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TNA Destination X Results – March 15, 2009

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TNA Destination X Results – 03/15/2008
Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Richard Gray of

Welcome to our live coverage of TNA Destination X. The pay-per-view opens with a video centered around the weakening world economy tied in with TNA clips. The pyros explode inside Universal Studios, welcome to TNA Destination X 2009. Mike Tenay gives us the formal introduction as The Beautiful People are out first.

The Beautiful People & Madison Rayne vs. Roxxi, Taylor Wilde & The Governor
6-Knockout Tag Team Match

Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, and Madison Rayne, The Beautiful People, come out first. Their opponents, Roxxi, Taylor Wilde, and The Governor, are out next. Mike Tenay asks Don West about his judgment Thursday on Impact. Tenay tells West he hopes he realizes they have a three hour pay-per-view. There is problems with the announcers’ audio on my feed. The match opens with Velvet Sky and The Governor. Velvet Sky is able to get the opening control but The Governor tags in Roxxi. Roxxi attacks Angelina Love (who tags in) then tags in Taylor Wilde. A double team ensues as Wilde pins Angelina Love for a two count. Madison Rayne tags in and goes at Roxxi. She takes her out off the ropes. Rayne taunts Wilde in the corner before going back to Roxxi. With the referee distracted, The Beautiful People land cheap shots in their corner. Velvet Sky is tagged in and applies a submission hold on Roxxi. Roxxi counters with the crowd behind her. Roxxi gets a tag on Taylor Wilde. The Beautiful People wait for the referee to get distracted and triple team Roxxi. Now it’s Angelina Love and Roxxi. Roxxi gets a counter, taking Love down to the mat.

Taylor Wild and Madison Rayne are the legal women. The Beautiful People are all in the ring, Wilde cleans house then gives Rayne a high cross-body block off the top rope. The Governor hits a suicide dive over the top rope on the outside onto The Beautiful People. Out of nowhere Taylor Wilde hits her finishing suplex on Rayne and gets the pinfall victory.

Winners – Taylor Wilde, The Governor, & Roxxi

Brutus Magnus Open Challenge

Brutus Magnus comes out with a microphone. He says the Magnus reign of terror continues and the madness rages on. Dave Penzer announces a US Navy veteran as the special guest ring announcer. Eric Young is introduced as the opponent of Brutus Magnus. Magnus immediately attacks Young upon him entering the ring. Magnus dominates Young in the opening sequence. Young hits an arm drag then a drop kick. Inverted atomic drop followed by a clothesline and a two count for Young on Magnus. Young goes for a cross-body off the middle rope. He misses as Magnus lands a big slam and a two count. Magnus goes for the cover, he gets a two count. Magnus applies a submission hold on Eric Young. Young backs Magnus down by walks into a running knee. Leg drop by Magnus on Young, two count follows. Powerbomb from Magnus on Young. Magnus goes to the top rope. He goes off for a splash by EY rolls out of the way. Young counters with right hands and elevates Magnus with a backbody drop. Young lifts Magnus up and hits the Death Valley Driver and follows with a two count. Young goes to the top rope. Magnus gets up but Young fights him off. Young hits an elbow drop and a two count. Young gets Magnus in a backslide for a two count but Magnus counters out. Young is on the apron as he goes to the top rope. Magnus knocks Young off and gets a European uppercut. Magnus positions himself on top and hits his finisher from the second rope. Three count for Magnus.

Winner – Brutus Magnus

Sheik Abdul Bashir comes out as the ring crew is setting up for the match of 10,000 tacks. Bashir gets in the ring and says we are now three months into 2009 and he was sitting in the back witnessing another pay-per-view without the Middle Eastern Nightmare. He questions why he was left off the card, asking if it is a conspiracy against him. Bashir says last Thursday on Impact he sent a message that he is tired of being a victim. Bashir says ‘your’ new President talks about change in America and hope but he has one question for ‘you’, what hope? Bashir says there is no hope for him. He questions why the man in the military uniform gets an ovation while a man in a turban gets booed. Bashir says he is a victim of a prejudice American Holocaust.

Jim Cornette comes out and says he has some answers. Cornette tells Bashir it’s not he’s not a great wrestler, it’s because he doesn’t like him. Cornette says he doesn’t like him, the wrestlers in the back don’t like him, and everyone in the arena doesn’t like him. Cornette says it’s his mouth everyone hates. Cornette says Bashir is always wining and crying about discrimination. Cornette says they don’t care about his race but they don’t like him because he is a big obnoxious jerk. Cornette gets a babyface reaction from the crowd.

