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TNA Sacrifice Results – May 15, 2011

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TNA Sacrifice Results
Sunday, May 15, 2011
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Results by: Kendra Bunyon of

Video mostly of RVD and Sting, many of their matches, them working out, etc.

Tag Team Match
- Mexican America vs. Ink Inc.

Hernandez, Anarquia, Sarita and Rosita out to the the ring. The Knockouts all dressed up as if for clubbing. Moore and Neal out to the ring, Neal waving an American flag. The fans behind them. USA chants and the match starts.

The start:

Anarquia and Moore start reversing holds in the center of the ring. Moore with an arm bar, takes Anarquia down and stomps the arm. Anarquia with side headlock on Moore, then shoulder block drops Moore. Sweet arm drags to Anarquia and Moore keeps him on the mat with an arm bar.

Mid-match notes:

Anarquia slams Moore to the mat by the back of his mohawk. Anarquia pushes Moore’s shoudler’s down. Hernandez runs in and attacks Moore as Rosita distracts the ref. Hernandez tags in. Moore takes Hernandez down, then a leg drop to the back of Hernandez’s head for two. Neal tags in. Moore him tosses Neal onto Hernandez. Neal on Hernandez until Rosita distracts and Hernandez plays dirty. Anarquia and Moore tag in. Moore flies in from the corner for crossbody for two.

Moore slides out, ties Anarquia up in the apron, then a springboard moonsault on Hernandez outside. Sarita rushes the ring and slams Moore back by his Mohawk. Anarquia pulls Moore up, tags out. Hernandez gets Moore up on his shoulder, holds Moore’s neck/head down as the shoulder grinds into Moore’s back. Moore slammed to the mat for two. Anarquia tags in, they double team Moore, but Anarquia only gets two. Moore set up top but fights out. Moore hits a moonsault crossbody block on Anarquia. Hernandez tags in, gets kicked in the head. Neal tags in and takes both down. double axe handle, then a kick. Each heel in a corner.

The finish:

Neal ducks Hernandez and Anarquia takes the blow. Moore takes Anarquia out. They set up for the mooregasm, but the Knockouts get involved. Hernandez gets Neal up for the border toss.

Sorry, wasn’t a border toss. Hernandez slammed Neal down hard and got the three.

Taz and Tenay talk about the matches slated for tonight.

JJ helps Karen to the ring. Taz commented on Karen’s heel on the uninjured. Karen’s pictured injured ankle was the left foot, but the walking cast is on her right foot. JJ talks about how great Karen is. Sometimes there’s dangers in being her, she handed out orders to the staff. ‘Bullshit!’ chants. JJ told them not to use filthy language. The Queen slipped and fell on a JJ action figure. The doctors performed an MIR and x-ray. She has a grade 3 sprain and her ankle is broken in two places. They’re as disappointed as the fans are. There won’t be a JJ and Karen versus Chyna and Angle. It’s the doctor’s decision. Doctor’s orders are doctor’s orders. Enjoy the show.

Foley to the ring. JJ thanked him for coming out and booking a new match. Foley said he saw the x-ray, but other things could be seen like sex, race and size. Karen’s not a six foot six African American male. Foley says this is a wrestling ring and wrestling takes place in them. Wrestling matters. Karen claims she has nothing to wear. Foley says he knows Karen’s not a wrestler, so he talked to Jollene and she’ll have something for Karen to wear facing Chyna. ‘Chyna’ chants. Foley says that she should see the outfit. Karen’s going to get her ass kicked all over the Zone, but will look so good doing it. Have a nice day!

Winners: Mexican Americans

Borash with Kendrick. Kendrick says the world is nothing more than language. It’s the inward being expressed outwardly. The X Division should be something clammored for by the best on the planet, but the good old boys are using it as filler. Kendrick’s there to put the X division back on its path.

Singles Match
- Robbie E vs. Brian Kendrick

Robbie and Cookie to the ring, posing and being posers. Kendrick out in his white trunks and robe.

The start:

Kendrick sit in the center of the ring and meditates with Cookie screeching at him through it all. Rob sends her from the ring. Rob pulls the hood off and eats a foot to the face. Rob rolls out, Kendrick flies out onto him. Kendrick up top, crossbody onto Rob. More meditation, but then into a drop toe hold and flying forearms. Kendrick up top, but kicks Rob as he’s rushed. Flying clothesline off the top. Rob out, so Kendrick out and tells Cookie God has a plan for her, kicks Rob in the gut, then back in. Kendrick up top, but Rob sends him flying outside.

