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RAW Report for 11/17/08 from Atlanta, GA

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RAW this week starts with all the Superstars in the ring. Candice looks like she might lose her top! Steph comes out to the stage and stands behind a podium. She says since Adamle resigned she’s been inundated with questions, so she would like to answer them tonight.

Orton asks why this Sunday’s SS title match goes to Cena when Orton is so damn deserving.

Steph said Shane made that decision. Before he was injured he was a contender, so he will face Y2J this Sunday.

Orton say that whoever wins, he’s next.

Cody steps up and says two weeks ago Orton kicked Ted in the head. Instead of being punished he was named Captain of a tag team for SS. Even worse Cody is on that team. Why was he not suspended.

Steph says they’re all grown men and women and have to deal with things like adults. A few weeks ago Orton kicked Punk in the head, so tonight he has to face Punk in a 30 Lumberjack Match.

Orton is pissed but Steph doesn’t back down.

Santino steps up with Beth and says Acorn is here, front row. So he plans on asking his question in the form of a rapping song. He goes off on Regal and does a damn good job rapping! He tells Regal that he’s not in a restaurant, but he got served.

Steph said he had two rematches overseas and did not win.

Santino went off on Acorn, something about a squirrel gnawing off his…

JBL wants Vince. No one knows where Vince is and he needs to talk to him. He’s not happy about his rematch with HBK.

Steph tells him too bad.

HBK steps up and asks for vindication.

Steph says she’s sorry.

HBK says he’s sorry and dives off the platform onto JBL. The ring cleared. JBL screamed at HBK as he backed up the ramp. HBK poses in the ring.

- Commercial

Kelly comes out to the ring in a white sports bra type top, white pants and white boots. Victoria comes out in silver and red, two pieces, the bottom being boy shorts.

Vic kicks Kelly and takes her down. Spinning head scissors on Vic and sends her flying into a corner. Handspring back elbow into Vic in the corner. Vic comes out and slams Kelly down. Vic gets Kelly up into the rack and drops (looks like Abyss’ finisher) and covers for two. Somehow Kelly rolled Vic up in school boy for three.

- Winner: Kelly

Outside the ring Vic attacked Kelly. Back in the ring Vic hit the widow’s peak. Mickie, Jillian and Candy ran out to the ring. Vic ducked out to get away. Vic got to the ramp but Beth attacked her from behind. Candy and Jillian double team Vic and Beth hits her finisher on her.

King and Cole go through the SS Team Matches.

Out back Batista is heading for the ring.

- Commercial

WWE Rewind – Cody faced Batista last week but lost. Manu rushed in but was speared post match.

Batista heads to the ring in wrestling gear. Manu headed to the ring with Cody in tow. Video of the Wild Samoans – his father and uncle.

Orton is on the top of the ramp watching closely. Manu and Batista lock up. Batista hit a shoulder block but Manu came back with an upper cut. Manu hits a Samoan drop on Batista! Manu slams Batista down for two. Batista gets tossed shoulder first into the ring post. Shoulder nerve pinch to Batista. Batista slams Manu down face first into the second turn buckle. Manu splashes Batista in a corner. Manu covers for two. Leg drop and Manu again covers for two. Batista kicks Manu in the face and start to gain some steam. He goes for a Batista bomb but Manu counters. Spear from Batista. Huge Batista bomb to Manu for three.

- Winner: Batista

Orton glares down the ramp and Batista glares back. Batista is actually acting like his arm hurts, but who knows. Cody climbs on the apron, looks over his shoulder at Orton and then drops down. Cody walks Manu up the ramp. Batista grabs a mic and says he’s listened to Orton run his mouth about him and Evolution and has wanted to whip his ass. This Sunday he will. Orton needs to stop worrying about Cena and start worrying about what Batista will do to him at SS. Video of the Batista bomb to Manu.

- Commercial

Steph on the stage announces Chief Jay Strongbow! He comes out very slowly to the stage and waves. Very short and cut off segment.

Orton comes up to Cody and rips on him for not going after Batista at the ring. Tonight Orton will back up what he says in the ring. Cody tells him to keep talking as that’s what he does best.

Grisham introduces a video of Evan Bourne and then his injury. Grisham says he’s there to update us on his injury. Evan comes out on crutches! He says he’s in a boot, but his ankle’s feeling better everyday. He’s going to pick up in the ring just where he… Knox is behind him. Knox glares down at him, backs him up a tiny bit, then goes back again to the out back area.