Cornette says he isn’t going to fire him or tear his contract up but he is just going to tell him to get out of the building. Cornette calls the Navy veteran to the ring. Cornette says they’re going to give Bashir a nice grand exit. Cornette asks everyone in the arena to stand up. The Navy veteran leads the crowd in ‘God Bless America’. Bashir leaves the ring as the crowd sings.

Bashir pauses half way up the ramp then continues to leave. The Navy veteran leads USA chants and shakes the hand of Jim Cornette.

Jeremy Borash is backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle says that Jarrett, Foley, and Sting are all in it together. Booker tells Angle Booker T is responsible for Booker T and what’s going on with him and Sting is between him and Sting. Booker shakes Nash’s and Steiner’s hand. Steiner says he is being paranoid and he has a fat out of shape Samoan hunting him down. Steiner tells Angle to take care of Sting on his own.

Angle tells Nash it’s 3 on 1. Nash tells Angle to relax and Sting isn’t in bed with Jarrett or Foley. Nash says it’s not his fault, Book’s fault, or Scott’s fault. It’s his fault, Nash tells Angle he started this and for him to go out and make it right. Angle tells Nash he doesn’t want anyone to come down there tonight just him, Sting, Jarrett, and Foley. Angle says when the bell rings Nash will see what side Sting is on.

Matt Morgan vs. Abyss
Match Of 10,000 Tacks

Matt Morgan comes out first. Abyss comes out with a bag of tacks of his own. The bell rings and Morgan goes for the opening control with right hands. Morgan whips Abyss of the ropes as Abyss dodges a clothesline. Abyss lands offense but Morgan counters with high knee strikes. Morgan takes out Abyss in the corner, flipping him to the outside. Abyss pulls Morgan from the ring, wrapping his legs around the steel ring post. Abyss grabs a bed of tacks. He sets them up by one of the entrance ramps. Abyss picks up another bed of tacks and sets them beside the other one at the entrance. Abyss walks down to Morgan on the outside and hits right hands. Morgan counters on Abyss, throwing him into the guard rail. Morgan rolls Abyss back into the ring and goes for a cover, Earl Hebner lets him know covers do not matter. Morgan hits a splash on Abyss then a scoop and a slam. Morgan sets Abyss up in the ropes and ends up jumping to the outside, botching his move. Morgan gets back in a grabs a bag of tacks that are in a bag hung above one of the ring posts. Morgan empties the bag in the ring. Morgan attempts to slam Abyss’ face in the tacks.

Abyss grabs Morgan by the throat and attempts a chokeslam. Morgan counters with elbows but ends up walking into an Abyss clothesline. Abyss connects on some splashes in the corner. Abyss climbs the top rope and goes for a bag of tacks in the corner, hung above one of the corners. Morgan hits a running bicycle kick on Abyss. Morgan gets out of the ring and grabs a chair. He gets back in and sets the chair up in the ropes. Morgan tries to throw Abyss into the chair but Abyss counters and sends him headfirst in the chair. Abyss grabs another bag of tacks and dumps it out in the ring. Abyss ends up hitting a Black Hole Slam on Morgan but not on the tacks. Abyss dumps out another bag of tacks in the ring. It’s not tacks in the back, it’s pieces of glass. Matt Morgan gets out of the ring and heads for the back. Morgan and Abyss fight at the top of the ramp. Abyss goes for a chokeslam on Morgan, Abyss counters out. Morgan ends up kicking Abyss off the ramp into two beds of tacks, winning the match.

Winner – Abyss

We’re backstage with TNA Legends Champion Booker T and Sharmell in the office of Jim Cornette. Booker is furious at Cornette, saying he did not agree to put the Legends Championship on the line against AJ Styles tonight. Cornette says it is going to be Styles vs. Booker for the title tonight. Sharmell asks Booker if Cornette coerced him to sign the contract, Booker says he did. Booker and Sharmell storm out.

The Finals Of One Night With ODB

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and calls out ODB. ODB comes out in a dress with her flask and a referee escorting her. Borash asks the crowd if ODB looks lovely tonight. JB asks the crowd to give it up for her drumsmer who is at ringside. Borash says they received thousands of tapes. He says ODB has narrowed the list down to three men. Cody Deaner, contestant number one, comes to ringside first. Contestant number two, a gentlemen that needs no introduction, Shark Boy. The last contestant is Bernie Weber. JB tells ODB to ask question number one. ODB asks why they feel they deserve a hot and steamy night with ODB. Deaner says he doesn’t even need the whole night because he can get her done in 60 minutes. Shark Boy says whatever this fella can do in 60 minutes he can do in 20 and maybe can even do it twice. Bernie Weber says he has cars and airplanes, everything she needs for a good time.

