talking about meeting people, seeing so much, it’s a treat to entertain them every year.

- Commercial

Dolph Ziggler out to the ring. Cole says the rest of the Draft is tomorrow at noon on Out to the ring comes Hornswoggle! He’s still in DX gear. Mr. Ziggles is all smiles.

Dolph avoids a kick. Hornswoggle flees and runs. Dolhp grabs him and rolls him into the ring. Hornswoggle removes his head and throws it at Dolph. Then the other shoe, then his helmet. The whole time the ref counts.

- Winner: Hornswoggle via Countout

Dolph into the ring and locks on his chokehold and won’t let go. Heat for Dolph as the ref checks on Hornswoggle. Video of how Hornswoggle won the match, but then the aftermatch of it all. King into the ring to check on Hornswoggle. “Jerry!” chants.

The final Draft of the night is Chris Jericho. Jericho comes stalking out stiffly in his dapper suit. (Guess what I said in the Live Blog about Jericho and Edge’s feud possibly being great to SummerSlam, well, it’s still possible!)

Backstage Orton heading for the ring.

- Commercial

Video of the match between Cena and Batista at Extreme rules, right down to the duct tape.

Justin starts announcing the number one contender match, Batista’s music cuts him off. Batista rips the mic from his hand. Batista screams that he’s number one contender. He was screwed. Duct tape? Last night was a joke. No one humiliates him like that! Cena owes him a match. He’s not leaving the ring until… Sheamus’ music cuts Batista off. Sheamus says he doesn’t think so. What is it with you people? When’s he going to get it through his skull he lost. Batista screamed that he didn’t lose. Sheamus says Batista’s just like Orton, just a bunch of losers. Orton’s music and out he comes. Orton says for the last seven years, since they were in Evo together, he’s had to listen to Batista whine, complain, make excuses. How about Orton makes him a deal. He’ll beat Sheamus, then he’ll face Batista and beat him too. Sheamus says neither of them deserve a shot, it belongs to him and him alone. Not to either loser like them. Cena then comes out and tells them to calm down. The solution is simple. This match is now a Triple Threat Match. Ring the bell!

The ref does as Cena says and calls for the bell. They all circle until Batista rolls from the ring. Sheamus on Orton. Orton fights back and gets the upper hand in a corner. Sheamus gets Orton up on his shoulder and slams him down. Batista in to make sure there’s no pin. Batista sends Sheamus shoulder first and he falls to the floor. Orton in control and stomps the living heck out of Batista in a corner. Upper cut on Batista, then another. Orton stomps his way around Batista. ‘Vintage’ Orton from Cole. Knee drop to Batista’s head for two. Batista rolls out of the ring, shaken and bright red. Orton out sending Batista into the barrier. Rake to Orton’s eyes. Orton rolled in and Batista in after him. Orton whipped and clotheslined in a corner. Orton whipped and falls to the mat hard. Batista out and sends Sheamus face first into announce. Batista back in but Orton got a second wind and starts stomping Batista. Orton chokes Batista in a corner with his foot high into Batista’s throat. Batista reverses a whip but Orton comes back with a kick. Orton pins for two. Orton looks to see if his nose is bleeding. Sheamus on the apron but Orton sends him into the ringpost shoulder first, Sheamus never made it into the ring and was back to the floor. Snap mare on Orton then Batista kicks him in the face for two. Chinlock on Orton in the center of the ring. Batista’s whole body is into the hold, but Sheamus in to break it up. Orton grabs Sheamus and many forearms over his shoulder to his chest, then Sheamus tossed out. spine buster by Batista on Orton and he shakes the ropes, stomps his feet.

- Commercial

Sheamus on his back and Orton tries to drop a punch but Sheamus moves. Sheamus pins for two. During the commercial Batista went face first, no hand up to black it as they normally do, into the ringpost! Then Sheamus took out Orton with a clothesline. Then Batista sent into the steps shoulder first by Orton. In the ring Sheamus is on Orton, big boot for two. Sheamus chokes Orton in a corner with a knee. Sheamus heads out to slam Batista’s head into the steps. Orton out slamming Sheamus into announce, twice. Orton heading for Batista, but Sheamus grabbed his foot. That was enough distraction for Batista to grab Orton and slam him back first into the apron. Batista rolls Sheamus in. Clothesline to Sheamus for two. Punches and shoulders to Sheamus’ gut in a corner. Batista telegraphs and sends Batista flying from the ring. Orton into the ring and Sheamus hit’s a backbreaker on Orton for two. Armbar, chin hold on Orton in the center of the ring. Orton up and out but punches and kicks form Sheamus. Orton whips but gets a foot up. Clothesline to Orton, then another. Batista back in and he gets a back elbow and then a clothesline. Another clothesline to Sheamus. Scoop slam to Batista. Sheamus on the apron, but Sheamus comes through and sends Orton out. Batista clotheslines Sheamus. Batista elevates Sheamus and slams him down in a different way than I’ve seen from Batista. Batista pins but Orton pulls him out of the attempt and slams Batista’s head into the steps. Orton in and pins Sheamus for two. Batista on the apron. A kick from Orton then Orton hits his DDT through the ropes. Orton is ready to RKO Batista, but Sheamus knees Orton in the side of the head. Sheamus pulls on a rag doll Orton. Orton up but Sheamus has to drop Orton as Batista spears Sheamus for two. Sheamus tries to Batista bomb Sheamus, but Orton attacks Batista from behind with a backbreaker. Sheamus boots Batista to the skull. Orton ducks the big boot and hits his fast scoop slam on Sheamus. Orton’s ready and hit’s the RKO on Sheamus, but suddenly Edge’s in the ring and spears Orton! Edge stares down at Orton, then leaves the ring. All three down. Batista throws a hand out onto Orton’s chest for three.

- Winner: Batista

Edge smirks down the ramp at Orton. All three are still down in the ring. Batista’s shaking out the cobwebs. Video of Orton’s RKO, then the spear from Edge. Batista backs up the ramp with his arms held high. Edge on the stage stares down on Orton (maybe it is over between Edge and Jericho – who knows).

Biggest pop
Bret Hart & Hart Dynasty

Biggest heat
Ted DiBiase

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