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TNA Genesis 2013 PPV Coverage

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World Tag Team Title Match: Hernandez (C) & Chavo Guerrero (C) Vs. Matt Morgan & Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan & Chavo G kick things off with a tie up into the corner with ryan backing out and mocking him. Chavo attacks him then here comes Hernandez witha big throw followed with chavo back i the ring with a spring board front flip. Back & forth we go until Ryan gets the advantage with a Matt Morgan hitting a forearm with a double team. Morgan throws chavo in the corner hard allowing ryan to come in & finish up with shots. A drop kick out of nowhere for a count of 2. Chavo fights back with some punches then goes up top misses a back flip but tags in Hernandez. Hernandez hits a splash in the corner followed by a back body drop. Matt Morgan is now in as the two big guys go at it after ryan distracted Hernandez allowing morgan to knock him down. Ryan is in with a kick then a headlock until Hernandez fights out but ryan quickly stops it with a kick to the legs of the big man. Morgan is in with a headbutt then tags in ryan. Ryan bits him , kicks him & morgan is now in with more double team moves. Morgan chokes him but Hernandez fights out with kick but out of nowhere morgan clotheslines him to cut him off. Matt throws him in the corner allowing ryan back in with some double team kicks. Morgan is back in once more with another head butt then thrown into the corner hard & ryan is now in. Ryan puts the shots to him but then ryan gets thrown head first into the corner allowing chavo to get the tag but wait the referee says he didn’t see the tag as they cheaply double team Hernandez. The referee says ryan was the legal man then morgan back in Wow. Ryan back in after a second he was out. They double team punches for a count of 2. Ryan puts Hernandez in a headlock but he fights out of it with some shots & a big back breaker. Chavo gets the tag with a sun set flip then a roll. Chavo hits a head scissors followed by the 3 amigo’s. Chavo goes to the top rope but morgan stands in front of him but Hernandez distracts him allowing chavo to hit a drop kick then a double team drop kick. Hernandez hits a powerbomb which landed on his head followed by a frog splash for the win.

Winner: Hernandez (C) & Chavo Guerrero (C)

Mr Anderson vs Samoa Joe

They talk trash until Joe pushes him then MR throws his shirt in joe face then joe goes off on him in the corner with kicks & punches. Joe throws him in the corner & elbow followed by a kick to the face. Joe throws him into another corner with some chops followed by a snap take down followed by a kick & a knee drop for a count of 2. Joe being very cocky with his shots but Mr fights out with some shots but Joe elbows him in the face. Mr goes outside to the ring but when he does joe is right behind him with some chops & slams his head on the apron of the ring. Joe throws an forearm , headbutt then breaks the count but when he does Mr fights back with some shots but not for long as Joe chops him to get the advantage. Mr out of nowhere throws Joe into the steel steps & then head first into them. Mr throws him into the apron of the ring & back in the ring with a clothesline for  a count of 2. MR puts in a headlock but Joe fights out of it but not for long as Mr hits a swinging neck breaker for a count of 2. Joe fights back with more jabs but MR goes back to the hamstring with his shoulder. Mr brings some shots to him then works on the leg of Joe followed by a drop kick for a count of 2. Mr attacks the leg even more  but then Joe throws MR out of the ring followed by Joe doing a suicide dive onto Mr Anderson. Back in the ring with them brawling but then a inverted drop followed by a senton by Joe for a count of 2. Mr punches him but then Joe hits a scope slam for a count of 2. Mr hits a drop kick then goes for a slam but Joe puts in a Coke but Mr blocks it then in the corner Joe hits a huge slam out of nowhere. Joe Puts Anderson up for the Muscle buster but Mike Knox comes out to distract Joe allowing Anderson to hit the Mic Check for the win.

Winner: Mr Anderson

Kenny King Vs. Christian York

They tie up twice then York works the arm then a snap take down by york then king takes him down then they trade arm drag then quick pin attempt followed by double drop kicks. King slaps him in the face then They go back & forth followed by york with some chops , knee to the ribs & a kick to the back of the head. King hits an inverted Drop but A quick knee strike to king for a count of 2. King throws york to the outside then misses a outside dive but then York hits a head scciors. Back in the ring as they shake hands but york punches him then goes for a bit then off the top rope but is blocked by king with a kick to the face knocking him to the outside. back in the ring King goes for a count of 2. King puts the boots to York but york chops the chest of king but out of nowhere king knocks him down goes for a quick pin attempt then a head lock. York fights out by catching king and slamming him. York hits a clothesline followed by a neck breaker then a corner clothesline. York knees him in the face for a count of 2. King hits a chin buster then gets blocked suplex then York hits a cart wheel kick to the face of king on the apron. Back in the ring york hits a double stomp for a count of 2. York gets roll up then a kick but out of nowhere king hits a kick then a spinning slam for a count of 2. King puts york on the top rope but york throws him off then then hits a cross body but king rolls in. York hits a German suplex then misses a dive in the corner allowing king to hit shotgun knees for a count of 2. York misses a suplex allowing kick to hit a roll up but not for long. King goes for a roll up but York just lays on him for the count of 3.

