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**SPOILERS** WWE Smackdown 1/6 Louisville, KY results (

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A Beat the Clock Challenge recap was shown.

Batista came out and did a good job of being an ass. He demanded a spotlight and his music played again. He complained about Rey Mysterio’s involvement. He said Vickie Guerrero is great. He said she is not the general manager, but she should be. He demanded Teddy Long come out.

Rey Mysterio came out instead. His mic wasn’t working. Really embarrassing, but that is Kentucky for you. Rey called Batista a crybaby and showed why he is. He made a good point. Rey said he is ready to go tonight. He called Dave “skerred.” Dave says he is not “skerred.” He said he will simply injure Rey, who disagreed. I guess we will find out later.

1. Dolph Ziggler beat Kane by countout. Eh match. The pyro was big and loud for Kane.

Powell’s POV: Dot Net reader Matt Beach is also at the taping and sent word that a man in the front row was wearing a TNA t-shirt. A WWE official spotted the shirt and gave him a free t-shirt to cover up the TNA shirt. “Funny as hell,” Matt wrote. Lesson to fans: Wear a competitor’s t-shirt to a television taping and there’s a chance you’ll get a freebie.

A lame Piggy James skit took place with Beth Phoenix, Michelle McCool, and Layla.

Chris Jericho and The Hart Dynasty were featured in a promo. Jericho is still popular. The Hart Dynasty claimed they are better than Bret Hart.

2. Chris Jericho and The Hart Dynasty defeated Cryme Tyme and R-Truth. Jericho got the win for his team over JTG. R-Truth came out before the break. Jericho had massive heat. Massive. There was a you suck chant (started by me) drowned out by a what’s up chant. Cryme Tyme was over big too. Must have been some bad (or good) timing, because it really looked like JTG had a pin ten seconds earlier.

Another Mike Tyson promo video aired.

CM Punk and Luke came out. Punk said he was going to save someone. He found a plant in the crowd. They did a good job of not having the planted fan at ringside, but he was right in front of me. He looked drunk, but too “in shape” to be a fan. He’s not “built’” but in shape. There were ‘man beast’ chants, so he must be an indy I am not familiar with.

Apparently the man wants to ‘change.’ Punk wants to help him. Punk shaved the man’s head with an electric razor that Luke just happened to have handy. Yeah, that just happened. I heard a boring chant or five. Punk is better than all of us.

They changed the mat now for some reason.

A promo aired for Maria appearing on Celebrity Apprentice.

3. Luke Gallows (w/C.M. Punk) defeated Matt Hardy. A “Let’s go Hardy” chant was heard in the arena. Tough to tell which Hardy they were referring to (there was a Hogan chant earlier). I feel the need to point out that while some take shots at Hardy’s physique, he actually has shades of a six pack when you see him in person.

A Mattel commercial aired.

Teddy made a fat joke about Vickie. The Great Khali came in and got one in too. Shaun wrote: “Just an FYI, I saw Vickie earlier, and I’d hook her. Vickie, if you read this, I have a room at the Galt House tonight. Room 712. Come by.”

4. Beth Phoenix defeated Layla (w/McTaker). I think the word here is squash. Beth wins. Then there was a Laycool beatdown until “Piggy” James comes to the rescue. (I did not make up the horrible Laycool moniker. You’ll see.)

Padding was placed on a step. It must be for the “street fight” later.

Drew McIntyre was interviewed by Josh Matthews. He said he will be the first IC champion to win the Royal Rumble. Enter John Morrison, who disagreed and did a hilarious imitation of Drew. Morrison smacked the piss out of McIntyre like he stole money.

5. Rey Mysterio defeated Batista to earn a World Hvt. Championship match at the Royal Rumble. The bell tolled for interference twice. One, it knocked out batista and ref, and once to knock out rey. The pyro is hot as hell. There was a fake Taker full entrance (as in no one showed up). Well it was Chris Jericho. Then Matt Hardy took him out. Punk and Gallows took out jericho and Batista. Then Kane came down. He took out Punk then mysterio took out Batista. Mysterio won the match and everyone the left the ring, but no one left their seats.

After the show went off the air, Rey came back to whip some Batista ass. Then Kane came back and chokeslammed Batista. Kane and Rey double teamed Dave. Rey and Kane left. Dave cut a promo about how we suck. He blamed Louisville since he started here.

Unfortunately, there was no dark match or Undertaker.

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