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TNA Against All Odds Results – February 8, 2009

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TNA Against All Odds Results – 02/08/2009
Universal Studios
in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Richard Gray of

Welcome to TNA Against All Odds. The PPV kicks off with footage from outside of the Impact Zone with the Main Event Mafia (minus) Sting arriving in a stretch Hummer limousine earlier today. We are then shown a video of Team 3D arriving together in their car. We’re then shown Sting arriving by himself for tonight’s pay-per-view. After an opening video package, we’re live from the Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay gives us the formal welcome as the cameras pan the crowd. Fireworks go off in the arena then the pyros fire off at the top of the ramp.

Eric Young vs. Alex Shelley (c)
TNA X Division Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA X Division Championship. Eric Young, the challenger, comes to the ring first wearing orange tights. The X Division Champion, Alex Shelley, comes out next alone in black, yellow, and green tights. The bell rings and the match is underway. Fast paced action to start things out. Eric Young goes on the offensive first, hitting a double sledge off the top rope onto Shelley. Young gives Shelley a clothesline to the outside. Young stares down Shelley who is on the outside. Shelley gets back in the ring, but Eric gets out. They switch again. Young ends up connecting with a dropkick on Shelley on the apron. Young follows with a slingshot cross-body block to the outside. Young gets back on the apron but Shelley trips him. They work on the apron, but Shelley sends Young to the outside. Shelley goes off the apron with a knee shot on Young on the outside. Shelley tries to get back in but Young rips him off the apron. Young climbs the top and goes off to the outside, he misses into the crowd control gate. Shelley kicks Young in the head on the outside. Shelley lands some high kicks to the chest of Eric Young.

Shelley roles Young back into the ring and goes to work on him. Shelley slams the head of EY off the top turnbuckle. The crowd is behind Young as Shelley whips him off the ropes. Shelley ends up connecting with a dropkick on Young who tried to counter a ring whip. Shelley applies a submission hold on the leg of Young. It’s a variation of a death lock. Back to their feet, Shelley hits more offense with his feet, kicking Young right in the back of the head. Shelley sends his knee into the midsection of Young. Crowd is now 50/50 split. Young works on the apron in a counter, sending Shelley down. Shelley counters off the top rope and connects on Young, who’s on the apron. Young is down on the apron as Shelley gets on there with him. Young counters, putting Shelley about his head, but Shelley gets out and chops Young in the chest. They work back and forth on the apron as Young sends Shelley into the ring post. Young ends up crashing to the outside, Shelley follows him. The match goes back to the ring as Shelley buries his head into the midsection of Young in the corner. Shelley hits a couple of elbows to the face of Young followed by a basement dropkick in the corner. Shelley gets a cover for a two count.

Shelley works over Young in the middle of the ring. Submission lock applied, as Shelley is stretching EY out across his knee. Young starts to counter back to his feet. Young backs Shelley down with elbows. Back and forth until Young face plants Shelley on the mat when Shelley went airborne. Inverted atomic drop followed by more offense by Eric Young on the X Division Champion. Big clothesline from Young onto Shelley for a two count. Young goes to the top turnbuckle, Shelley goes over and hits a jawbreaker on him. Shelley works on Young but Young counters with a kick to the back of the Champion. Young lifts Shelley up for the Death Valley Driver but Shelley counters out twice. Shelley kicks Young and goes off the ropes but Young counters and ends up hitting a springboard leg drop from the apron. Two count from EY on the X Division Champion. Young goes back to the ropes and misses on a moonsault. Shelley gets a two count in a cover. Shelley hits a good amount of offense, culminating with a variation of Jay Lethal’s combination for a two count. Shelley waits for Young to get back up and goes for Sliced Bread. Young counters out but Shelley counters and takes Young to the mat for a near fall. Young is setup on the top rope by Alex Shelley. Shelley is up on the top rope working with him but Young counters, mid-move Shelley counters with a variation of a bulldog. Shelley goes back to the top and connects a Frog Splash for a two count.

Shelly sets Young up on the top turnbuckle. EY counters and puts him up for the DVD, Shelley counters. Another counter and Young ends up knocking the Champion off the top turnbuckle. Shelley catches Young distracted with a quick roll-up and gets the three count.