Winner: Christian York

After the match Kenny King lays out york.

X Division Title Match RVD (c) Christian York

Rvd checks on York & says he doesn’t have to do the match then york attacks him then it goes to a brawl. RVD kicks him in the face followed by rolling thunder for a count of 2. Rvd  puts him in a submission followed by a count of 2. RVD puts in another submission with his legs then a leg drop on the apron by The Champion. RVD hits a jack knife cover for a count of 2. Rvd puts the shoulders but misses the kick then they trade shots. York hits a knee off the top rope then rvd hits a spring board Drop kick but as RVD does his thumb Move he gets rolled up for a count of 2. Rvd knocks him down then RVd misses the frog splash allowing york to get a roll up for a  count of 2. Rvd kicks him in the face but york fights out until rvd hits an arm drag  then York is put on the ropes as RVD comes off the top rope with a kick to the face followed by RVD frog splash for the win.

Winner & Still Champion: RVD (C)

Devon vs. Joseph Park
We get a lock up and Devon goes behind, shoving Park away. Another lock up and another go behind, this time Devon slaps Park’s head repeatedly before shoving him away. Another lock up and Devon goes for the arm, chaining around Park’s body into different holds before shoving him down to the mat and slapping him in the back of the head again.
Devon gets down into referee’s position, calling for Park to do what he can. Devon is able to get off the mat, but Park puts him back down with a suplex. Devon rolls to the outside, flustered, and yells at fans to shut up. Devon asks if Park has lost his mind on his way back into the ring. Devon buries a fist in Park’s gut, sending him crumpling to the mat. Devon hits the ropes and Park hits a hip toss, then an arm drag. Park picks up Devon and slams him to the mat, but he misses a splash and ends up tossed to the outside by Devon.
Devon follows to the outside, slamming Park’s head into the ring steps. Devon blasts Park with a right hand to the side of the head, then sends him back into the ring. Devon picks Park up and hits him with another series of rights. Devon tries to send Park head first into the turnbuckle, but Park avoids it and hits Devon with a right hand of his own. Park hits the ropes and runs right into another big right from Devon. Devon heads to the middle rope and leaps off, but misses the flying head butt. Park takes Devon to the mat with a takedown and rains down with right hands. Park hits a couple of clotheslines, then looks to the corner. He tests the ropes slowly before climbing up to the second rope and leaping out with a giant splash. Park covers Devon, but only gets two.
Park takes Devon into the corner, but Devon drives Park head first into the turnbuckle that apparently was exposed at some point. Park is bleeding slightly, and he hulks up, hitting a couple of clotheslines and the black hole slam. Park calls for the chokeslam, bringing Devon up, but dropping him down to his feet. Devon rolls Park up for a three count, and this one is over.

Winner: Devon

#1 Contenders Gauntlet Match
Gail Kim vs. ODB vs. Miss Tessmacher vs. Mickie James vs. Velvet Sky

Brooke takes Kim out and rains down with right hands. Kim comes back, but ends up in a victory roll for another two count. Brooke takes Kim into the corner and stomps away, but misses a running hip throw. Kim hits a running clothesline that’s good for a two count. Kim brings Brooke through the ropes and drives down all of her weight on Brooke’s back. Kim heads to the top, but Brooke stops her with a kick that sweeps out the legs. Brooke hits a couple of big clotheslines before whipping Kim into the corner. Brooke leaps up into the corner and brings Kim out with a facebuster that’s good enough for two. Kim hits Brooke with Eat defeat and gets the three count.

ODB is the next competitor out to the ring, and Kim charges her on the entrance ramp, but Kim bounces right off ODB. ODB takes a swig from her flask, then brings things into the ring where she hits Kim with a couple of big smacks to the bottom. ODB takes Kim into the corner hard before seating her on the top turnbuckle. ODB drives Kim into the corner, then hits her with a running splash and a bronco buster. Kim tries for a cross body, but ODB catches her and hits a fall away slam, kipping up and shouldering Kim. Kim fights out of it and runs right into a kick to the gut. ODB heads to the top, but she’s pulled to the mat by Kim. Kim rolls up ODB and pulls the tights to get the three count.

