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WWE Monday Night Raw 12/28 Hartford, CT results

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WWE Raw on the USA Network
Live from Hartford, Conn.

[Q1] Chris Jericho was shown outside of the building with a Jimmy Hart megaphone, requesting the fans sign a petition to “stop the heinous crimes against Chris Jericho.” He said he felt bad for the children of America (refrain from the obvious President jokes here)…

The opening video aired and fireworks lit up the stage. Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler welcomed us to the final Raw of 2009. They plugged tonight’s main event of Sheamus vs. John Cena. Additionally, there was a graphic on the screen with Bret Hart and Vince McMahon, and McMahon will address the rumors about Hart being a Raw guest host…

Twill’s Two Cents: The title match, Vince McMahon, and Bret Hart; this has a big show feel to it already. On top of that, it has to be better than the last two weeks put together by default.

John Cena’s music hit and he came out to the ring. He slid a table into the ring and set it up near the corner. Cena sat on the top rope nearest to the table with a microphone. Cena said he was excited, pointed at the table, and said that was how Sheamus became the WWE Champion. The crowd was heavily in favor of Sheamus.

Cena said tonight was the night he had his rematch for the WWE Championship. He said the rematch should be a tables match. He said the rematch should start immediately. Sheamus’s music hit and he came out to the ring. Sheamus, with a hickey right above his armpit, said since Cena was the challenger, he was the one with something to prove.

Sheamus said since he was the WWE Champion, Raw belonged to him. Cena said Raw belonged to the WWE Universe. Sheamus said the match was going to be on his terms and a tables match would not be a challenge to him. He said he would face Cena, one-on-one, for the WWE Championship tonight. He went to leave, but Cena caught up with him and put him through the table with the Attitude Adjustment… [C]

Twill’s Two Cents: Hot opening segment. Sheamus delivered a good promo and held his weight here. I haven’t seen a crowd this pro-Cena in a very, very long time. Booking 101 says since Cena got the best of Sheamus here, Sheamus will retain later in the show. I said last week I wasn’t too worried about Sheamus losing the belt here, and this segment made me feel even better about it.

Matt Hardy and Evan Bourne will return to ECW tomorrow night…

Back from commercial, in case you just tuned in, Cena put Sheamus through a table…

[Q2] Cole and King put over Timbaland and said a party has already begun. Backstage, Timbaland, guest host whores the Bella Twins, and Gail Kim were sitting around chatting. Josh Matthews asked Timbaland about tonight’s match. Timbaland said he would not cancel “the match of the century.” He asked the people if they wanted to see the match. They cheered…

Twill’s Two Cents: Is Timbaland wearing sweats because he is too fat to wear regular pants?

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase were backstage talking about The Marine 2. Ted said he would buy Cody a Blu Ray player. They approached Randy Orton, who looked pissed and dejected. He said Legacy was over and he wasted the last year and a half of his life. He said he was not the WWE Champion and they were not the tag team champions, and that made the group a failure.

Ted and Cody said they saved Orton’s ass time and time again. They said Orton was a three time WWE Champion this past year because of the two of them. Orton should be thanking them. Orton said he set up Ted and Cody in singles matches against Evan Bourne and Mark Henry, respectively. He said if they lost, he would kick them out of Legacy, and kick the hell out of them…

Orton made his entrance… [C]

Twill’s Two Cents: Well, this was a little too much rewind, as this was exactly how they won their way into Legacy, and they should not be looking for Orton’s approval anymore, but I suspect that will not be the case. Orton will be reaping what he sows here. I’m curious to see which one will get Randy at Mania.

Did you know? Raw was watched by more female viewers than any show on all of those female cable networks…

Jericho and his sign “Stop the Jericho Embargo” sat outside of the building and tried to get people to sign his petition…

With Orton sitting at ringside, DiBiase made his entrance. There is a “Happy New Years” graphic within the normal graphic…

Twill’s Two Cents: Since it is non-PC to say “Merry Christmas,” which is ridiculous, is it wrong to say “Happy New Year’s” too?

Footage was shown of The Marine 2, available tomorrow on Blu Ray and DVD…

1. Ted DiBiase defeated Evan Bourne in 2:32. Ted scored the first nearfall after turning Evan inside out with a huge closeline. He followed up with an impressive delayed vertical suplex. Bourne scored his first nearfall with an amazing hurricarana. With Ted sitting on the top rope, he jumped from the mat into the move. Impressive. DiBiase quickly came back and hit Dream Street for the win…

Twill’s Two Cents: Minus one botched spot, this was a short, but solid match. I figured if either guy was going to lose, it was going to be DiBiase, to set up an eventual Orton vs. DiBiase program.