Mid-match notes:

Kendrick back in only to be stomped. Kendrick whipped into a corner and hits the mat. Rob grinds his foot into Kendrick’s face. Head hold from Rob and Kendrick’s mouth is bleeding. Knee to Kendrick for two. Rob, from the second ropes drops an elbow for two. Cookie distracts and Rob uses the robe to choke Kendrick. Rob clotheslines Kendrick from the ring. Suplex to Kendrick outside the ring. Cookie grinds her foot into Kendrick’s face as Rob distracts in the ring. Earl back to counting Kendrick out. Rob out for another suplex, but reversed. Rob into the apron, then taks a kick. Flying kick from Kendrick, but then Kendrick eats the corner.

The finish:

Kendrick gets his second wind, hits a standing dropkick to Rob for three.

Winner: Kendrick

Cookie tends to Rob as Kendrick gets new age on Earl. Rob then is afraid of Kendrick’s touch, as is Cookie.

TNA Knockout Women’s Championship Match
If Mickie wins, Tara’s contract with Madison gets nullified and Tara is free to work in TNA.
- Mickie James (c) vs. Madison Rayne

Borash with Tara. Tara says she’s torn. Rayne got her back into TNA, but she’s been treated like crap. Borash asked who Tara wants to win this match. Madi in and cut Tara off, doesn’t matter. Madi doesn’t want Tara out there, she’d better not cost Madi the match.

Showing the setup and feud between Madison and Mickie.

Madison out with a huge tiara and she almost lost it. She in new ring gear with lots of sparkles and illusion fabric. Mickie out in her regular cowgirl outfit.

The start:

They about locked up and Tara’s music hit. She comes, Madi from the ring screeching at her. The ref is counting Madi out. Madi eats a baseball slam, but then Mickie into the stairs head first. Into the ring Madi pins using the ropes and the ref stops her. Madi pins again and only gets two. Mickie starts fighting back with punches. Madi reverses a whip, but eats an elbow. Mickie ends up with her legs on the top rope, slammed back by her hair for two. Madi chokes Mickie in the ropes.

Mid-match notes:

Madi and Tara argue outside. Mickie fights back, but Madi gets a neck breaker. Tara won’t hit Mickie when Madi tells her to. Two pin attempts by Mickie, then the ref takes a bump. Kick to Mickie’s knee, then Madi out and pulls the loaded glove. Tara rips the glove off Madi’s hand. Mickie sets up for her finisher, but rolled up. Madi holds the pants, but can’t do it. Clotheslines to Madi, then a flapjack.

The finish:

These press to the ref as Madi moves. Mickie counters Madi and is about to finish her, but tara in with the glove. Madi screeches at Tara to hit Mickie. Tara pulls back to hit Madi, Madi on her knees, begging Tara not to. Tara punches Madi, then pulls the ref to count the three!

Winner: Mickie

Borash with Fortune.

Kaz rips on Max.

AJ doesn’t understand Dreamer, it’s bad like AJ hanging out with Flair! He will wrap a chair around Dreamer’s head.

Bobby rips on Matt’s head games. AMW is dead and gone. BMI will be walking out Champs.

Storm tells the kitty cat he shouldn’t have come back. Sorry about your damn luck!

TNA X Division Championship Match
- Kazarian (c) vs. Max Buck

Max out to the ring. Kaz out to good pop.

The start:

They lock up, muscle each other around, arm bars back and forth.

Both flip out of the holds. Shoulder block to Max. They run the ropes, front facelock on Kaz. On ‘boring’ yell. Drop toe hold,t hen front facelock on Max. Max rushes Kaz but eats corner. Dropkick to Max. Kaz floats over, then slams Max back. Max kicks Kaz through the ropes. Max flies through the ropes and nails Kaz with both feet.

Mid-match notes:

Blows to Max, but he comes back with a jawbreaker. Max chokes Kaz on the bottom rope. Max pins for two. Knees to Kaz’s back. Max taunts Kaz, then nails a blow, but Kaz sets Max up top and some blows. Kaz hits a gutwrench on Max, both down.

Sick clotheslines from Kaz, but Max comes back with kicks and blows. Max sets up for a monkey flip, but Kaz took him down. Kaz off the ropes with a legdrop for two. Max counters Kaz, but Max fights back. Neckbreaker on Max for two. Max counters Kaz, gets kaz up and flings him back first into a corner. Max pins again, but only two. Max is frustrated. Kaz’s legs up on the corner, Maz hit a DDT. Max off the corner with a sick 450, but Kaz kicks out.

The finish:

Max taunts Kaz with a face slap. Kaz blocks a suplex, then lifts max onto the top rope, hanging him up there. Kick to Max’s head. Kax comes over the top rope, flying, takes Max down outside with a powerbomb off the apron! Kaz only got two. ‘This is wrestling’ chants. Kaz came back with a shining wizard for three.