Winner & still TNA X Division Champion – Alex Shelley

Petey Williams vs. Scott Steiner

Representing the Main Event Mafia, ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner comes to the ring first. Petey Williams comes out next. Scott Steiner heckles the fans at ringside as Williams gets in the ring. The bell rings and the match is underway. Big Poppa Pump poses before locking with Williams and sending him to the mat. Heat on Steiner. Steiner delivers a chop to Williams followed by a take down. Steiner poses with Williams on the mat. Steiner showcases his power with a big slam. Steiner works the left arm of Petey Williams. Williams finally counters out and works the left arm of Steiner. Steiner gets back to his feet as he momentarily got on the mat. Williams lands a kick and an inverted bulldog. Williams goes off the top rope with a missile dropkick on Steiner for a one count. Steiner goes to the outside following the quick cover. Williams hits a baseball side from the inside on Steiner on the outside. Williams uses his speed to take out Steiner when he gets in the ring. Williams goes to the top turnbuckle but Steiner gets up with him, huge belly-to-belly release suplex off the top rope. Steiner chops Williams then whips him off the ropes. He hits a Steiner line followed by an elbow drop. Steiner does some push ups in the ring. Scott chops Petey in the corner then whips him to another corner. Williams counters but Steiner ends up throwing him down to the mat. Steiner goes for a cover but pulls Petey up and hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Another cover, before Steiner pulls Petey up again.

Steiner lifts Williams up for a superplex and drapes him over the top rope. Steiner drops Williams to the mat and goes for another cover. Loud ‘you still suck’ chants directed towards Steiner. Steiner works over Williams in the corner with stiff chops. Petey counters Steiner with the crowd behind him. Right hands from Petey onto Scott but Steiner counters with a rake to the eyes. Steiner sets Williams up on the middle rope, Williams fights him off. Williams waits for Steiner to stand up and hits a cross body block off the top. Williams hits a rolling DDT on Steiner as I lose pay-per-view feud. TNA Technical Difficulties is what the screen says. PPV feed returns as Steiner is dominating Williams in the ring. Petey counters Steiner with a kick to the head. Williams uses his speed with a shoulder block, outside in to gain momentum. Williams dodges a Steiner counter as the crowd is now 50/50. Out of nowhere Williams rolls Steiner up for a two count. Knife edge chops from Williams onto Steiner followed by a forearm shot. Steiner goes to the outside as Williams goes for a hurricanrana from the ring. Steiner catches him and hits a powerbomb variation on him on the outside. Scott rolls Williams back into the ring. Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner. Williams makes it to the ropes and the referee orders the hold to be broke. Williams is down as Steiner challenges him to get to his feet. Steiner hits the Steiner Screwdriver followed by the pinfall victory.

Winner – Scott Steiner

Brutus Magnus vs. Rhino

Brutus Magnus comes out with a knight type shield over his face. He takes it off and does his signature pose that he debuted on last week’s Impact. Brutus Magnus dispels stereotypes regarding him from Americans. He says that he understands someone has accepted his open challenge. Magnus tells ‘them’ to come out and his time for glory is upon ‘you’. I thought it was Rhino but Chris Sabin came out? Oh well, here we go! The bell rings and we’re underway. Looks like this is going to be a quick squash. USA chants from the crowd as Sabin gets Magnus to lock hands with him. Sabin gets control for a moment but Magnus uses his power to his advantage. Sabin counters with some chops to the chest of Magnus. Magnus backs him off quickly. Magnus picks Sabin up for a press slam but Sabin gets out and goes to work on the legs of Magnus. Sabin takes him to the mat but Magnus bounces up quickly. Sabin pulls Magnus out of the counter but Magnus counters. Sabin attempts a counter with a cross body block but Magnus catches him and drops him in the corner. High running knee from Magnus followed by a nonchalant cover on Chris Sabin.