[Q3] After the match, Orton just looked down to the ground in deep thought. Sheamus vs. Cena was hyped… [C]

Back from commercial, Orton was still sitting at ringside. Cody Rhodes made his entrance and as he did, it got me wondering if Rhodes will ever feud with Jack Swagger…

2. Cody Rhodes defeated Mark Henry in 2:04. Henry threw Rhodes all the way across the ring, but missed a butt splash. Henry, with Cody in the 619 position, hit the sitting splash to the back, but hurt his knee in the process. Cody took advantage of the injured knee and hit a DDT for the win…

Twill’s Two Cents: Just advancing the storyline; nothing more and nothing less.

Afterwards, Orton cracked a smile and walked backstage with Cody with his arm around his shoulders…

Backstage, Jillian tried to get in to see Timbaland, but Gail would not let her. DX was shown playing with Hornswoggle. Hunter taped him to a skateboard. Shawn asked him what he was doing. Hunter said he “had a brand new midget” and Shawn was upset that he had him all week and could not figure out what to do with him.

Shawn’s tone remained serious and said he had the Vince McMahon and Bret Hart (yes, he mentioned him by name) on his mind. Hunter said he should not get involved in Vince’s business because the last time he did, he wrestled him at a WrestleMania (never mind the DX vs. the McMahons stuff from a few years back). They then bowled Horny and knocked over Jillian… [C]

Twill’s Two Cents: Well, there is a lot of television between now and WrestleMania, so having Shawn confront Vince tonight about Bret Hart may be too soon, but it is their only chance to do so before Bret is back. I like that Shawn is acknowledging this and I hope he does talk to Vince about it tonight. For that, I can forgive the human skateboard crap.

[Q4] DX vs. Big Show and a partner of his choosing was plugged for later in the show, as well as Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz. If Kofi wins tonight, he will receive a future United States Championship match. That’s a slight step down for him…

3. Maryse defeated Kelly Kelly in 1:38. Kelly was impressive early and even hit a top rope high cross body for a two count. She missed another high risk move and Maryse hit her DDT finisher for the win…

After the match, he grabbed a mic and laughed hysterically into it. She told a joke in French and laughed again. Somewhere, Pat Patterson is laughing too…

Twill’s Two Cents: Kelly looked good while she was on offense, but this was about getting Maryse ready for Melina. Aside from the laughing, Maryse actually cut a nice promo too.

Vince McMahon was shown walking backstage… [C]

Jericho was outside with a sign pointing down to himself that said “Conspiracy Victim.” Hilarious. Big Show approached him and asked what he was doing. They shared an awkward breakup moment with Show saying he was moving on and that long distance relationships did not work. Jericho said he couldn’t let go. He handed him an envelope. Jericho said he would cherish it forever. He looked at it, laughed, and put it in his pocket…

Twill’s Two Cents: Hilarious stuff.

Vince McMahon came to the ring as the announcers talked about Montreal. King called Bret Hart “perhaps the biggest superstar in WWE history.” Vince said we are all enjoying his ingenious concept of having a guest host every week on Raw. He said was here to address the rumor that Bret Hart will be next week’s very special guest host. The crowd popped very loudly.

Vince, for “the younger fans,” put together an “unbiased” history of Bret Hart. The video was awesome and very pro Bret. Then they approached the Montreal footage. Jim Ross asked Vince if Vince screwed Bret Hart. Vince dropped the infamous words, “Bret Hart screwed Bret Hart.”

Twill’s Two Cents: Bullshit!

[Q5] Vince reiterated that he did not screw Bret Hart. He said despite Bret’s ego-maniacal attitude, he allowed Bret to come back and be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He called himself the better man and said Bret did not shake his hand or say a word to him at that ceremony. He then called the fans imbeciles for saying “What?”

Twill’s Two Cents: Thank you! The fans will be chanting that a hundred years from now.

Vince announced that next week’s guest host will be… Vince said he could not do it. He said Bret would never be the guest host. Shawn Michaels’ music hit and he came out to the ring. Shawn said there are rivalries that are bigger than the business and that cannot be overlooked because they “did not work for Vince.”

Vince told Shawn he knew what he was talking about and that was the Michaels and Bret Hart rivalry. Shawn said he was incorrect and that he was talking about The Undertaker. He said he wanted The Undertaker in a rematch at WrestleMania. Vince said he would not make the match and if Shawn wanted the match, he would have to make it happen himself.

McMahon started to leave the ring but Shawn had more to say. He said Vince did not have a lot of open chapters in his life, and he should bring back Bret to close that chapter in his life. He said if he brought Bret back, “only good things will happen.” Vince named off a list of people he is not afraid of and asked Shawn to repeat himself.

Shawn told Vince he would love to see Bret Hart back in WWE. Vince said since “only good things will happen,” he announced Bret Hart will be the guest host next week on Raw. Vince walked to the back as Shawn looked on…

Twill’s Two Cents: Worked for me. Great video package for Bret for those who loved him, or those who did not know him. Nice tease by Vince, nice tease by Shawn by reiterating the Undertaker challenge, and nice conversation about Bret Hart. I like that Shawn will go face to face with Bret again and that it will be a huge moment when it goes down.

