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WWE Monday Night Raw 8/5/13 Coverage

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Stephanie McMahon opens raw & cuts a promo about Daniel Bryan’s corporate Makeover. She shows a video of Bryan makeover with him lifting weights & getting a facial. He eats steak & gets a suit. She brings out the new Daniel Bryan. She leaves & He ask the crowd how they like it. He says its strange then he thanks Stephanie but its funny that the company actually wants. They want a jacked up, cargo shorts with a bright yellow t shirt that sells the crowd nothing they want… John Cena.  He respect Cena for picking him as the challenger but he thinks Bryan can’t beat him. He downgrades himself because he is a wrestler. Oh snap, He shoots on Cena by saying Cena been here in the WWE & Bryan is in the dirty buildings as a wrestler. He says if Cena gets fired he can go back to his mansion but if Bryan gets fired then he will go back to the Indy scene. He says he will dress up & do what they want for now because at Summerslam he will do & he will TAP OUT! Vince McMahon comes out & says there is a difference between him & WWE. He makes fun of Bryan dressed up. He says he doesn’t want Bryan to be Champion even less then Cena. Vince says he is warming up to the idea as champion because he is a dwarf. He wants him to shave off the beard. They bring down the barber chair & he says no. Someone who is well kept & they bring down Wade Barrett?. He headbutts Wade & shaves Barrett’s side of his beard then tosses him over the barricade. Bryan says he won’t change, he is gonna be who has always been & be WWE Champion.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. RVD
Del Rio with a right hand the Irish whipped in the corner where RVD turns it into a monkey flip then a kick followed by a spring board kick. A moonsult for a count of 2. Del Rio with a kick but misses a tackle & sent to the outside. Del Rio with a moonsult to the outside. Back from break with Del Rio in control but RVD fighting back with clothesline then misses rolling thunder & Del Rio hits him with a super kick for 2 count. Del Rio misses the enziguri kick & RVD comes off the top rope with a kick then hits rolling thunder. RVD goes up to & when he goes for the moonsult ADR puts his knee’s up. Ricardo puts the bucket in the corner but RVD send him head first into it & rolls him up for the win.

Winner: RVD

After the match Del Rio super kicks Ricardo then hits him with the bucket several times (He’s breaking his bucket) then sends him to the outside. He drop kicks him into the steel steps.

Cody Rhodes is in the ring & says he has a gift for Damien Sandow. We get a recap video of Rhodes ending the Briefcase in the river & the past 2 weeks incidents. He has the briefcase which is all river destroyed. Sandow comes out & Rhodes leaves the ring then they start brawling but sends Sandow out of the ring.

Mark Henry Vs. Ryback
A knee to rib to Ryback but Ryback comes back with punches but Henry fights back then Ryback goes to the outside & walks out.

Winner Via Count out: Ryback

Eva Marie, Bella Twins & Natalya have a backstage segment where Natalya slaps Brie.

John Cena comes out & talks about his match with Daniel Bryan at Summerslam. He says he won’t change for anyone & will always be him. He says Bryan is more comfortable in a gymnasium. He shoots on him like he is in 2003 again. He says he loves the WWE & says that Bryan thinks he can’t wrestle. He held the title 11 times & fought the best 11 times. They chant boring & he says when Bryan loses he will have to admit that he isn’t that good. He ends with champ is here. Randy Orton comes out & says that Cena is a where that is the target but who is targeting him.  Orton says when he cashes in he will be WWE champion & he says the champ is here pointing to himself. The Shield comes out Daniel Bryan comes out to help out but a big standoff until Brad Madox makes a 6 man tag match for the main event.

Wyatt Family Vs. Tons Of Funk
Harper & Tensi start things off with slapping each other then Rowan comes in & right hands in the corner. Rowan runs into a boot then a clothesline by Tensi. Rowan knocks down Brodus then Rowan with a clothesline & a splash for the win.

Winner: Wyatt Family

Bray does a promo after the match about Kane. Kane comes on the screen & says he is just like Bray but different & hurts people for his enjoyment. He announces a inferno match at Summerslam.

Cm Punk does interview about Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman.

Layla Defeats Kaitlyn after AJ Lee distracts Kaitlyn

Christian Vs. Heath Slater
Heath with elbows but a big slap by Christian but the rest of the 3MB distracts him & back in the ring with a heel kick to Christian. Heath with a knee shot & a head lock. Heath continues his offense until Christian kicks heath in the mouth then flap jacks & drop kick for a count of 2. Christian runs into a shoulder but blocks a suplex & sends him  into the ring. Christian with a roll up for a count of 2. Heath throws him in the corner but Christian spears him out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Christian 

They start off brawling then back in the ring Axel with right hands & chops. A take down by punk then works the leg of Axel. leg kicks by Punk then a clotheslines him to the outside the a suicide dive to the outside on Axel. Back from commercial with Axel in control then a forearm shot to knock him down. A kick by Axel then a suplex followed elbow drop for a count of 2. Heyman comes back out as Axel locks in a headlock. Punk with a back suplex but with punk distracted he gets clotheslines by Axel. Axel walks into a boot then a spring board cross-body but when punk goes after Heyman but is clotheslined & sends him back in the ring. Axel comes off the top rope & misses the elbow drop. Here comes Punk with a neck breaker then the knee in the corner & goes up top rope but Axel knocks him down. Punk with a big kick then goes after Heyman but Brock Lesnar comes out . Punk GTS Axel then they start brawling. Punk clotheslines Lesnar but Lesnar german suplexed punk. Back in the ring where Punk hits him with a chair then goes to hit Heyman but Lesnar saves him & F5 Punk.

Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman do a backstage interview. Heyman calls out Punk for a match next week on raw.

Fandango Vs. Kofi Kingston

kicks by Kofi then a drop kick for a count of 2. Fandango catches him with a kick then throws him hard into the corner for a count of 2. Fandango with right hands, He works the left arm then locks in a headlock until Kofi fights out but Fandango catches him with a heel kick. Fandango in control until he misses a knee drop off the top rope. Kofi with a spring board clothesline, He drop kicks then a big clothesline. He hits the boom drop & calls for the end but when he goes for it Fandango goes to the apron & kicks him for a count of 2. Fandango goes up top but misses him then a spring board cross-body for a count of 2 by Kofi. Back & forth then bam out of nowhere Trouble in paradise for the win.

Winner: Kofi

HHH is on the phone then Stephanie comes in crying because Vince yelled at her. HHH says that Vince has lost it & he says he gonna stop Vince from screwing up Summerslam.

The Real Americans Vs. The Uso’s 

The real american’s was in control for the entire match until The uso’s fought back & got the hot tag to Jey.  It looked they were gonna win but off an distracted Cesaro hit the neutralizer for the win.

Winners: The Real Americans

Big E. Langston Defeats Dolp Ziggler

Randy Orton, John Cena, Daniel Bryan Vs. The Shield

The Shield bat the hell out of Bryan for most of the match until Cena & Orton started getting involved then When Bryan got knocked into orton he got rolled up but locked in the Yes Lock but the Shield attacked him for an apparent DQ.

Winners: Randy Orton, John Cena, Daniel Bryan

After the match Randy RKO Daniel Bryan & John Cena. Orton was about to Cash in the Briefcase but the Shield came back out for more & Orton walked to the back. Heel Turn. Shield stands strong to end the show.

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