Magnus works over Sabin, utilizing his power advantage. Magnus stands on the throat of Sabin. Suplex from Magnus on Sabin, he follows it up with a scoop slam. Magnus goes to the apron and over the top rope with an elbow on Sabin. Magnus locks in a submission hold on Sabin. Sabin backs him down with elbows to the midsection of Magnus. Sabin hits an inverted atomic drop and follows with a clothesline on Magnus. Spring board clothesline off the top from Sabin into a two count on Magnus who finally hits the mat. Bear hug from Magnus but Sabin hits him with elbows. Magnus ends up driving Sabin down with a powerbomb and a two count. Magnus ends up on the outside as Sabin springs off the middle rope into a cross body block onto Magnus on the outside. Sabin rolls Magnus back in and goes to the top. Magnus grabs the leg of the referee to prevent Sabin from connecting. Magnus picks Sabin up and drops him in what appears to be his finisher. Three count for Magnus.

Winner – Brutus Magnus

ODB vs. Awesome Kong (c)
Knockouts Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship. ODB, the Challenger, comes out first with flask in hand. Awesome Kong, the Champion, comes out next with the Kongtourage. Mike Tenay says ‘Mr. Cornette is not going to be happy with this. Kong and the Kongtourage gets in the ring as Earl Hebner holds up the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship belt. Raisha Saeed, Sojourner Bolt, and Rhaka Khan are all confronted by Jim Cornette who comes out on the mic. Cornette tells them to make a decision… go on back to the locker room or stay there and the Knockout Championship belt goes to ODB. He says they have 10 seconds to make it. Cornette starts to count to 10 as the Kongtourage heads to the back. Awesome Kong gets out of the ring and grabs Cornette. ODB assaults Kong from the back as Cornette escapes. The match is underway the opening action takes place on the outside. ODB rolls Kong into the ring to start things out. ODB attempts to powerslam Kong as Kong counters. ODB counters, working on the legs of Kong. ODB hits a bulldog and a two count on the Knockouts Champion.

ODB goes off the middle rope right into a clothesline from Kong. Kong grabs ODB by the hair until the count of three. Splash by Kong in the corner, sending ODB to the mat. Kong clubs the back of ODB as she’s dazed trying to get to her feet. Kong uses the hair of ODB as a handle as she goes to a bear hug on the Challenger. ODB breaks it but Kong reapplies it. ODB attempts a slam but Kong crashes down on top of her. Kong goes for a cover and pulls her up before Hebner can get to two. Kong goes to the top ropes with ODB down in the ring. Kong goes off but ODB gets out of the way! ODB blocks two punch attempts from Kong and lands some blows of her own. ODB has Kong teetering but she can’t bring her down. ODB bounces Kong’s head off the turnbuckles twice and finally slams her to the mat. Two count for the Challenger as she starts to slap herself in the face. Crowd is very much behind ODB. Kong gets back up and hits the implant buster for the three count.

Winner & still TNA Knockout Women’s Champion – Awesome Kong

Booker T vs. Referee Shane Sewell

Sewell comes out wearing jeans and his extremely ugly ring attire shirt. Booker T comes out next with Sharmell. The following match is for the TNA Legends Championship. Booker T mocks Sewell by holding up the belt like a referee. The bell rings and the match is underway. Booker T puts his leg on the top rope and stretches in the corner. Booker has a cocky smirk on his face as Sewell couldn’t look more serious. Booker and Sewell finally lock up with Sewell trying to drive Booker into the corner. Booker breaks it up quick and gives the crowd a cocky stare. Booker works the left arm of Sewell. Shane reverses it as Booker breaks the hold by grabbing the ropes.

Booker backs Shane into the corner and beats him down. Chops to the chest from Booker onto Sewell. Booker hits a high knee to the forehead of Sewell’s face. Booker humiliates Sewell by kicking him around on the mat, talking trash the whole time. Booker T grabs Sewell’s face before being forced by Slick Johnson to break the hold. Booker uses his kicks to take Sewell down to the mat. Booker gets over top of Sewell and hits him with right hands on the mat. Sewell grabs the ropes to get back up as Booker T goes for the Book End, he connects. Two count for Booker as the crowd doesn’t seem into the match. Shane gets to his feet and looks charged up as Booker T sends him off the ropes. Sewell counters with all he is, cornering Booker and landing right hands on him. Booker finally shoves him off at 6 and hits a couple of running clotheslines. Scoop and slam from Sewell as he rips his shirt off. Off the ropes for a bulldog by Sewell. Sewell goes off the ropes as Sharmell grabs his foot. Axe kick from Booker followed by the pinfall.

