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We get a video package hyping Both World Heavyweight & WWE Title Matches. Well they have a new stage which is really cool with Hell in  a cell spelled out in the middle. Our first match is ….
Alberto Del Rio Vs Randy Orton
Orton who is back with his old look ( Shaved Head). Alright to kick off the ppv they tie up but orton gets it going with strikes & punches in the corner. Orton throws out adr then clothesline him, Throws his head on the announce table & pushes him head first into the ring post. Orton back in the ring stomps him all over his body. Orton picking apart adr then more strikes in the corner. He continues to beat down adr in the corner until adr puts him on the apron & has his arm bouncing off the ropes. ADR has orton in a arm submission but orton fights out of it but adr who is now on the turn buckle puts in the arm bar but is broken up. ADR throws orton shoulder first in the corner. ADR mocks orton as he is down then a big arm drop for a count of 2. ADR puts in another arm submission but orton battles out with head butts. Orton gets a roll up for a count of 2 but adr hits a arm drop for a count of 2. ADR kicks orton in the back then another arm submission. Orton gets out of it but adr targets the arm & goes to the top rope,. ADR puts in the arm bar on the top rope but when adr breaks it he falls hard to the ground. Orton hits several clothesline then misses a scoop slam & adr goes for the arm bar but orton gets the rope. Orton hits the back breaker for a count of 2. Orton goes or the ddt but adr reverse it on the ropes. Del rio starts to mock orton but orton throws adr on the apron for the ddt. Orton goes for rko but adr hits the back stabber for a count of 2. ADR mocks orton even more then goes for his finisher but orton hits the scoop slam for a count of 2. Orton beats down adr in the corner then orton puts adr on the top rope but adr knocks down orton then adr double kick to the chest for a count of 2. ADR goes up top but stops then orton hits a drop kick & orton goes for rko but is thrown into the corner. Ricardo on the outside grabs orton arm & throws it into the ring post. ADR puts in the arm bar but orton rolls him up for a count of 2. ADR goes for the big kick in the corner but orton hits the rko for the win.

Winner: Randy Orton


Vickie Guerrero is interview about the John Cena - Aj Scandal & see will show them tomorrow night on raw. Paul Heyman tries to get cm punk out of his match tonight by talking to vickie.


Tag Team Title Match: Team Hell No (C) Vs Team Road Scholars
Before the match team road scholars does a promo about being the tag team champions. Bryan & Sandow start things off with a tie up then bryan starts the kicks in the corner followed by a knee lift. Kane is in off the tag as well as rhodes. Kane kicks him in the face then a count of 2. In the corner kane strikes with him. Bryan is in now off the double team kick for a count of 2. Bryan uppercuts him then kicks him in the corner. Kane is in now with a devastating kick followed by a slam & elbow for a count of 2. Rhodes kicks kane in the face but is knocked down & sandow is now in off the tag. They beat kane down in the corner then some double team work. Quick tags in & out. Kane is on the apron but now back in the ring. They tie up but kane is back in there corner for more tag team work. Kane battles back but a kick to the knee of kane allows them to further the double team. Kane gets elbowed & kick by sandow. Sandow comes off the top rope but is uppercutted that allows bryan to get the hot tag. Bryan misses a move off the top rope but hits a clothesline for some more kick to the chest of sandow. He misses the final kick but throws team scholar out of the ring for the big dive to the outside of the ring. Bryan trying to get back in the ring is knockdown off the apron but now is back in the ring & team road scholars double team him for a quick count of 2. Another quick tag for some double team work by the way of a knee for a count of 2. Sandow hits a elbow on the apron as he gets another count of 2. rhodes who is now in puts in a arm submission. Rhodes puts him in the corner but bryna battles out until rhodes knees him in the chest for a count of 2 then sandow is now in for some knees to the chest. A big neck breaker followed by a elbow for a count of 2. Sandow locks in  a headlock but bryan battles out of it & goes for the no lock but is blocked so he throws sandow into the corner. Kane & Rhodes gets the tag but kane is all over rhodes with strikes then a back body drop & a clothesline in the corner followed by a side walk slam for a count of 2. Kane goes up top but is caught by rhodes but rhodes is thrown off . Kane clothesline him but bryan tags himse;f in & hits the head butt off the top rope but kane pulls him off. They argue as sandow pulls kane outside the ring. Bryan comes off the apron but knees kane in the face on accident. Kane grabs bryan & they start to push  each other. Bryan thrown into the ring as rhodes his cross rhode on bryan but kane breaks it up. Kane goes off on the challengers. The ref rings the bell for  a dq on kane as he beats the hell outta team road scholars.
Winner Via DQ Team Road Scholars


