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WWE RAW Report for 12/15/08 from Pittsburgh, PA.

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RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

They show stills from last night – HBK and JBL, Jeff Hardy winning the title and how Miz and Morrison won the Tag Team Titles over the weekend.

Kelly comes out in a light pink and silver two piece outfit that made my eyes pop out! Melina comes out in off white and black to do her normal ring entrance. Beth comes out to face them in a black and green jumpsuit. Santino and Jillian – in black pants and a grey tiny top – come out with Beth. A fan on the corner asked for a picture. Santino came over. The woman (plant) said “not you, her!” Santino ended up taking a picture of the woman and Beth together.

Jillian and Kelly start off. Kelly cartwheels out then hits head scissors. Beth grabs Kelly’s hair and slammed her down from outside. Jillian covers for two. Jillian remains in control over Kelly and gets a cheap shot on Melina. Kelly somehow rolls Jillian up for three.

- Winners: Kelly & Melina

Kelly celebrates but Jillian attacks her from behind. Beth takes out Melina outside and rushes in to help attack Kelly. Kane’s fire and he comes out. Santino gets the female heels from the ring. Kane gets in the ring and backs a scared Kelly into a corner. He slowly extends a hand to her but she rolls from the ring in fear. He virtually chases her up the ramp as she backs away and heads out back.

- Commercial

Video of Kane making Kelly nervous before the commercial. Then him stalking her up the ramp. During the break she was still trying to get away from him and she and he both ran into Jamie Noble. Finally he caught her and told her they needed to talk. She looked freaked out.

Rey comes out in black and silver. Then my video feed died – SORRY!

Someone I don’t know is in the ring with Rey and in control of Rey. Oh, it’s Deuce. I guess he announced before the match that he’s the son of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and King is acting all shocked. Rey hits an offensive on Deuce who’s in black shorts and a black sleeveless shirt. Rey gets lifted high in the air and slammed to the mat. Then Deuce hit a knee to Rey’s face for two. Rey sets him up for 619 but Snuka, as Cole is calling him, rolled from the ring. Rey flew on him but them Manu and Cody who were by announce attacked Rey.

Winner: Rey Via DQ

Rey gets away from Cody and Manu and around the ring but then backed into Knox who attacked Rey and beat him down. Knox stands over Rey and glares down at him as all the second generation wrestlers in the ring look down on them.

- Commercial

Another DX “commercial” for warm weather clothing – their new DX Hoodie. HBK says the key to staying warm is layers, lots of layers. They also have the HHH Bear from his Conan the BarBearian era. HHH pulls up the HBK bear from his Village People days, be careful or all his hair will fall out.

King and Cole talk about how those bit were taped a few weeks ago and how sad it is that HBK is broke and now working for JBL.

Out back Kelly is trapped by Kane. He brings up how Kelly said love is a wonderful thing last week. She said they were just presenting and award. He asked if she didn’t feel anything. He asked if she’s just toying with him, one of those who would hurt him. If she was she could just walk out. Before she could he slammed the door and said he knew she felt something.

Grisham with Orton who said he challenged Batista to a rematch. But he hasn’t heard back because Batista is a coward and will know what would happen. Suddenly Batista’s there and Orton bitch slapped Batista.

Orton scurrying down the ramp. Batista comes out and then gets attacked from behind by Manu and Cody. They only got down to the bottom of the ramp before Cena made the save. Orton refused to move from the top of the ramp where he, Cody and Manu ran.

- Commercial

Batista and Cena talking out back about Orton, Cody and Manu. Grisham says a match has been made for later in the show. Batista and Cena will face off with Manu, Cody and Orton.

Hacksaw is in the ring. Y2J comes out to face him? Well, Y2J is in a suit not ring gear. The announcers are also confused and Hacksaw gives a confused look. Y2J gets in the ring looking pissed. He takes the mic from Lilian who backs away. He says he refuses to wrestle tonight. He says he’s the 2008 Superstar of The Year and has been carrying the show singlehandedly for the past 12 months. It’s a slap in his face that he has to compete with someone like Hacksaw. He shouldn’t be banished for losing last night. He’s the best at what he does today and refuses to face a bottom of the barrel talent like Jim. He refuses to step into the ring unless it’s a Championship Match or with someone of his caliber. He drops the mic and leaves with a cocky walk up the ramp.

Out back Kane tells Kelly she wants to get to know him better. She says no. He asks if there’s someone else. She doesn’t answer he demands to know who it is. He says she’ll tell him if she wants to or not.

- Commercial

Kane tells Kelly he did the right thing by telling him. He says he has to go and she asks that Kane not hurt him. He said that like Kelly said – love is a wonderful thing.

