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WWE Battleground PPV Results: Who Is The WWE Champion?

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Pre Show: Dolp Ziggler Def. Damien Sandow (Dolp hit the Zig Zag for the win)


We get the opening video package hyping the feuds ( Cm Punk Vs. Ryback) (The Rhodes Vs. The Shield & Of course the main event)



 Hardcore World Heavyweight Title Match: Alberto Del Rio (c) Vs. Rob Van Damn

 Del Rio on the attack real quick to start the show then a snap suplex. He goes inder the ring for weapons but drop kicked by RVD. Rob with a moonsult off the barricade to take out the champion. Back in the ring with RVD taking a chair to the gut of Del Rio  then a DDT on the chair for a count of 2. Del Rio sends RVD in the corner followed by a back breaker for a count of 2. Del Rio nails him in the back several times with the chair for another count of 2. Del Rio  locks in a chin lock but RVD fights out with right hands but Del Rio with a kick to the face. Del Rio sets a chair in the corner but walks into a heel kick. RVD with a leg drop on the apron. Rob gets a ladder, He goes to the top rope for a brush kick. RVD sends him into the ladder in the corner forcing him to go out of the ring. On the outside, RVD sends him back in the ring for a count of 2. Rob sends hi into the ladder followed by a heel kick but when he goes for monkey flip ADR moves & is kicked in the back of the head for a count of 2. Del Rio grabs a trash can, he hits RVD several times with it. Del Rio comes off the top rope with it but is drop kicked out of nowhere. They exchange right hands until RVD gets a head of steam then RVD suplex the champion on the ladder. He goes up top for the moonsult onto the champion for a count of 2. He puts Del Rio  on the ladder & misses the rolling thunder ( Del Rio rolled out of the way) Del Rio locks in the arm bar but Ricardo hits Del Rio  with the bucket. While Del Rio  was distracted RVD rolls him up for the … 2 count. Del Rio yells at Ricardo but instead Ricardo attacks Del Rio but ADR takes care of him. RVD drop kicks the ladder in the face of Del Rio. Del Rio is on the ground with the ladder on him & RVD nails a frog splash off the apron. Back in the ring, RVD goes up top with a chair & goes for the van terminator but misses. Del Rio sets a chair up in the ring but RVD with a chin breaker. RVD runs at ADR but Del Rio trips him head first into the chair. Del Rio puts the chair on the arm & he locks in the arm bar for the win.



Winner & Still Champion: Del Rio 


Great Khali & Santino Marella Vs. The Real Americans

The real Americans control it early on but Khali gets the hot tag & takes it over. Cesaro does the spinning thing on Khali for the win!

Winners out of nowhere: The Real Americans



Intercontinental Title Match: Curtis Axel (c) Vs. R Truth

Truth gets things going with right hands then a hard back elbow for a count of 2. Truth with a slap, He sends him head first into every corner but on the third one Axel blocked it. Truth with right hands though, He lands a hip toss for a count of 2. Truth clotheslines him to the outside. Truth with a clothesline off the apron then sends him back in the ring for a count of 2. Axel sends him hard into the barricade & spinebuster into it. Back in the ring with Axel in full control until Truth catches him with a clothesline. Truth with some uppercuts then a clotheslines to get fired up. He rolls him up for 2 then nails the scissors kick for 2. Truth hits a front face suplex for a count of 2. Truth goes for something but Axel holds onto the ropes. Truth gets thrown head first into the turn buckle then Axel nails a face first smasher for the win.



Winner & Still Champion: Axel


Divas Title Match: Brie Bella Vs. AJ Lee (c)

AJ controls most of the match until she drop kicks her out of nowhere. Back & forth until Tamina grabs Nikki & it distracts Brie to allow AJ to roll her up.

Winner: AJ 



Rhodes Family Vs. The Shield

Before the match The Rhodes does a backstage interview. Cody Starts things going where is taking out the shield. Quick tag from the brothers & they drag out Reigns (regroup) A stand off then back in the ring Reigns lands some head butts on Goldust but he reverse & lands a shoulder block. Quick tag for Cody but is taking to the corner of the shield & they double team him. Cody fights out with an elbow then stomping Rollins in the corner. Cody gets tripped in the corner. Reigns with a tag & a shoulder block for a count of 2. Tag work from the shield, out of nowhere Cody lands a moonsult then tags in Goldust. He is all over the place then picks apart Reigns. 10 punches in the corner then nails a cross body off the top rope for a count of 2. Reigns fires back but when Goldust goes for a cross body he is sent flying into the outside. The Shield takes over & Reigns locks in a headlock on Goldust but Goldie fights out. Bot for long as he eats a clotheslines from Reigns. More control by The Shield until Goldust fights back power slams Rollins then tags in Cody. He nails a spring board drop kick then clears house. A kick to the ribs then nails the Alabama slam for the 2 count. Cody runs into a elbow but picks him up for a brain buster for a count of 2 as reigns breaks it up. Reigns clotheslines Goldust to set up a disaster kick from Cody. While he is distracted Rollins attacks him from behind. On the outside Dusty nails the elbow on Ambrose. Goldust takes out Reigns but in the ring Rollins rolls him up for 2. Out of nowhere Cody nails the Cross Rhodes for the win & the place explodes.

