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WWE Monday Night Raw 3/8 Portland, OR results (Wrestling Observer)

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WWE Raw TV report
WWE Monday Night RAW TV Report

March 8th, 2010

By Daniel Galvan

Show begins with Undertaker coming out to the ring. Undertaker then gets the mic and begins to the cut promo. He talks about how since Michaels became number seventeen in Taker’s 17 and O streak, Michaels life now has a dark cloud above him being obssesed with the streak. He says that it will cost HBK the ultimate price, “Shawn’s career.” Undertaker is interrupted by HBK’s theme when he tries to say Shawn’s carreer will Rest In Peace. HBK then grabs the microphone and tells Undertaker, that tonight Undertaker won’t finish his line. Shawn says his loss at Mania 25 has been hanging over him like a dark cloud. Shawn Michaels said that this morning the cloud was gone. Shawn then says that Michaels had to cost Undertaker at Elimination Chamber, but Undertaker didn’t have to cost Michaels the match last week RAW. Shawn then says, ” Inside that cold, dark heart of the Undertaker exists… FEAR.” Undertaker then tells Shawn that Michaels should use his next words very carefully. Shawn then screams fear, and he says that Undertaker was trying to intimidate him by asking him to put his career on the line. Michaels then says that he wouldn’t risk everything if he didn’t know he could beat Undertaker. Shawn then says, “Nothing Lasts Forever, and that at Wrestlemania I’m going to prove it. Undertaker then says he can’t tell if he is looking at a confident or pitiful man full of desperation. Shawn then says he isn’t desperate because last year he would have taken any way to win, but this year he wants to win by pinfall or submission, so the match will be no count-out and no-disqualification. Shawn then says he is going to kick Undertaker’s teeth down his throat and beat the Undertaker. Undertaker then agrees to match and tells Shawn that Shawn has chosen his own demise. Undertaker then asks Shawn, if he honestly thinks he can beat Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Undertaker then says that is what makes Michaels Mr. Wrestlemania, but then tells Shawn that it won’t happen this year. Undertaker tells Shawn that Shawn is the greatest that has every stepped in this ring, but on March 28th he will open the gates of heel and unleash fury that no mortal man has every seen, to make sure that Shawn’s career at Wrestlemania is over. Michaels tell Undertaker he can keep telling himself that, and the dark cloud will be come back but this time it will be hanging over Taker. Michaels says that inside the dark cloud that there will be an image that shows Michaels ending Undertaker’s undefeated streak.

They then hype the Cena/McMahon match later.

Match 1: Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, and Eve Torres vs Alicia Fox, Katie Lea Burchill, and Maryse

Fox and Kim start, and Gail works a had lock on Alicia. Fox then elbows her way out of the headlock, and whips Gail into the ropes. She then charges Gail, but Gail moves to the apron. Fox then goes for a shoulderblock, but Gail jumps in the air and lands on Fox on the second rope sending Fox out to the apron. THAT LOOKED DANGEROUS. Kim then throws Fox back in the ring. Kim then gets whipped into the corner, and hits Burchill with a flying clothesline, but is met with a big boot from Fox. Fox then goes for the pin but only gets a nearfall. Fox then brings Kim to her corner, and slams the head of Kim into the turnbuckle. Fox then tags in Maryse. Maryse then hits a backbreaker on Kim, and goes for the pin only getting two. Maryse then elbows both Eve and Kelly on the apron. Maryse then mocks Kim, only to get slapped by Kim. Kim then tags in Eve, who clotheslines Maryse. Eve then hits two dropkicks on Maryse and goes for the pin only getting two. Maryse then elbows Eve and whips Eve into the ropes, and Eve rebounds by pulling Maryse by the hair to the mat. Eve then runs the ropes and hits a somersault on Maryse. Eve then goes for the pin, but to no avail as Katie and Fox break up the pin. Fox and Katie then pick up Eve and slam her into the corner. Kelly and Kim then dropkick Katie and Fox out of the ring. Maryse then charges Eve only to meet an elbow from Torres. Eve then gets on the top rope, but gets slapped by Maryse. Torres then raps her legs around the arm of Maryse and flips over into an armbar on the mat. Referee then calls for the bell, as Torres makes Maryse submit with the armbar. (I am guessing due to Eve always talking about training in BJJ on twitter.)

RESULT: Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, and Gail Kim def. Alicia Fox, Katie Burchill, and Maryse via sub.

We then go to Criss Angel backstage with Hornswoggle and the Bellas. Bellas ask Angel to be guest assistants on the show, but Angel says he doesn’t use twins. They then ask for a demonstration. Angel then eats a thread and pulls it out of his eye. (Isn’t that what the Jackass guys do?) Hall then comes in and says that she will be Criss’s assistant tonight. Angel says he has heard about her singing, so Hall begins to sing. Angel then makes Hall’s voice disappear.

Then shows Show Miz walking backstage hyping a match against Truth and Morrison. We go to commercial break, and come back where they show us the Slam of the Week.

