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TNA iMPACT! Results for October 30, 2008

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TNA Impact on Spike TV
October 30, 2008
Taped Oct. 27 in Orlando, Fla.
Report by James Caldwell of

The show started with a recap of the TNA Live in Las Vegas last week. Main Event Mafia. Mick Foley new investor. The choice is up to Kurt on whether he wants to be part of history or just history.

Inside the new Impact Zone, they panned around the arena to reveal a more traditional Attitude-era set with a much-larger screen. Really looks a lot more major league.

To start the show, A.J. Styles’s music hit and out walked Styles and Samoa Joe. I still can’t get over them calling Samoa Joe a TNA original when he wasn’t part of the company until the Impact Zone days. Styles started the promo thanking Mick Foley for being here. But, with all due respect, they’re fighting this war on their own. He did a brief history recap of his six years in TNA, but as TNA grows, so does the talent. So that means Sting (boos), Kevin Nash (boos), Kurt Angle (boos), and Booker T (boos). Styles said three of those he named were responsible for one wrestling company going out of business. Random crowd shot, then Styles continued said it’s about TNA growing. High-definition in Vegas last week.

They also saw Styles and Joe bleeding in high-def last week. Styles said what bothered him is some of the young guys in the back, who are like family, didn’t come out and do anything. He said it bothers him because they feel like they haven’t had the opportunities, but they’re not going to give you anything TNA, you have to take it. TNA talks about crossing the line, but what he wants to know if anyone has the balls to come stand out here with him and Joe.

Styles looked to the back while the crowd chanted “A.J., A.J.,” then Jay Lethal’s music hit. Lethal stormed out to the ring and said let’s do this. Consequences Creed followed out. Petey Williams, ODB, and Eric Young then answered the call. Joe shot ODB a crazy look. Young was all serious for once standing tall with Joe. Joe then took the mic and thanked them for showing up. Suddenly, Motor City Machineguns music hit and out walked Shelley and Sabin. Joe and Styles were a little speculative of this development.

Shelley took a mic and said he couldn’t help but see all these sheep about to brainwashed by Joe and Styles. Shelley told Joe to sell them one more time on why they should participate in this battle. Joe said this is all of their war and you’re either in or out. Shelley thought he had an answer, then Joe cut him off and said this is about Shelley and Sabin’s future. Joe said it would be in his best interest to help them out against the people who have kept them out of the main event scene. Shelley said he wishes Joe had a mint. He told the rest of them not to listen to Joe. Shelley said Joe hasn’t done anything for him lately. Joe then slapped him across the face to give him something.

Joe and Shelley had to be separated, then some new music hit. Out walked the Main Event Mafia with Kurt Angle, Sting, Booker, Nash, and Sharmell dressed for a nice big party. Angle said they’re a disgrace to themselves and this business and TNA and all the fans that paid good money to see them. Good money? Zero dollars ain’t good money. Angle said this is the family. The Main Event Mafia. He said they have over 75 years of experience. “So retire!” a fan screamed out. Angle said they didn’t ask for this war; they just wanted a thank you. Lots of catcalls here.

Nash said he tried to teach Joe how to act toward the stars. He said Joe spit in his face and he’s wanted to say something for a long time. Nash said the reason why Scott Hall didn’t show up at the PPV was because Joe wasn’t worth the rub. He said in retrospect, he was right. Nash asked if they want a war. He said they got one.

Booker then did his fake accent talking about these bums with their dress. He said the War starts right here tonight. And by the end of this year, there won’t be any of them left. Booker said it’s all about “the five.” Their random music hit, then Don West speculated on whether there’s a fifth member.

Backstage: Jeremy Borash was standing by with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett said he’s not doing anything about this because Joe and Styles are ready to fight their own War. Mick Foley then stepped in and suggested improvising a little bit. Foley said it’s time he has a heart-to-heart with his old buddy, Sting. Jarrett gave him his approval, then Jarrett walked off to take a Kurt and wipe his Angle. Foley told Borash he has to keep all of his investments in line, especially Sting.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Lauren was with Cute Kip, Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky. Angelina said they are broadcasting HD tonight, so everyone can see every little pimple and deep wrinkle on her face. Angelina asked when did Christy Hemme become a wrestler. She told Hemme to stick to the pages of Playboy with her “silicon boobalas.” She said the ring is no place for her, unless, she’s looking for a make-over. Velvet then asked ODB if she’s a dude or a transvestite. She said ODB is about as female as Rosie O’Donnell. All of them shivered. Velvet then suggested she’s a horse-faced slut. And they’re sick of the jealousy. Wow. Felt like a scene out of “Redemption Song.”