Winners & now have their jobs back: Rhodes Family


Bray Wyatt Vs. Kofi Kingston

Kingston with kicks to Bray to kick things off. He lands some forearm shots but then walks into a kick. Here comes Kingston but wait Bray knocks him off the top rope with a splash. Bray with clubbing blows on the apron. Bray controls the match until Kingston nails a neck breaker out of nowhere. He lands a front senton to the outside onto the Wyatt Family. Back in the ring, Kingston lands a cross body off the top rope for a count of 2. Kofi goes for the SOS but Bray reverses it into Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt



After the match the Wyatt Family lays out Kingston then Bray cuts a promo about they will fall.


Ryback Vs. CM Punk 

The match starts off with Ryback throwing Punk around like a doll. Ryback takes control & beats him down for awhile. Lots of Power slams, Clotheslines. Ryback has him in a headlock but Punk fights out with several forearm shots. Punk with a spinning kick then nails a heel kick followed by a neck breaker. Punk calls for the end but Heyman gets on the mic & distracts Punk then Ryback nails him from behind. Ryback lands a power bomb for a count of 2. He goes for another power bomb but Punk nailed him with a kick. Punk with a clotheslines then goes to the top rope for the elbow & hits it for the count of 2. Punk with knee to the jaw in the corner three times but on the third is caught but Punk hits a hurricanronna. Punk goes for GTS but reversed into a power slam for a count of 2. Ryback with several shots to the face. Heyman accidentally distracts  The referee with a kendo stick & Punk low blows Ryback for the win.



Winner: CM Punk


WWE Title Match: Randy Orton Vs. Daniel Bryan 

Before the match they have a 6 minute power outage, To start off the match they lock up & Bryan with a drop kick out of nowhere. Bryan with a arm breaker then he continues to work the left arm of Orton. Randy lands a back breaker to regain control. Orton goes to work on the left arm of Bryan. Daniel takes a arm take down then works the left leg of Orton.  Randy pushes Bryan off the top rope & covers him for 2. Orton with right hands then a head butt. Bryan fights back but walks into a scope slam for a count of 2. Orton with a head lock but Bryan fights out of it just to only run into a knee to the gut. A suplex on the ropes for account of 2. Orton sends him to the outside but Bryan held on & sent him to the outside of the  ring. Bryan with a sucisde dive to the outside. Bryan with kicks to the chest of Orton then sent him to the barricade followed up with a drop kick. When Bryan goes for the drop kick off the top rope he is caught & Orton nails a power bomb. Orton locks in a boston crab but Bryan gets out of it by rolling him up. Bryan goes for the Yes lock but Orton gets to the ropes. Bryan goes for the baseball slide but Orton steps out of the way & sends him shoulder first into the steel steps. Orton hits the back suplex on the barricade & sent into the ring post. Back in the ring, Orton puts him on the top rope but Bryan fights him off but Orton knocks him down. Back on the top rope, Orton lands a suplex for a count of 2. They exchange uppercuts but Bryan gets the better of them & back slides him for 2. A big kick from Bryan for 2 as well. Orton suplex Bryan out of the ring to the floor. Orton tries to power bomb Bryan threw the announce table but blocked & Bryan sends Orton into the steps. Bryan goes to the top rope & lands a big clotheslines. Back in the ring , Bryan goes to the top rope & he hits the head butt for a count of 2. Bryan lands a kick in the corner 5 times! Energizer bunny is nuts then with the series of kicks to Orton but misses the head kick & Orton lands a suplex. Orton hits the DDT from the 2nd rope. Orton goes for the RKO but Bryan blocked then he goes for a kick but blocked, Some how Bryan locks in the Yes lock but the Big Show comes out & takes the referee out. Big show KO Bryan then Brad Maddox brings out Scott Armstrong & before he counts the three Big Show pulls him out. Big show comes in the ring & KO’s Orton. He stands tall to end the PPV.

Match ends in a no contest

Thanks for reading along, We will have post PPV News & Review. Hope to see everyone for the post Battleground Monday Night Raw Tomorrow night starting at 7Pm CT.

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