ODB says she wants to see a move… she wants to see them dance. JB asks her if she wants a dance off. Borash asks the crowd if that’s what they want. Bernie Weber is up first, he moves and says he has more moves than Octomom has babies. Shark Boy moves with JB calling his steps. Shark Boy says you just got Finned, Shell Yeah bitch. Cody Deaner is up last, he dedicates the dance to Dale Earnhardt. He dances in the ring. Deaner says the hair on his face isn’t the longest part on his body. Borash asks the crowd who should be the winner. Shark Boy receives the biggest ovation. JB asks ODB to make her decision. JB calls Shark Boy and Bernie Weber forward but Cody Deaner wins one night with ODB. He basically humps her in the ring.

Awesome Kong (c) vs. Sojo Bolt
TNA Knockout Women’s Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship. Sojo Bolt comes out first. The TNA Knockout Women’s Champion, Awesome Kong, comes out next with Raisha Saeed. The bell rings and we’re underway. Sojourner tries to use her speed to stay one step ahead of Kong. Dropkicks from Bolt onto the Champion. Bolt botches a move off the ropes and it has no effect. Kong takes Bolt down with power. Huge toss from Kong onto Bolt. Kong takes out Bolt with ease. Kong throws Bolt into the corner then lands a running knee. Kong takes out Bolt once again in a counter. Chokeslam from Kong onto Bolt. Kong puts a leg over Bolt for a one count. Scoop and a slam from Kong onto Sojo. Kong goes to the middle rope, she goes off for a splash but Bolt is able to move out of the way. Bolt rolls Kong up for a two count. Bridge pin attempt from Bolt on Kong, two count. Bolt goes into the ropes and Saeed grabs her foot. Kong goes over the ropes off Bolt’s offense. Bolt is on the apron but Kong takes her out and gets back in the ring. Bolt counters then goes off the middle rope with a double sledge. Bolt back to the second rope. She goes for a huricanrana but walks right into the Awesome Bomb.

Winner & still TNA Knockout Women’s Champion – Awesome Kong

Samoa Joe vs. Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner comes out first. Samoa Joe comes out in his new ring attire. He gets in the ring and goes at Steiner, taking him down to the mat. Steiner is already busted open. Steiner looks underneath the ring for a weapon but doesn’t get one. He gets on the apron where Joe takes him out. Joe gets his hand on a pipe, he hits Steiner with it then takes out the referee. The match is thrown out.

Winner – Scott Steiner via disqualification

After the match Joe hits a suicide dive on Steiner on the outside. Joe throws Steiner over the guard rail. They fight into the crowd. Joe bits Steiner where he is bleeding. Joe throws Steiner down and they go outside of the Impact Zone. The cameras don’t follow.

Booker T (c) vs. AJ Styles
TNA Legends Championship Match

AJ Styles comes out first, Booker T with Sharmell next. The following match is for the TNA Legends Championship. The bell rings and the match is underway. Styles and Booker lockup as Styles goes for the opening control. Booker pushes Styles into the corner and works on him. Booker chops away at Styles. Styles counters and hits chops of his own. Styles works over Booker in the corner. Booker counters, hitting high knee strikes. Booker lands a clothesline on AJ, sending him to the mat. Booker lands more knife edge chops. Booker goes off the ropes but eats an AJ clothesline. Booker rolls to the outside. AJ goes off the ring apron with a flying forearm shot.

AJ rolls Booker back into the ring. He lands a backbreaker on the Legends Champion. Two count for AJ on Booker. Snap suplex attempt from AJ, Booker blocks several attempts. Booker ends up dropping AJ on the ropes, sending him to the mat. Spin kick from Booker on AJ. Two count off a lateral press for Booker. Booker applies a wristlock on Styles. Styles counters by dropping Booker T over his head. Booker counters by re-applying the wrist lock. Slick Johnson checks for submission. Styles is able to get back to a vertical base but the hold is still applied. The crowd is behind AJ. Styles tries to back Booker off but he hits another kick. Styles is down on the mat as Booker whips him into the corner. He eats a Styles boot.

Styles splashes into Booker in the corner. Suplex from Styles onto Booker. Styles gets a two count and a near fall. Out of nowhere Booker gets a two count on AJ and goes for a Book End. Styles blocks it but Booker lands another kick on AJ. Two count for Booker. Styles hits a belly-to-back suplex for a two count and another near fall. Styles attacks Booker in the corner with right hands and kicks. Booker gets Styles on the apron, Styles springboards off the top rope but walks into a kick from Booker. Styles hits the Pele Kick in a counter. He goes for the Styles Clash and connects. Styles pins him for the three count.