At 3:00, Kip tried to get involved, but Christy jumped onto him on the floor. In the ring, ODB gave Velvet a near-atomic wedgie before nailing a modified Rock Bottom for the pin and the win. Let’s cut backstage!

WINNERS: ODB & Christy in 4:00. Fine. Just fine. Predictable because Beautiful People can always get their heat back after losing in the ring. (1/2*)

Backstage: Lauren caught up with Shelley and Sabin as they were walking through the backstage area. Sabin cut a promo that there was a misunderstanding earlier and they understand what Joe was trying to do. He said they’re in. Joe said he has trust issues with allies, so when the first bullet is fired, we’ll see who’s shooting back. He walked off in a huff.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Borash brought in Eric Young to discuss being out there with Styles and Joe. Young talked serious about trying to take his career into his own hands. “I don’t even know who I am!” he said. Young said he’ll show the world who the real Eric Young is. Borash asked if they were seeing eye-to-eye with their little signal for Super Eric, but Young said not tonight.

Impact Zone: Beer Money came to the ring for a little competition. James Storm had a beer in hand prior to his singles match against Eric Young.

2 — ERIC YOUNG vs. JAMES STORM (w/Jacqueline and Robert Roode)

Looked like a quick squash with Storm nailing the Eye of the Storm at 2:00, but Young kicked out. Jacqueline, sporting a suit, then tried to run interference for Storm, but Roode accidentally spewed beer in Storm’s face. Young, who apparently watched week 2 of CCW, executed a schoolboy for the pin and the win.

Afterward, Storm and Roode tried to beat down Young, but Machineguns stormed the ring to make the save. They cleared Roode and Storm from the ring before checking on Young. Shelley extended his hand and Young took a shake.

WINNER: Young in 3:00. Just a filler, waste-of-a match to continue building up the alliances and trust issues in the Young Guys group. I don’t like that name. We need a name for this group. (1/2*)

Outside: Lauren found Taylor Wilde and Miss Potty mouth, Roxxi. They were wielding weapons. Roxxi told her it’s none of her f’ing business what they’re up to right now. Just too much randomness with the pre-tape vignettes on this show so far.

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Borash was in Kong’s locker room for some congratulations on the Knockouts Title victory. Suddenly, Roxxi and Taylor stormed the locker room to attack Kong and Raisha Saeed. Roxxi chucked Raisha into the toilet before slamming Kong into the locker. Fortunately, the fruit plate was not harmed in the filming of this scene. And break.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Sheik Abdul Bashir came to the ring while they replayed footage of Bashir choking out Rhino last week. Bashir joined Tenay and West on commentary for the following tag match. Tanahashi came out as the first wrestler. Yes, Tanahashi! This day is awesome. Bashir said Tanahashi is definitely a well-known talent over in Japan. Representing CMLL, Volador came out as his tag partner. Machineguns then came out as the opposition.


Lots of rapid fire action in this one to start with, then Sabin took a hot tag and cleaned house. Volador found himself in Sabin’s clutches via the fireman’s carry, then Shelley hit a double foot smash on Volador setting up Sabin for the Cradle Shock. Sabin made the pin on Volador for the pin. Afterward, Bashir was irate – irate! – at the developments. He threw down his headset, then stormed the ring to chew out Volador. Rhino then snuck into the ring and waited for Bashir to turn around before delivering the Gore for an exclamation mark.

WINNERS: Guns in 4:00. Just not enough time in the ring for this to develop into a meaningful match. Even the post-match was rushed. Too much in too little time. (*)

[Commercial Break]

Backstage: Lauren brought in Christian Cage to discuss Booker’s Legends Title on the line vs. him being forced to join the MEM. Christian said his answer is real simple: yes. He said he doesn’t need and doesn’t want to pick a side, but if he was forced to pick, it sure as heck wouldn’t be the Main Event Mafia. Christian said one week, Booker is hunting elephants in Africa, then the next week, he thinks he’s a gangster. Christian said he knows who he is, though. The Champ. He said he’ll take the title from Booker, then remain on his own side where he’s always been.