The Miz is interviewed about winning back his title.
Intercontinental Title Match: Kofi Kingston (C) Vs The Miz
They argue then start brawling but miz throws down kingston but miz goes for his finisher as well kingston goes for his finisher but miz gets out of the ring. Back in the ring they brawl some more. Kofi throws miz outside the ring. They brawl but miz kicks kofi in the face as we go back in the ring for a count of 2. Miz locks in a headlock but kingston battles out of it. Miz throws him down by the hair for a count of 2. Miz hits a clothesline in the corner & comes off the top rope with a double handle sleg for a count of 2. Miz kicks him while he down but kofi hits a clothesline. Back to their feet kofi clothesline then a drop kick then kofi hits boom drop. Kofi goes for trouble in paradise but miz gets out of the ring then back in the ring kofi hits a roll up & a cross body for a count of 2. Miz tries to throw him outside the ring but kofi hits the SOS for a count of 2. Kofi goes fr a suplex but is blocked then kingsotn leg is thrown hard to the mat. Miz is all over kofi targeting the leg. Miz takes kofi boot off to further damage on kofi. Kofi gets thrown off the top rope & miz puts in a leg submission but kofi gets a roll up for a count of 2. Miz hits a DDT for a count of 2. Kofi hits the trouble in paradise for the win.

Winner & Still Champion: Kofi Kingston


U.S. Championship Match Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. Justin Gabriel
Antonio C esaro is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and the champ doesn’t get much of a reaction out of the crowd. He grabs a mic and begins speaking in German or Swiss about Halloween. He also says something about being the United States Champion.Justin Gabriel is out to the ring next, and he too doesn’t get much of a reaction out of the crowd.The bell rings and Cesaro takes Gabriel right down to the mat, rubbing his face into the mat. Gabriel tries to fight up but Cesaro takes him right back down to the mat. Gabriel is able to connect with an arm drag, but Cesaro comes back with a big right hand. Gabriel comes up with a couple of chops and a monkey flip, but when he jumps to the top rope, Cesaro pushes him out to the floor. Cesaro heads out after Gabriel and slams him head first into the apron before bringing things back into the ring and hitting a leg drop. Cesaro hits a big European uppercut before mounting Gabriel and punching away.Cesaro hits Gabriel with an uppercut to the back of the head before locking in a rear chin lock and burying his knee in Gabriel’s back. Cesaro picks up Gabriel and slams him down across the top turnbuckle before running in with a high knee in the corner. Cesaro picks up Gabriel and hits a fall away slam that’s good for a near fall. He leaps up and hits a double stomp, then another, crashing down on top of Gabriel. Cesaro clamps on an arm bar before picking up Gabriel and planting him back down on the mat. Cesaro tries for a German suplex, but Gabriel lands on his feet and hits a kick to Cesaro’s face before hitting a springboard moonsault for two. Gabriel runs right into a giant clothesline from Cesaro.Gabriel is able to come up with a DDT out of nowhere for two. Gabriel heads to the top and tries for the 450, but Cesaro rolls out of the way. Gabriel goes across the ring and hits a moonsault into a reverse DDT for a two count. Cesaro rolls to the outside and Gabriel hits a dropkick through the ropes. Gabriel leaps from the top rope right into a giant European uppercut from Cesaro. Cesaro brings Gabriel back into the ring and hits the neutralizer, putting Gabriel down for the three count.
Winner and STILL WWE US Champion: Antonio Cesaro


Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. The Prime Time Players
Darren Young and Sin Cara kick things off for their teams. Young is able to sidestep a reverse handspring elbow, but he catches a hurricanrana. Mysterio tags into the match and the duo hit a lionsault/leg drop combo. Mysterio is shouldered by Young, but Mysterio kicks Young into the ropes. He runs right into a big belly to belly suplex from Young. Titus tags into the ring and kicks away at Mysterio. Titus hits a big uppercut before hitting Mysterio with a big elbow to the jaw. Young tags back in and the two big men hit a double shoulder block. Young tries to pin Mysterio but can’t keep him down. Young locks in a rear chim lock, but Mysterio is able to fight his way out with a couple of kicks. Titus tags back into the match and eats a couple of kicks from Mysterio. Cara is able to tag back into the ring and he hits a springboard dropkick. Cara hits Titus with a series of kicks before being tossed out to the apron. Cara hits another kick and hits a springboard cross body to take out Titus. Cara ends up shouldered and driven into the corner turnbuckle by Titus before being dropped down across his knee twice and tossed aside. Young tags back in and he drops Cara with a belly to back suplex.Young locks in a body scissors, but Cara is able to fight to his feet. Cara reverses a suplex into a body press for a two count. Cara rolls out to the apron. Cara is able to fight off both opponents briefly, but Young drops him with a suplex on the apron. Young goes for the pin but Mysterio is able to break things up. Titus tags back into the mat and kicks away at Cara, taunting him. Young pulls Cara to his feet and Cara tries to fight back, but Titus slams him down to the mat. Young tags in and Titus suplexes him down on top of Cara.Cara fights off Young in the corner, but Young plows him over with a giant clothesline. Cara hits Young with a low kick, but Young fights right back, tagging out to Titus. Titus slaps Cara across the face, and Cara begins to fight back. Titus takes Cara down and suplexes him. Titus locks on an abdominal stretch.Titus breaks the hold to hit a big clothesline that’s good for two. Young tags back into the match and hits Cara with a big back elbow. Young drops Cara down across his knee with a big backbreaker. Titus tags back into the match and drop and elbow across Cara’s back. Young tosses Cara into the corner and charges in, but Cara moves and Titus crashes shoulder first into the ring post. Cara tries to make the tag, fighting off Titus with a standing sliced bread #2. Both men make the tag and Mysterio comes in with a hurricanrana to Young. Mysterio heads to the top and hits a seated senton before planting Young with a big tilt a whirl DDT. Mysterio tries to roll up Young, but avoids a punch to the face. Mysterio catches Young with a kick to the side of the head before low bridging Titus and sending him to the outside. Cara heads to the top and leaps to the outside to take out Titus. Mysterio is able to hurricanrana Young into the ropes. Mysterio hits the 619 and drops the dime, getting the pin, and the three count.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara


World Heavyweight Title Match: Sheamus (C) vs The Big Show
They tie up for the first time ever then sheamus is pushed down but sheamus puts in the head lock but show knocks him down. They brawl some, show beats him down in ther corner but sheamus gets some shots in there. Show punches & kicks sheamus but then a big chop in the corner followed bu a slam by show. Show goes for another chop but sheamus battles out of it then show hits a big splash in the corner but sheamus knocks him down with a tackle to the knee. Show gets out of the ring then back in. Sheamus attacks show with punches then shoved off. Sheamus spears big show in the corner but show throws sheamus out of the ring. Show goes after the champion & slaps the chest of the champion. Sheamus is thrown into the ring barrier. Back in the ring sheamus tries to fight back but the big show hits a side walk slam for the count of 2. Show steps on the champion ouch. Show slaps the chest of sheamus which the crowd woos ( Ric Flair). A big knee by show, Sheamus is on the apron but then thrown into the commentators Table. Jr got the most of it, now back in the ring show is stalking the champion as he hits a big standing elbow drop for a count of 2. Sheamus is trying to battle back but show just throws sheamus to the outside of the ring. Sheamus on the apron hits the shoulder block to knockdown the big show. Sheamus battles with show but show kicks him in the face for a count of 2. A big head butt by show, then a knee to the face. Sheamus strikes some more but the big show puts him in a bear hug. Sheamus battles out of it but big show lands on him. Big show hits a splash off the top rope for a count of 2. Show goes for the choke slam but is blocked & sheamus hits the ddt for a count of 2. During the pin sheamus is thrown out of the ring. Sheamus gets on the top rope with big show still in the ring but sheamus comes off the top rope mssing him then sheamus gets choke slam for a count of 2. Show goes for a submission but is blocked. Sheamus hits a knee drop then goes for the texas clover leaf but is thrown outside the ring. Big show goes after him & hits a chop to the wounded chest of the champion. Sheamus goes up top & comes off but blocked then sheamus trying to knock him down & does with a clothesline. Sheamus hits the white noise for a close count of 2. Sheamus goes for the probe but is caught then sheamus gets punched by big show with the KO Punch but kicked out of it. Big show is shocked then is going for it again but show misses the KO punch allowing sheamus to hit the probe kick for a count of 2. Sheamus goes for probe kick but Big show hits the KO punch for the win.

