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WWE Monday Night Raw 1/14/13 Coverage

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Vince McMahon comes out thanking the wwe fans for all there support & runs off some of the matches for tonight’s show. Big show comes out saying that this isn’t a way to treat a giant by booking him in a world title match on smackdown. Alberto Del Rio comes out & makes fun on him. They go back & forth then big show says ADR isn’t a way a champion should be. Then to say at the royal rumble they will have a match. Ricardo Rodriguez throws confetti on the big show. ADR & show brawl until the big show leaves.

Randy Orton Vs Wade Barrett
Orton backs Barrett in the corner and Barrett sends Orton into the corner but cheapshots instead of a clean break. Orton reverses an Irish whip and connects with the Thesz press combo. Barrett rolls to the outside, and Orton quickly follows. Barrett tries to slam Orton’s head into the announce table but Orton blocks it and instead sends him into the announce table face-first. Orton backdrops Barrett right on the barricade and rolls him in. Orton goes for the cover but only gets 2. Orton does a sort-of “Garvin Stomp” combo then hits a running kick to the head. Barrett attempts a clothesline but Orton ducks and clotheslines him out to the floor. Orton is in control as we go to commercial. Orton is breaking out of a reverse chinlock as we come back from break. He’s successful but runs into a Barrett kneelift right to the gut. Barrett slaps on another reverse chinlock and the Houston crowd tries to wake up “The Viper”. Orton breaks out again and kicks Barrett in the face during a backdrop attempt. Barrett responds with a big boot of his own and a 2-count during a pinfall attempt. Barrett places Orton on the apron and delivers a series of knee strikes. Barrett follows up with a big boot, then pulls Orton back. He goes for another pin and it’s another 2. Barrett slaps on the third reverse chinlock of the match. Orton reverses into a back suplex to create separation. Orton and Barrett trade rights, until Barrett goes down low with a kick. Orton is whipped into the corner, but comes exploding out with a series of clotheslines followed by the powerslam. Barrett rolls to the apron, and drops Orton throat-first on the top rope. Barrett runs in to try to take advantage but Orton responds with a backbreaker. Barrett rolls back to the apron and this time Orton connects with the Hanging DDT. Orton “coils up” and goes for the RKO but Barrett pushes him off and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Barrett readies up the Bull Hammer and connects with it for the win.

Winner: Wade Barrett

We had a DR Shelby segment with Team Hell No then they were about to pass the test until Team Rhode Scholars came in. They made fun of DR Shelby until he got really mad & Team Hell no attacked Team Road Scholars.

Kane Vs. Damien Sandow
Kane gets the early advantage with corner clotheslines followed by the side slam. Kane gets a quick 2-count from that combo. Kane makes his way to the top for the clothesline but Sandow immediately bails out of the ring. Kane follows him out and drops him with an uppercut. Kane rolls Sandow back in and Sandow kicks Kane in the head as he tries to come back in. Sandow connects with the Side Russian Legsweep followed by a couple of axehandles and kneedrops. Sandow follows up with the “Elbow of Disdain” for 2. Sandow heads to the second turnbuckle and jumps right into a chokeslam. Kane connects with it for the win.

Winner: Kane

Mick Foley Comes out as the first Hall Of famer of the class 2013. Then Before he says anything the shield comes out. Ryback comes out to save Foley And he attacks the shield. Randy Orton & Sheamus comes out to take them on. They lay out the shield. After the attack ryback does a promo about cm punk & The shield as a pair. He says feed him shield.

Divas Title Match: Eve Torres (c) Vs. Kaitlyn
Torres with a side headlock to start off. Torres tries to take her down but Kaitlyn stands her ground. Kaitlyn reverses out with an armbar and drags her to the mat. Torres immediately bails out of the ring. Torres tries to get back in but Kaitlyn prevents her the first two times. Torres finally gets back in and Kaitlyn immediately attacks. Torres kicks her off and goes for the pin. 2-count. Full mount from Torres followed by a series of strikes. Torres takes Kaitlyn down and gets another 2-count. Running senton from Torres for another 2. Torres sends Kaitlyn into the corner and does her hanging reverse chinlock while sitting on the top turnbuckle. Torres waves to the crowd and takes Kaitlyn down with an headscissors submission. Kaitlyn struggles to the ropes and finally makes it, forcing the break. Torres picks Kaitlyn up but gets rolled up for 2. Kaitlyn connects with a running clothesline, followed by another. Kaitlyn drops Torres with a running shoulderblock, then hits the Inverted DDT for the 1…2…Torres kicks out. Torres kicks Kaitlyn’s legs out from under her and kicks her in the head. Torres hits the spinning neckbreaker for the 1…2…Kaitlyn kicks out! Torres can’t believe it and starts ripping at Kaitlyn’s shirt out of anger. Kaitlyn gets to her feet and hits a Gutbuster. Torres rolls out of the ring, and Kaitlyn immediately follows her out. Torres sends Kaitlyn into the barricade then throws her over the barricade to try to get her counted out but Kaitlyn runs inside behind Torres’ back. Torres turns around and is dropped with a spear for the win.