Lilian announces Regal who comes out with Layla on one arm and the belt over the other. He sits on a throne on the stage and she holds him belt for him. Punk comes out and looks over at Regal. Actually, they glare at each other. Stills from Punk and Rey’s match last night. Kofi comes out to tag with him trying to win back their Tag Title belts. Stills from Miz and Morrison winning the Tag Titles in Canada. Miz and Morrison come out to the ring. They both have their Slammys in hand.

Kofi and Miz tie up. Side headlock on Miz. Miz backs Kofi into a corner but doesn’t give a clean break. Side headlock on Kofi. Kofi muscles out but was slammed down by his hair. Kofi used his fast moves to gain control and cover Miz for two. Punk tags in and flies over the top onto a prone Miz. Punk then takes Miz down for two. Kofi gets a blind tag and they double team Miz. Kofi covers for two. Punk gets a blind tag and whips Miz. Miz gets a foot up but Punk grabs it. Bitch slap to Punk and Miz runs from the ring. Punk follows as they go back in Morrison grabs punks ankles but Punk kicks him off and into the barrier hard. Kofi tags in and sends Miz flying from the ring. Punk then runs at Kofi who elevates him and sends him over the top into Miz and Morrison outside.

- Commercial

Punk and Miz tag in and Punk works over Miz. Punk rolls up Miz for two. Miz is whipped and sends Punk over the top but he stays on the apron. A distraction from Morrison and Miz is in control. Morrison tags in and they double team Punk for two. Morrison stomps and kicks Punk. “CM Punk” chants. Body scissors on Punk in the center of the ring. Punk up on Morrison’s shoulders and Miz climbs somehow Punk ends up on the corner and hits a superplex on Miz, Morrison is outside. Miz tags out and tries for a cheap shot on Kofi who takes Morrison down and works him over, after Punk gains the tag. Kofi gets a two on Morrison. Kofi continues to work over Morrison and covers but Miz breaks the count. Kofi sens Miz flying and covers Morrison for two. Morrison caught Kofi in the face and covers for two but Punk breaks it up. Morrison hits his finisher on Kofi and covers for three.

- Winners: Miz & Morrison

Kane’s fire and he comes stomping out to the ring. He looks around and it looks like he’s going after Punk but then he grabs Miz. Kane chokeslams Miz then Kane hits the piledriver on Miz! Kane leaves the ring and Miz flat out.

- Commercial

Pittsburgh Steelers and families in the front row.

JBL comes out to the stage, no limo. He invites us to watch comments made by HBK last night. Video from last night where HBK said the economy has hit us all hard and he’s not immune. He’s in a tough spot right now. He’s heard the whispers – he’s rich, it couldn’t happen to him. He wishes that were the case. Like a lot of 20 year old who come into money he spent it freely. In his 30′s the injuries piled up and he paid for all his surgeries because he wasn’t going to become beholden to anyone. About ten years ago he met his wife and they had two kids. He started investing. He supported everyone and charities. He had, they didn’t so he gave. He’s not going to lie to us – he doesn’t know how much time he has left. He doesn’t know how many years he has left. He has family who depend on him. That’s why he took JBL up on his offer. He doesn’t like JBL any more than we do. He’s smug, he’s a bully and he finds him reprehensible. But he’s very good with money and that’s what he needs right now. He will put his kids through college or let his siblings lose their homes. He’s not about to bag groceries or wrestling in gyms. He will not become a wrestling tragedy. We can judge him if we want. If being booed or called a sellout by us is the price he has to pay, then he’ll pay it. “You sold out” chants. He said it’s not something he wants to do, it’s something he has to do. JBL extended his hand to HBK. HBK slowly reached out and shook it. JBL then left the ring and HBK looked crushed. HBK then slowly left the ring to “You sold out” chants and people yelling at him. Back at RAW JBL smirks.

Back stage Candy and Mickie rush up to Kelly. They ask if she’s okay. They said they didn’t know about the Miz. Kelly looked disgusted and asked if they were serious about the Miz.

- Commercial

Video of Dolph beating R-Truth by count out last week on RAW.

Dolph is in the ring. He reaches for Lilian’s mic and then announces himself. Then he hands it back to her. Santa Cl-Haas comes out to face him. Cl-Haas hands out gifts to some fans. Cl-Haas then gets in the ring and keeps tossing out gifts.