Impact Zone: Booker T and Sharmell came to the ring for the main event tag match. Tenay said he’s seen a lot of factions come and go, but last week in Vegas, it felt like a major piece of wrestling history. Nash then came out as Booker’s partner while Tenay talked up Nash being part of big-time wrestling factions. Joe, then Styles came out as the opposition.

4 — KEVIN NASH & Legends champion BOOKER T (w/Sharmell) vs. SAMOA JOE & A.J. STYLES

The match started with Nash and Styles, with Styles trying to use his quickness to chop Nash down. He eventually got a dropkick to the knees, then he knocked Booker off the apron and hit a springboard dropkick onto Nash. Joe then flew through the ropes with a suicide dive elbow smash onto Booker. Joe and Styles stood tall after noly two minutes of action leading to a break.

[Commercial Break]

They returned from break with Joe in control until Nash nailed him with an elbow from behind on the apron. Nash then entered the ring without a tag and started working over Joe. Booker entered next and landed a back thrust kick for a nearfall. The heels worked over Joe for quite some time with some off-spots. Joe just doesn’t look right or comfortable in the ring taking a heel beating. Joe then snapped off a powerslam at 11:00 to cut off Booker momentarily. Styles then took a hot tag and the action completely broke down. Joe slapped on the rear no choke on Nash, but Booker broke it up and dumped Joe to the floor. Booker then walked into the Pele soccer kick and Styles pinned him for the win. The young guys, including the Guns, then showed up ringside and celebrated with Joe and Styles.

WINNERS: Styles & Joe in 13:00. There was just something off about this match. Styles was a breath of fresh air once he was in the match, but the isolation of Joe really didn’t represent anything more than tag team filler to build toward the hot tag. It didn’t seem like Booker or Nash was over credibly looking for a pin; just going through the motions of isolating Joe. (*1/2)

Backstage: Lauren brought in Abyss and Matt Morgan to discuss Abyss’s health. Abyss said it was merely a flesh wound. Morgan snapped on him and said he is not mentally or physically ready for his match tonight against Kurt Angle. Morgan told him it’s too bad he won’t be there ringside to help. Abyss shouted back that his statement is right. Just him and Angle. Abyss said when Angle ripped open the flesh wounds two weeks ago, he felt that. Abyss paused, then chuckled and said that felt good. I think. Eh. Another over-bearing Morgan promo.

[Commercial Break]

Video package: Some people like to maintain the status quo, play it safe, and do the same things over and over. You mean the TNA writers? Cross the Line, the voice-over man said.

Video recap: They took us back to last week when Mick Foley named himself a new investor in TNA. He told Kurt Angle he didn’t throw his money into some pipe dream, but they’re on the verge of being part of something very big.

Backstage: Borash caught up to Steve Borden to discuss the confrontation with Mick Foley coming up. Sting said no one has officially confirmed to him that Foley is his boss. He said he hasn’t talked to Foley in over a decade, so he’s just going out there and hoping Foley doesn’t try any funny business.

[Commercial Break]

Impact Zone: Mick Foley came to the ring for a chat with Sting. After parading around the ring, Foley gave a shout-out to the brand new Impact Zone. He said even with the Mick Foley posters, it looks pretty dang good. Foley said big dividends are already being paid here in TNA. He talked up the big election coming up, then told everyone to tell their friends about Impact in high-def every Thursday night.

Foley then announced two huge main events for Turning Point. Cue up random fan shots of people pumping their fist mindlessly. Nash vs. Joe is one match. The other match is Sting vs. Styles for the TNA Title. Foley then swung his attention to Sting for a nice, polite word with the champ.

Sting’s music hit and out walked Steve Borden with the TNA Title belt slung over his shoulder. The mystique behind Borden’s character is certainly gone, but there’s a new quality to his character with the latest evolution of Borden’s gimmick. Foley said this is probably the first time they’ve been face-to-face in 14 years. He let it be known Sting put him on the map back in 1991. How about the present? Foley said he’s not sure where his life would have gone without Sting being part of it.