Out back HBK and Rey are heading to the ring. HBK stops Rey and says he’s taken that walk with a lot of people – HHH, Marty Janetty, even Hogan. He says he’s actually nervous. Rey tells him to take it step by step. They go slowly and then pick up speed. HBK then gets excited as he sees Dolph Ziggler. He goes on about this being a SS preview match. He’s funny and in semi-DX mode.

- Commercial

Miz and Morrison to the ring for their Tag Team Match. Rey comes out to the ring in black and white. HBK comes out to join them, also in white and black (wonder if they coordinated on purpose). Video of HBK flying onto and attacking JBL earlier in the show.

HBK and Morrison lock up. Shoulder block to HBK. Chops to Morrison. Rey tags in and hits a low drop kick to Morrison’s face for one. Head scissors and Morrison falls into 619 position. Miz moves Morrison and hits Rey. HBK baseball slides Miz and flies out onto him. Rey takes Morrison down into the announce table.

- Commercial

Miz has a head hold on HBK. “HBK” chants. HBK took Miz down somehow. HBK tagged out and Rey hit a sit down senton on Miz. Miz sent Rey over the top and he landed on the apron. Morrison attacked from outside sending Rey flying. Morrison stomped Rey outside and tossed him in. Miz and Morrison double team Rey in the ring. Miz gets a stretch on Rey with a knee in his side. HBK gets the fans into it. Miz hits a sunset flip, Rey rolls through and hits a low dropkick. Morrison tags in and keeps working Rey over and covers for two. Abdominal stretch to Rey. Rey wiggles around and knees Morrison in the head. Morrison hit a tilt-a-whirl gut buster on Rey. Miz tags in and they double team Rey. Morrison tags in and works Rey over in a corner. Rey manages to take Morrison down. Both are down but both manage to tag out. HBK takes Miz down and nips up. Inverted atomic drop to Miz. Scoop slam and HBK climbs. HBK hits his elbow and runes up the band. Miz ducks the move and counters HBK’s figure four. HBK takes Morrison out on the apron with a clothesline. A clothesline to Miz for two which Morrison breaks up. Rey runs in and hits a 619 on Miz. Morrison rushes in and hits a super kick on HBK and slams into Rey taking him from the apron. Miz flops over on HBK for three.

- Winners: Miz & Morrison

Morrison celebrates while Miz lolls on the mat. Morrison rolls him out and helps him up the ramp.

Cole and King talk about it being green week. They talk about Cena’s injury and how he’s returning at SS.

Another Cena video, this one mostly set to music and talks about how he’s coming back in (basically) his hometown.

- Commercial

Steph and Y2J watching out back. Steph says she’s giving him equal time. Y2J says he hopes Steph is enjoying herself as Cena is a troublemaker and when he’s back there’s going to be big problems, anarchy. So they should all hope Y2J retains on Sunday.

- Commercial

Grisham interviews Punk out back. He talks about how Punk couldn’t wrestle at Unforgiven. Video of Punk being attacked but Priceless and Orton. Punk already had one match with Orton that ended in DQ. Punk says he doesn’t know why Orton kicked him in the head. Orton was hurt, useless and feel like he needed to be someone. Orton ruined his miracle year. Steph made it a Lumberjack Match so Orton can’t run off. They will throw Orton back in the ring, with force in necessary. Punk doesn’t have a HOF father, was not mentored by Flair or HHH. He had to work for everything and he’s doing that tonight.

Out back JBL approaches Kane and says they’re compatible. Kane says JBL give economical advice, Kane beats people and electrifies their genitals. JBL might be Captain, but Kane’s not taking orders.

Cryme Tyme comes out to the ring.

- Commercial

During the commercial Cryme Tyme and Acon had some fun with the crowd. JBL comes out to the ring part way in his limo and walks the rest of the way. Kane’s fire and he comes out to the ring. JBL does not look happy.

JBL and JTG start out. JTG gains control and tags in Shad. JTG whips Shad into JBL. Arm bar on JBL who stomps out but can’t keep control. JTG tags in and takes JBL down for two. Shad tags in and hits a huge shoulder block for two. JTG tags in an takes JBL down, but then Kane tags in and JTG is in deep. Kane works JTG over then knocks Shad from the apron. Kane is setting up for the clothesline and JBL gets the blind tag. Clothesline from hell and JBL covers for three.