Winner and STILL TNA X Division Champion: Kazarian

Abyss with Borash who’s ready to fight. Crimson might have planted Janice in his back, but he’s still here. Barbed wire, still going. Glass, still going. RVD knocked out his teeth, still going. Borash, those teeth were delicious! Crims’ undefeated streak ends tonight!

Feud and setup for Abyss versus Crimson.

Singles Match
- Abyss vs. Crimson

Abyss out to the ring, showing off his lack of teeth. Crimson out to face him.

The start:

They stare across the ring. ‘Crimson’ chants.

Shoulder blocks, neither drop. Choke grabs from both. Forearms to Crim’s back, many drop him. Crim’s whipped, but comes out with a shoulder block. Crim clotheslines Abyss from the ring. Abyss pulls Crim from the ring. Forearms to Crim’s back. Crim sends Abyss into the barrier, then blows on Abyss. Crim rushes Abyss, but eats ring post.

Mid-match notes:

They stare across the ring.
‘Crimson’ chants.

Shoulder blocks, neither drop. Choke grabs from both. Forearms to Crim’s back, many drop him. Crim’s whipped, but comes out with a shoulder block. Crim clotheslines Abyss from the ring. Abyss pulls Crim from the ring. Forearms to Crim’s back. Crim sends Abyss into the barrier, then blows on Abyss. Crim rushes Abyss, but eats ring post.

Blows to Crim, then Abyss sends him into the stairs, shoulder first. Abyss rolls him into the ring, admonished by ref. Abyss splashes Crim in a corner. Crim whipped hard, then hits the mat. abyss rips at Crim’s face.

Crim tries to fight back, but no luck. Abyss still wrenching Crim’s head. Crim up with blows, running the ropes and a double clothesline! Both are down.

Abyss up first, but blows from Crim. Clothesline, then corner splash on abyss. Swining neckbreaker on Abyss for two. Crim is frustrated, gets the fans clapping. Crim rushes Abyss, but eats corner. Big chokeslam on Crim for two.

Abyss from the ring, hunting under, then pulls out Janice! Abyss back into the ring. Abyss raises it to the ref who flees. Abyss yells at Crims to get up, but Crim ducks and spears Abyss for two. Crim rushes Abyss and eats a big boot. Abyss pulls Crim up for shock treatment, but Crim gets free and hits a DDt for two. Abyss leaves the ring to get Janice. Abyss hangs Crim up top. Abyss into the ring, then climbs the corner. Abyss splashes Crim, but only gets two.

The finish:

Abyss is frustrated. Crim pulls himself to his feet. Red sky and Crimson pins Abyss for three!

Winner: Crimson

Setting up Matt Hardy bringing Harris in to they can go after BMI.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
- Beer Money (c) vs. Matt Hardy & Chris Harris

Matt Hardy to the ring. Wildcat Chris Harris Joins him. Tenay talks up AMW.

Beer Money out to great pop. Storm pours some of his beer into a fan’s mouth. Much trash talk before the bell…

The start:

Harris and Storm look ready to start ‘Braden Walker’ chants.
Harris tags out. Matt on Storm hard with blows in a corner. Earl makes Matt back off. Face buster, then bulldog on Matt.
Roode tags in, they double team, Roode gets two.

Mid-match notes:

Harris tags in and on Roode hard, Roode comes back with blows, then forearms. Cheap shot on Matt. Snap mare on Harris.
Matt tags in. Slam from Roode and Storm tags in. Wishbone on Matt’s legs. Matt with a big slap on Storm, then a cheap on on Roode. Harris tags in. Matt holds Storm, but when Storm goes after him Harris flees. Storm on Matt hard, but then turns into a faceful of beer from Harris.

Matt on Storm hard, gets two. Headlock on Storm as the fans get stomping. Storm whipped, but gets a foot up. Facebuster on Matt.
Both tag out.

Clotheslines from Roode. Roode is whipped and comes out with a huge clothesline. Flying slam on Harris. Matt rushes in but easily removed. Suplex on Harris for two.

Storm wants in, but Matt takes him down outside. Full nelson slam on Roode for two. Matt tags in and hits a side slam on Roode. Flying elbows from Matt to the Roode’s back. Side bearhug on Roode. Roode elbows Matt and out. Blow to Roode. Harris tags in and they both slam Roode back into a corner. Harris taunts Storm, kicks Roode and tags out. Forearm to Roode’s back, but came back with an elbow to Matt’s mouth. Roode can’t reach Storm to tag out.

