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TNA Impact! 5/30/13 Results

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We see Aces & Eights backstage with Mr Anderson saying sorry it didn’t work out then he attacks D’lo Brown. Brown is out of the group.



Bully Ray & Devon come out & talk about Slammiversary PPV. Ray says that Devon will take out Joesph Parks for good & He talks about how Sting will try to hurt him because its a No Holds Barred match. He Quotes Ric Flair & starts listing People Sting has beaten in the past. He says he can’t wait & will beat him at Slammiversary.



Sting & Joesph Parks Vs. Bully Ray & Devon



They start off brawling to the outside of the ring. Eventually Sting & Ray are back in the ring but we go to commercial. Back from break with Devon & Parks, Devon in full control, He uses the ropes to his advantage but With a hip toss Parks gets in control. He goes to the top rope but Ray knocks him down then Devon with a clothesline. Ray is now in with a clothesline, Rays knocks down sting then lands an elbow on parks for a count of 2. Devon in off the tag with a leg drop & mocks Hulk Hogan for a count of 2. Devon with a headlock but Parks fights out but Devon lands an elbow for a count of 2. Team 3d are in control until they go for a double clothesline but miss & sting is tagged in. He drop kicks Devon then Parks & Sting lock in double Scorpion lock but Ray gets out & knocks sting down. He clothesline both guys & nails stinger splash on Devon but miss on ray. They hit there team finisher followed by Devon coming down for the Whats Up but Abyss music comes on with Ray having his attention on the stage, Sting hits Scorpion death drop for the win.



Winner: Sting & Parks



Dixie Carter comes out to Announce that TNA will be in Boston, Massachusetts for Bound For Glory PPV. Doc, Garrett Bischoff & Wes Brisco come out. They say this Sunday its gonna be a funeral at the PPV for sting. Magnus, Samoa Joe come out to make the save. Joe says he been waiting for a month to get his on them. He calls out Garrett to a match tonight.



Samoa Joe Vs. Garrett



Garrett attacks him from behind but not so fast when Joe fights back with a furry of punches then a standing kick in the corner. Back from break with Joe in control, he lands a big boot followed by a wait Doc holds his leg to distract Joe allowing Garrett to clothesline Joe. They all attack Magnus but Joe hits a suicide Dive onto all of them. The match suddenly in a no contest ends & Joe gets back on the Microphone saying that The three of them taking on Himself, Magnus & Jeff Hardy in a six man tag match.



James Storm & Gunner do a backstage segment about how Gunner is a warrior.



Hulk Hogan & Brooke Hogan were talking about Bully Ray & her life.



Bad Influence & Bobby Roode & Austin Aries Vs. James Storm, Gunner, Chavo & Hernandez



Daniels & Gunner start things off, Gunner in control with a elbow followed by some punches in the corner& a back drop. Daniels goes to the outside to regroup. Aries in now in but quickly tags in Roode. Roode in & they lock up but Roode with elbow followed by some chops in the corner. Gunner kicks him followed by a clothesline to tag in Chavo. Chavo with uppercuts & boots to the ribs. Chavo with a suplex just to tag in Hernandez for a double team suplex then a splash for a count of 2. Chavo back in with a drop kick but Roode works the midsection but A reverse by Chavo to hit the 3 amigos. He goes to the top but Kaz, Daniels get kicked off just to Aries drop kick him off the top rope. Back in the ring where Roode tags in Aries off a double team elbow/ Knee combination for a count of 2. Daniels puts the boots to him & Kaz hits a spinning neck breaker. They ( Heels ) are in control until Hernandez gets tagged in & clears house. He hits a big shoulder block on roode then a press drop on Aries. Hernandez goes for the Border toss but drops down for a back breaker. He lands a clothesline to Kaz & a tackle on Daniels. He picks Daniels up for Border toss but Kaz gets Daniels out of the way for Aries to hit a drop kick then he goes for the Brain Buster but its blocked & Gunner tags in. Gunner runs into a forearm but hits a back breaker followed by a torture Rack for the win.



Winners: James Storm, Gunner, Chavo & Hernandez



Bully Ray gives a Pep talk about how Mr. Anderson teach AJ Styles a lesson. He says they want a war they declarer war on Impact Wrestling.



Mickie James is out in the ring talking about Her most recent Title Win ( She beat Velvet Sky Last week on Impact!) She calls out Velvet Sky, She says that she gave the opportunity that she gave about waiting for the match. She rubbed winning the title but Velvet wants a rematch. Velvet wants the rematch at Slammiversary PPV. Gail Kim comes out to say she is first in line for the title. Gail attacks Velvet but Tarlyn Terrell makes the save.



Kenny King & Gail Kim Vs. Chris Sabin & Tarlyn Terrell



Terrell attacks Kim then a botched Clothesline followed by a neck breaker for a count of 2. Terrell clotheslines her on the apron followed by a suplex. Terrell goes to the top rope & nails a cross body for a count of 2. Sabin & King are now in with Sabin chopping the chest of King then a arm drag of Sabin. King fights out of it then clotheslines him from behind. King nails a back kick for a count of 2. King locks in a arm submission but Sabin fights out with a arm toss but Gail kicks Sabin in the back allowing King to get the advantage. King suplex him followed by a miss leg drop. Sabin nails some forearms & a clothesline in the corner. Sabin with a kick followed by a spinning slam for a count of 2. Kim grabs the hair of sabin then Terrell chases kim around the ring until Terrell spears Kim & Sabin hits a enziguiri followed by the Cradle Shot for the win.



Winner: Terrell & Sabin



After the match Sabin says he will become a 5 time champion but King attacks him from behind only to have suicide lay out king.



AJ Styles Vs. Mr. Anderson



They go back & forth with right hands until Anderson locks in a headlock then a knockdown. Styles trips him up to get the advantage followed by a scope slam & Elbow. AJ with a neck breaker for a count of 2. AJ with an irish whip followed by some forerms but Anderson fights back with boots. AJ ties up Anderson with the ropes out of nowhere then throws him out of the ring to just Baseball slide him. Back from break with Styles in control but on the apron Anderson pokes the eyes then a DDT on the apron. Anderson throws him back in the ring & they go back & forth until Kurt Angle attacks Styles then here comes Aces & eights then Sting, Joe, Magnus come out to brawl. They lay out Sting to end the show.

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