Winner & new TNA Legends Champion – AJ Styles

Beer Money, Inc. (c) vs. Team 3D
“Off The Wagon Challenge” TNA Tag Team Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA Tag Team Championship. It’s an ‘Off The Wagon Challenge’ meaning if Team 3D loses, they are out of TNA. The bell rings and the match is underway. Robert Roode and Brother Devon are starting things out. Brother Ray pumps the crowd from the apron. Roode taunts Devon in the ring. Roode ends up taking out Devon with stiff backhand chops. Devon tags in Brother Ray. It’s Roode and Brother Ray. Roode taunts Ray. James Storm gets tagged in for Beer Money. He hits Ray with a right then jokes around with Roode in the corner. Ray pushes Storm in the corner. They end up going for a lock up in the middle of the ring. Brother Ray ends up taking Storm out with a neckbreaker then gets a tag. Team 3D goes for a double team as Roode comes in. Team 3D takes out the Champions. Devon and Ray go for what’s up on Roode but Storm makes the save. It’s Storm and Devon as the legal men.

Beer Money hit a double team suplex on Brother Devon. Devon hits right hands on Roode but Roode counters with a dropkick. Two count for Roode, he tags in James Storm. Beer Money tries a double team on Devon, he dodges a double clothesline. Devon goes for a tag on Brother Ray. Brother Ray takes out both members of Beer Money. Ray tosses Roode over his head then hits an arm drag on Storm. Roode pushes Storm down then gets taken out by Brother Ray. Now Ray takes out Storm. Robert Roode counters and takes out Brother Ray. Storm is in the ring as well. They double team Ray in the corner. Roode eats a boot from Ray, then he takes out Storm. Ray goes to the middle rope but Roode hooks his leg drop the apron. It enables Storm to get all the way to the top to hit a hurricanrana. Roode goes off the top rope for a cross-body followed by a two count. Brother Ray takes out Roode and gets a two count on the cover. Team 3D end up double teaming Roode, throwing Storm out. They only get a two count on Roode. Storm gets a chair from the outside, he gets in and takes out Brother Ray. Devon takes him out but the match is thrown out.

Winners – Team 3D via disqualification

Alex Shelley (c) vs. Chris Sabin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Consequences Creed vs. Suicide
Ultimate X Match

Consequences Creed comes out first. Next is the Chris Sabin and TNA X Division Champion Alex Shelley. Jay Lethal comes out next. Suicide is last to enter as he comes down with his usual entrance. Suicide is taken out of the ring. The Motor City Machineguns work together to get the opening control. Shelley and Sabin take out Creed in the corner in a tree of woe position. Lethal is in the opposite corner where he eats kicks from Chris Sabin. Suicide takes Sabin down to the floor then takes Shelley off the top rope. Jay Lethal hits right hands on Suicide. Arm drag take down. Suicide counters with kicks. It’s Shelley and Lethal now as Suicide gets taken out. Shelley goes for a bulldog on Lethal but he counters out. Lethal hits a dropkick but Shelley counters and goes for the Ultimate X structure. Creed throws him to the outside. Now it’s Sabin and Creed working in the ring. Sabin gets on the Ultimate X structure. Creed pulls him off and back into the ring.

Sabin takes out Creed in the ring. Suicide is back on his feet, he counters an attack from Sabin with an elbow. Suicide hits knees to the face of Sabin. Lethal gets taken to the outside. Shelley goes to the outside to work with Lethal. Lethal hits a kick on the outside and gets back in the ring. He goes over the top rope but misses on Shelley. Sabin hits a suicide dive to the outside on Lethal. Suicide goes for a suicide dive but he runs into Shelley. Suicide has Creed above his head on the apron, he goes off onto all the competitors of the match. Suicide gets back in the ring and goes to the Ultimate X structure. Lethal gets in and takes him out. Creed gets in and gets on the structure. The Motor City Machineguns gets back in and take them both out. Creed is hanging on the structure as Shelley and Creed work in the ring. Shelley is able to take Creed off the structure. Sabin and Shelley both go the top rope. Shelley goes off the top and onto Creed. Suicide is working his way up the structure, Creed works with him on the top rope. Lethal powerbombs Sabin and Creed in the Tower of Doom position. Suicide is on the structure but Lethal pulls him off with a powerbomb. Sabin and Shelley work with Lethal in the corner. Creed takes Shelley to the outside. Sabin counters with a German suplex on Lethal. Suicide hits some offense. Shelley goes off the top rope and hits a Frog Splash on Suicide. Tornado DDT from Shelley on Lethal. Pump handle slam from Creed on Sabin. Shelley hits a suplex on Creed.