Side bear hug, but Roode free. Harris tags in. Roode kicks Harris off and tags out.

Storm on Harris hard with blows. Forearm from Storm, then Thesz press on Harris and then many blows on the mat. Earl makes him stop. Harris sends Storm over the top, but Storm easily skins the cat. Through the ropes dropdown DDT on Harris. Matt rushes in, Roode takes him out and follows. Storm hits his inverted DDT from the corner, but only two.

Roode in, but Matt stops the double team finisher. Side effect to Roode, but takes a back stabber. Harris takes Storm down, but then eats a spinebuster from Roode. Double snap suplex to Matt.

The finish:

The call for Beer Money. Storm doesn’t want the BMI finisher, but the old AMW double team leg drop finisher. Storm pins Harris for three as Matt had wandered off.

Winner and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Beer Money

Singles Match
- Tommy Dreamer vs. AJ Styles

Ray screaming at Borash about being uncomfortable with Ray. Borash asks about Dreamer, business or personal? Ray asks why he cares. Ray knows why Dreamer’s doing what he’s doing. Borash doesn’t need to know. Ray says he can smack Borash at any moment, do whatever he wants and can do it because he can. AJ represents everything Ray hates about pro wrestlers. He Twitters, video games, not what a real wrestler like Ray. He doesn’t drink and chase women. Ray pushes Borash away. He didn’t end AJ’s career, but he will take AJ out. The he’s going to take out Fortune. Then he’ll take AJ’s wife out, in hell’s Kitchen, the way Ray wants to.

The start:

Dreamer to the ring looking rather pissed off. AJ out to face him. AJ yells at Dreamer int he ring. They lock up, but neither can get an upper hand. They lock up. Fireman’s carry on AJ. AJ works on Dreamer’s arm. Dreamer to the ropes and yells to the ref to get AJ off, the ref says it’s no DQ. AJ finally releases and tells Dreamer to wrestle! Blows to AJ. Snap mare to Dreamer, then a kick in his back. Blows to Dreamer in a corner. AJ runs at Dreamer, but takes a huge kick. Kicks to AJ in a corner.

Mid-match notes:

Snake eyes to AJ for less than one. Elbow drops to AJ, then Dreamer gets one. Chinlock on AJ. Dreamer whipped, AJ sent over the top. They run the ropes. AJ nails two clotheslines, then Dreamer out and AJ flies out on him. Blows to Dreamer outside. AJ takes a drink and douses Dreamer in the face with it. Dreamer stops AJ from slamming his head into the stairs, AJ ends up eating them. Dreamer crotched on the barrier. AJ slides under the barrier, springs off the barrier and flies at Dreamer!

They fight up into the crowd. Chops from AJ and finally Dreamer sent off over a small wall. AJ gets down there and Dreamer sends AJ into the wall. Dreamer takes the ‘Impact’ off the wall and hits AJ with it. Dreamer sends AJ through the railing. AJ’s busted open a little.

Back to ringside and Dreamer goes under the ring to pull out the weapons. Dreamer gets a can through the ropes, but AJ dropkicks it into Dreamer.

AJ out and gets a table into the ring. AJ slams the table onto Dreamer, but only gets two. AJ sets up the table, part way. ‘We want fire!’ chants. Dreamer slammed shoulder first into the post. AJ runs up the ramp of the table to fly onto Dreamer. AJ Slams Dreamer’s head into the table for two. ‘This is awesome’ chants.

Big DDT on AJ, but AJ’s beet were under the ropes. Dreamer pulls out a fork and goes for AJ’s eye. AJ stops him and fights back. Big kick to the back of Dreamer’s head. Dreamer eats a can, falls across the broken table. AJ sets up the other end of the table, but takes a body shot from Dreamer. Dreamer gets AJ up, but he wiggles out. Pele.

The finish:

AJ sets up Dreamer, but Ray in with a chain to the back of AJ’s head. Daniels in to chase Ray out.

Piledriver on AJ onto the table (Dreamer going to his bum) for three.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

Recap of the feud between Angle and JJ/Karen.

Mixed Tag Team Match
- Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle & Chyna

Hemme announces ‘girl on girl, guy on guy action’ in this match.
JJ and Karen to the ring. Karen in a sparkly tank top with a part of the back cut out and black stretch pants. She looks pissed!
Angle out first. Karen screeches at him.

Chyna comes out to join him.

Chyna’s in red, white and blue to match Angle. She looks pretty good and the fans seem happy to see her. The smile out at Karen and JJ.

Karen and JJ argue outside the ring.

