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Hulk comes on the stage and fireworks explode. The crowd is going crazy. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Hogan says there is a lot of energy in the Impact Zone tonight. His life almost exploded last week. He is in charge but he is also a father. The GM and father collided. Hulk needs to know what is going on though. He calls out Bully Ray to give him a straight answer. Bully Ray’s music plays. Here comes Ray. He gets in the ring with a flannel button shirt. He grabs a mic. Hulk tells him to give him the straight and real story. What is going on? Ray says Hulk doesn’t trust him, but he wants to know what is going on. Hulk did not trust Ray since day 1. He didn’t trust Ray when he teamed with Sting. Hulk knows it. Now he wants answers. Hogan tells him to cut the crap. What is going on between him and Brooke? Ray’s face looks surprised. He asks Hogan if he really wants answers? Does he really want to know who the #1 man is in his daughter’s life? Brooke’s music hits and here comes The Hulkster’s daughter. Brooke gets right in the ring. She pushes her dad back as he is right in the face of Ray. Hulk asks Brooke what is going on between them. Brooke says she is not 18 years old. Hulk doesn’t care how old she is. As long as Hulk is on this planet, he doesn’t want her with any wrestler. Not even Bully Ray. Brooke tells him that it’s not what you think. Just then, the titan tron shows Austin Aries on top of Hulk Hogan’s desk in his office. Other wrestlers are in the room like Kid Kash and Zema Ion as well as others. Austin tells Hulk that he should be in the back to manage the wrestlers in his wrestling company. Austin says he isn’t going anywhere because it is Championship Thursday. Austin is just going to lie on the desk and wait. He asks Brooke how she does it because it’s so uncomfortable. Maybe she is on her back when she does it. Brooke can’t believe it. Hulk is furious. He gets right out of the ring and marches up the ramp.


Gail Kim vs. Mickie James
They lock-up, but Gail slides behind and does a roll-up. Mickie quickly kicks out. They lock-up again. Gail slides behind her and locks her arms around her waist. She then pounds on the back of Mickie. She falls to the mat. She gets up. Gail grabs her arm and starts twisting it. She works the arm and then grabs the hair and pulls Mickie down. Mickie slowly gets up. Gail goes right back on her as she puts her in the corner. Gail walks away. She turns and runs back. She smashes Mickie in the corner. She gets Mickie up and does a reverse neck breaker. She covers. Mickie kicks out. Gail slams Mickie’s head into the mat and then applies the scissor lock around Mickie’s neck. Gail twists up and then falls down planting Mickie’s face into the mat. It was a beautiful move. Gail covers but Mickie kicks out. Gail gets up and goes for the figure four leg lock, but Mickie pushes her away. Mickie gets up and is able to slam Gail’s face right down in the mat. Mickie climbs the corner. She jumps as Gail is on her feet facing her. Gail moves. Mickie lands on her feet, but Gail was able to attack her. Mickie is down. Gail gets her up, but Mickie is able to get away and then kick Gail right in the face. It looks to be the end. She covers but Gail’s leg is under the ropes. Mickie fixes that but Gail kicks out. Both get up. Mickie hits multiple closelines and then a neck breaker. She covers. Gail kicks out again. Both get up. Mickie kicks her in the gut and goes for the DDT, but Gail pushes her back into the corner. Gail runs to her, but Mickie lifts her legs up and Gail goes right into the turnbuckle. Mickie slides down as she grabs Gail’s head and hits the tornado DDT. She covers and wins.


Winner: Mickie James


Bobby Roode’s walks down to the ring. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Roode says he will be the next TNA World Champion in several weeks. Last week was Open Fight Night. Jeff almost lost to Christian York last week while Roode put the man down with one move. Jeff is a paper champion and Roode is going to prove that at Final Resolution. If you want to make a name for yourself, then you call out the longest reigning champion in history. You don’t call out a paper champion. Suddenly, Christian York’s music hits and he comes right down the ramp. He gets in the ring. Roode tells him to stop as this is his time. You don’t interrupt his time. He tells York and his hair to get out of the ring. York slaps Roode in the face and he falls to the mat. York bends over and yells at him. Roode slides out of the ring. He walks around to the ramp as he holds his face. York gets on the mic. Roode wanted him to call Roode out, so he is calling Roode out. Roode can’t believe it. Its on Now


Bobby Roode vs. Christian York
They lock-up and Roode quickly works on the arm. He then applies the headlock. York pushes him into the ropes. Roode returns with a shoulder block. he runs in the ropes, but Roode jumps over his challenger. York pops up. He hits Roode with a hip toss. York continues the attack. Roode isn’t ready. He slides out of the ring and regroups. He goes on the apron. York goes to him, but Roode jumps down and pulls York out. He goes after him. He goes to whip him but York reverses it and Roode goes right into the steel steps. York gets him up and slides him in the ring. York climbs the corner, but Roode hits the ropes and York falls right down on the turnbuckle. He slowly gets down. Roode keeps him in the corner and kicks him in the gut. York slides down till he sits on the mat. Roode gets him up and whips him in the opposing corner. Roode runs, but York smashes his boot into Roode’s face. Roode stumbles. York goes after him, but Roode is able to counter. He has York down. He climbs the corner to the second rope. He jumps, but York lifts his leg and he catches Roode right in the chin. Roode falls. Both get up. Roode continues the attack, but York comes back. He knocks Roode down with a closeline and then a dropkick. He whips Roode in the ropes. He lifts him up and Roode falls chest first into the mat. York climbs the corner. Roode gets up and tries to knock him down again, but York is able to hit him and then hit the double stomp. Roode is down. York puts him in the corner. York runs to him and does a summersault right into Roode. He covers. Roode kicks out. Both get up. Roode tries to come back, but York does a inside cradle. Roode barely kicks out. Roode crawls to the ropes. York follows him on his feet. He grabs Roode, but Roode turns and closelines him down. He applies the cross face and York taps out.


