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RAW Report for 10/27/08 from Tucson, Arizona

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The show starts with a still picture tribute to Special Deliver Jones.

Video from Cyber Sunday. Austin was voted in as the Special Guest Ref. Y2J played the heel angle up hugely. He started to leave but Austin told him that the title would change hands on count out. Austin got knocked out so HBK ran in and gave Y2J the longest count until Batista counted out. JBL came out and attacked HBK. Then Orton came out and attacked Austin. Austin came back and got rid of Orton. Batista hit a spinebuster and Batista bomb for the three. Austin raised the new Champion’s hand in victory. (They actually showed a lot of the match in video – abbreviated, but much more than usual!)

Music and pyro.

Y2J comes out with no music and huge heat. Sounds like there were sound issues of some sort as there was static on my end. He’s pissed! He yells at Lilian off mic. She asked back – off mic – what he wants from her. Y2J said last night was the biggest screw job in history. We voted in Austin the most biased ref in history. He changed rules in the middle, put his hands on Y2J and didn’t count when he had Batista beaten. Not Batista is Champion. The hugest “You suck” chant I’ve heard in a long time. He said if he was Batista he’d be embarrassed about being Champion. It took an army to beat Y2J. It took Austin, HBK, Orton and all the fans to beat him. He will be in the tag match tonight but next week will invoke his rematch clause and beat Batista to get his title back.

Adamle comes out and tells Y2J to hang on a second. He says in order to make sure there’s no outside interference in the rematch, it will be a Steel Cage Match. Y2J drops his mic and walks off.

On stage Y2J passes Orton who’s on his way to the ring. He asks Adamle if he’s satisfied with himself. Adamle sent Orton out to be a substitute ref, something he didn’t want to do. And Orton was on the end of a Stunner. That’s not acceptable. He’s not healed and wasn’t able to defend himself. He’s going to make sure Adamle doesn’t get away with this. Orton looks at the camera and asks Steph and Shane to come to RAW next week and fire Adamle. There’s heat and cheers for this. If they don’t he will walk, he’s out of there. He’s the most valuable commodity they have. Either Adamle goes or Orton goes. The fans yell they want Orton to go. He tells Adamle he’s a failure as a commentator as an interviewer and as a GM. If he goes to Adamle’s family he’ll probably find that Adamle failed as a husband and father too. Adamle bitch slapped (very weakly) Orton. Huge “You suck” chants. Orton drops the mic and stomps off.

Video of Punk when he was attacked at Unforgiven.

- Commercial

Punk comes out to the ring. Kofi comes out to join Punk in their bid for the Tag Team Championship. Team Priceless with Manu in tow come out to face them.

Side headlock on Kofi from Cody. Monkey flip to Cody in the center for the ring. Punk tags in and covers for two. Jaw breaker to Punk. Ted tags in and walks into a drop toe hold. Punk locks on a head lock but gets backed into a corner. “CM Punk” chants. Ted gets the upper hand on Punk and bounces him face first in a corner. Punk bounces off a corner with a cross body. Drop kick to Ted. Cody starts to rush in but Kofi rushes in and removes him.

- Commercial

Cody hits a Russian leg sweep on Punk. Cody pins for two. Punk gets Cody up for the GTS, but Cody wiggles out. Kofi tags in and takes over. Cody sends Kofi over the top he lands on the apron. He takes Ted out before he could attack. But then Kofi went to climb and Ted grabbed his leg from the floor. Kofi got pulled down in an ugly way. Back in the ring Cody covers for two. Kick to Kofi’s gut and Ted tags in. Ted hammers away over a prone Kofi. Kofi gets hung up on the second rope. The ref pulls Ted off, but Cody kicks him in the head. Cody tags in and they double team him. The fans are hot tonight! Huge cheers to get Kofi back into it. Kofi starts to gain control but Cody stops him with a drop toe hold before he can tag out. Ted tags in and hangs Kofi up on the bottom rope. Ted stands on Kofi’s back. Kofi starts kicking Ted. Kofi manages a roll up for two. Cody tag in. Cody covers for one. Kofi starts fighting back but Cody hits a scoop slam. Monkey flip to Cody and Punk is able to tag I. Cody gets tossed form the ring. Punk then works Ted over. “CM Punk” chants. Cody was starting to grab Punk but Kofi took him out. Kofi and Cody leave the ring fighting. Punk hit the GTS on Ted and covered for three.

- Winners: New Tag Team Champs – Punk & Kofi

They celebrate in the ring tonight.

