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WWE Monday Night Raw July 22, 2013 Live Coverage

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WE get a drum roll to introduce Brad Maddox. He says they will have the official Contract signing for the WWE Title match with John Cena & Daniel Bryan. Cena comes out & Brad says there is one thing to get to why Cena picked Bryan. Cena says he listen to the WWE Universe. Brad listed a lot of the flaws with Bryan but here comes the man Daniel Bryan. Bryan says that he feels that Brad doesn’t think Bryan earned a title shot but the fans do. Cena says he & the dumbasses he works with looks over talent. Cena list the he is stronger than him. He list former little guys like Shawn Micheal’s, Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero make the WWE Title. Cena says he picked him because he earned it, he wants to face the best challengers for the title. He signed it & says he will defend the title & defeat Bryan. Brad interrupts Bryan but Bryan says No! & he deserves it. Brad say she has to prove to he is worth being the challengers. He has matches tonight.


Alberto Del Rio Vs. Sheamus

They tie up then a couple knockdowns by Sheamus but ADR starts to kick the Quad of Sheamus. Another lock & yet another kick to Sheamus quad. Sheamus with clubbing blows then a clothesline. Sheamus throws him in the corner & starts up with shoulders to the ribs. Sheamus with an elbow followed by a neck breaker for a count of 2. ADR with a kick out of nowhere, Sheamus fights back with right hands but ADR with a knee to the ribs followed by more punishment to the leg. Sheamus fights back with clubbing blows followed by a suplex for a count of 2. ADR drop kicks Sheamus leg then stomps to Sheamus. ADR is on the top rope but Sheamus fires back with right hands then ADR goes for the arm bar but a forearm to ADR to the outside. Back from break with ADR hitting a german suplex for a count of 2. ADR continuing to work the injury quad of Sheamus but here comes Sheamus with right hands. They trade shots until Sheamus starts clubbing shots in the corner then clotheslines & a big knee lift. Sheamus with a spinning elbow for a count of 2. ADR with several kicks followed by a back staber for a count of 2. ADR misses a kick through the ropes & here comes Sheamus with the clubbing shots to the chest. ADR uses the ropes to his advantage but when ADR comes back in the ring he walks right into a side walk slam for a count of 2. Sheamus goes to the top rope but is kicked in the back of the head for a count of 2. ADR is caught where Sheamus hits a front senton, Sheamus calls for the Probe but misses & ADR super kicks the leg. He goes for the Arm bar but blocked & Sheamus goes for white noise but Del Rio rolls him up for the win.



Winner: Alberto Del Rio


Booker T & Teddy Long is interviewed about Vickie Guerrero being the new GM. Long says he was left holding the bag on being GM when he was gone. Booker says he keeps going like that he will kick him out of the building. Teddy says Vince made the right decision.
Christian Vs. Titus O’Neal
Titus powerslams him right off the bat then a right hand by Christian but walks into one by Titus. Christian with a spring board splash but blocked & power slammed. A cheap shot by Darren on Christian then Titus throws Christian back in the ring. Titus with a knee to the ribs then a elbow, leg drop for a count of 2. Titus locks in a body submission then some elbows in the corner. Titus grabs the Whistle & blows it while he kicks him in the corner but Christian fights back with right hands then a drop kick for a count of 2. Christian with slaps then a forearm shot followed by another right hand & a elbow off the top rope. Christian goes for the unprettier but blocked then a drop kicks Darren off the apron but walks into a big boot for a count of 2. Christian gets right up as Titus goes for a power slam but blocked & Christian hits the unprettier for the win.


Winner: Christian


Ryback does a backstage interview about intimidate people & he is the the strongest person which is him intimidate weak people. Ok?


Mark Henry comes out & says he is proud that he is from Texas. He proud of his Title match with Cena but he isn’t proud of what The Shield did to him last week. He says if the Shield wants me he is right here. They come out & attack Henry but the Uso’s come out to make the save. The Shield heads to the back as Henry & The Uso’s stand tall in the ring.


Daniel Bryan & John Cena have a backstage segment about Cena worried about Bryan matches tonight. Bryan says he doesn’t need Cena help.


Dolp Ziggler Vs. Darren Young

A quick roll up on Darren, then a take down by Dolp & a knee to the gut of Dolp. Darren throws him into the ropes but Dolp reverse it & nails a drop kick for a count of 2. Darren with a right hand then a suplex into the corner for a count of 2. A headlock by Darren then slams him on the ground. A hair toss by Darren. He locks in another head submission until Dolp gets out of it then Darren misses in the corner & a splash in the corner for a count of 2. Dolp goes for a neck breaker & hits it but when he does the ten punches in the corner he is picked up in an electric chair for a count of 2. Darren talks trash & out of nowhere Dolp rolls under his feet & hits the Zig Zag for a count of 2.



Winner: Dolp



After the match Big E. Langston comes out & attacks Ziggler but Dolp fights back & slides out of the ring.


We have The Miz with the Total Divas for Miz TV. WE see a clip of the show. Miz calls Jerry Lawler into the ring & he introduces himself to the new girls. When he meets Eva maria she slaps him & saying she here to make a name for herself.


HHH – Brad Maddox does a backstage segment about Daniel Bryan not being big enough. HHH says he doesn’t care abut what Vince McMahon thinks but he does think Bryan is the future of the WWE. He hypes up Bryan. Stephanie McMahon comes in & says she has a idea to get him through it.



