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WWE Monday Night Raw Coverage (10/29/12)

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Out comes Punk with Paul Heyman. Punk is limping and has his ribs bandaged up. Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW and he’s joined by Jim Ross.The crowd boo’s Punk as he takes the mic. He says everyone thought Ryback was unbeatable. Everyone said it couldn’t be done. Everyone thought Punk would be just another victim. Punk says he proved everyone wrong. Punk calls Jim Ross a buckethead and says he was wrong. Punk points out everyone in the crowd and says they were wrong. Punk has proved everyone wrong for 344 days he says. Punk says he has defeated every single hero, he’s survived everything they had to offer. Punk brings up beating Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and John Cena. Punk says Ryback isnt even in the conversation.

Punk says his win at Hell In a Cell was monumental. Punk brings up Brad Maddox attacking Ryback and says he had nothing to do with it. Punk says the only thing he’s guilty of is taking advantage of a situation brought on by a WWE referee. Punk names him as Brad Maddox. Punk says Maddox was hired by AJ Lee and says that’s all you need to know. Punk says he had nothing to do with what happened at Hell In a Cell. “You suck” chants from the crowd. Punk brings up beating Vince McMahon and Triple H. Punk declares that he is the best in the world and Heyman raises the WWE Title behind him. Punk says he can proudly say he looks at Ryback in a completely different way – behind him. Punk says there won’t be a rematch, he’s moving on. Mick Foley’s music hits and out he comes.
Punk calls Foley a homeless man who has been displaced by the storm in the Northeast. Foley tells Punk to stay classy, making light of a situation like that. Foley brings up Ryback destroying Punk on top of the Cell last night. Punk says the last time we saw Foley, he was on the ground because Punk kicked his ass. Foley says he didn’t come out here to embarrass Punk because Punk did a good job of doing that himself last night. Foley says he gave Punk a choice a month ago – be a Legend or be a statistic. Foley says Punk blew it. They argue about the tradition of Hell In a Cell. Punk rips into the Charlotte fans. Punk brags more about being champion for 344 days. Punk says it seems like Foley wants to do something. Punk proposes a traditional Survivor Series match – Team Foley vs. Team Punk.
Foley accepts the challenge and says Punk is on. The crowd chants for Foley now. Punk says whoever Foley picks… Ryback’s music interrupts and out he comes to a nice reaction from the crowd. Ryback hits the ring as Punk and Heyman retreat through the crowd. The crowd chants “feed me more” as Ryback stands alongside Foley. We go to commercial.
Ryback vs. JTG
Ryback is pissed off, so he slams JTG down and then slams his head to the mat repeatedly. Ryback then kills JTG with the meat hook, shell shocked connects and that is all.

Winner: Ryback

-Matthews tries to interview Ryback. Ryback says he isn’t out for revenge, because revenge implies he is hurt. No, he is hungry, and when he feats again, it will be on CM Punk.
Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett
Lock up to begin, to the corner they go and they break. Lock up again, off the ropes and a dropkick by Orton. Barrett to the floor, Orton follows and Barrett attacks the injured arm of Orton. Back into the ring they go, Orton fights back and lays the boots to Orton. Rights by Barrett now, off the ropes and Barrett crotches himself on the top rope and Orton then sends him to the floor.
We are back from commercial as Barrett continues to work on the previously inured left arm of Orton. Off the ropes and a knee to the gut by Barrett, which gets 2. Barrett works a hammerlock and then slams Orton to the corner. Slams the arm to the mat, and another cover gets 2. Barrett then chokes out Orton in the ropes, and then the clinch and knees follow for Barrett. Big boot by Barrett, and that sends Orton to the apron. He then drags Orton in and covers for 2. Barrett works the Anderson style arm bar, Orton fights to his feet and gets an arm drag. Clotheslines follow. Snap slam by Orton connects. Orton gets the hangman’s DDT, and now drops down for the RKO. Orton sets, countered and runs into the black hole slam, and Barrett covers for 2. Barrett sets for the souvenir, Orton ducks and get the RKO to get his win back from Smackdown.