- Commercial

WM25 promo about the tickets going on sale in 11 days.

Piper comes out to the ring! It’s the real Piper, not Haas. Goldust comes out next. Honky Tonk Man is last out. Well, last for the legends who head to the announce table. Santino and Beth come out to the ring for an IC Title Match. Santino grabs Lilian’s mic and tosses her from the ring. He says before his opponent comes out he wants to say a few things. He calls up the Honk-A-Meter. Santino has been champ for 11 weeks. Santino calls attention of all the pregnant women. He has them look at the three legends. He says that’s what happens when you do drugs when pregnant. He says his girlfriend defines grace and beauty. He has the camera zoom in on her. She poses. Beth’s music plays and out comes… Haas! He’s in a one piece halter jumpsuit and blonde wig. He sit on the corner and flips off like Beth does.

He grabs Haas and tosses him from the ring. He follows Haas outside and beats on him in front of the announce table. Santino slaps the Honky Tonk Man. Goldust and Piper get up. Santino gets in the ring. They go around the ring to block him in. They start climbing in and then Honky Tonk hits Santino over the head with his guitar as he turned around.

Mike Knox promo.

- Commercial

Cole is in the ring and announces Batista. Batista comes to the ring with his shiny new (to him) belt. Batista one arm hugs Cole. Cole congratulates him and ask how it feels to be World Champion again. He said he crawled and scratched his way back to the top. He thanks everyone. He also says now that it’s home it’s not going anywhere for a long time. Cole asks that Batista might be worried that his title reign might be short lived due to the Cage Match. He says the cage is his home, his play ground. Y2J won’t have anywhere to run. He’s ready!

Out back Candy, Kelly and Mickie are all heading to the ring in pink, blue, purple and black.

- Commercial

WWE 24/7 – Shea Stadium 1964-2008. Between 1972-1980 there were three Showdowns At Shea. The start of the Hogan/Andre feud started at Shea.

Kelly comes out in pink pants and black bra top. Candy comes out in lilac and black. Mickie bounces out in her pink and purple two piece outfit. Jillian, Layla and Katie come out all in black with different color accents.

Jillian and Candy start. Candy flips Jillian down and hits a snap mare. Candy gets whipped and somehow ends up flipping Jillian down hard (and it looked wrong). Mickie tags in to save us from Candy’s off-ness. Mickie high flies and covers but both Layla and Katie break it up. Jillian gains control. Layla tags in and they double team Mickie. Layla covers for two. A back kick takes Layla down. Layla tags out but Mickie’s slow. Katie hits a cheap shot on Candy, but Mickie rolls and tags Kelly. Kelly yells and screams while taking Katie down. Katie gains control and tries to cover. Candy grabs her from outside. Katie runs around the ring to get Candy, but Candy hits a clothesline on her. In the ring Kelly hits her finisher and covers Katie for three.

- Winners: Kelly, Candy & Mickie

They celebrate in the ring with lots of hugs that King wants to be part of.

JBL out back says HBK caused him one of the biggest business deals in his life. If Y2J had retained, then JBL would have had the next title shot. Tonight HBK will pay because he will earn nobody crosses JBL.

- Commercial

Slam Of The Week – Last night Rey and Kane were in a No Hold Barred Match. They show stills of the match. Rey won.

Rey comes out in black. He does not have that new over mask on tonight, but he still stops off to see little kids one his way to the ring. Up in a little box in the corner is a video of Grisham interviewing Rey about his Kane match. Rey answers mostly in Spanish. Evan then walked in and said he’s going to beat Rey tonight. They shook hands. Evan Bourne is out to face Rey.

They shake to start the match. They lock up and Evan backs Rey into a corner. The ref breaks them. Side headlock on Evan. Running the ropes turned into high flying as they avoided each other. Evan then takes Rey down. Small “Let’s go Evan” chants. Evan goes for a clothesline but Rey flips around his head and hits head scissors to send Rey flying. Rey gets sent sliding from the ring. Evan slides for a kick into Rey, but Rey moves out of the way letting Evan slide from the ring. They stare down.