Winner & New Champion: Kaitlyn

Cm Punk Vs Brodus Clay
Punk picks his shot but slay hits a shoulder block but Punk rolls out of the ring. Clay brings in punk the hard way then beats him down. Clay suplex followed by a elbow, throws him in the corner but punk throws an elbow then a spring board clothesline. Punk brings the punches followed by a neck breaker then mocks the big man. Punk hits another neck breaker into a headlock but clay fights out with a huge suplex throw followed by some clotheslines. Clay misses a splash in the corner then punk kicks him down & goes to the top rope for the big elbow that transfers into the anaconda device for the win.

Winner: Cm Punk

After the match punk does a promo says what he does best then the rock he gonna come out and sing. Punk says he been champion for some many amount of days & then the rock will not win the WWE Champion.

Mick Foley & The rock have a backstage Segment talking about foley being in the hall of fame & they do a rock – sock reuion. Then Vickie Guerrero comes in & rock says enjoy the rock concert.

Over the Top Rope Challenge: Sheamus Vs 3MB
They all attack sheamus & try to eliminate him. He finally fights out with kicks & punches then he hits a rolling senton then trying to eliminate Drew McIntyre but is cut off by the rest of them. Jinder Mahal was on the top rope but is pushed off then sheamus throws over McIntyre. Sheamus misses a probe kick that makes him go on the apron which then the rest 3MB attacks him & makes him touch the floor.

Winner: 3MB

After the match sheamus attacks them & lays them out with probe kicks

The Miz comes out for Miz TV & goes WOOOO leading into the break. Were back with Ric Flair Coming out saying the night after his retirement match & the raw match was the best. Flair says the day ryback brings down is gonna be good. They go back & forth then flair starts dancing. They keep doing WOOO. We get a bunch of catch phrases video packages. Ric Flair does hes catch phrases but then Antonio Cesaro comes out & makes fun Of The HOF. Flair hits some chops then Miz lays him out with scull crushing finale  & miz puts in the figure four leg lock.

John Cena Vs Dolp Ziggler
Ziggler tries to get out of the ring fast but Cena puts an headlock on him then Dolp tries to climb out of the ring but is caught once more then Cena throws him in the corner followed by a suplex for a count of 2. Cena puts in another headlock then a headlock but dolp hits a drop kick for the count of 2. He throws cena into the cage then splashes him in the corner then two neck breaker. Dolp goes for the the 3rd one but is caught but Dolp slams him down for the count of 2. Dolp puts the boots to cena, he goes for a drop kick but is caught but falls down. Dolp climbs the cage but is knocked down as Cena climbs the cage but is caught by dolp which they trade shots until both guys falls. Back from break as cena climbs the cage but they trade shots on the top of the cage. Back on the ropes standing Ziggler drop kicks cena. Dolp throws cena into the cage head first, then tries again but is blocked then here comes super cena hitting all the 5 moves of doom. Cena hits the 5 knuckle shuffle but when going for the AA dolp climbs the cage which cena send him head first into it. Cena goes for AA but blocked & Dolp hits a super kick for a count of 2. Dolp is crawing for the door but is caught by cena & big E langstin is trying to pull him back out but cena wins the war which he puts Ziggler in the STF but blocked by ziggler who puts the Sleeper on him. Cena gets out of it by climbing the cage with ziggler on his back but cena falls back on Ziggler. Cena goes for the door but Dolp catches him but is thrown back. Cena goes for the door but Big E slams the door in Cena face but then Ziggler goes for the door as Cena climbs the cage, Cena kicks the door in zigglers face but Big E swings a chair at cena so he goes back in the ring. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag for a count of 2. Dolp Climbs but cena catches him & throws him back in the ring hard on his leg Ouch. Cena on the turn buckle out of nowhere ziggler hits a ddt off the top rope for a count of 2. Aj Lee freaks out & Starts climbing the Cage but when the refree is distracted Big comes in the ring with the Money in the bank briefcase but when ziggler throws the case at Cena it accidentally hits Big E & Cena hits the AA for the win.

Winner: John Cena

The rock comes out for some music concert time. He sings a song about Paul heyman. He sings one for Vickie Guerrero & makes fun of her. Its serious time & he focuses hes time to Cm Punk & calls him out. The rock says he will be Punk then They start brawling to end Raw.

Thanks for watching along with me.
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