Winner: Randy Orton

-AJ meets with Vickie backstage. Vickie says she will have the chance to explain her affair with John Cena. Vickie says she has been instructed to think about hiring her back, as a diva, so AJ should know her role. AJ doesn’t look happy, and Vickie tells her GOOD DAY! AJ then says she is sorry, but all she wants to do is compete. Vickie asks her what her biggest weakness is. AJ says she can get too emotionally attached to her job. Vickie asks if she is crazy, and then says she will return later and wants AJ to give her one good reason to re-sign her.

Team Hell No (Kane and Daniel Bryan) © vs. The Prime Time Players (O’Neil and Young)
Young and Bryan to begin, kicks by Bryan after a snap mare, Kane tags himself in and Young then stuns him off the ropes as he argued with Bryan. To the corner, clothesline by Kane, Bryan tags in and gets the corner dropkick and avoids Kane’s tag try. O’Neil tags in, and attacks Bryan from behind. Big slam by O’Neil, Bryan fights back with rights, but then runs into a powerslam for 2. Tag back to Young, elbow drops to Bryan follow. He then works a chinlock, Bryan fights out with rights, but a knee by Young stops that. Bryan counters a suplex, running kick to Young and Kane tags himself in. Corner splash by Kane, and a side slam gets a cover for 2. Kane up top now, and hits the big clothesline. Right drops O’Neil to the floor, off the ropes and a chokeslam by Kane connects. He tosses O’Neil, Bryan tags in and puts the no lock on Young, and Young has to tap.

Winner:: Team Hell No

Vickie Guerrero comes out & about John Cena/ Aj scandal. Cena comes out & he wants to see the proof. Vickie shows when cena ask her on a date. He said it was a joke then Vickie showed a slow motion video of them hugging. Vickie showed a picture of them too on a date. Vickie said he has a picture for everything then a Video of them getting on a elevator up to there hotel. He says all that happened they just got in a elevator & he walked her to her door. That was it but vickie keeps going on & on about this. Ziggler comes out & says we see them for what they are. Cena says don’t says anything about them again then pushes him down.

Kofi Kingston Vs Antonio Cesaro
The u.s champion is on attack first & he beats him down then locks him a arm submission. Kof tries to battle out of it but cesaro gets elbowed then drop kicked to the outside. Kingston is dragged outside until kofo knocks him down. Kof throws cesaro into the miz on commentary then the miz attacks kofi for the DQ. Truth came down to make the save on kofi.

Winner Via DQ: Kofi Kingston

3MB Has a behind the music segment.

3MB Def Zack Ryder & Santino Marrella
Jinder beats down ryder but ryder hits a drop kick then a elbow in the corner. He hits the broski kick but jinder rolls out & jinder tags in slater for him to take the boots to him. Jinder back in as they beat him down. Quick tag ins as heath hits a elbow for a count of 2. Jinder is in, hits a knee for a count. Heath puts in a headlock then beats down ryder in the corner. Santino is in & begins the strikes & a hip toss followed a head butt for a count of 2. Ryder & jinder goes outside. Santino gets hits with heath finisher for the win.

Winner: 3MB
AJ vs. Beth Phoenix
Phoenix backs off AJ, talks shit to her and slaps her. Phoenix slaps her again, and AJ doesn’t look happy. Phoenix says she is a failure and shoves AJ down. Phoenix says to do something, and AJ charges and unloads with rights. Jumps on her back, more rights, but Phoenix slams her to the mat. Kicks to the back by Phoenix, who then rubs AJ’s face into the mat and then tosses her to the floor. Phoenix slams AJ back first into the ring apron, rolls her in and covers for 2. Small package by AJ gets the win.

Winner: AJ
-Vickie is out and says that she demands more from AJ. Beth attacks AJ from behind, and Vickie makes fun of her, and says she will give her a chance to do better.

AJ vs. Beth Phoenix
Glam slam try by Phoenix connects, and that is all.
Winner: Beth Phoenix

Sheamus comes out & talks about losing the world heavyweight title. He says big show was the better man that night. Big show comes out & he says sheamus came up short last night. Big show says that fight was taken to the limit. Big show says he will never take the belt from him. Sheamus hits the white noise on the big show.