Winner & still TNA Legends Champion – Booker T

Booker gets on the mic and says ‘I ain’t scared of no damn referee.’ Booker refers to Shane as Shane Stool and that he is going to give him a little taste just to cancel his contract in TNA right now. AJ Styles’ music hits and he comes out and takes on Booker. Styles clubs away at Booker with right hands and takes him down with the kick to the side of the head. Booker counters but Styles ends up clotheslining Booker to the outside.

Abyss vs. Matt Morgan

Morgan acknowledges a sign at ringside that says ‘Matt Morgan… the DNA of TNA’ as most of the crowd heckles him. Abyss comes out next with a bag of tacks. The bell rings and we’re underway. Big mid-ring collision right off the bat as both go for a shoulder block. Abyss goes for an opening chokeslam but Morgan counters. It looks like Morgan is going to work in a t-shirt because of his shoulder. Abyss hammers away with some pretty terrible looking right hands. They chase referee Rudy Charles out of the ring temporarily. Abyss goes to the outside and grabs a stick from under the ring. The referee takes it from him as the crowd boos. Abyss sends Morgan off the ropes as Morgan connects with a big boot. Morgan ends up getting thrown to the outside, Abyss comes after him.

Morgan delivers right hands to the face of Abyss as takes Abyss over the guard rail and into the crowd. Morgan is working the face of Abyss in the crowd. Abyss fights back with right hands as they go deeper in the crowd. Morgan and Abyss exchange control as Morgan throws Abyss into the wall. Morgan chokes Abyss against the wall and takes him deeper into the crowd. Abyss throws Morgan into a steel fence that is at the top of the stands. Abyss lands several right hand shots to the face of Morgan. Morgan starts walking down the steps to try and get some seperation. Morgan counters on Abyss with a mule kick coming down the steps. Abyss throws Morgan into the steel guard rail in another counter. Abyss throws Morgan back to ringside. Abyss bounces Morgan’s head off the steel ring post before rolling him back into the ring. Abyss goes under the ring and throws several weapons in. The referee tries to stop him.

Abyss poses with a chair as the referee takes it out of his hands. Morgan lands the carbon footprint on Abyss as Morgan throws the trash can out of the ring. The referee starts to clear the ring of the weapons. Morgan sets Abyss up in the corner as he takes his elbow pads down and connects with stiff elbows.

Side Russian leg sweep from Morgan on Abyss for a two count. Morgan goes off the ropes and lands right on top of Abyss, going to the outside. Morgan hits an Undertaker style leg drop on Abyss on the apron. Morgan goes off the top rope into a cross body block on Abyss. Two count for Morgan. Morgan hits a dropkick on Abyss followed by a two count. Morgan and Abyss work in the corner as Abyss counters with big overhand rights. Much better from Abyss as those were quite stiff. Morgan counters, dropping down all the way to the floor then off the ropes. However, he jumps into the chokeslam attempt from Abyss. A counter takes place and both hit clotheslines, sending both to the mat. Abyss gets up first and hits rights on Morgan who is back on his feet. Abyss takes Morgan back down to the mat before landing a splash in the corner. Side slam from Abyss onto Morgan followed by a two count. Abyss lifts up the bag he brought to ringside with him. Morgan clotheslines Abyss who is distracted as the referee throws out Abyss’ bag which is filled with tacks. Abyss gets thrown into Rudy Charles, taking him out in the corner. Chair shot for Morgan on Abyss. Morgan covers Abyss as the referee gets a two count.

Abyss gets up as Morgan goes for another chair shot. Abyss blocks it and hits a chokeslam. He gets the cover for a two count. Abyss sets the chair up on Morgan but as Abyss goes for a splash on Morgan, he changed the direction of the chair causing Abyss to land on it. Morgan chokeslams Abyss on the chair and follows it with a two count. Morgan’s got the chair but Abyss catches him off guard. Abyss hits referee Rudy Charles with the chair as Morgan puts him in the way. The referee is out as Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam followed by the cover. Slick Johnson comes out and gives a two count to Abyss. Morgan hits a low blow when the referee isn’t looking but Abyss counters with another Black Hole Slam and the three count.

