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WWE Monday Night Raw 9/30/13 Results

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Welcome to raw, CM Punk comes out to open the show. Micheal Cole points out that WWE supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month. CM Punk Says that the show is all about unpredictability & he is that. He talks about how he got beat down last week by Paul Heyman’s Guys. CM Punk says that after he takes out Ryback at Battleground then no one can Save Heyman. He will put an end to Heyman at anytime or it could be tonight! Brad Maddox comes out & says take it easy, Brad says he knows how Cm Punk feels but he is looking for some stand off with them right now & Its no good for business. He says CM Punk gets them this Sunday, So he gives him a match tonight against but Big E. Langston comes out. Langston asks him if he wants aggression & attacks him. They brawl for a bit until a referee comes out & the match is next.

Cm Punk Vs. Big E. Langston

We start the match from break & Punk is in full control. He nails a cross body off the top rope for  a count of 2. Langston with a slam to get things going for a count of 2. Langston with a big splash for the count of 2. Langston locks in a Boston crab but punk out of it, He starts up with right hands & kicks but runs into a tackle for a count of 2. Langston goes for a slam but Punk rolls him up for a count of 2. Punk walks into a German suplex for a count of 2. Langston with kicks but Punk returns with right hands, Punk with a head kick for a count of 2. Punk picks Langston up but Langston is too heavy & clotheslines punk for a count of 2. Langston misses a splash, Punk with a kick to the face then a heel kick. Punk with a neck breaker, as he builds momentum. Punk nails the knee in the corner followed by a clothesline, He goes to the top rope for the elbow & connects. He calls for the end, Punk goes for the GTS & hits it for the win.



Winner: Cm Punk


Fandango Vs. Kofi Kingston’

Fandango gets things going early but Kofi catches him with a elbow, He lands a knocked down but runs into a kick. Fandango with a clothesline for a count of 2. Fandango locks in a headlock but Kofi gets out of it with a DDT. Kofi with some kicks but is sent head first into the top turn buckle, Fandango sends him off the top rope & he gets down but Kofi hits trouble in paradise out of nowhere.



Winner: Kingston



After the match The Wyatt Family comes out, Bray cuts a promo about how horrible things happen to him. Follow the buzzards to lead to commercial.


Randy Orton with the Bella Twins are shown backstage, he keeps asking when is there wedding.

Paul Heyman does a backstage interview about how Ryback will destroy CM Punk this Sunday, A bit stalker ish.



Los Matadores Vs. 3MB

Alright here we go?, Event the announcer don’t know how to tell these guys apart. Matadores gets things going with a some lucha moves then a tag & monkey flip. The Other one is in now, a leg take down & a head scissors. Another tag then a double team back drop. Slater pulls him in to his corner & they double team Matadores. Jinder with a suplex for a count of 2. 3MB takes control until Matadore gets the hot tag & they finish it off with a double team samoa drop.



Winners: Matadore


Stephanie McMahon with Triple H come out for the Rhodes Family segment. Triple H brings them down to the ring. Triple H asks them why they look so mad? He list they gave all the members of the Rhodes family to get Cody Job back. Stephanie points out that Dusty is a trainer for NXT but they hold the future of Cody. Stephanie says they want to give Cody & Goldust a job if they can beat The Shield this Sunday but if they lose then they will never work in the WWE again & Dusty Rhodes will lose his job as well. Dusty takes the mic & says if he can beat in their corner then yes. Stephanie says he looks like he is looking for a fight & she threatens him that he might just get it. The Shield Attacks the Rhodes family & even lay out Dusty. They Triple Powerbomb Cody to make their mark.



Curtis Axel Vs. R Truth

Truth gets things going early but here comes the champion, Back & forth with right hands but Truth runs into a drop kick for a count of 2. Axel locks in a headlock but Truth fights out with right hands. A elbow by Axel but when he throws him in the corner he heats a elbow. Here comes Truth & hits a suplex stunner for a count of 2. Awesome move, Truth goes for a drop kick but Axel holds the ropes. Here comes Cm Punk or at least his music but no showed & Truth hits his finisher for the win.



Winner: Truth


A Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella history video package is shown.

They also announced that Trish Stratus baby was born today.

Brie Bella Defeats Alicia Fox after hitting a face smash

Paul Heyman & Curtis Axel have a backstage segment where Heyman says he will purpose to Ryback?

Big Show does a interview & he talks about people judging him on his latest decisions. He says he is trying to do whats right for him. He says that he can’t take it anymore & he says he is going to find Triple H. He says he going to KO The COO.

Big Show comes into Brad Maddox office & asking for Triple H. He tells him to go find him.



Alberto Del Rio Vs. Zack Ryder

A basic start but here comes Zak with right hands then a face splat & followed by sending him outside. Zack misses a cross body on the outside. Del Rio sends him back in the ring where he locks in a chin lock but Zack fights out of it. Zack rolls him up for a count of 2. but walks into a back breaker. Del Rio with another chin lock but once again Zack fights out & slams Del Rio face in the mat. Knee’s to the face then a drop kick off the top rope. Zak hits the elbow & with the big boot in the corner for a count of 2. Zack goes for the ruff ryder but blocked & Del Rio lands a german suplex for a count of 2. Del Rio locks in the arm bar for the win.



Winner: Del Rio


Paul Heyman with Ryback come out & Heyman shows last weeks video where Ryback laid out Cm Punk. Ryback says that he hates bullies & everything that Heyman did for him then just throw it back in his face. Ryback says he couldn’t let it happen anymore, Heyman says that he is tired of people not having their true feelings out in the open. Heyman says he feels safe with Ryback & he wants to feel like that everyday. He goes on to add that he wants a commitment to Ryback & He gets on one knee. He says will Ryback become a Paul Heyman guy? & before Ryback says Yes. CM Punk comes through the crowd & barricade but falls. I think he really hurt himself but Cm Punk grabs a Kendo stick & attacks them with it.  He lays out Curtis Axel with the GTS.


The Shield Vs. Dolp Ziggler & The Usos

Ambrose with right hands to Ziggler but Ziggie hit a drop kick for a count of 2. Dolp with right hands but Rollins is tagged in & caught with hip toss. Usos take control & hit some high dives to the outside to lead into commercial break. Late in the match everyone goes for their finishers. Ambrose is sent out to the outside & Ziggie is distracted allowing Reigns to spear Ziggler for the win.



Winner: The Shield



Big Show is shown warming up in the back.


RVD does a backstage interview about how he is going to beat Alberto Del Rio this Sunday.



Santino Marrella Defeats Antonio Cesaro with a roll up. 

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