MATCH 2: ShowMiz vs Truth and Morrison

While coming down to the ring Miz then talks about how Truth/Morrison earned the rights. Miz talks about how they aren’t an actual team. He proclaims that Miz and Show are “endangered species”. Truth and Morrison then come out and Truth and Miz start out, and Truth immediately kicks Miz in the gut and delivers a series of punches to Miz. Truth then hip tosses Truth and tags in Morrison. Truth and Morrison clothesline Miz out of the ring. Both men then hit a double baseball slide, and the referee calls for the bell.

Big Show then tries to slam Truth, but Morrison saves his partner and slams Show into the post. Truth and Morrison then hit a double DDT on Show. They then pick up Miz and slam him stomach first into the barricade. Morrison then grabs the mic and tells Miz that he just showed Miz how real they can get. R-Truth then does his line where says That is Nothing but the Truth, the whole truth, and thats whats up.

We then come back with a John Cena/Batista package.

Josh Matthews then interviews Cena. He tells Cena that for the first time in Cena’s career someone has finally left him speechless. Cena says that what Batista says is correct, and Cena can’t beat him. Cena says that apparently he has his number. John Cena then says the only thing is go out there and beat him. Matthews then asks Cena in his match with McMahon does he anticipate Batista getting involved. John Cena then says that he is counting on it.

Then shows Evan Bourne thanking Angel for putting him in a qualifier match with Regal. Skip Sheffield then comes in and introduces himself to Angel. Regal then comes in the picture and asks for silence. Regal then says, “See you in the ring sunshine.” Evan then leaves. Sheffield asks Criss if he can show him on his mind tricks, and Regal critizes “mind tricks.” Angel then asks Regal to write down a number, and put it on his chest. Angel then asks Regal to look at him. Angel then guess’s the number. Sheffield then leaves as Regal reveals the number.

Match 3: Cody Rhodes/ Ted Dibiase vs Randy Orton

As Rhodes/Dibiase comes out Orton attacks them from behind. Orton then slides in the ring. We go to commercial break. Match starts with Rhodes first in the ring. Orton and Rhodes lock up, and Rhodes puts Orton in the corner. Rhodes then pounds away on Orton in the corner. Orton then gets the advantage and whips Rhodes into the corner, and on the rebound Rhodes meets a clothesline from Orton. Rhodes then tags in Dibiase.

Dibiase then punches on Orton and whips Orton, but Orton whips Dibaise and then Orton clotheslines Dibiase. Dibiase then goes to his corner and whispers with Rhodes. He then tags in Rhodes. Orton then kicks Rhodes in the gut, and whips Rhodes into the corner. Orton then gets hit by an elbow from Rhodes which sends Orton into the corner with Dibiase, and Dibiase cheapshots Orton. Rhodes then stomps on Orton. Rhodes then chokes Orton on the bottom rope. Rhodes then distracts the ref as Dibiase chokes Orton. Rhodes then elbows Orton and goes for the pin, but only gets two.

Rhodes then whips Orton into the ropes, but Orton stays with the ropes, and Rhodes charges Orton, and Orton tosses Rhodes out of the ring. Dibiase then tries to attack Orton from behind, but Orton turns around and Dibiase slides back outside. We then go to commercial break. We return with Orton knocking Dibiase off the apron, and punching away on Rhodes. Orton then clotheslines Rhodes. Rhodes then hits a chin breaker on Orton, and sends Orton outside. Orton then punches Dibiase on the outside. Orton then gets on the apron, but Dibiase brings him down. Dibiase then dropkicks Orton outside the ring on the floor. Rhodes and Dibiase then both work on Orton outside. Rhodes then throws Orton back in the ring.

Rhodes then delivers a series of knee drops on Orton. Orton and Dibiase then hit a series of double team manuevers. Rhodes then tags in Dibiase who locks on a headlock on Orton. Dibiase trash talks Orton. Orton then stands up and elbows his way out of the headlock. Orton then runs the ropes, and meets a hard clothesline from Dibiase. Dibiase then goes for the pin, but only gets a near fall. Dibiase then brings Orton his corner, and Ted tags in Rhodes. Rhodes then dropkicks Orton and goes for the cover, but only gets two. Rhodes then stomps away on Orton, and elbow the head of Orton. Rhodes then pounds away on Orton in the corner.

Rhodes then draps Orton over the top rope, and kicks Orton in the mid-section. Rhodes then brings Orton to his corner, and tags in Dibiase. Priceless then both whip Orton into the corner. Dibiase then punches Orton and chokes Orton in the corner. Dibiase then tags in Rhodes. Rhodes then tags in Orton as Rhodes whips Orton into the corner. Dibiase then whips Rhodes into Orton, but Orton dodges Rhodes and clotheslines Dibiase. Orton then clotheslines Rhodes, and hits a powerslam on Dibiase. Orton then pounds away on Dibiase in the corner. Orton then hits his inverted headlock backbreaker on Ted. Orton then looks at the Wrestlemania sign and then pounds on the mat calling for the RKO. Rhodes then gets in the ring and flips over Orton, but Orton kicks Rhodes out of the ring. Dibiase then hits the Dream Street on the distracted Randy Orton. Rhodes/Dibiase then do the old Randy Orton pose.