JJ hugs Karen, then into the ring. ‘Angle’ chants are loud! Angle’s laughing hard! They lock up. Side headlock on JJ. Shoulder block to JJ. Side headlock take over on JJ. Angle keeps JJ down on the mat. Poke to Angle’s eye.Huge hip toss to JJ followed by snap suplex.
Chyna tags in.

Karen won’t get into the ring. The ref points to Karen, then argues with her. ‘Chyna’s gonna kill you!’ chants. Karen climbs up and in as she was being counted out.

The start:

JJ rushed in from behind and attacks Angle. Chyna back on the apron. Back elbow to JJ. JJ up for a Thesz press, but takes a powerbomb for it.

Mid-match notes:

Angle picks up Karen over his shoulder, JJ chop blocks and both go down. Angle face over the second rope takes an upper cut. Cross body to Angle as fans really want Chyna.

JJ lands on Angle in the ropes, but then up and nails JJ with a clothesline. More chants for Chyna. Blows back and forth, Angle gets the upper hand until eating a foot in a corner. Belly to belly on JJ for two. Germans, three of them on JJ.

Straps down, but JJ counters. Angle reverses the stroke. Ankle lock, but JJ free. Angle slam for two as Karen screeches at JJ. Chyna is pacing. JJ over to his corner as Angle tries to get JJ to tag. Mule kick on Angle, but he was able to tag out.

The finish:

Two suplexes from Chyna on JJ! Chyna then stalks Karen around the ring. Karen in and backs into Angle. Karen turns to see Chyna. Chyna splashes Karen in a corner. Chyna drags Karen into the center. Double underhook slam, in a DDT way. Ankle lock on Karen by Chyna. JJ stops JJ from tapping out. Ankle lock on JJ, Karen taps out!

Winners: Kurt Angle & Chyna

Recap of RVD not losing the strap, Sting coming in and winning and how RVD deserves a rematch.

TNA Championship Match
- Sting (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Anderson is the first person out in a #4 Green Bay jersey. He says he’s going to announce to do a little scouting. ‘Asshole’ chants. This asshole hails from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Mr. Anderson… Anderson (very quickly).

RVD first out to the ring as Anderson’s already getting sarcastic.
Sting out to face him.

RVD poses with Sting’s belt, then gave it back to Earl to hold high.
The bell rings, then bounce around a bit. Conflicting chants for both, RVD’s got louder. RVD and Sting speak closely, then step back.

The start:

They lock up. Side headlock on RVD. RVD pushes out but takes the shoulder block. Sting runs the ropes, then drops down to pin RVD quickly, but only for two.

Mid-match notes:

RVD ducks a clothesline then takes Sting with lower body scissors. RVD backs Sting into a corner with blows. RVD flips away from Sting and rushes back into a knee. RVD rolls in on Sting, but pushed down, no monkey flip. RVD has to roll from the ring to regroup, change Sting’s momentum.

RVD back in and rolls Sting up with a school boy for two. Then another roll up for two. RVD with a high kick takes Sting down. RVD with a foot under Sting’s chin under the ropes. RVD over the top drops a leg on Sting’s throat. RVD limps a bit outside, working something out. RVD in and pins Sting for two.

RVd on Sting with kicks in a corner. RVD whips Sting, then rushes, but Sting moves and RVd ends up flying up and out over the top rope and lands hard/badly. RVD limps some more. Sting out and goes for a stinger splash, but RVD moves and Sting gets nothing but barrier. RVD has people move, then goes for a leg drop, but Sting moves and RVD gets nothing but barrier. Sting with kicks on RVD’s left thigh. Earl pleads with Sting to go back to the ring. Sting sends RVD into a wall. Sting tries again, but RVD reverses. They’re both down.

RVD slams Sting’s face into the top of the wall. Up in the stands RVD hits a drop kick on Sting and both go down. Back up and RVD back kicks Sting down the stairs to the concrete. RVD flies off the top of the stairs, landing on Sting, both going down.

They both go over the barrier, Sting makes it into the ring first. Earl starts to count RVD out. RVD on the apron and hangs Sting up top. RVD up top and flies at Sting, kicking with one leg. RVD goes for rolling thunder, Sting gets his knees up.

Big blows from Sting, then a couple clotheslines. RVD whipped, but a spinkick stops the stinger splash.

Leg drop from RVD, but Sting avoids the five star. Scorpion death drop from Sting and it’s over.

Winner and STILL TNA Champion: Sting

Video of the high points of the match, all up through the stands and to Sting’s win. RVD raises Sting’s arm in the ring, then they hug. Anderson’s heading for the ring. RVD has left, Sting awaits Anderson.

Anderson stares at Sting. Sting stares back.
Nothing is said or done, just staring.

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