- Commercial

Evan has a head lock and body scissors on Rey. During the commercial Evan flew out onto Rey. They’re running the ropes and Evan grabs Rey around the waist. Rey drops down sending Evan into the ropes rather than through them outside Rey flies out onto Evan. In the ring Rey covers for three. Tilt-a-whirl knee to Rey’s back. Evan covers twice for two. Evan grabs one of Rey’s arms and his leg, with a knee in his back he stretches Rey. “West coast pop” chant. Evan bounces part way up a corner and flies in a cross body, but Rey counters with a drop kick. Rey slipped while trying to springboard. Evan tries to take advantage with a pin, but can’t. Rey fights back and covers for two. Evan whips Rey but Rey kicks him. Rey springboards off the top into a seated senton, but Evan comes back with an enziguri. Standing moonsault to Rey for two. Evan climbs but Rey gets up. Evan pushes Rey down. Evan flies but Rey counter and is able to hit the 619. Evan jumps on Rey’s shoulders and rolls him to cover. Rey continues the roll and covers Evan for three.

- Winner: Rey

They’re crouched in a corner talking, about to shake hands when Kane’s music hits. Kane attacks Rey and tries to remove his mask. Evan comes to Rey’s aid. Evan goes after Evan but Rey gets up. They double team Kane. Mark Henry comes out and gets in the middle. He attacks Evan and takes him down. Kane chokeslams Rey. Henry slams Evan to the mat. The two get HUGE heat as they stand over their victims.

- Commercial

Cena promo video. A lot about his childhood and growing up into a wrestler, right up to his debut.

Morrison and Miz to the stage. Miz says they understand that people think they crossed the line last week when they bashed DX. Morrison says their sophisticated humor is too much for them. They’re too good for them. If ‘you people’ don’t get it, it’s their problem. During the three hour RAW they’re going to take on DX. They rip on Dx more and actually get heat from the fans rather than the little murmur of heat they had been getting. (Fans are just not hating them enough, they don’t care!)

Batista is out back getting ready for the main event.

- Commercial

Video of Orton telling Adamle he’s a failure earlier. Adamle bitch slapped him and it looked better this time.

Y2J comes out to the ring. Out back JBL is beating the heck out of HBK. He’s bouncing HBK all over a hallway and in through a door. JBL shut the door and stomped off. Y2J is grinning in the ring as he watched the tron. JBL’s music and he comes sauntering out. Y2J claps his hands for JBL as he comes down. JBL looks so proud of himself. Y2J applauds again and they shake hands. Batista’s music and he comes out to the ring. In the ring Batista slowly shakes his head at a laughing JBL. Looks like a 2 on 1 Match.

Y2J and Batista lock up and Batista tosses him off hard. Y2J immediately tags out. Batista backs JBL into a corner. JBL reverses it and bounces Batista’s face off the corner. JBL is whipped then a huge suplex for two to JBL. Y2J tags in and they double team Batista. Y2J chokes Batista with his foot. The ref back him off and JBL attacks from outside. Batista comes back with a huge clothesline. Shoulder to Y2J’s gut in a corner. Y2J hangs Batista up on the second rope by taking out his leg. JBL tags in. Batista fights back and hits a shoulder block. Batista tosses JBL from the ring. Batista hangs Y2J up on the top rope and onto the apron. Batista runs and knocks Y2J from the apron to the floor in front of the announce table.

- Commercial

Y2J attacks Batista from behind but Y2J ends up in the corner. Batista takes Y2J down. Y2J face first into a corner. Batista telegraphs and gets kicked for tit. Y2J takes Batista down for two. Y2J chokes Batista on the ropes. Y2J is removed by the ref but the ref stops JBL from attacking from outside. JBL tags in. Neck breaker on Batista. JBL drops and elbow. Batista in the heel corner. The ref backs JBL off and Y2J attacks. Y2J tags in. Batista rolls outside. Y2J hits a baseball slide on Batista who hits the barrier. Y2J climbs and flies into a clothesline! Both men are down. JBL reaches for the tag and gets it. Batista fights back against JBL but runs into a sleeper. Batista reverses into a side suplex. Both are down. JBL uses the ropes to get the tag. Batista gets up and hits clotheslines one Y2J. Y2J gets whipped and then a clothesline. Side slam to Y2J. Batista hits a cheap shot on JBL. Y2J gets out of a Batista bomb and hits a code breaker, both are down. Y2J slowly crawls to cover but only gets two. JBL tags in. Batista runs into a big boot. Big spear to JBL and both are down. HBK comes staggering out and down the ramp. Y2J is reaching for the tag but JBL can’t get there. Y2J rushes in. Ref removes him and misses the tag. He tries to make HBK leave the ring. Y2J grabs the belt but misses. HBK tries for sweet chin music on Y2J who drops out of the way, rolls from the ring and goes up the ramp. Batista bomb to JBL and he covers for three.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat
Mark Henry

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