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UK Sun Article with Steve Austin: Jeff Hardy, WWE TV PG & SD

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About Jeff Hardy: In an interview with the UK Sun, Steve Austin said that he called Jeff Hardy “a while back” but he can only do much to help someone with their personal issues. “I called him a while back and talked to him,” he said. “He’s a good looking kid, he’s got a really unique style, people love him, he has his own kind of charisma. I wish he could put it all together and get his personal demons behind him… He got caught with a lot of stuff and we’ll see what happens.”

Austin said that he’s reached out to several wrestlers ] he heard had issues with drug abuse or addiction. “I’ve called a few guys when I hear some of them getting into problems,” he said. “I try to give my two cents to the situation. They’ll all swear that everything is cool, it turns out things aren’t cool. [Vince McMahon] has offered to pay for rehab for anybody who wants it. Some people have taken him up on it, some people haven’t. I get made when people point the finger at Vince and say it’s his fault. It’s not his fault. He’s a third generation promoter who runs a wrestling company. I take responsibility for all my actions. I think everybody should. I refuse to think that it’s Vince McMahon’s fault for any of this.”

Austin also said Jeff Hardy has created challenges for Vince McMahon because of his popularity and talent, yet there’s a risk with pushing Hardy as much as they might like to otherwise. He said the recent arrest just accentuates the WWE’s need to be cautious with him over the years. “Man. This last thing I just heard about the other day when I was driving back from Texas to L.A.,” he said. “They never gave that guy a full green light push, but you can’t keep him down. All the calamity and trouble he gets into, but people love him. If they ever fully gave him a green light push, who knows what would happen? But you can’t do that because you don’t know what he’s going to do because all of a sudden you have all of this time and money invested and then he screws up. So who knows what’s going to come out of it, if he’s going to do time or whatever. He has some serious stuff going against him.”

About the WWE going PG: Austin says he keeps up on pro wrestling, by TiVo’ing WWE programs all the time so he can watch them if he has time later. He says he understands why the WWE is taking a PG approach for strategic reasons in contrast to the with the Attitude Era he’s known by, but doesn’t believe it’s necessarily a winning formula. “They’ve toned it down. You always go for that coveted male demographic,” he tells the UK Sun. “But really, they’re trying to I think entertain such a large demographic so there’s something for everybody, you know, sometimes I think they miss the mark in that respect. As much as the kids and the girls love John Cena, some of the smart fans boo him because they want to boo him. I think he tows the line very well as far as that goes… I just think, you know me, here we go on the creative deal, but as long as you have serious storylines, you can do humor, but don’t make slapstick comedy. I always think it revolves around the championship belts and a personal issue, but not the stupid personal issues.”

Not doing 10th Anniversary SmackDown show: Austin said that he was invited to participate in the tenth anniversary SmackDown special, but he had prior commitments. “They called me two weeks ago and asked if I could do the show,” he tells the UK Sun. “I said I’d love to, but I just finished filming an episode of ‘Chuck.’ So on Monday and Tuesday of last week I was doing ‘Chuck’ and over that weekend I went to Las Vegas to host the Mr. Olympia show and give the trophy to the winner and show the trailer of ‘Damaged.’ I came back Monday and Tuesday and finished the episode of ‘Chuck.’ I was working and had already committed to that so I couldn’t go do (SmackDown).”

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