Shelley climbs to the top rope, Lethal works with him on top rope. Sabin pulls him off with a suplex. Creed is working with Shelley on the middle rope. Sabin attempts a powerbomb on Creed as Shelley goes for Sliced Bread. They both hit, taking Creed to the mat. Suicide takes out Sabin. He works with Shelley on the top rope. He tries to follow but Shelley takes him out. Shelley climbs the structure but Suicide is right there with him. Creed hits offense off the ropes on Alex Shelley. Lethal gets on the structure and goes for the belt. Sabin and Creed are there as well. Suicide dives at the top of the structure and grabs the belt.

Winner & new TNA X Division Champion – Suicide

Sting (c) vs. Kurt Angle
TNA Championship Match
Special Enforcer: Mick Foley
Special Referee: Jeff Jarrett

The following match is for the TNA Championship. The special guest referee, Jeff Jarrett, comes to ringside first. The Special Enforcer, Mick Foley, comes to ringside next. We are shown footage of Kurt Angle in his dressing room with the Main Event Mafia bodyguards. The challenger, Kurt Angle, comes out first. Sting comes out next in black and red ring attire. Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the formal introductions. He introduces Mick Foley first then Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett is the referee, Foley is the special enforcer. Kurt Angle is the challenger for the TNA Championship, Sting is the champion. The bell rings and we’re underway. Kurt goes to the apron. He gets back in and him and Sting circle one another before locking up. Angle hits right hands and follows them with kicks in the corner. Sting ends up knocking Angle to the outside. Angle and Foley have a brief stare down and some words. Angle gets back on the apron and gets back in the ring. Angle lands all kinds of offense on Sting. Sting counters and sends Angle to the outside. Sting throws Angle into the guard rail on the outside. Coast-to-coast on the outside, Angle is sent into the crowd. Sting follows him.

Sting slams Angle off a wall on the outside before rolling him back to the ringside area. Angle and Sting are both back in the ring with Sting landing right hands. Sting gets on Angle and hits more right hands in the corner. Angle finally falls to the mat. Suplex from Angle on Sting. Angle kicks Sting in the midsection on the mat. Snap suplex from Angle onto Sting. Two count for Angle on the Champion. Angle applies a submission hold on Sting on the mat. Sting finally builds a counters but Angle is able to hit a belly-to-belly release suplex into a two count. Jarrett is calling it down the middle. Angle picks Sting up and hits a backbreaker into a pin for a two count. Angle locks in a sleeper hold on Sting in the mat. Crowd is 50/50 as Sting gets back to the vertical base and backs Angle down with elbows. Both collide in the ring off the ropes, sending them down to the mat. Both men get up at the count of 6. Blows are exchanged as Angle runs into Sting, getting sent to the mat. Sting whips Angle down, hitting running lariats. Stinger Splash in the corner on Angle. Sting connects on a snap suplex and a two count. Arm drag takeover but Sting, countering the Angle Slam. Powerbomb from Sting onto Angle for a two count. Jarrett is still calling it down the middle.

Scorpion Death Drop attempt from Sting but Angle goes for the Ankle Lock. Sting counters out but Angle starts hitting the German suplexes. Two so far, now three. Angle covers Sting for a two count. Stinger Splash attempt misses, Angle hits the Angle Slam. Two count for Angle, the challenger. Angle goes to the top rope, he hits a moonsault on Sting. Two count. More suplexes from Angle onto Sting but out of nowhere Sting reverses into a Scorpion Death Drop. Two count for Sting, both have kicked out of each other’s finishers. Angle inadvertently takes out Jarrett. Foley gets in the ring to check on Jarrett as Sting puts Angle in the Scorpion Death Lock. Angle taps but there is no referee. Sting goes to check on Jarrett as Angle connects on the Angle Slam. Foley makes the two count. Now Angle and Foley argue in the ring. Angle hits a low blow on Foley and grabs a chair. Angle gets in the ring and goes for a chair shot on Sting. Foley wrestles it away from him and accidentally hits Sting. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Foley. Angle covers Sting and gets a two count with Jarrett making the count. Angle drops the straps to his singlet and spits in the face of Jarrett. Angle hits a right hand on Jarrett. Jarrett takes Angle out, Sting hits the Scorpion Death Drop and gets the cover for the three count.

Winner & still TNA Champion – Sting

After the match Jeff Jarrett raises the hand of Sting as Foley stands in the ring with him.

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