- Winners: JBL & Kane

Out back Kofi and Evan are talking. Knox slams Kofi into Evan knocking them both down. Knox beats down Kofi then knocks Evan over. Knox picks up a crutch and beats Evan’s (heavily booted) ankle with it before stomping off.

- Commercial

Video of the Knox attack before the commercial.

Regal to the ring with his new IC Title belt, his little tart (Layla is no where in sight). Video of Regal beating Santino for the title last week. Regal is ripping on the USA in true heel form. He talks about how great England is. He says he serves his Queen with dignity and loyalty, concepts foreign to us. Matt Hardy comes out to face him. He is limping very slightly, if you look for it.

They lock up. Arm bar the hammer lock on Hardy. Hardy rolls Regal up in a school boy for two. A back slide on Regal for two. Hardy gets knocked outside and Regal follows. They fight outside and it’s a double count out.

- Winner: No Contest

Hardy gets bounced face first off the announce table. They continue fighting, much harder, outside the ring until broken up by refs.

- Commercial

Y2J comes out to the ring in suit and tie with the WHC over his shoulder. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says for the past month we’ve been treated to the heartwarming story of Cena. Now it’s time for Y2J’s story. It starts in 2001, a year before Cena came to the WWE. Y2J beat the Rock to become WCW Champion. 20 minutes later he beat Austin to become the Undisputed Champion. It is bigger than anything Cena did before or since. This past September at Unforgiven Y2J won the first Scramble Match. He wasn’t supposed to be in the match and it was his second of the night, but he won the title. While Cena has been out Y2J beat Punk to retain his title in a Cage Match. Two weeks later Y2J beat HBK in a Ladder Match. Two weeks ago Y2J beat Batista in a Cage Match to become a five time Champion. Y2J says he has more success than anyone else in this business, but everything has been centered on Cena. He’s been treated as a savior, a conquering hero. Everything has ended the same way – Y2J holding the WHC high above his head. Y2J says he’s the best in the world today, at the top of his game. He will not let Cena walk in and take what belongs to Y2J. The centerpiece of RAW is not Cena. It the WHC and that’s Y2J. At SS he will end the phenomenon that is Cena. Then and only then will RAW be saved.

- Commercial

Everyone is ringside waiting to be lumberjacks! Orton comes out to the ring. Punk comes out wearing hit Tag Title belt. Orton glares at him from the ring.

They lock up. They break and glare at each other, then lock up again. Hammer lock to Punk on the mat then they break. Orton tosses Punk from the ring and he quickly rolls back in without being touched by anyone, even though he went out a heel filled side. Shoulder block to Punk. Kick to Orton who rolls from the ring. Hardy rolls Orton back in. Bakc slide to Orton for two. Punk tosses Orton out. Orton hits Noble and Hardy and Ortiz hold Orton while Batista beast on him. They throw him back in. Henry pulls Punk out, the heels beat on him and toss him back in. Orton covers for two. Orton stomps his way around Punk. Punk starts fighting back but a drop kick to Punk’s chest drops him and Orton covers for two. Chinlock on Punk in the center of the ring. Upper cut to Punk. Punk gets whipped but Punk gets a foot up and Orton covers for two. Orton is getting frustrated. Chinlock in the center of the ring. Swinging neck breaker to Orton and they’re both down. Punk punches and kicks Orton. Enziguri to Orton for a long two. High knee to Orton. Knee lift in the corner to Orton. Punk again covers for two. Orton struggles to his feet but comes face to face with Batista who grins. Punk sets up for the GTS but Orton wiggles out. Orton sets up for the RKO but Punk dropkicks Orton from the ring. Miz and Morrison have Orton outside. Punk climbs and flies onto the three of them. Back in the ring Orton hits the RKO for three.

Orton sets Punk up for the kick/knee to the head Batista rushes in to stop him but the ref gets in the way. The ref is in the (obviously) wrong spot for where he should be and they have to juggle around to make it look right. Batista carefully pushes him out of the way, Orton slows down and fakes a little bit so Batista can intercept Orton with the spear. That whole thing looked really bad! Then someone else rushes in the ring to go after Batista. HBK rushes in. Then Kane grabs HBK. Kane is about to choke slam HBK and Rey flies onto him taking him down. They ring fills and it’s total mayhem.

Biggest pop
Chief Jay Strongbow
Cryme Tyme

Biggest heat

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