Foley said that’s why it was so tough for him to see Sting part of the Main Event Mafia last week. Foley said all the pieces are there for something big in TNA. Oh here we go with the “guys like A.J. and Samoa Joe and guys in the X Division busting their butts” rhetoric. So tired. Foley said he sees Sting’s job as the glue holding all of the pieces together. He said Foley is acting like a wedge; not glue. He asked Sting what he has to say.

Sting repeated that he wanted to be the glue here, but he was rejected by the Joes and A.J.s. He asked Foley if he has respect for Terry Funk. Sting said that it is that very exact respect missing in TNA. He said if Foley isn’t careful, that new generation is going to get all up in his face and disrespect him too.

Foley said they’re just going to have to agree to disagree because it’s clear that Sting is going to do what he’s going to do, while he has to do what he’s going to do. Sting said he gets it, but this isn’t Foley’s war; it’s his. Sting’s music hit, then he left the ring. Foley just nodded his head ready to accept his mission with the battlelines drawn.

Backstage: Kurt Angle shoved Borash away and stole the mic from him. “Jeff!” he said. Angle looked into the camera and asked Jarrett how long it’s going to take until he listens to him. Angle said he is obsessed with getting Jarrett in the ring. He’s an Olympic gold medalist. He won the WWE Title. He was WCW champion. Here we go with the writers writing off their inferiority complex. Angle said he will do anything – anything! – to get his hands on Jarrett in the ring because he always gets what he wants.

[Commercial Break]

Turning Point: Sheik vs. Rhino in a grudge match. TNA tag title match with Beer Money vs. Machineguns. Booker T vs. Christian Cage for the Legends Title. Nash vs. Joe. Styles vs. Sting for Sting’s TNA Title. … Time for the Impact main event!


Abyss has third degree burns and tunnel vision. Let’s see how this plays out tonight without Morgan ringside to cool his itchy skin and boils. Morgan has been a real friend to Abyss, West said. Abyss shoved Angle hard to the mat to open things up. He then pounded on Angle with forearm blows and a hard knock-down clothesline. Angle pretended to have enough, so he left the ring. Abyss gave chase and clubbed him with a forearm before rolling him back into the ring. After a quick clothesline back to the outside, Angle decided to take it into the bleachers to run away from Abyss. Here comes the customary Abyss brawling portion of the match. After the break.

[Commercial Break]

They returned from break with Abyss and Angle stumbling down the bleacher steps before Abyss sent Angle crashing into the PPV poster on the base of the wall. Abyss then looked into the crowd chanting his name and he gleefully acknowledged the camera. Abyss took Angle back to ringside and rolled him back into the ring for a chokeslam, but Angle broke free and started to chop down the Abyss tree with a chopblock. Abyss then Abyssed Up blocking a few punches and he nailed a big boot and big splash in the corner. He then nailed the Shock Treatment, but Angle kicked out at two. Abyss then casually walked over to Angle, so Angle nailed the Olympic Slam for a two count.

Both men recovered, then Angle wanted a moonsault, but Abyss grabbed him in the corner for a powerbomb and a two count. Abyss argued with the ref about the count, allowing Angle to slip to the outside and retrieve a chair. Abyss didn’t see it, then he walked into a clean chair shot to the head. The ref saw it and called for a DQ.

WINNER: Abyss via DQ in 12:00. Good match, but a mere set-up for the post-match… (**)

Post-match: Angle took Abyss into the ring and tried the anklelock before removing Abyss’s prison shirt to scrape, claw, and scratch Abyss’s “burns.” Matt Morgan then stormed the ring to make the save with a beating on Angle, including the huge bicycle kick. Let’s get a replay in the middle of the post-match activity. Booker T then led Kevin Nash down to the ring to neutralize Morgan. Morgan took a clean chair shot to the head. Abyss then took a chair blow from Nash.

The Young Guns made the save from the back to clear the ring, then Scott Steiner showed up out of nowhere with a lead pipe in hand. He knocked out Joe first, then the young guys just stood there like idiots and took blows without ganging up on Steiner. MEM then stepped into the ring to start dominating again. Sting made his way to the ring, still dressed in a suit. Styles spit in his face, then Sting gave him a Scorpion deathdrop. And MEM stands tall to close this edition of Impact brought to you by the NWO. How soon until an NWO b-team forms? Stay tuned to find out.

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