Backstage, Josh Matthews interviewed John Cena. Cena did not have much to say because Sheamus attacked him from behind and kicked his ass… [C]

[Q6] Backstage, the Bellas, Eve, and Gail were having various conversations. MVP and Timbaland were playing PSP (I think). Kofi Kingston came in and thanked the guest host for a shot at Miz since Miz beat Kofi for the title. MVP said Kofi beat him for the title, so he wants the first shot. They shook on it. Miz came in and said he would be the champion a year from now.

Miz told Gail she could not keep up with Maryse, and that he knew from experience. Timbaland stopped Miz and said if he loses to Kofi tonight in a non-title match, he would face Kofi tonight, in a title match. They mocked Miz as he left…

Twill’s Two Cents: Why not make the first match a title match?

Cole and King talked about the amazing development of Bret Hart making his first (live) WWE TV appearance in twelve years. They then hyped Sheamus vs. Cena one more time…

Miz and Kofi made their entrances…

4. Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz in a non-title match in :48. Miz was solid early but he tried a top rope move and was hit by the Trouble in Paradise for the three count… [C]

Twill’s Two Cents: At least they kept that one short. Hopefully they get some more time in the title match. They should have just made it a title match to begin with.

5. Kofi Kingston defeated The Miz by disqualification in approximately 1:28. The match was in progress coming back from the break. Kofi had the advantage due to Miz’s condition from the previous match and scored multiple nearfalls. Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise, but before he could score the victory, Randy Orton pulled him from the ring and cost him the title…

[Q7] After the match, Orton threw Kofi into the ringpost and hit a RKO on the floor. He then just stood there and stared at him…

Twill’s Two Cents: Well, what I said earlier about Kofi taking a step back, I retract that statement. Looks like Kofi is going to get his PPV victory over Orton sometime down the road.

Sheamus vs. Cena was plugged… [C]

Did you know? Last week Raw was watched by more male viewers than shows on a bunch of major networks…

Backstage, Matthews asked Orton why he attacked Kofi. Orton said the issue was not done until he said it was. He said it would end next week and he would kick off the new year by kicking Kofi in the skull…

Twill’s Two Cents: Why do the announcers ask stupid questions like that? Geez. Well, maybe Kofi won’t get a PPV win over Orton after all.

DX made their entrance and did their usual schtick. After the business, Chris Jericho walked through the crowd and in 1998 fashion, he showed everybody his front row ticket… [C]

Twill’s Two Cents: I always thought it was amazing that front row seats were available on the day of the show.

[Q8] Back from commercial, Jericho was shown at ringside. Big Show and his partner, Chavo Guerrero, made their entrance…

6. Degeneration X defeated Big Show and Chavo Guerrero in 4:53. Despite the action in the ring, Jericho was the star here. He was jawing with fans and they were jawing back. They even put a hot girl next to him. That is “Extra 101″ right there. Hunter got the best of both Show and Chavo.

After knocking Chavo to the floor, he was hit by a Big Show spear. He tried a frogsplash off of Show’s shoulders and missed. Shawn took out Show. Hornswoggle interfered and kicked Chavo. Hunter followed up with a Pedigree for the win…

Jericho jumped the railing and took Sweet Chin Music for his troubles. Hunter said he was tired of everything and he granted Show and Jericho a rematch, but if they lost, Jericho would be gone from Raw forever, no matter what…

Twill’s Two Cents: Jericho is awesome and I hope they somehow win the belts back. By the way, how come Hunter is not pissed at Shawn for wanting a singles match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania?

Footage was shown of Cena and Sheamus earlier in the show. A live shot of them walking through the backstage area in a split screen was shown… [C]

Next week’s loaded show, with Kofi vs. Orton, DX vs. JeriShow, and Bret Hart as the guest host, was plugged…

[Overrun] Justin Roberts introduced Timbaland as the special guest ring announcer. Timbaland came out in the world’s largest John Cena shirt and the Bella Twins. I think four Bella Twins could fit in that shirt. I’m just giving him a bad time; I like Timbaland’s work. He brought out John Cena first. He followed that up with bringing out the WWE Champion, Sheamus…

7. John Cena defeated Sheamus by disqualification in 2:18. They brawled early, but Sheamus got the best of the exchange. Sheamus scored the first nearfall. Cena came back and set up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Sheamus grabbed the referee and pulled him down. Cena hit the move but the referee called for the bell and disqualified Sheamus.

Afterward, Sheamus left with his belt, but Cena grabbed him and brought him back to the ring. However, Sheamus hit a bicycle kick and left Cena laying. Earlier in the show, Sheamus said the last image of 2009 would be him holding the WWE Championship, and he was right…

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