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio vs. Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow)
Cody and Rey to begin. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Cody. Rey back with a kick to the face, and a cover for 2. Cara and Sandow tag in, boot by Sandow and into a hammerlock. Cara uses his speed, which frustrates Sandow, and he tags in Cody. Leg kicks by Cara, tag to Rey and a snap mare, and double kicks to Cody, and Rey covers for 2. Sandow tags in, works a snap mare and cover on Rey for 2. Tag back to Cody, sends Rey to the corner and as h charges in, a drop toehold by Rey. Tag to Cara, who tosses Rey onto Cody. Rey and Cara clear the ring. Asai moonsualt by Cara onto Sandow. Flip dive by Rey onto Cody…We are back from commercial as Sandow covers Cara for 2. Tag to Cody, stalling suplex by Cody for 2. Cody now works the arm, but Cara kicks away at Cody, who tags in Sandow to stop his comeback. Rights by Sandow, stops Cara from a tag try and tags in Cody, who lays in the rights to Cara. Cara counters the Alabama slam, and then hits the La Mistica facebuster. BOTH men are down here, Cara looking for the tag, and gets it. Rey with the seated senton. Head scissors follows. Boot to Cody, but Cody tosses him to the floor. Rey comes back, goes to fly into the ring and Sandow levels him with a forearm shot. Cody chokes out Rey, tags in Sandow who continues the beat down. Russian leg sweep by Sandow, and then the fancy named elbow gets 2. Tag to Cody, and they keep Rey in their corner. Sandow back in, small package by Rey gets 2. Sandow stops a tag attempt, tags in Cody and a knee drop to Rey. Running knee connects for Cody, who covers for 2. Tag to Sandow, double suplex try, countered into a double DDT by Rey! Tag to Cara! Cross body to the Scholars. Back springboard elbow to Sandow. Enziguri to Sandow, and a cover gets 2. Lucha arm drag by Cara. Cody in, head scissors connects. Rey in, 619 stopped as Cody goes to the floor. Rey follows and is slammed to the steps. Cork screw dive by Cara onto Cody. Cara with the kick to Sandow, up top now, SENTON misses as Cody pulls Sandow out of the way. Necktie neck breaker for Sandow and that is all.


Winner: Rhodes Scholars
Alberto Del Rio vs. Justin Gabriel
Del Rio on the attack right away, lays the boots to Gabriel in the corner and then covers for 2. Snap mare and kick to the back by Del Rio, and another cover for 2.Gabriel with the monkey flip counter, and then gets a second rope clothesline for 2. forearm shots by Gabriel, to the corner, head scissors by Gabriel send Del Rio to the floor. Basement dropkick to Del Rio on the floor, and Gabriel then tosses him back in. Kicks by Del Rio, and then works the arm of Gabriel in the ropes, and covers for 2. Del Rio works the arm here, Gabriel works to his feet, rights to Del Rio, but runs into a back breaker, and a cover by Del Rio for 2. Del Rio continues to punish the arm, hammerlock slam and a cover by Del Rio for 2. Del Rio back to the arm, Gabriel again fights to his feet, but gets slammed to the mat. Kick to the head by Del Rio, and another cover for 2. Del Rio back to the arm again, killing time, Gabriel works again to his feet, escapes, and gets a boot to Del Rio. Leg kicks follow, Del Rio down and a big moonsault by Gabriel gets 2. Corner enziguri by Del Rio, cross arm breaker and that is all.
Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Paul Heyman brings out CM Punk & they talk about Team punk for survivor series. They bring out his team. The Miz , Team Rhode Scholars , Alberto Del Rio. Punk says at survivor series he will be champion for a year, at SS he will beat Mick foley. Foley comes out & introduces his team which is Kofi Kingston , Team Hell No , Randy Orton & Ryback. Everyone starts brawling but punk leaves the ring as the stare off begins to end the show.

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