Winner & New World Heavyweight Champion: The Big Show


WWE Divas Championship Triple Threat Match Eve (c) vs. Kaitlyn vs. Layla
The bell rings and Kaitlyn and Layla team up on Eve right away. Eve bails to the outside and Layla follows. Eve shoves Layla away before begin taken out by Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn brings things back into the ring where she and Layla take turns working over Eve. Layla rolls up Kaitlyn for two. This leads to a bit of a shove before both go for the cover on Eve. Layla takes Kaitlyn over with an arm drag. Kaitlyn rolls Layla up for two and the ladies trade near falls.
Eve breaks things up and sends Layla from the ring. Eve slams Kaitlyn into the ropes before standing on and dropping a knee on Kaitlyn’s ankle. Eve ties up Kaitlyn’s legs and wrenches back. Kaitlyn reaches for the ropes, but Eve breaks the hold to focus on Layla. Layla catches Eve with a couple of big kicks before stomping and unloading on Eve in the corner with a series of forearms. Layla comes out of the corner with a big cross body. Eve throws Layla down into the splits and Layla does the same to Eve. Kaitlyn cracks their heads together before locking in an arm bar on Layla.
Layla makes it to the ropes to force a break. Kaitlyn shoulders Layla and drops her down across her knee. Layla gets up and catches Kaitlyn with a kick to the side of the head, but the pin is broken up by Eve. Layla breaks up a pin attempt by Eve. Eve tosses Layla into the ropes and is rolled up by Kaitlyn for two. Kaitlyn kicks Eve in the chest before taking Eve to the mat with a bulldog. Kaitlyn takes Layla into the corner and buries her shoulder into Layla’s midsection, but she eats a boot to the face. Layla hits a cross body, but Kaitlyn rolls through and slams her to the mat. She goes for the pin, but Eve comes in with a dive from the middle rope. Eve pins Layla and gets the three count.


Winner and STILL WWE Divas Champion: Eve


Hell In A Cell WWE Title Match: Cm Punk (C) Vs Ryback

Bell sounds & Punk goes to the outside of the ring. Punk slides in & out. Ryback backs him into the corner but punk chops him but ryback grabs him then a big kick to the chest. Ryback slams punk repeatly then thrown into the corner but ryback gets kicked & when punk goes for a ddt its blocked. Ryback throws the champion to the outside. Punk tries to get out but ryback throws punk into the cage twice. Heyman sprays the fire exstingester in ryback eyes then punk throws him into the cage. Punk gets a chair but ryback kick him in the face. Ryback throws him in the the ring & then lifts him & drops him. Ryback gets clotheslines by punk then punk goes up top & hits the double sleg twice. He goes for it again but is caught & thrown into the corner but punk hits a spinning kick to the face. Punk hits a suicide dive to the outside of the ring onto ryback. Punk hits him with a chair then a neck breaker on it. Punk hits him in the ribs with the chair  but when punk goes for the neck breaker ryback picks him up but punk gets out of it. Ryback goes for a spear but punk gets out of the way & hits the steps. Punk puts a headlock on ryback but ryback slams him spine first to get out of it. Ryback goes for a spear but meets the ring post. Punk hits the knee & clothesline then goes up top for the elbow & nails it. Punk gets a kendo stick & hits ryback with it Several times. Ryback gets mad & takes it throws it away. Ryback hits a back body drop then a spine buster. Ryback hits the meat hook followed by the shell shock but the referee low blows ryback & punk rolls him up for the win.

Winner & Still Champion: Cm Punk

After the match ryback attacks the referee & then throws punk into the cage. Ryback throws the ref in the cage as well. Ryback hits the meat hook & throws him again to the cage on the referee. Heyman pulls punk out of the cage but ryback throws punk onto the cage but punk climbs it. They both climb the structure. There both on the cage & ryback hits the shell shock on the top of the cell. Ryback celebrates to end the show.

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