Dolph extends his hand and Cl-Haas puts a gift in it. Dolph starts to gain control, but not for long. Cl-Haas splashes Dolph in a corner. Drop kick from Dolph. Dolph works over Cl-Haas and covers for two. Side headlock on Cl-Haas. Cl-Haas elbows out but is slammed back. Dolph stomps Cl-Haas. Dolph grinds his foot in Cl-Haas’ face. Side headlock on Cl-Haas in the center of the ring. Cl-Haas’ face gets very red in this side headlock. Cl-Haas gets free but is down. Cl-Haas moves out of the way of an elbow drop. The beard is removed and Cl-Haas hits a dropkick then a shoulder block in a corner. But Dolph comes back to slam Cl-Haas and cover for three.

- Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Dolph continues to work over Cl-Haas and tries to rip his Santa suit off until the ref makes him leave.

Video of Kennedy’s new movie.

- Commercial

Hacksaw is out back looking forlorn. Cryme Tyme comes up to him and say it’s time, they have his back.

Y2J is out back with Steph. She says she sets up a match he’d better compete. She says she’s the boss. Y2J says she’s not doing a good job. He says Batista’s rematch clause is out of date. She proceeds to explain how the next Number One Contender is picked. If Y2J keeps questioning her he will never have another match worthy of Superstar of The Year.

Cody and Manu are talking and Orton comes up. He says last night was bad and then they try to take out Batista and it doesn’t work. If everything isn’t perfect then this group, this legacy is over.

Batista heads to the ring.

- Commercial

Video of the attack on Batista earlier tonight.

Cena comes out to the ring. Orton, Cody and Manu come out together.

Manu and Batista start. Batista pushes off a lock up. They then lock up and Manu is almost backed into a corner but he turns it so Batista is in the corner. Manu runs into a back elbow. Batista throws some punches in the face corner. Cena tags in. Scoop slam to Manu and Cena covers for two. Cody tags in. “Cena” chants. They lock up and Cody gets a side headlock on Cena. Shoulder block to Cena. Headlock takeover to Cody. Cena keeps the headlock on until Cody backs him into a corner. Cody gets whipped then slammed when he comes out of the corner. Batista tags in and takes Cody down. Long delayed vertical suplex on Cody for two. Cody gets his face bounced off a corner. Cena tags in and slams Cody’s face into the next corner and hits a bulldog for two. Arm bar on Cody and Batista tags in. Batista pulls Cody in for a couple shoulder slams, the second drops Cody. Cody is whipped but gets an elbow up. Cody slams Batista down and tags in Orton. Clothesline to Orton. Orton is whipped then hit with a clothesline in the corner. Orton is slammed down. Orton is whipped but gets away before the clothesline. Orton takes Batista down and stomps him. Stomps to Batista’s gut while holding Batista’s feet.

- Commercial

Orton chokes Batista in a corner with his foot. Cody tags in and punches Batista in the corner. Manu tags in and continues with stomps on Batista. Batista comes out to a huge clothesline from Manu for two. Orton tags in and stomps his way around Batista. Orton drops a knee on Batista with a bad camera angle that showed nothing touched. Manu tags in and pulls Batista up only to hit an upper cut to drop Batista for two. Cody tags in and hits and elbow to Batista’s head. Orton tags in and Batista hits a back drop on him. Both are down. Cena manages to tag in as does Manu. Cena takes him down hard and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena gets Manu up for the FU but Cody dropkicks from behind. Manu lands on Cena’s head. Orton tags in and stalks Cena. An upper cut to Cena and then he drop Cena to the mat. Orton covers for two. Orton tries to drag Cena to the apron while outside. Cena fights it but Orton gets him there and hits an upper but on the apron. Back in and Orton hits a DDT through the ropes on Cena. Orton covers for two. Manu tags in and splashes Cena in a corner. Flying head drop on Cena. Cody tags in a climbs to hit Cena’s arm that Manu holds out. Cena starts to fight back but misses a corner splash. Cody comes off the corner to take Cena down and cover for two. Punches to Cena. Russian leg sweep to Cena. Cody covers for two. Clothesline to Cena. Cody misses a knee drop and Cena is able to tag out. Huge clotheslines to Cody and a scoop slam for two. Batista moves when Manu tries to break the count so Cody got the brunt of it. Cody up for the Batista bomb but Orton uses Manu as a battering ram to Batista’s back. Orton hits an RKO on Batista. Cody and Manu, on Orton’s word, beat up Cena outside. Orton sets up Batista. The ref tries to stop him but Chioda is pushed out of the way. He calls for the bell. Orton kicks Batista’s head off (another bad camera angle that shows he barely touched batista).

- Winners: Cena & Batista via DQ?

Cena stands over Batista to guard him while the heels leave. The trainer is working on Batista in the ring.

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