Mickie James is out next and Kim catches her with a series of kicks on her way into the ring. James fights right back with a couple of kicks and a bit dropkick that’s good for two. James tries for a DDT, but Kim backs her into the corner and hits a running shoulder block. Kim heads to the apron, but James brings her back into the ring the hard way, hitting a reverse neckbreaker. James blasts Kim with a couple of forearms, then hits a big enzugiri. Mickie drops Kim with a flap jack, then she heads to the apron. Kim rolls to the outside, to Mickie follows, hitting a headscissors and taking Kim down to the floor. Mickie sends Kim back into the ring and she goes to the top, but Kim grabs the ref. James rolls up Kim, but Kim rolls through and is able to hook the tights for another three count.

Velvet Sky is the final competitor out to the ring, and Kim is hiding on the far side of the ring. Kim attacks Sky out of nowhere and takes her out on the floor. Sky is able to make it into the ring before the ten count. Kim puts a knee across Sky’s throat, getting a two count. Kim tries for two more pin attempts, but still can’t keep Sky down for thee. Sky is able to roll up Kim for a two count. Sky sends Kim into the corner, but she’s rolled up by Kim. The ref catches Gail trying to use the ropes to cheat again. Sky hits in your face and pins Kim, but Kim gets her foot under the ropes. The ref counts three, and Sky is proclaimed the winner.

Winner and #1 Contender to the Knockouts Championship: Velvet Sky

#1 Contender’s Match: Christopher Daniels vs. James Storm
Both men lock up and Storm takes Daniels to the mat with a head lock takeover. Daniels fight up, but finds himself in the same situation all over again. Daniels fights up to his feet, then eats a shoulderblock, and a hip toss. Storm takes Daniels over into a headlock for a third time. Daniels tries to fight his way out of the hold, pinning Storm for two and causing him to break the hold. Storm lets Daniels get to his feet and he clotheslines him over the top rope and to the outside.

Storm follows to the outside, slamming Daniels into the barricade before running Kaz off. Storm seats Daniels on the ring steps and hits him with a series of right hands before bringing things back into the ring. Daniels begs off, but Storm doesn’t care, hitting Daniels with a big back drop and backing him into the corner with a series of rights. Daniels ties Stor up in the ropes and Kaz grabs on to him, distracting him and drawing him out to the apron. Daniels hits Storm and sends him crashing out to the barricade on the floor. Kaz attacks while Daniels distracts the ref.

Back in the ring, Daniels goes to work on Storm’s arm, wrapping it around the ropes and yanking hard. Daniels stomps away at Storm before going back to the arm, wrenching it and driving Storm down to the mat with a top wrist lock. Storm kicks away at Daniels, breaking the hold. Daniels pokes Storm in the eye and drops him to the mat. Daniels clamps on an arm bar, pushing Storm to the mat, then standing on his arm, and dropping an elbow down on top of it. Daniels goes for a submission, but Storm won’t quit.

Storm fights up to his feet, fighting his way out of the hold. Storm hits Daniels with a Russian leg sweep and both men are down. Both guys are slow to get to their feet, but when they do, they trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Storm hits the ropes and hits a big clothesline, then he drives Daniels head into his own knee. Kaz distracts Storm again, but not for long. Storm heads to the top and leaps off with a giant elbow drop that’s good for a two count. Storm tries for the closing time, but Daniels blocks it and goes right back to the arm.

Daniels heads to the top, but he’s stopped by Storm. Storm connects with the eye of the Storm, but he only gets a two count off of it. Storm sends Daniels into the corner and ends up backdropped to the apron. Storm kicks Daniels, then heads back into the ring and hits an Alabama slam. Storm hits the closing time, and calls for the last call superkick. Storm misses the superkick, and Daniels connects with an immediate angel’s wings, but it’s not enough to keep Storm down for three. Daniels tries for the BME, but Storm gets a boot up. Storm hits closing time again, then he blasts Kaz with the superkick. Daniels sends Storm to the mat off the distraction and pins him with his feet on the ropes. Daniels gets the three count.

Winner: Daniels

Sting Vs DOC
DOC attacks before Sting can even make it to the ring, but Sting ducks a clothesline and sends DOC crashing into the ring steps. Sting slams DOC into the barricade before hitting him with a couple of big right hands. Sting fights DOC back through the crowd out where DOC entered the building. Sting locks on a rear chin lock, but he’s attacked from behind by other members of Aces and 8′s.