Cody Rhodes Vs. Fandango 

A headlock from Cody but  a shoulder knockdown by Fandango. More dancing from Fandango  but walked into a drop kick by Cody. Some chops in the corner by Fandango  but Cody with a knee to the face for a count of 2. Cody throws him into the corner but sends Fandango  to the apron but Fandango clotheslines him for a count of 2. Fandango  with right hands, an elbow for a count of 2 then a headlock but cody fights out of it. Cody with right hands, he hits an uppercut then a kick to the midsection. Cody off the top rope with a moonsult but its botched. When Cody is distracted by Sandow but Cody reverse it & hits a spring board kick followed by cross rhodes for the win.



Winner: Cody Rhodes


CM Punk comes out & starts talking about the Brock Lesnar attack from last week. He said everything he went through but he is still standing. He talks about how Lesnar lost his last couple of fights & the one thing Lesnar has on his side is Fear. He says he is not afraid of Lesnar, this is Punk’s ring. He says he will get his hands on Heyman. He says he wants the fight against Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. Paul Heyman comes on the Titontron & says that is a fool who wouldn’t stay down. He says he will give that answer at Summerslam. Heyman says Lesnar is in the best shape of his life & Punk is not in good shape. Heyman accepts his challenge.



Rob Van Damn Vs. Wade Barrett

Barrett attacks RVD while he was playing with the crowd but then walks into a spinning kick. Barrett pulls him to the outside of the ring then into the apron only to bring him back in the ring. Barrett puts him in the corner with clubbing shots. Barrett uses the ropes to his advantage with several knee’s & the head to RVD. Barrett with a bloody mouth locks in a headlock but RVD fights out of it with a kick. Barrett runs into another kick then RVD with a kick off the top rope. RVD with rolling thunder for a count of 2. RVD goes to the top rope with a front senton for a count of 2. In the corner RVD with some shoulders to the ribs then another kick. A spring board kick followed by Five star frog splash for the win.



Winner: RVD


This is the first of probably three matches:



#1: Daniel Bryan Vs. Jack Swagger

Quick flurry by DB but Swagger with a shoulder block by Swagger then some stomps to Bryan. Knee’s in the corner by Swagger in the corner followed by a suplex. Swagger with clubbing shots but walks into a drop kick. Swagger heads to the outside & when Bryan was coming through the rope for the Suicide dive he meet Swagger forearm. Swagger with the splash but Bryan caught him with the No Lock for the win.



#2 Bryan Vs. Antonio Cesaro

This match starts when we come back from break with Cesaro in full control but Bryan fights back with several kicks until he is thrown hard into the corner. Cesaro with a headlock but Bryan fights out with a leg take down. Another for good measure then he hits a surfboard lock. Bryan goes for a suplex but blocked & Cesaro hits one of his own followed by right hands. Cesaro locks in a headlock but Bryan fights out of it. Bryan with several kicks to the chest of Cesaro but misses the final one & Cesaro locks in a headlock. Bryan gets out by driving him into the corners then a missile drop kick in the corner. Bryan goes to the top rope but a distraction from Zeb Colter allowing Cesaro to catch him with an uppercut. Back from break with Bryan with a roll up for a count of 2. Cesaro with a double stomp then a gut wrench for a count of 2. Bryan fights back with forearms but Cesaro nails a awesome power slam but DB gets right back up for one of his own. Bryan goes to the top rope but is knocked down & Cesaro with a flying uppercut. Cesaro goes for a superplex but blocked then Bryan puts him up there then a widow tree stance allowing DB to hits some several kicks & a missile drop kick in the corner. DB puts him back up there & hits a back suplex but it was reversed in mid air allowing Cesaro to land on him & get a count of 2. Cesaro with an uppercut but Bryan fires back with his own. Cesaro with several over & over then a clothesline for a count of 2. Cesaro goes for neutrailzer but blocked with a back drop. Cesaro with uppercuts but Bryan fires back with right hands then locks in a leg lock with forearm shots. Bryan sends Cesaro to the outside & lands a suicide dive onto Swagger & Cesaro. Back in the ring with Bryan on the top rope he jumps over Cesaro then a roll up for the win.



#2: Winner: Bryan



We see Alex Riley & Brad Maddox in the back only to hear Maddox say what until you see the third guy.



#3: Bryan Vs. Ryback

DB with a flying knee then  some uppercuts until Ryback knocks him down. Ryback with a clothesline, A beard toss. A some stomps in the corner by Ryback then a hard irish whip in the corner. Ryback with a suplex for a count of 2. Ryback is in full control until Bryan fires back then goes for the Missile drop kick in the corner but runs into a clothesline. Ryback gets a table, sets it up but Bryan nails the Suicide dive. Ryback sends him into the steel steps. Ryback takes him back in the ring where DB starts kicking him in the chest but misses the head kick & rolls him up for a count of 2. DB goes for the Yes lock but Ryback gets out of it. Ryback goes head first in the corner & here comes DB off the top rope for a missile drop kick for a count of 2. DB locks in the Yes lock but Ryback gets to the ropes. Ryback goes to the apron & goes for the knee but Ryback caught him & power bombed him on the ground. Ryback power bombed him threw the table for the DQ.



Winner Via DQ Bryan



John Cena makes the save & clears Ryback out of the ring. Cena gets on the microphone & says Cena issues a challenge for a Tables match next week on Raw.



Vince McMahon & Brad Maddox are in the back talking. He says Daniel Bryan vs. Kane is also next week on raw. Bryan stands tall in the ring to end Raw.

WWE Smackdown 7/19/13 Rating
Main Events For WWE Raw & Smackdown + Summerslam Match Made Official
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