RESULT: Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase def. Randy Orton via pinfall.

Then goes to Batista backstage watching the TV. Josh Matthews then walks in asks Batista what was his thoughts on Cena saying that he counting on Batista interfering in the Cena/McMahon match tonight. Batista says that Cena has never dealt with anybody like Batista, and has made Cena paranoid. Batista says that it is between McMahon/Cena. Batista says that he is giving his word as WWE Champion that he won’t interfere.

Triple H then comes out with mic in hand to the ring. They show a package of the Sheamus attack on HHH. Triple says that he respects what Sheamus did last week. Hunter says that if that was him, and mocks Sheamus by saying that Hunter humiliated him, that he would come out and make a statement aswell. Sheamus then comes out. Sheamus then asks Hunter if he has the guts to face Hunter.

Hunter talks about how Sheamus has had the greatest first year in the history of the business, but Sheamus has never been to Wrestlemania. Hunter says that all of Sheamus’s previous accomplishments meant absolutely nothing. Hunter talks about how he was going etch his name in the WWE when challenged a big dog in the WWE at Wrestlemania. He says the he got crushed. Hunter then says he then fell in a hole until he became “THE” guy that people want to wrestle at Mania. He says that guys that beat him shot off to a level people can only dream of.

He then talks about Cena and Batista becoming big stars, and then he says that that is the short list, and the long list is the guys that went to obscurity in the WWE. Hunter tells Sheamus he better risk it all at Wrestlemania to be immortal or nothing. Sheamus then tires to punc Sheamous, but Triple H gets the advantage on Sheamus, and clotheslines Sheamus out of the ring. Sheamus then pulls Hunter outside the ring and slams the head of Hunter into the barricade. Sheamus then goes for the Big Bount on Hunter, but misses, and Triple H clotheslines Sheamus over the barricade. Sheamus then tries to walk away, but Hunter attacks Sheamus and punches Sheamus. Sheamus then gets advantage and slams the head of Hunter into the commentators table, and then throws Triple H into the ring. He then gets hit by a spinebuster from Triple H. Sheamus then rolls out of the ring, as HHH’s music plays.

We then go backstage with Santino and Angel. Santino shows Criss’s his tricks. Angel then does the magic trick where a person puts a knife one cups, and three that are empty. Santino then hides the knife, and Angel crushes the three cups, except for the one with the knife.

Match 4: Evan Bourne vs William Regal

Christian is on commentary with Heath Slater standing behind Christian. Match starts with Regal drags Bourne to the mat and kciks Bourne. Regal then pounds away on Evan. Evan then kicks away on Regal. Evan then locks on a headlock, but Regal pushes Evan into the ropes and hits Evan with an elbow knocking Evan down. Regal then suplexes Bourne across the ring. Regal then goes for his running knee, but is met with a knee from Bourne. Bourne then hits the Shooting Star Press and gets the three count.

RESULT: Evan Bourne def. Regal via pinfall.

They then show a still stating that Austin will be guest host, they then announce Bret/Vince contract signing with Austin watching both men.

Match 5: Vince McMahon vs John Cena

Criss Angel introduces John Cena and Vince McMahon. McMahon then announces that the match will be a tag team gauntlet match. Cena’s first opponent is Kozlov. Cena immediately goes to work on Kozlov. Kozlov whips Cena and slams Cena. Kozlov then headbuts Cena’s chest. Kozlov then hits a spinebuster on Cena. Kozlov then tags in McMahon. McMahon then goes for the pin, but Cena kicks out.

Drew McYntire then comes out and pounds away on Cena delivering a series of punches. McYntire then stomps on Cena. McYntire then hits a reverse STO on Cena. McYntire then tags in McMahon, and McMahon goes for pin and Cena kicks out. Jack Swagger then comes out. We go to commercial break. We come back with Cena delivering the five knuckle shuffle on Swagger. Swagger then gets the advantage and slams Cena twice. Swagger then hits his splash on Cena. Swagger then hits it again, and tags in McMahon. Vince then goes for the pin, but only gets two. Mark Henry then comes out, and slams Cena much to his won dismay. Henry then tags in McMahon and McMahon goes for the pin but only gets a two count.

McMahon then grabs the microphone, and makes it a NO DQ Handicap match. McMahon the asks Henry to hit Cena with the bell, but Henry refuses. Batista then spears Henry, and boots Henry out of the ring. Kofi then comes in makes the save and dropkicks Batista into the corner. Kofi then jumps on the top rope, and is about to pound on Batista, but Batista powerbombs Kingston. Cena then punches away on Batista, and hits a clothesline on Batista. Cena then picks McMahon up for the Attitude Adjustment, but Batista spears Cena. Batista then hits a Batista Bomb on Cena. McMahon then pins Cena, and gets the three count. Show ends with Batista standing over Cena.

RESULT: McMahon def. Cena via pinfall

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