Winner – Abyss

Abyss gets his tacks from the outside and spreads them out in the ring. Morgan is down as is referee Rudy Charles. Slick Johnson is on the outside. Abyss rips Morgan’s shirt off and tries to drop him on the tacks but he escapes to the outside.

Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed vs. Beer Money, Inc (c)
TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA Tag Team Championship. The challengers, Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed come out first. Beer Money, Inc. come out on the Boozer Cruiser with Jacqueline. Roode is driving a keg on wheels. The bell rings and the next title match is underway. Robert Roode and Jay Lethal are starting things out. Side headlock from Roode onto Lethal as he ends up coming off the ropes and dropping Lethal with a shoulder block. Lethal quickly answers with an elbow. Roode chops Lethal in the corner, Lethal fights out with right hands. Lethal drops Roode then James Storm who comes in. Tag made to Consequences Creed. Double dropkick to both members of Beer Money. Storm and Roode to the outside. Lethal puts on the cowboy hat of James Storm, agitating him. Roode tags in James Storm. It’s Storm and Creed. They lockup as Storm hits some high knees against the ropes. High hip toss takeover from Creed on Storm. Scoop and a slam by Creed as he works a fast paced style with Storm. Creed takes Storm down and lands an enormous amount of offense. Roode comes in and eats a drop toe hold from Creed. Lethal tags in as they double team Beer Money. Storm and Roode go to the outside as Roode has his face in Storm’s crotch.

Storm inadvertently spits beer in the face of Roode on the outside. Double baseball slide from Lethal and Creed from the inside. Finally the action goes back to the inside. As Roode tags Storm who takes out Lethal. It’s Creed and Storm on the inside, Lethal and Roode on the outside. Roode rolls Lethal in, Storm gets a two count on him. Roode tags in as they double team Lethal. Two count for Roode on Lethal. Roode tags in James Storm as they go for another double team. They connect with a stab to the back of Lethal. Cover and save by Creed. Blind tag from Roode. Storm tags in quickly as Beer Money is firing on all cylinders. Storm takes Lethal down with a high knee off the ropes. Roode tags in to continue the assault. Creed tries to come in but the referee won’t let him in. Roode assaults Lethal in the ring. Lethal counters with a series of shots. Lethal ends up going out to the apron. Lethal gets on the top rope as Roode tags in Storm. Combination suplex off the ropes on Lethal. Beer Money cheer from James Storm and Robert Roode. As Roode tags Storm back in. They double team Lethal but Lethal counters when whipped off the ropes. All three men are down, Lethal needs a tag. Lethal tags in Consequences Creed as Creed takes out Storm with a dropkick then Roode with a punch. Creed rolls and hits double clothesline on Beer Money. Creed to the top rope and hits Storm with a cross body block and a two count. Roode made the save as Lethal gets into attack him. Creed to the top rope but Jackie’s on the apron. Storm knocks Creed to the outside. Lethal to the outside as Storm works over Creed on the outside.

Roode works over Consequences Creed in the ring as he makes another tag. Storm off the middle rope with a double sledge. Two count for Storm as he applies a submission hold. Single arm take down from Storm as Roode is tagged in. Storm tags right back in as they double team Creed. More tags from Beer Money as Creed is completely isolated in their corner. Lethal comes in but the referee backs him down. Storm chops Creed in the chest as he twists him into a double underhook slam. Two count for Storm and another tag. Lethal finally runs past the referee, saves Creed, and gets a legal tag. Lethal takes on both Roode and Storm. Nice cartwheel dropkick from Lethal on Roode. Two count but Storm makes the save. Lethal works over Storm and goes to the top turnbuckle. Roode follows him up but Lethal shoves him off and goes off. Storm makes the save. All four men in the ring. Jacqueline comes in and gets back body dropped. Lethal Combination from Jay Lethal on Robert Roode. Creed and Lethal take out Roode with a combination face plant. Two count from Lethal on Roode. Jacqueline hands Storm a chain. Storm connects to the face of Jay Lethal as Roode rolls him up for the win.

