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WWE Monday Night Raw – 9/2/13 Results

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HHH brings out Randy Orton & he (orton) does a promo about how he is the face of the company. He talks down about Bryan. He shows us video footage of Smackdown when he beats down Bryan with the help of the shield. He asked the fans should he face Daniel Bryan at Night of Champions & he says no but for their sake he will. HHH says that the WWE universe expects & deserves the best so, He says that Bryan Ego is putting him danger of his health. So for his best interest he (HHH) brings up Donk the Clown & he compares Bryan to him but the reason he wasn’t WWE champion is because it would have been bad for business like Bryan is now. HHH says he will bring back the Cruise-weight or European Title for Bryan then Bryan’s music hits. Daniel says there wasn’t a Donk the Clown chant & the only clowns he see’s is in the ring. Bryan calls HHH a corporate sell out & says that Orton was just giving a WWE Title chance. Bryan says everyone has told him that he can’t do this or that but he has went beyond to achieve them & Orton doesn’t know that because he was handed everything. HHH fires back & says that Bryan should be mad at the Big Show for standing by watching Bryan getting beat down. Bryan Vs. Big Show is our Main Event.

HHH & Randy Orton walking backstage then runs into Cody Rhodes, Cody says that it should be a good main event as long as no body gets involved. He explains his opinion & says that match is good for Business but HHH disagrees then makes a match with Orton Vs. Rhodes tonight.


Fandango Vs. The Miz

Miz with right hands then a hip toss but runs into an elbow. Fandango misses with a drop kick & Miz goes for the Figure Four lock but Fandango goes to the ring. Miz drops him on the barricade. Summer Rae distracts the Miz & Fandango gets a roll up. Back & forth with the Miz getting him in a head lock but Fandango fights out. Miz with a clothesline then starts stomping his foot & kicks him in the face for a count of 2. Miz with chin lock leading into commercial. Back from break with Fandango in control until takes him down from the top rope. Miz goes for the figure four leg lock but blocked then the Miz misses his clothesline in the corner. Fandango with a leg drop but out of nowhere Miz locks in the Figure Four leg lock for the win.


Winner: Miz 


Booker T & Daniel Bryan does a backstage segment.


Ryback Vs. Dolp Ziggler 

Ambrose Attacks Ziggler from behind then its announced Ryback is his challenger. Ryback hits Ziggler with a belly-to-belly suplex and punishes him on the ground. Ryback goes for a spear but Ziggler counters with a dropkick. Ziggler gets in a flurry of offense but it is put to and end by a hard clothesline. Ryback hits shell-shock for the 3-count.


Winner: Ryback


Big Show & Stephanie McMahon are in the ring because Show doesn’t want to face Bryan tonight. Stephanie says that Show is broke & she asked how longer he can compete in WWE. She brings up that Giants don’t live as long as normal people do. He tries to cry not a bad acting job. She hugs him to end the segment.


Prime Time Players Defeats 3MB

Backstage segment with HHH & Paul Heyman about Heyman trying to get out of his match with CM Punk but HHH shoots him down.


Bray Wyatt & Kane video package is shown where Bray is asking where Kane went?


If Cody Loses He is Fired Match: Cody Rhodes Vs. Randy Orton

They trade right hands until Orton hits a clothesline, He follows it up with a suplex on the ropes. He sends him to the outside but Rhodes bounces orton’s head off the steel steps & back in the ring. Rhodes locks in a arm submission but orton fires back but Rhodes with a drop kick for a count of 2. Rhodes with right hands then sends him into the corner & clotheslines him for a count of 2. Orton fires back & clubs the chest of Rhodes to gain control. Orton with right hands in the corner but out of nowhere Rhodes with a kick then a suplex. Rhodes does the ten punches in the corner but orton his a back breaker from the 2nd rope sending him to the outside. Back from break with Orton in control but Rhodes gets a 2nd wind then hits a spring board drop kick for a count of 2. Rhodes hits disaster kick for a count of 2. Rhodes goes to the top rope for the moonsult but orton moves & orton covers him for a close count of 2. Rhodes sends him to the 2nd rope for the DDT then pumps up the crowd but when he goes for the RKO its blocked & Rhodes nails the cross Rhodes for a count of 2. Orton one the apron uses the ropes to his advantage but orton walks into a roll up for count of 2. Rhodes  misses disaster kick & orton hits RKO for the win.


Winner: Orton  


After the match HHH says that Rhodes fought with heart & now HHH respects him but for business he needs winners. So he fires Rhodes.


Cm Punk comes to the ring & talks about Curtis Axel & Paul Heyman. Punk says he will promise he will get his hands on Heyman & he is going to break his face.


#1 Contenders Match: Naomi, Natalya, and Brie Bella fought to an apparent no-contest after AJ Lee gets involved. 


Backstage segment with Big Show trying to talk Daniel Bryan out of their match but Bryan says he will beat show like he did back when he won the World Title.


RVD Vs. Damien Sandow

RVD starts things off with kicks but when going for the monkey flip he caught & power bombed for a count of 2. A quick roll up from RVD but walks into a big boot. Sandow puts him in a arm submission but fights out when RVD gets things going Sandow puts the boots to him. Sandow is in control until RVD lands a spring board kick but when going for the Frog Splash Alberto Del Rio comes out & Sandow knocks him out of the ring leading to commercial. Back from break with Sandow still in control with a back breaker. He continues to beat him down until RVD with some right hands & kicks. He walks into a neck breaker & Sandow lands the Elbow for a count of 2. Sandow back in control but RVD fights back with several kicks then rolling thunder. RVD goes frog splash but Sandow rolls him up for a count of 2. RVD uses the ropes to help him & nails Frog Splash for a count of 2.


Winner: RVD


Cody Rhodes does a backstage interview which is a really good promo.

Daniel Bryan Vs. The Big Show

Show keeps saying don’t make me do this as he throws him out of the ring. Bryan takes the knee’s from under Show. Bryan drop kicks him for a count of 2. Bryan with a drop kick in the corner twice but on the 3rd Show kicks him in the face. Show with chops in the corner then a suplex. Bryan kicks him but walks into The Big Show! Big keeps trying to talk him out of it but Bryan keeps attacking him. Show with a splash in the corner but coming off the ropes he gets drop kicked. Bryan with several kicks to the shoulder but when going for the head kick its blocked but ends up hitting the DDT. Bryan comes off the top rope but Bryan is speared in the middle of it. Show goes for the KO punch but he walks out of the ring. HHH music hits & he comes out with the shield. HHH tells him to finish it, HHH sends in The Shield to attack Bryan. Show goes to help Bryan but HHH gets him to back off. They triple power bomb Bryan. HHH tells him to KO punch Bryan & he says no. Stephanie McMahon comes out, she convinces him to do it. He acts like he will to HHH but doesn’t then KO Bryan. They walk him to the back as Orton stands over Bryan to end the show.

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