DOC brings things back to the ring, and the bell is rung for the first time in this bout. DOC goes right for the cover, but he’s only able to get a two count. Sting catches DOC with a low kick, but DOC comes right back with a powerful right hand. Sting falls to the outside, and DOC is quick to follow, coming in with a big nasty kick. DOC blasts Sting with a big right hand before launching him into the ring steps. DOC comes in and kicks at Sting hard before slamming him into the steps again.

DOC kicks at Sting and fights him up the entrance way, blasting him with repeated right hands. DOC hits Sting with another big boot before bringing things back into the ring. Sting kicks away at DOC’s ankles, cutting him down to the mat. DOC is quick to respond with some nasty stomps and right hands. DOC goes for the pin but he only gets a two count. DOC clamps on a rear chin lock, trying to wear down the Icon.

Sting is able to fight to his feet, but DOC takes him right back down and hits a big splash. DOC hits Sting with an elbow to the back of the head before choking away at the Stinger. DOC rips at Sting’s face in the corner, but when he breaks, Sting comes back with a chop block. Sting tries for the Scorpion death drop, but DOC holds on to the ropes. Sting is persistent, and he’s able to drop the big man to the mat. Sting attacks the legs of DOC, then hits a couple of clotheslines. Sting sends DOC into the corner and hits a Stinger splash. He drops DOC with the death drop, and pins him for the quick three count.

Winner: Sting

World Title Match: Jeff Hardy (C) Vs Austin Aries Vs Bobby Rhode

Here we go main event time, rhode & Aries attack hardy with strikes & beat him down. Hardy fights out with an elbow & punches then some forearms following in with a bull dog & clothesline. Hardy drop kick rhode but gets a count of 2 then aries gets kicked but rhode takes hardy down allowing for more double team. hardy kicks them in the face and throws out rhode. Hardy dives to the outside of the ring onto rhode. Back in the ring & hardy goes for the Twist of fate but is blocked & rhode beats him down. Rhode hits a back suplex for a count of 2. Hardy fights back but not for long as rhode puts the strikes to hardy in the corner then hardy elbows rhode then goes up top but aries knocks him down & hits a spring board move for a count of 2. Aries knees , elbows him for a count of 2. Aries strikes followed by a snap nar for a count of 2. Hardy fights back then punches aries 10 times in the corner then attack rhode. He throws him in the corner then hits poetry in motion on aries. Hardy goes to the top rope for swantom but rhode knocks him off the rope. They double team hardy with some shots then a double team elbow. There is starting to be some friction with the two heels on who gets the pin attempts & the moves. Rhode hits a suplex off the top rope & gets a 2 count. They argue but then rhode gets aries on his shoulders then gets hardy in the corner but hardy fights back & hits a back flip on them. Hardy hits an forearm to aries & a kick to rhode. Rhode is knocked to the outside & hardy going for an outside dive is knocked as he goes by aries. Aries hits the Suicside dive accidentally on rhode allowing hardy to get the advantage on aries. He hits a diving leg on aries on the barrier. hardy hits an dive to the outside on rhode then rolls him in the ring. Hardy goes to the top rope but aires pushes him off the aries goes for an suplex but is blocked as hardy hits an suplex of his own. Hardy goes to the top rope then hits a splash for a count of 2. Hardy goes for the twist of fate but is blocked then a spear by rhode for a count of 2. Aries hits an spinning forearm for a count of 2. Rhode hits a splash off the top rope for a count of 2. They trade turns to beat the crap out of hardy until Aries hits a drop kick then the brain buster for a close count of 2. Aries goes to the top rope for the 450 splash but rhode moves hardy that makes aries miss allowing him to get a 2 count. Aries attacks rhode then a spinning forearm for a count of 2. Rhode hits an front suplex then goes for the spear but is caught with aries submission but rhode pokes aries in the eyes. Rhode puts in the cross face but aries gets out of it then aries get caught but is on the top rope as rhode gets knocked off & then aries hits a drop kick. Aries hits a drop kick in the corner, he goes for the brain buster but rhode rolls him up for a count of 2. Hardy falls on him allowing it to be reversed for rhode to be eliminated. Its down to Aries Vs Hardy, as aries is arguing with the ref hardy hits twist of fate then twist of fate through the ropes followed by hardy hitting the swantom bomb for the win.

Winner & Still World Champion: Jeff Hardy (C)

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