Winners & still TNA Tag Team Champions – Beer Money, Inc

Kurt Angle vs. Brother Ray vs. Brother Devon vs. Sting (c)
TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Jeremy Borash welcomes Mick Foley out to ringside. Foley joins Mike Tenay and Don West at the announce table. We’re shown Kurt Angle stretching backstage as they role a video package of him. Angle is the first participant to ringside as the following match is a Four Way Match for the TNA Championship. We’re shown Team 3D backstage walking to the ring. Role the Team 3D video package. I love how TNA builds their PPV main events. Team 3D come out to the ring. Sting, the TNA Champion, will be the last participant to ringside. We’re shown a shot of Sting walking to the ring, role his video package. Sting is in the ring with the TNA Championship belt. Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the formal introductions. Earl Hebner is the referee.

The bell rings and the main event is underway. All four men are ready to go, waiting for the first man to make a move. Team 3D attacks Kurt Angle and Sting. Sting is sent out to the floor by Brother Ray. Brother Devon hits Angle with a shoulder block into a pin in the ring. Devon takes Kurt down in the right and lands right hands. Brother Ray gets in as Devon gets a pin after a double shoulder block. Team 3D brings Sting in the match and double team him. Cover on Sting for a two count by Brother Ray. Angle throws Brother Ray into Brother Devon. Sting goes after Devon, Angle after Ray. Team 3D counters as Brother Ray and Devon take out the Main Event Mafia members. Ray and Devon are in the ring, Angle and Sting are on the outside. They high five in the ring as Brother Ray lays down for Devon. Angle in for the save. Double team on Angle by Team 3D. Sting’s turn next. Angle’s down on the outside, Sting out on the ring apron. Brother Ray and Brother Devon lockup as ‘ECW’ chants fill the Impact Zone. No blows are thrown yet. Finally they exchange right hands in the middle of the ring.

Scoop and a slam for Brother Ray, then one for Brother Devon in a counter. Both go for a clothesline and take each other down. They square off as the crowd pops. Sting and Kurt Angle get in the ring and clear it. Angle and Sting work on the outside with Team 3D. Sting throws Brother Ray off the steel rail but Brother Devon is getting the best of Kurt Angle. Right hand from Ray onto Sting. Devon choke Angles. Brother Ray takes Sting to the announce position . Sting counters with a double sledge. Sting brings Brother Ray down and throws him into the front row. Ray slams Angle’s face off the broadcast table. Devon uses a camera cable to choke Angle. Brother Ray swings a steel chair at Sting in the counter. Devon roles Angle in the ring as Don West asks Foley what it’s like to be on the air without having someone screaming in his headpiece. Sting and Angle have words in the ring as Team 3D takes them out. Devon works on Sting, Ray on Angle. Angle is busted open above his eye. Boston Crab by Devon on Angle as blood spurts out of his head. Figure four leg lock from Ray on Sting. Angle covers Sting momentarily while he’s in the hold. Angle kicks Devon out of the ring and covers Sting who is in the Figure Four. Angle drops an elbow on Sting, breaking Brother Ray’s hold. Angle kicks Ray in the back of the head.

Sting and Angle square off. Angle kicks Sting in the lower body, stomping away on the mat. Sting ends up giving Angle some clotheslines and a Stinger Splash. Sting goes for the Scorpion Death Drop but Angle counters with an ankle lock attempt. 3D comes in for the save.

Angle Slam on Sting and a near fall. Brother Ray is down as Devon works with Angle. Slam from Devon onto Angle for a two count. Brother Ray hits his variation of the Rock Bottom on Devon. Angle throws Sting out of the ring. Ray is down in the ring. Angle starts to lands rights on Devon but Brother Ray makes the save. Dooms day on Angle as Sting makes the save. Ray chops away on Sting and follows with right hands. Team 3D tries to double team Sting but he takes out Devon, then Brother Ray. Sting gets a two count on Ray but he ends up missing on a Stinger Splash. Out of nowhere Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Brother Ray and the three count. Angle is on the outside, Devon is down as well.

Winner & still TNA Champion – Sting

Angle is bloody going up the ramp and Sting celebrates in the ring. Mick Foley gets up from his announce position as he tells West that he’s sometimes overbearing but always passionate. Foley gets in the ring with Sting who already has the TNA Championship belt in his hand. Foley presents Sting with the belt as Angle is beside himself down the ramp.

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