Winner: Bobby Roode

Roode slides out of the ring. He grabs a steel chair and enters the ring again. He scares Hebner away. As he is about to take a swing, Jeff Hardy slides in the ring. He and Roode fight. Jeff kicks Roode in the gut and goes for the Twist of Fate, but Roode is able to get away. He slides out of the ring. He sits on the floor. He’s quite surprised how fast Jeff can turn the tide. Jeff stares at him and then checks on York.


Aces and 8s are in their clubhouse. The main guy speaks. He says some people thing Aces and 8s go after people whoever they want. That is not the case though. He goes on to say that Doc will face Kurt Angle next week. Devon turns to the camera. He says he wants something that was stolen from him. He wants his Television Championship. He demands Hulk Hogan to give it back. If not, expect consequences.

Daniels and Kazarian vs. James Storm and AJ Styles
AJ Styles is ready as he starts off the match. He calls one of them in as they are both on the apron. Kazarian enters. They walk around and then lock-up. AJ pushes Kaz back into the corner, but Kaz slides away and AJ goes right into the corner. He slaps it as Kaz got away. He turns and runs to Kaz, but Kaz trips him. AJ falls down. He gets up as Kaz applies a headlock. AJ pushes him in the ropes. AJ goes for the dropkick, but he misses. AJ gets up and is able to tag James. James gets in and puts Kaz right in the corner after doing multiple right hands. Kaz goes down. James talks to AJ and then turns around. Daniels enters as he and Kaz tag. James continues the attack with punches. James tags AJ is as he is ready to enter. They double team Daniels. James goes on the apron. AJ bounces off the ropes to do a knee drop, but Daniels moves. He hits AJ and then tags Kaz. Kaz enters and continues to go after AJ. AJ is able to tag James. James enters and stays in control. Kaz tags in Daniels. Daniels doesn’t last long though as James demolishes him. Daniels tags Kaz in. Kaz gets in and finally gets on the offense with James as they put him in their corner. He works on him. Daniels tags in and he stomps right on Storm. He tags Kaz. Daniels goes on the apron though and does a leg drop from the apron. Kaz jumps over the ropes too and hits a leg drop. Kaz continues as he whips James into the ropes. He knocks him down. He tags Daniels in. Both work on Storm again. They stand above him and they do the gangnam style dance. James is able to pop up and attack them. He squeezes through and tags AJ. AJ gets in and closelines both men down. He could finish it, but Kaz is able to knock AJ out of the ring. Both go out and double team AJ. AJ gets away and tags Storm. Storm is knocked down though as Daniels and Kaz attack him. They continue the double team move on AJ. AJ tries to fight back as he knocks Kaz out of the ring. Daniels grabs AJ and sets up for the Angel Wings, but Storm enters and does the Last Call Superkick. He covers and wins.



Winners: James Storm and AJ Styles


Matt Morgan vs Douglas Williams
Before the match Ryan does a promo about Matt Morgan beating Williams.
DW kicks him but morgan keeps pushing him down then a clothesline. Some elbows in the corner Morgan throws him into the other corner then a side walk slam. DW kicks him in the face but is caught off the top rope by matt as he choke slams him followed by the Blue Print for the win.

Winner: Matt Morgan

Gutcheck time & Wes Brisco comes out for his time. Prichard list all his wes family history & says yes. Taz says no. Wes does a promo saying DLO Brown about he is doing all of this for his family. DLO says yes & Wes Brisco is now the newest member to the TNA roster. Kurt Angle & Garrett Bischoff come down to Celebrate.


X Division Title Match: Austin Aries Vs RVD (C)
They kick things off with some strikes from both guys. They do some mat wrestling until Rvd kicks him. RVD rolls him up for a count of 2. RVD puts the shoulder to him in the corner then misses a drop kick. AA goes up but misses a spring board flip then rolls out of the ring allowing RVD to hit a cross body to lead into the commercial break. Back from break with AA knocking RVD off the apron but Rvd puts him on the guard rail & misses the kick to the back. AA hits a neck breaker on the Railing & rolls him back in the ring for a count of 2. AA throws him in the corner but blocked until rvd kicks him in the face but AA hits a spike DDT for a count of 2. AA hits a splash for a count of 2.  Bully Ray ran down and attacked Aries, causing the disqualification.


Winner by DQ: Austin Aries

End of show

Thanks for watching along with me.
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